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The World God Only Knows 2 - Prayer and Curse and Miracle (神のみぞ知るセカイ 2 ―祈りと呪いとキセキ, Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai Inori to Noroi to Kiseki) is the second light novel of the The World God Only Knows series. It centers around Keima as he goes out to capture two more girls who are originals to the light novel series: Aoba Fuse and Shino Akuragawa. Furthermore, Haqua and Yukie also make an appearance.

Prologue: GAME START

In the morning, Elsie pulled aside the curtains of the living room window and informs Keima that its day-time. Keima strug it off, saying that its still night, a pitch black night that has nothing. Elsie then looked at the clock, which says it's 14:30 while Keima said that the time is wrong.

Elsie narrowed her eyes then Keima said that he wants to go out to the swimming pool but then contradicts himself saying that Its scary outside. Elsie then became silent as Keima said that there are many fun things outside. Elsie was about to say something but Keima used his hand to cover something and says that he want to do a lot of thing at home. Keima then said that the person won't be scared if he go with him.

Elsie asked what does Keima want to eat for lunch when a voice said "Un ! I want to go eat candy floss with Keima !" and "As long as its not cooked by you !" And to this answer, Elsie put her hands on her waists, and sighed.

Katsuragi Keima, ELsie's buddy, had absolutely no interest in living a meaningful life of reality.

“Un, here, let’s go out ! Let’s go to that temple meet that belongs to us !”

“Un! Take me too, Keima !”

Keima was playing a certain second generation galge on his PFP, using voice control to operate it. To improve on the flaw of the last generation, the voice installment mechanism was improved this time, and it seemed that most of the commands could be introduced through voice. However, to bystanders, this would look extremely weird.

Keima had exceptional insight and analytic ability if he's willing, he could handle most of the things easily. However, the world Keima choose to live in, is of bishoujo games...

Chapter One : The Accursed Game

Favor of the Western Lantern

In this world, there exist people with a superb "sixth sense". Whether this was a result gained from talent, hard work or innate experience, this ability is no different from superpowers to an ordinary person, and they used this instinct to develop into a target.

There was a power outage, causing the train that Keima and Elsie were riding on to break down, causing the tracks themselves to be inaccessible. Keima, with bags full of galges, was a little impatient as he arched his back and walked out. Keima then used his PFP to check it out that a bus stop near the station had a bus that would pass by his house.

Elsie then tries to block some of the intense heat as sweat flowed past Elsie’s white face. Elsie then realizes that they had never gotten off at this stop. In fact, this place gave a rather empty feeling as it doesn't seem as if anyone else is around. Elsie then said how the shops are closed. After moving a further 200m, Keima suddenly went into a branched road, and Elsie raised her doubts in surprise.

As if hypnotized, Keima was pulled by something as he quickly moved his feet fast enough that the upper body that was holding the bag tilted backwards as it couldn't keep up, this phenomenon even shocked Keima as Elsie tried to keep up the pace.

Keima entered the deep part of a dark alley, and the darkness inside there was even a little unbelievable. Then, Keima’s feet suddenly stopped, and it was like he finished leading them, he regained his usual composed expression. Elsie asked what's wrong with Keima as Keima points to the "10,000 Old Bookstore" which Keima claims to be "glowing in gold". To Elsie, It does not and she was very reluctant to enter.

Keima, almost with a child-like excitement, enters it without hesitation because of her personality, Elsie couldn't just leave Keima alone and summoned her courage to follow him.

In the shop, very cramped space had 7 large bookshelves in it, and each bookshelf was messily stuffed with books. On entering, there came an abnormal sense of pressure, as there were only books, books, books and more books inside also, the shop was so messy that anyone would be dazed by it.

The books were stacked up so high that they reached the ceiling, and even if the pages inside were all messy, they weren't arranged with and were stuffed inside the bookshelves. Origami books, documents in files, diaries with leather covers, foreign language books with locks on them, Japanese origami books, horror books with magic gates on the covers, and even books with unknown languages. There weren't just books, there were forgotten old records left in the shop, Buddha statues, candle altars, spiked handcuffs, Western wine bottles of unknown origins, cameras that were about spoilt and dusty plaid doll.

An old man who looked like a boss and had wrinkles all over his face was looking at Elsie as their eyes met. She thought that he was some decoration and that it was only when he started smiling that Elsie realized that he was a living person. His teeth were almost completely gone, and there were only 2,3 of them left. He had a cap on his head as he was sitting in a seiza position beside the cashier.

Elsie was terrified and tried to ask Keima to leave the place. However, Keima seemed like he didn't want to be bothered by her ever since just now, he was flipping around in the cramped shop and energetically walking around. Despite Elsie trying to make Keima "sane", Keima just shrugged her off and dig for a pile of stuff before revealing a triumphant smile.

“Found it!”

He raised the box high up.

'Favor of the Western Lantern'.

Such a label was on it, and the packaging was rather weird as there was only the side of a white-haired girl's face on it. This should be a bishoujo game itself, but to be honest, it didn't look really attractive. However, for some reason, Keima showed a look like a child finding treasure as he delightfully patted away the dust on it before walking to the cashier.

"How much ?"

The boss continued to smile, and Keima said adamantly,

“I understand the reason for this, and I'll definitely splurge as much many as I can on it. However, I won't just get the money out. In other words, I have two intents. One, don't bluff me. Two, I won't play along if you want to rip me off. Since this thing's put inside the shop, at least it means that it's to be sold, right ?”


“Say a price.”

The manager raised a finger. Keima titled his head. The boss gave a thumbs up, and Keima frowned.

"1..10 000 yen ?"

The boss shook his head, and Keima looked indignant.

“Are you thinking of going more than 10, ? That's not it ?”

“...100...10 yen, don't tell me,”

"1 yen ?"

The boss laughed and nodded his head hard. Keima was immediately delighted.

Keima shook hands with the boss and happily went home with the game while Elsie was still confused.

Hence, the horror story begins.

Strange Phenomenons

At the Katsuragi household, Keima begins to explain to Elsie the complexities of the world of galge. Keima then goes on saying how he can never have all the galges in the world and how he have hard cases of getting the galges he wanted before his birth. Keima then said that he finally have the original copy of "Favor of the Western Lantern" and then left to his room and tells Elsie to not disturb him.

At this moment, Elsie noticed something and knelt down, she found a long strain of white hair of unnatural length. This make Elsie tremble in fear.

At the same time, while Keima was locked inside his own room and when Elsie picked up the white hair, in a certain shrine that’s far away from the Majima City, a miko suddenly widened her eyes.

She was about 25 years old.

The candle altar nearby shone on her and the black shadow. She had long black hair, a proper and beautiful face and dazzling eyes, her lips had lipstick on. With the white skin as the background, the gloss of the lipstick made it really look outstanding.

Also, her figure ratio was really outstanding. The shirt in front of her chest was slightly opened, and one could vaguely see the snowy-white chest. Her face was rather unique. Even though gentle, it gave a pure look.

The miko then asked her grandmother if she can go to find and destroy "it" and left before her grandmother can say anything.

Its now lunch break at Maijima High School.

Elsie was invited by Chihiro, Ayumi and Miyako to have lunch together. Although she took her bento and stood up, she looked somewhat depressed as she looked at Keima’s seat that was somewhat far away. Miyako asked Elsie what's wrong and Elsie shrugged it off as Ayumi and the others joined their tables together. The girls then chat away but after a while, Miyako, Ayumi and Chihiro asked what's wrong with Elsie but she did not respond.

"ELSIE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

The trio screamed her name and Elsie, still shocked, straightened her back and frantically turned around to look at them and ask them what's the matter. After some questioning, Elsie finally said that she thinks that Keima is being weird. Ayumi and Chihiro both blushed a little (that no one noticed) but the three then started laughing saying that "Otamega" is always weird.

Elsie gave up and asked Mari if she finds Keima, her son being weirder than usual. Even Mari laughed and did not find anything unusual and even said that Keima is being more obedient lately. However, Mari said that the house is what was getting weird, saying how its summer yet feels cold. As they were talking, Keima leaves to his room with a mysterious smile on his face that makes her even more scared.

Later that night, while Elsie was bathing, she begin to think about how Keima seems to be a lot weirder than usual. Suddenly, the lights went out as she frantically looked for a way out barefooted. Just as she was about to reach the door leading out of the bathroom, Elsie unknowingly stopped her steps.

Something's kneeling on the floor. Elsie thoughts if it was Keima or Mari but they would not crouch on the floor. Elsie nearly suffocated. That figure, that was starting to turn slowly towards Elsie, was not human. It's face was completely blank, like a faceless ghost. That thing then leaped up, trying to get in the door.

Elsie screamed, and blacked out.

Later, Elsie woke up to find Mari and Keima there, assuring her that nothing has happened. Keima said that both he and Mari was near her within 10 seconds towards her vicinity so there should not be any time disturbance. Keima then left. Elsie then put on her clothes and realized that there was a single strain of white hair. Elsie quickly threw it away and at night, the "thing' was there to haunt Elsie again.

Elsie soon finds herself in more situations like these from seeing Keima getting attacked by the "thing" in school (that no one else can see) to finding more strands of white hair. One day, Elsie can't help but feel that something is watching her and she would look behind once in a while and Chihiro would ask what happened, resulting in Elsie saying that its nothing.

Things now got worse. Mari had to visit her mother to settle some family issues and had Keima and Elsie to take care before leaving. Elsie quickly locked the door and windows and tried to calm herself with some TV but all of the programs were about scary stories. Keima then asked Elsie to cook some food for him and Elsie once again, cooked up some New Hell delicacies that Keima was not criticizing, after some eating and thinking, Keima said that he'll be going again. Elsie then asked Keima if he had finished the game, "Favor of the Western Lantern".

Keima said that the game is hard and he haven't finished it, mainly because the game can only be played during night time.....

Akuragawa Shino

After going back to his room, Elsie was terrified. She couldn't sleep properly but dozed off. When she woke up, she realized that the lights were off. However, she did not turn off the lights ! It was unknown when it began, but everything was in pitch blackness. She hurriedly reached out her hand and pressed the switch beside the pillow however, things did not go as well.

Elsie then remembers the incident of the "thing" appearing last time as she curled up in her futon. Meanwhile, it was raining outside as a miko holding an umbrella enters in Cafe Grandpa.

"It is here...."

Elsie was now still curled up in her futon, believing that if she stayed inside, she'll be safe. She tried to hum a happy tune but she begin to cry being unable to overcome this physical phenomenon Elsie was draped with the blanket, leaping up from the bed and running out of the room. Elsie splashed on some water on her way to the lavatory, and tried to on the lights without success.

Elsie then wonder how can Keima play his galges without electricity but what she saw made her blood froze. That thing was wearing a white one-piece dress, and the limbs were bent unnaturally like a monkey as it crouched down there. That thing without a face jumped and attacked Elsie. Just as she was about to land on Elsie....

"Unclean Spirit, Back down !"

A high-pitched voice rang from around, a powerful yet clean impact grazed Elsie from behind, ending her hair fluttering forward. The strangely-shaped woman was hit by the impact as she collapsed onto the corridor. She then flipped her body and looked over like a beast.

"How dirty...."

Wielding a chokuto, miko agilely moved in front of Elsie. The miko then rushed towards the "thing" but it disappeared. Elsie’s tense emotions immediately relaxed, and this sudden change in situation caused her to collapse immediately. The miko hurriedly supported her waist. The miko then asked Elsie to bring her to Keima, who's playing Favor of the Western Lantern. Elsie brings her to Keima.

Keima was still playing his galge in his room via using an emergency supply. After the miko, Akuragawa Shino introduced herself, Keima did so too. Unconcerned as he continued to play his game, Shino ask if Keima knows what game is he really playing. Elsie was scared.

Actually, she was already curious since just now. Of the many screens, only the screen in front was lit up, and it should be showing the game screen of the ‘Favor of the Western Lantern’ ever since she started living together with the ‘God of galge’ Keima, Elsie learned some aspects of galges, so she could tell that the screen was a lot different from an ordinary galge. First, the screen was really dark, on the black screen, the white words were scrolled down quickly.

Keima was looking at those words normally, but Elsie couldn't understand what seemingly meaningless paragraphs of words there were. There were a lot of calculations and English technical terms. If it were an ordinary galge, what appeared on the screen should mostly be the illustration of the female lead and the images of the streets, but this game didn't seem to have any of these.

The black figures that were no different from shadows suddenly glided across the screen and disappeared. A normal looking girl who seemed to be the female lead suddenly appeared without warning and then went away like she was curled out. Other than that, the scene of a dump would be shown from time to time."I want to die, I want to die, I want to die" Red text streamed on it.

Shino then explains the origins of the game: 20 years ago, the late Mogami Takeshi, a galge developer, came to the Toyoboshi Shrine on Mount Uryu , Shino's home broke the seal of a vengeful spirit of a woman who was killed in unaddressed injustice and placed it in the galge, "Favor of the Western Lantern". Thus, as the player plays more and more in the galge, the spirit will be stronger and stringer and no one has ever conquered the game yet.

Keima then says that Mogami was an idiot to die playing the galge and said that he was betting his life on it the whole time. Keima then said that he is not scared of any evil spirits, something that shocks Shino. Shino then said to Elsie that she'll stay here until Keima finished the galge and destroy the evil spirit once and for all.

Keima then changed his personality to a softer one and promised Shino that he will defeat the game. After Elsie told him that Shino had a runaway spirit.

At the cafe the next day, Shino, in her miko attire, worked in the cafe and bought in many customers (most of them are male). However, Shino is slightly clumsy and tends to drop her orders of drinks on the customers, strangely, the number of people seems to increase despite this and would even want Shino to do that. Elsie, could only stand there and be stunned.

For 5 days, Shino stayed in the Katsuragi household . She would sit in a seiza position in front of Keima’s room and silently keep watch until daylight. The amazing thing was that as long as Shino concentrated, the atmosphere in the Katsuragis’ house would become clearer and clearer, until even Elsie could detect it. Thus, Elsie, who originally couldn't sleep well, could finally get a good sleep recently. She personally felt the care of others. This really made her feel secure.

Keima was also given a crystal necklace to protect him from the evil spirit. And while Keima and Elsie went to school, Shino would rest and take a nap.

On the 7th day, Keima declared that he will finish the game. Elsie was happy and laughed.

The Final Battle

That day, Shino cleansed herself and knows that by now, the evil spirit has strengthened itself that even Shino can sense it. The moment Shino was about to leave the bathroom, she fell and her scream made Elsie and Keima come there. The dinner tonight started under a peaceful atmosphere as Elsie was the only one chatting away excitedly. However, she noticed that the other two’s faces were rather grim and held back. When praised by Elsie, Shino said that her grandmother taught her the spells and exorcisms while smiling.

Keima looked unconcerned as he continued to be immersed in his PFP game. Even though he did spent a lot of effort trying to conquer that ‘Favor of the Western Lantern’, it seemed that he left that world completely. He said that the ending was near, which meant that it should be true. Elsie then talked about Keima and Keima said that he did had a mother and father to which Shino said that she's known that. Keima said that he had Elsie too, which made Elsie blush. Suddenly, Keima's hand jerked. The evil spirit begin to attack him now.

Shino tells Elsie that she must not leave or open the house no matter what happened. Elsie was uneasy as she moved between the café and her own room, but still did not know what to do. Thus, she tied a scarf on her head and tied her sleeves with her belt.Elsie was trembling throughout her body as she wanted to at least use her broom as a weapon.

By midnight, she was drinking tea continuously to keep herself awake and stared at the midnight channel with a blurry look. Keima was playing the cursed game. At this moment, DING DONG, DING DONG! The Katsuragis’ house bell rang. Elsie went completely frozen at first.

Then, she didn't know what to do as she frantically looked around. However, the doorbell continued to ring. It continued to ring. The sharp sound invaded Elsie’s mind. DOK DOK DOK. Then, it was the forceful knocking on the door. In the midst of this sound, There was a soft sound, A soft yet familiar sound...

"Ell-chan ! save me ! Strange monster is chasing me !"

It was Mari !

"Save me ! Faster ! open the door !"

"Ell-chan please ! the monster...the monster..."

Even though her eyes were full of tears, Elsie still looked towards the peering hole. Outside the door was, Mari, with bloodshot eyes, begging Elsie to open the door. Elsie, unable to bear this, opened the door and beckoned Mari in.

"Fu fu fu, Finally got in."

"Mari" smirked as her face cracked and attacked Elsie via a white air. Shino had expected this and prayed for Keima's success. At the same time, Keima’s fingers were slamming hard on the keyboard at an amazing speed.

However, Keima's hands are froze. Keima merely chuckled fearlessly.

The dark yet heavy presence started to float up from downstairs. Shino stood at the middle of the corridor and waited for the enemy to arrive. She quickly raised the chokutou. Shino let her aura fill her entire body. Even though she raised her alertness completely, the presence was somewhat calm. The clean spiritual air surrounded her. In contrast, the thing that climbed up the stairs and came onto the corridor was, now a huge piece of flesh. A certain sound that sounded like things rubbing together or worms creaking came from what looked like the face in the middle of the slab of flesh. There were 3 black holes over there. These 3 holes look like the eyes and the mouth, and it looked really disgusting.

The sight made Shino remembered what happened 20 years ago. Shino tried her best to overcome this situation. But she ultimately screamed.

BAM! A loud sound rang as the door was slammed aside. Shino’s body entered the room.

At this moment, Keima

"Tch !"

Glanced behind him and clicked his tongue.

It seemed that Shino lost before the match even began.


Keima shouted. Chichi.

The dragging sound came over. The face that didn't really appear suddenly came looking from the corridor, and there were three black holes on the face. Shino tried to get up and looked outside the room. On seeing the giant face looking in from outside the room, she shrieked out in fear. Seeing her like this, Keima couldn't help but look up and sigh. Shino was completely overwhelmed by fear.

The thing that was looking in from outside the room seemed to smirk as its black holes were staring at Keima. Even Keima couldn't help but break out in cold sweat. That thing was as large as an abnormally swollen runaway spirit. Keima was stared at by that thing, and there was nothing between them.


Elsie rushed up trying to defend Keima. The evil spirit tried to break Elsie's hagoromo. Keima’s body collapsed aside. On the other hand, even Elsie can't hold it for long. He closed his eyes and raised his hands. At this moment. He had 6 hands.

Keima activated his "God of Conquest mode" and typed the game twice as fast. The evil spirit started to get anxious as one could feel from its presence that it was getting riled up. To deal with Keima once and for all, that large body used its size and continued to press at Elsie’s hagoromo.

Shino finally got up, declaring that she is no longer fearful of the evil spirit and swung her chokuto at it. The light spread on Elsie's hagoromo and the evil spirit backed off.

“Why this game, the ‘Favor of the Western Lantern. Why it was created. I had been wondering. If it was just to present the horror, there were many manners of presentation and elements that didn't need to be entered. I couldn't tell the creator’s intention at first, but now I finally got it. The female lead for this game was always waiting.Waiting for light to overcome darkness.What you saw before wasn't correct. This game wasn't presenting fear, but through force of will to overcome the darkness in front of us and obtaining hope. That’s the true nature of this game.”

“ I've already seen the ending…no, I should say that this game was always waiting for someone to break the ending. This is the wish of the game, and the last dream Mogami Takeshi illustrated. It wasn't a ‘curse’, but ‘hope’, all meant to be solved by someone.”

What appeared should be the words of the last option. Keima suddenly turned around and lifted his head to look at the evil spirit, and then pointed his right finger. He coldly narrowed his eyes that looked full of intelligence.


He pressed the enter button. At this moment, the 'evil spirit' let out a long wail without any restraint as its body became white smoke and scattered away. What looked like white mist surrounded them.

It is over.

Keima got up and approached the miko. Shino, who was terrified and speechless as she watched the ‘evil spirit’ disappear, finally seems to realize something,

“…You’re really strange, you like Onee-sans eh ?"

She looked somewhat mischievous. It was because her senses were far superior to normal people that she should have realized it. Shino closed her eyes. And then, he kissed Shino.

It was the smallest runaway spirit yet.

After this, Elsie praised Keima for being fearless despite the evil spirit scaring even Shino while Keima merely shrugged it off. Elsie then said that Shino is cleaning up Keima's room. At this moment, Keima clumsily dumped the coffee cup onto the table and dashed out of the café. Elsie cringed. She hurriedly ran up to the second level,


“Ohh ? Katsuragi-dono, please relax ! Look, I’m just going to turn on the vacuum cleaner.”

And Shino’s cheery reply, and then, There was a cry and the sound of things breaking. BAM, and an impact.


This was the first time Elsie heard Keima scream…

NOTICE : Do not confuse the Evil Spirit in the story to the Weiss in the original series. The evil spirit in the story had been released 20 years before the start of the series while the Weiss are released 10 years before the start of the series. The "evil spirit" is also in the Light Novel and thus, is considered non-canon,

Chapter Two : Haqua's Rest Day

Haqua and Yukie

The story starts with Marui Yukie, a saleswoman of the health drink Gokult. Her main job was to sell fresh Gokult to houses that often order it in her designated area every day. In the morning, she would finish her housework and then head off to the distribution center. She would then change into her uniform, put the Gokult she had to deliver for the day itself into the cart and slowly deliver her goods through the path she decided on.

Also, one of her important jobs was to have new customers. To promote her goods, she could decide to let people test a little bit of her products.

As Yukie was very confident in the products of her own company, she was often able to confidently hand the drinks over to customers who’d tasted it, and would never force them to buy it. During her prime, she would tend to be more passionate and impatient and will often go all over the place to get customers. That is mainly because her salary is proportional to the total number of Gokult sold.

The Yukie now, no longer have the need to make as much money and wasn't really particular about her salary. She would even request to shrink the area she was required to deliver to. This was to spend even more time on each customer she had to handle and build more trust in them.

Because of this, her sales numbers weren't as impressive as when she was young (she was once chosen as the most outstanding Miss Gokult of the year thrice), but she still used her steady character and the sales technique she had trained over the years to get great ratings, and for 10 years, there weren't any customers complaining, and neither were there any problems.

One day, the Gokult supervisor, who was in charge of the distribution center, gave Yukie 2 tickets to Deanland. As Yukie was enthusiastically managing and teaching other saleswoman, the supervisor would often give her some visible or invisible benefits. Yukie accepted the entrance ticket and smiled.

Haqua du Lot Herminium, the valedictorian for her school, a lot of people had comments about her.

“Haqua’s really amazing! She was always first in school, every single time! I’m really impressed—the scythe she has is the proof that she was the top from Devil Academy, the Scythe of Testament !” ~Elsie


“Haq-chan’s really a good girl.” ~Yukie

Haqua herself was a little conceited somewhat. But only Keima,

“…In many aspects, this person’s really a little bothersome.”

Today, Haqua shall display that ‘a little bothersome in many aspects’ as much as she wanted.

“I have no other choice! I’m inviting you because I have no other choice!”

“Nya~”“Don’t be mistaken, you know?”


“Actually, I don’t want to head to such a childish place! But Yukie forced it onto me…eh? You’re saying that I should just throw the ticket away?”


“Ho, how, how can this do…isn't it too much of a waste?”


“Tha, that’s right. Un, that’s it…are you going?”

“…”“Y, yo, you, you’re not going?”


“Speak up! At least answer back!”


“Tha, that’s right. I’m inviting you now. You’ll go, right?”

After a long while.

“…Are, are you happy? Well, you won’t feel irritated, right?”

Haqua continued to look at the kitten that was sitting on the plastic bin.

That cat.


After a long pause of silence,


Cried out and turned around before leaping up the wall and vanished into the alley without turning back.

After watching the kitten leave, Haqua sighed. She was holding onto the 2 tickets to Deanland. It’s been an hour since Haqua stood in front of the Katsuragis’ house and decided to go in. The passers-by were all giving weird looks to Haqua, who was wearing strange clothing and wielding a scythe, but she didn't seem to mind as she continued to look up at Keima’s house, the ‘CaféGrandpa’.

After entering the house, Haqua adjusted her breathing, she placed her fingers on the collarbone above her chest and felt her heart quickening. However, since she came all the way here. There’s no way back now.

Haqua knows that now, Elsie and Mari will be out shopping and was very clear that Keima wouldn't go out every Sunday and would stay at home to play games. That’s something she already knew every time she came over. The problem was that there was a very small chance that Keima would be out shopping for games. However, this is unlikely since Keima just bought new games last week.

Haqua then gets confused as there were things like garlic, amulets and straw ropes all over the place. (Due to Shino's conquest) Haqua then walked around and she heard some noises.

"Keima ! Keima !"

That sounded just like a girl, aged 4 or 5. Who could it be? Keima shouldn't have any little sisters. Did any kids from his relatives come over to play?

"What is it , Tomomi ?"

She could even hear Keima talking. Just when Haqua was about to grab onto the handle to the living room and was about to open it casually.

"I want to kiss Keima !"

Haqua was stunned, rooted on the floor, unknown whether she was smiling or angry.

Keima sighed.

(That, that’s right…if she was just a kid that matured a little early, Keima would be comforting her…)

Just when Haqua was thinking on the other side of the door,

"Alright. Lets kiss, Tomomi. No one's home anyway."

The next second, Haqua subconsciously took action.


Keima, who had the PFP handheld gaming console right at his face seemed to be shocked as he turned back to look. It’s rare to see his eyes widen like that.

"Let me clarify something, Tomomi may have limited vocabulary, but her actual age and appearance is about 17, 18. She got involved in an incident where she was abducted by a spaceship and ended up in cryo-stasis, so her mental age is rather backward."


Looking really unhappy as Haqua folded her legs on the sofa and looked like she had a quarrel, as she scowled and narrowed her eyes. Keima tried to explain that kissing is just a mere tap in the face but Haqua said that it's not important. Keima then continues and was putting his lips to the PFP screen as Haqua let her body sink in the sofa when


Haqua raised her finger and pointed at Keima as Tomomi continued to prompt Keima to kiss her. Keima asked why is she here. She was obviously panicking. Even she knew that her heart was racing. It’s unknown whether it was just her imagination, but her head felt a little doozy. Keima then seemed to see through something but brushed it off.

Haqua then asked Keima where is Elise (despite knowing the answer) where Keima said that he did not know and concludes that she is probably not here. Haqua then deliberately took the ticket out from her pocket and looked at it, saying that she wanted to go with Elsie but she's not here. Keima continued to look at a blushing Haqua then goes back to his PFP.

Haqua inadvertently collapsed on the sofa.


She nearly erupted in anger, but felt that it was all meaningless now and collapsed weakly, and the entrance ticket she got fell onto the sofa. In other words, this man never had any thoughts for her. She thoroughly felt that. She was tired. She felt really tired.

Keima looked at Haqua, who was looking back at him, and then looked at the entrance ticket in her hand. He seemed to have considered something, and after a while,


He spoke.

"What !"

Looking somewhat teary, Haqua rubbed her eyes slightly to prevent Keima from seeing her tears. Really~ I don’t want to be bothered with this guy. She thought.

“That entrance ticket is to the Museum theme park, right…can I go with you ?”

Haqua’s mind immediately went blank. The next moment, she, who was very proud and very defensive, actually forgot to act.

“Re, REALLY ?”

She suddenly turned around, grabbed the back of the sofa, and couldn't help but shout out she was extremely delighted, the unhappy feeling that was in her immediately dissipated, she couldn't help but beam.

Thinking about everything in hindsight, Haqua felt very sorry for this. So sorry that she couldn't sleep that night…

Adventures in Deanland Again

A few hours later.

Both of them arrived in front of Dean Land, showed the ticket recipient the ticket and entered. Just the two of them. She was actually able to be alone with Keima. Haqua felt that this was just like a dream, her body was feeling really hot, and she felt really anxious.

"Are you alright ?"

"Sort of...We can't waste this tickets anyways !" "Is it really alright for me to come along ? You wanted to go with Elsie right ?"

Haqua forcefully changed the topic and said that the theme park is huge. To put it properly, Dean Land was different from other theme parks. The large building had many entertainment facilities like bowling alleys, karaoke and LAN gaming. The most unique feature was the cosplay.

There were more than 300 kinds of costumes the counter would loan out. Besides uniforms like nurses and policemen, there would be traditional outfits, international ethnic clothing, clothing of gaming and mange characters, and even toy plushies.

Because of these, there were large-eared bunnies, superheroes, maids wearing mini-skirts and magicians walking around. Of course, Haqua didn't know that Keima and Elsie came here a little while back to conquer a certain girl. At that time, Keima cosplayed as a prince.

Haqua looked around and seemed to realize something as she nodded her head. Everyone was cosplaying and asked Keima if they should too. However, Keima with his hands on his hips, SWOOSH, quickly running away from Haqua. Haqua hurriedly chased after him. Actually, Keima wasn't running, but crossed over at an unbelievable speed as he easily climbed up the handrail staircase even though it was crowded.

However, Keima had no intention on turning around at all, but went up the second level, third level, all the way to the activity plaza on the roof. Haqua wiped away the sweat on her forehead and sighed hard as her shoulders collapsed. She finally understood why Keima came here, why Keima would accept Haqua’s invitation, because, over here, “Galge game exhibition.”there were these words plastered on a banner as crowds of people were moving towards this stall. At this moment, Keima had already slipped into the crowd like a fish into water.

The bag first appeared on Keima’s right hand, then the left, and then, soon, the games started to pile up. It was just like magic. Even though it wasn’t so bad that the eyes couldn't catch up, but the way he was shopping so quickly and fluidly wasn't something an ordinary person could do.

Haqua begin to feel weak, then angry but on seeing Keima’s eyes glitter as he ran about, the anger inside her subsided. She begin to smile. Keima finished buying his things (as it was really smooth, he spent less than 30 minutes), and looked really satisfied. At this moment, Haqua called him out. She gave a mischievous look.

“You looked like you were enjoying yourself there.”


It seemed that Keima, who left Haqua aside…and in a certain extent, even made use of her to come to this Dean Land, felt a little guilty.

Haqua then left Keima's games in a storage locker and forced Keima to cosplay with her. She chose a police outfit while Keima got a theif's outfit. Haqua locked Keima tightly on the handcuffs and brought him around the mall. Keima ended up being laughed at by many children. As Keima left Haqua behind and only bothered about buying games, it seemed that she wanted to use this chance to have her revenge.

After much protests, Keima and Haqua go for bowling. Both their scores almost matched. Though Haqua had great athleticism, this was the first time she bowled, so she couldn't perform up to standard. On the other hand, as this had nothing to do with conquering girls, Keima couldn't utilize his full ability. No, rather, he didn't want to, and they ended up with a win and a loss each respectively.

Haqua then wanted to go cosplay again.(By now, Keima had given up) Since it was a rare chance, both of them went back to the counter and changed into other costumes. Haqua became a princess, and Keima was a knight (with armor that was of light materials).

It seemed that Haqua had a side where she’s like a normal girl. She had luxurious clothing on and turned her head around lightly. Haqua already had a regal and elegant flavor to her, and the milky white dress really looked good on her.

“Let’s go!”

Haqua pointed forward and marched on.


Keima smiled slightly, placed his model sword in front of his chest and slightly bowed. Keima’s expertise in arcade games really amazed Haqua. Then, she timidly went through the haunted house. During this time, both of them enjoyed themselves on grilled lamb sticks and buffet before changing into a jounin and a samurai and going to the divination area.

At this moment,

“That’s the one! I was always curious about this the moment I came in!”

Haqua ran towards the entrance of the roller-coaster. This roller coaster was the most famous facility of Dean Land, and the track looks like it goes through the entire building. The reason why a part of the building was empty was so as to let the roller coaster move through. Keima, who only spoke occasionally, suddenly grabbed her hand silently from behind. Haqua was shocked. At this moment, Keima’s other hand went close to Haqua’s face. Haqua couldn't help, she couldn't help but close her eyes tightly. She froze, waiting for the next thing to happen then, Keima’s hand was placed on her forehead, and he spoke softly,

“I already knew that something wasn't right. Looks like you got a fever. You can’t take the roller coaster like this. Let’s go home. I’ll get Elsie to take care of you.”


Haqua let Keima carry her on the back as she apologized dejectedly. At this point, both of them had already changed back into their own clothes and left Dean Land.

They will have to spend quite a bit of money, but they decided to take a taxi back to the Katsuragi household. While walking to the taxi stand, Keima really couldn't stand seeing Haqua faltering and decided to carry her.

Haqua apologized for her conducts and Keima just sighed and said that he would leave her there if she apologized again. Despite Elsie's concern and wanting Haqua to stay at the Katsuragi household, Haqua still went back to Yukie.

To pass these same words to Yukie.

Those words were,

“Thank you.”

All this for the hard work Yukie put in to arrange this.

Chapter 3 : Rainy Blue Story

Fuse Aoba

"I Like you."

PA ! The slap rang through the skies.

"'Don't harass me."

Keima pressed onto his face that got slapped and continued to look at that girl. His face didn't show any anger or shock. He merely continued to look at the girl. And then.....

"Please take this, roses really suits you."

Keima knelt down on the muddy ground and handed that bouquet of roses. On a side note, he was wearing a white cocktail suit. He didn't care that his clothes got dirtied, she didn't look like she was moved by Keima at all. She had short light-blue hair, a good-looking face, and clear white skin. She was really an outstanding beauty, however, her expression lacked emotions, which humans should have, thus, one would feel that she’s a puppet that was moving and talking.

“I don't want to…How many times must I explain it to you? I don’t need other people.”

The girl then threw away the roses off the other side of the railing into the river. This act even make Elsie, who was waiting nearby, completely speechless. However, this act did not make Keima falter, Keima now gave a fearless look and looked completely motivated.

Keima waved his hand. Even though it wasn't as many as the number of flowers just now, there was another rose on his fingertip, he learned this magic trick just to perform for this girl. That skill was so amazing that anyone would be astounded but the girl blinked her eyes that didn't show any emotion.

"Are you an idiot ?"

“I’m not an idiot.”

“I think you are, or you wouldn't even belittle me. Three days ago, you were crying and trying to get my sympathy. Two days ago, you tried to look intimidating. Yesterday, you became a sportsman. What’s it today ? A professional gentleman ? A magician ? (Sighs) Go away. Don't let me see you again.”

The girl then decided to leave as Keima asked that why would she do that if she don't have an umbrella.

"You've asked this before, I'll answer this only once : I am nothing. There is nothing for me to treasure."

And she let herself be drenched by the rain. Keima continued to watch that petite figure move away silently until she vanished on the other side of the bridge before sighing as Elsie came down asking if he's alright.

“That girl’s too much ! She’s violent and even threw away the flowers I prepared. Uu~! Fuse Aoba...that a genius.”

Some time ago.....

Keima and Elsie went to buy some galges, when they pass Aoba, Elsie's sensor reacts and thus, begins the new conquest....

Current time :

Keima after much investigation, knows that Aoba lives on the street one stop down the train station near the Katsuragis, and like him, studies at Maijima High School as a second year. Her family only consisted of her parents. She didn't often go out. It seemed that she didn't go out often, but her parents weren't normally at home.

Keima then deduced that through coincidence and interaction, and then found out her actions and habits to shrink the difference between them bit by bit. Encounter, interaction, increasing chances to talk.

However, Keima is forced to use "reckless love-confession" to interact, And every time, he would get slapped. Elsie then becomes confused by Keima's actions and Keima teaches her something useful.

<Girl Conquest Entrance>

(Lesson 1.) Lacking parts equal to parts that can be repaired, which meant infinite possibilities !

Keima: “To classify girls, there are many points of entries, like personalities. Take one personality for example, the so-called tsundere is those who are vicious in their words yet shy and blushing when alone…that’s common knowledge. Also, there’s the prim and proper class representative type, the big sister type, and we can classify them as much as we want. However, I’m going to focus on the ‘lacking part’.”

Elsie: “…Lacking part, right?”

Keima : “That’s right. Now, allow me to raise an example. Do you still remember the conquest of the track and field club member Takahara Ayumi?”

Elsie: “I, I do.”

Keima: “At that moment, Ayumi felt that she was officially chosen to be a representative because she was lucky, so she lost ‘confidence’ in herself when she couldn't run well. You understand that, right?”

Elsie: “U~uu....Un, I understand.”

Keima: "So I used ‘confidence’ to fill up that gap. There is something you need to take note here.”

(Lesson 2.) A coach isn't a boyfriend, but it’s not a bad idea to combine them together !

Keima: “I have only one aim, and that’s to make her fall into the ‘river of love’. Thus, I can’t just let her have confidence, but that I need to let ‘me’ make her feel ‘confident’. This may be easier to explain things. When ‘I’ replaced Takahara Ayumi’s ‘confidence’, and when both of them were the same, the conquest’s complete.”

Elsie: “?”

Keima: “Second case. Do you still remember the judo club’s Kasuga Kusunoki ?”

Elsie: "Of Course I do ! That martial artist ?”

Keima: “That’s right. What she lacked was a clear straightforward ‘me’. ‘The me who should be a martial artist’ and ‘the me who should be a woman’ broke her up, and like I implied, there were signs of cracks there. Thus, I provided clues for her to solve this problem. Finally, she chose to be a ‘martial artist’, left her ‘feminine side’ to deal with later, and established ‘herself’.”

Elsie: “…”

Keima: "'To put it simply, she decided to work harder, and after becoming stronger, she would then try to chase after her feminine side. And the one who created this idea in her was me."

Elsie: “Yes, that’s right.”

Keima: “Just like that.”

(Lesson 3.) Remember, a girl’s sensibility is the door to romance !

Keima: “Once ‘I’ fill in that lacking part of my target, the ‘romance’ could be established.”

Elsie: ''“…In other words.”

Elsie: ''“You have to deal with the problem with the target?”

Keima: ''“That’s right. ''Well put. That’s right, Elsie.”

Elsie: ''“Hehehe.”

Keima:''“?... ''But once I mention this Fuse Aoba, things would be complicated.”

Elsie:' "What's that ? What does Aoba-san lack?

Keima: "That girl,she lacked too many things .”

Elsie: “Eh?”

Keima:''“In terms of conquest targets, she seemed to be the toughest kind, because she has no desire for anything.”

Elsie:''“You said she lacked everything, and,”

Keima:''“Normally speaking, humans have their own likes and dislikes, and have things that they’re good in and bad in to develop their characters. In other words, as everyone’s interaction with the real world is different, there will be an entry point for conquest. This can be said to be the interest everyone has in real life.”


Keima:''“For example, Takahara Ayumi is ‘interested’ in track, and she was already ‘good’ at it, but ‘lost’ her confidence in track, which caused a gap within her heart, got it?”

Elsie:''“Ah, I understand.”

Keima:''“Next, Kasuga Kusunoki, both ‘the me as a martial artist’ and ‘the me as a woman’ were in conflict with each other, so there was a gap within her. You understand?”



Keima:''“Think of an Ayumi who has no interest in track and field and will not be bothered even if she can’t run, or a Kasuga Kusunoki who didn’t feel that being a martial artist or a woman was important and didn't need to maintain her pride and dignity.”



Keima:''“That’s the case.”

Elsie:''“Normally speaking, the entry points of conquests involve the good and bad of the target, habits, interests, emotions, personality. If the person doesn't have anything,”

Keima:''“''It’s theoretically impossible to conquer…”

Elsie: ''"Uu.”

Elsie:''“Tha…that means.”

Keima:''“These kind of people are very rare. It’s because their abilities are way too unique that they lost interest in everything in the real world, even themselves. In an ordinary person’s heart, one would have expectations and dreams about their future,”

Keima:''“However, Aoba’s heart didn't have thoughts of ‘it’ll be great if I can do this’. The reason why I deliberately tried all sorts of reckless methods to get close to her was merely to test her response and ability…basically, she doesn't seem to have anything she is interested in, is proud of or wants to protect. This is likely because she was already too perfect right from the beginning and could see everything too clearly. It’s because she’s a genius that she has nothing to ask for.”


“The, then, what should we do?”

Keima:''“…''No, there’s still a way. If she doesn't have an interest…I’ll create one for her.”


Keima:''“I want her to have a ‘desire’, to have something that she can really treasure. Listen up, Elsie, at least she can reject me. If she really has no interest in this world at all, she probably wouldn’t even have responded to me. In that case, she might have some conflicting views, but the fact that she has a runaway spirit in her should be a form of saving grace to her. In other words, if things remained like this, she won’t be satisfied at all.”

“There’s a possibility in this.”

A bright twinkle flashed through Keima’s eyes.

The Birth of a Great Galge Gamer

After that, Keima was really trying to get along with Aoba, catching her at school, at home, when they’re out, and trying to interact with her. Even though she would often get angry or sigh or even grumble weakly, no matter whether she pretended not to be at home, called about or ran away, Keima would often go out with her. Thus, unknowingly, she started to go out with Keima often. If someone researching on psychology were to see this, they would be amazed and ask Keima how he did that.

This showed how diversified the tactics Keima used were. But for 2 straight weeks, no further development was discovered. Keima tried bringing Aoba to experience all sorts of entertainment, sports, fishing, hiking, food trail, library, shopping, movies, and even the casino but all this proved too easy for Aoba.

First, sports. No matter what kind of sport it was, she was able to show off her outstanding ability. Also, even if it was a sport she got involved with for the first time, she could instantly grasp the knack of it.

Once the coach just demonstrated how to play billiards, Aoba immediately cleared the table. When they went fishing, she caught so many fish that it would fill an entire freezer as even the nearby fishermen came looking over.

Once Keima queried her, it seemed that she would understand the content of the lessons once she hears it, so there was no need to open the textbooks. She would often read books, but would remember everything once she flipped through them. When watching a movie, no matter how unexpected the outcome may be, she could immediately tell what the ending would be and start yawning. Even when tasting good food, she wouldn't feel amazed as ‘it’s easy for me to make this’.

One day, Keima got some tabletop games to Aoba's room. (The reason for Keima to be at her room is because Aoba is too lazy to go out of her room.) Keima tried table-top battle games like Risk ,Western chess, Shogi, Rank Promotion Game (Chinese) and other games. Aoba says that Keima's an idiot but Keima said he don't want to do this also.(and remained silent after that).

Aoba looked up at Keima emotionlessly. Keima would actually admit that there was a chance that he would lose in games. Even if it’s Aoba, who wasn't really familiar with Keima, this was too weird. If Elsie was beside them, she would be widening her eyes in shock.

At this moment, Aoba’s eyes were caught by something. The PFP that was stacked between the pile of games on the table was flashing. The PFP was already in standby mode, and the main power was activated once it moved.

“I’ll prefer to play this more than these games.

"Eh ?! No! Don't touch it !"

Keima's poker face dropped and Aoba seemed happy and on the switch. Keima wanted to snatch the PFP back, and Aoba merely continued to stare at him emotionlessly and used that opportunity to cleanly pull off the cushion under Keima’s feet.He passed out.

By the time Keima woke up, Aoba passed the PFP back and said that the game is too easy but Aoba’s face showed an expression Keima had never seen before. It was a proud look, and more importantly, one with a sense of achievement.Normally, no matter what she did, there was never a sense of satisfaction shown on her face. She, who was unable to be interested in the real world, had a response to this kind of ‘perfect world’ in galges, and in a certain sense, it was to be expected.

That day, Keima moved a large number of game software and a computer into Aob’a room and allows her to play any galge she wants. (Which is considered an exception even for Keima) Aoba asked why should she listen to him to which Keima asked her not to play dumb as Aoba remained silent.

“You’re a ‘genius’, so you should have found out, right ? You finally found this form of entertainment that could make your blood heat up, right ? This doesn’t follow the logic and routines of reality. It’s just a game. You understand, right ?”

Keima said as he turned on the computer. Soon after, the screen lit up, and the title of a galge appeared on the screen. Aoba stared at Keima expressionlessly for a moment and Elsie, who moved the games over with Keima, looked worried and nervous as she saw this.

Aoba said that she just needs 10 days to finish all the games as keima dared her. Elsie then realized that Aoba is just like Keima.

After this, Keima started to visit Aoba’s room regularly. This was so that he could send a part of his vast collection over to her. Aoba played one game after another.

If there’s a need to describe this, it’s just like a coach regulating the training progress and letting the representative complete it. It seemed that the games Keima brought over were merely randomly selected, but they were all chosen carefully. This method was similar to what a coach would do.

Despite Aoba boasting that she'll beat the games in 10 days, a few games caused her to be stumped. This was likely the first time in her life that she was unable to get through a hurdle. On seeing this, Keima said that Aoba also get caught in the "trap".On a side note, for some reason, he was actually wearing track attire and wielding a bamboo sword. Other than that, Elsie, who came today to help Keima move the games, was dressed just like a club manager as she was dressed in sports attire and holding a sports drink in her head.

Keima would advice Aoba and will play his PFP while Aoba was playing the computer. Aoba then asked how Keima knew all these without even looking at the game while Keima says that he's conquered the games and all are stored in his mind.

Aoba continued to stare intently at Keima. And she started to look troubled. She hurriedly turned her gaze back to the game screen on the computer. That’s because, she felt that there were emotions running through her that she never felt before. Not much time was spent before Aoba bought a computer and a PFP for herself, and started playing all the time at home. (Because Keima said that burrowed gamers have no future.)

During the time she met Keima and started playing the games, about 3 weeks later, Aoba would obediently listen to all the words Keima said despite her insults to him and says that she did not want to do it. However, it is clear that they are master and disciple.

That day, Aoba was on the way home. In the midst of this rain, she was holding a large bag as she tediously moved on the bridge. The bag was filled with several new games that just came out in the market. Keima didn't ask her to buy them, she went to buy them on her own.

She thought that at least she should spend money on the new games. She would be able to secretly conquer the games and shock Keima. Besides, if she continued to play only the games Keima brought, she would always be following Keima’s footsteps. That’s because he conquered all the games in his house and Aoba wants Keima to praise her.

At the thought of that, she smiled. This is highly unusual and Aoba wisely concluded that she had indeed changed.For example, she wouldn't bother about such a drizzle in the past, but would feel worried now as she continued to look at the bag in her hands. Even with the waterproof plastic bag on, she was worried about the games inside. She was worried about whether the games would be wet. She…who didn't care about being drenched at first, now hated to be wet and didn't wish to be wet.

At this moment, Keima appeared and tells her to prepare some anti-rain apparatus. Aoba stared at Keima speechlessly and hurriedly walked off. Aoba rolled her eyes and walked beside him, and on looking down, she found that he was holding onto a bag too It seemed that he came out to buy the games that were released today just like her.,When Aoba found out that Keima's shoulder was getting drenched by sharing the umbrella.

Something inside her seemed to click. Aoba finally realized something. She always thought that even when she’s drenched or even when there’s no tomorrow, nothing mattered. But it’s different now. Her life had meaning. She realized this from deep inside her heart. On seeing Aoba like this, Keima sighed.

The entire scenario ended in an inexplicable silence, both of them were discussing about games inside Aoba’s room. During this past month, Aoba showed tremendous improvement, of course, she couldn't match up to the ‘God of Conquests’ Keima, but her ability and knowledge wasn't something any normal gamer could fathom. Of course, even though she was still lacking in experience, she used her outstanding sense and insight to make up for it.

Keima silently nodded his head as he listened to Aoba. Aoba unhurriedly talked about everything.Compared to the situation right at the beginning, this change in situation was really shocking.Both of them were discussing about the interesting parts in the games and the parts they didn’t like. And also the bugs and secrets they found.

After a while, both of them went silent. They couldn't possibly continue to discuss, and the outcome couldn't be pushed back. Both of them were geniuses, and realized that the time to separate was near. Aoba had already started to fall for Keima for a long time.

Keima suddenly looked at Aoba, and Aoba’s expression became rather timid and encouraged her. Aoba asked if everything was just a game to him and Keima shook his head, telling her that he is showing recognition.His expression had an inexplicable gentleness in it.

Aoba couldn't move for a moment, and after a while, started to nod slightly.

Aoba typed at the computer at a shocking speed, and like how it was at the beginning, Keima was standing right behind her with his arms folded as he looked at the screen. The words scrolled down the screen at a really fast pace, and an ordinary person probably wouldn't be able to catch up, let alone understand the content, which is basically impossible.

While the game goes on, Keima seems to be happier and Aoba seems to be grimmer.The more the game progressed, the more she looked like she couldn't accept it, and the sadder she was…once there was less than a minute left. She just had to make a decision to see the ending. Her hands stopped.

Aoba began to cry. If she conquered this, she wouldn't be able to see Keima again. But it’s not just Keima. She already knew clearly, Keima is going to leave her sooner or later and it is inevitable.

"Fuse Aoba, answer me, you have 2 options, one is to sit down and die of old age or two, look for that thing you've always been looking. What kind of a person are you ?"

At this moment, the tears flowed down from Aoba’s teary eyes. What her dry heart finally managed to get, was a person she could talk with, one who was her equal. And what she had always been looking for.

"I am right behind you, chasing after you, and running with you one day."

Pak. She pressed the enter button. She already knew. One day, they will leave. She already knew. She couldn't be with him forever. She already knew.tears flowed as she smiled and stood up.

"At least let me raise my head up and leave you. I want to be someone who can run alongside you.Goodbye Keima"

"Goodbye, my disciple.'"

At this moment, Keima slowly approached Aoba and kissed her on the lips lightly. Aoba cried as she accepted his kiss and closed her eyes. One day, Keima said they'll meet again.

After the conquest, Aoba continued to play galge and got so good at it, she was called the "Maihime" (Mai-Princess, a portmanteau of Maijima and Hime.)

When interviewed by a gaming magazine, she answered,

"Of Course."

She opened with this,

“On one hand, it’s because I like games. However,”

She showed an unbelievably enthusiastic expression and said,

“I feel that if I continue to play, I can meet a certain person, someone very important to me.”

Today, the ‘God of Conquests’ Keima was conquering the galges somewhere…

Just to save those girls.



  • Because this novel is set during the summer season, but still during school, it is thus presumed that the novel takes place sometime before Tenri's "conquest," but after Yukie Marui's arc.
  • In the series, a chokuto is utilized.
    • While a chokuto is often mistaken as a kind of Katana, it isn't one. It is a Japanese straight sword, used more dominantly until the greatness of the curved-bladed Katana was discovered during the time of the Mongol Empire's expansion in the 13th century.
  • Aoba receives intensive training from Keima while he is wearing the whole "Coach" Ohta outfit.
  • In one of the given extra illustrations of the novel, Elsie's name is written as "Elcea de rut ima" while Haqua's name is "Haqua d'rot herminium". Keima and Mari's names are written "correctly".