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Yamaguchi village

Yamaguchi village

Kanji Name 山口村
Romaji Name Yamaguchi-mura
Population 2052
Total Area 24.67 km²
Location Eastern Japan
Manga Debut Chapter 66

Yamaguchi Village (山口村, Yamaguchi-mura) is a village located in the countryside of the manga series, The World God Only Knows. It is the city where Keima's grandparents and other elderly folks live. There are family graves located somewhere in the village.


Yamaguchi village is the original home town of the Katsuragi family. After the earthquake that destroyed Keima's original house 10 years ago, Denma leaves his Cafe to Keima's family and returns to Yamaguchi village.

Characters from the Yamaguchi village include:


  • Street view of Yamaguchi, Nagano

    Yamaguchi literally means "Mountain Gap". The village is located in the front of a mountain, thus this may have been an inspiration to the name of the village
  • Other than Airi, most residents of the village appear to be mostly senior citizens.
  • Yamaguchi village is actually a real location in Japan.


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