Volume 8

Volume 8

Volume Info
Release Date April 16, 2010
Cover Character(s) Keima Katsuragi
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Volume Eight is the 8th volume of The World God Only Knows.


Seeing that there's a spirit in an old lady, Rieko Hinaga , Keima uses other ways to take care of her, knowing that his gaming abilities are not necessary. Returning back to the city, Keima encounters another spirit who resides in the heart of a ramen girl, Sumire Uemoto, who only wishes to make her father proud of her. By becoming a worker of the same restaurant the girl works at, Keima is able to accomplish the capture. It's the last day of summer, and Keima wishes to play the games he couldn't during the last 30 days because of captures. He is then asked to create a game scenario, but in the end he only asks to have the company create a good game. School is back and Keima meets his next target, a shogi-playing girl by the name of Nanaka Haibara.

Chapters List

Volume Extras

  • Cafe Grandpa Interior Illustration and short one-page comic
  • Character Profiles (with author's memo)
  • On cover, Sumire and Reiko with short background info about them
  • Bonus illustration
  • Character 4-koma
  • Omake


  • The front cover of vol. 8 is an allusion to Raphael's painting, The School of Athens. Observe the pattern of the vault on the background of the painting and cover. Also, the three Keimas represent Plato (pointing upwards), Aristotle (palm facing the ground), and Heraclitus (head leaning on the hand).

Differences from the tankoubon chapter

  • Flag 68:
    • Keima's conversation bubble addition, he says, "Airi's parents or siblings aren't here". (Page 1 - Third panel)
    • Keima is clearly drawn in the volume chapter. (Page 4 - Last panel)
    • PAGE ADDITION: After Keima played with Rieko's ghost at graveyard, there are about 2 pages of her activity in the morning after.
  • Flag 69:
    • Elsie's broomstick stripe changed from ten stripes to one bold stripe - marking ten runaway spirits has been taken care of. (Page 4 - Last panel & Page 5 - Middle panel & Page 9 - First panel)
    • Sumire's expression is slightly changed. (Page 9 - First panel)
    • Elsie's choker added. (Page 8 - Second panel)
    • An SFX, "GOGOGOGO" near Elsie has been added. (Page 13 - Middle panel)
  • Flag 70:
    • Slight change of Sumire's mouth. (Page 1)
    • Elsie's broomstick stripe changed from ten stripes to one bold stripe. (Page 2 - Third last panel)
    • Keima's mouth is slightly changed. (Page 2 - Last panel)
  • Flag 71:
    • Keima's words in second conversation bubble changed into, "what a different delicacy compared to what she made in her first attempt". (Page 13 - Second last panel)
  • Flag 72:
    • Elsie whispered, "I transferred Sumire-san's Rameen.", instead of saying, "I made it." (Page 6 - Third last panel)
    • Sumire's father says, "This… is a Ramen made by Sumire, huh…?". (Page 6 - Last panel)

Omake Synopsis

Rieko After 1



In the first panel, Rieko asked what Airi were doing, she replied that she were writing a letter to Keima. Rieko then asked if her granddaughter know his address which Airi replied she don't. And somehow the letter were sent to Docrow. The next day Keima receive her letter while he were wondering what kind of address she have written.

In the last panel, Airi were looking at the photo of her and Rieko when she were young. She comments that she and her grandmother look like the same. She then asked if she gonna be beautiful like her grandmother when she grows up, which Rieko replied that she will be much prettier. Airi then continue to asked that when Rieko die, will she knows she gonna look like when she's dead, which makes her grandmother a bit shock. But then she said that she want to send Keima a gift that she make by herself, which Rieko compliment her.

Sumire After 1



In the first panel, after her arc, Sumire's ramen shop is going smoothly, and her research, which she eat ramen from another store, is going smoothly too. but her weight gain is also going smoothly, which depressed her while her father tell her to go to work. In the next panel, Sumire determine to lose weight, she then calculate how many kilometers she need to run if she ate 10 bow of ramen, which is about 160km. After seeing this, she even depress more.

At the third panel, Sumire complaint about new school term not a good fit to her ramen shop owner job, which is about the teacher angry at her while she were eating ramen in class or when the animal breeder were wary of her and also the biology club in her school. In the last panel, Sumire tease at her father about he should retire, which he denied. She then said that she will get a husband and protect the shop, which make her father shock and ask her that she have such a man. Sumire then replied she don't have him anymore, which make her father even more shock. Sumire realized what she just said then confuse while her father freak out.