Yotsuba Sugimoto

Yotsuba Sugimoto

杉本 四葉
Sugimoto Yotsuba
Gender Female
Seiyū Japanese flag Sakura Tange

US flag Hilary Haag

Manga Debut Chapter 43
Anime Debut Episode 8 (Season 2)

Yotsuba "Yokkyun" Sugimoto, is the main heroine of a PFP game 'One Leaf', as shown in the anime.

Yokkyun is the only recurring game character of the series that Keima has described as an "ideal heroine". Keima seems to have a huge affection and obsession towards her, and whenever Yokkyun is insulted or ridiculed, he either enters an extreme state of depression or bursts into anger.


Yotsuba Sugimoto

A game featuring Yokkyun

Yokkyun is a short girl with large eyes. She is always seen wearing a s
chool uniform-like outfit, consisting of a vest over a shirt, a ribbon, and a skirt. She always has a hair band on her head, and has long, straight, light-colored hair. She is drawn a bit poorly compared to other shown 2-D characters.

In the anime, Yokkyun is shown to have pink hair and blue eyes. Her vest is colored grayish-blue, and both her hair band and ribbon are colored in yellow. Her shirt underneath is white, and her skirt is colored navy blue.


  • Yokkyun seems to be drawn in a parody style of the famed Japanese visual novel, Kanon.
  • Yotsuba (四葉) means "Four-leafed clover" in Japanese.


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