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Volume 25

Volume 25

Volume Info
Release Date March 18, 2014
Cover Character(s) Yuri Nikaidō
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Volume 25 is the 25th volume of The World God Only Knows.


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Omake Synopsis

Differences from the tankoubon chapter[1]

  • Flag 245:
    • The pentagon-shaped light effects around Tenri are omitted. (Last page - Last panel)
  • Flag 246:
    • Keima’s speech becomes “This is not a conquest. It’s just…” (Page 16 - Second-to-last panel)
  • Flag 247:
    • Added a speech bubble from Keima after the original bubble, stating “Just as planned.” (Page 6 - First panel)
  • Flag 250:
    • Added an SFX “Fun” next to Dokurou, to enforce her slight unpleasantness. (Page 4 - Last panel)
  • Flag 251:
    • Urara’s blush-lines is softer and more disperse. Added a small sweat on her right cheek. Prolly to make her look more flustered. (Page 5 - Third panel)
  • Flag 255:
    • The text “Approach Maijima 701” is omitted. (Second page - First panel)