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The World God Only Knows - God and the Devil and an Angel (神のみぞ知るセカイ―神と悪魔と天使, Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai Kami to Akuma to Tenshi) is the first light novel of the The World God Only Knows series. It centers around Keima as he goes out to capture two girls who are originals to the light novel series: Tooru Amami and Asami Yoshino.

Prologue: "God and the Devil"

As an introduction to the series, Keima is playing multiple games, completing them one after another. While on the side line, Elsie is disappointed that her "brother" acts like this. She asks Keima if there are any types of girls he can't capture, to which he responds harshly with a no. Even after Elsie gives examples of many types of girls, Keima still tells her that he can capture any girl. Yet, he states there is a type he doesn't hate but is annoyed by: the day-dreamer (電波系, Denpakei) type.

Chapter One: "The Angel that Flew Down from the Skies"

On a certain Sunday, Keima drops by a game store to purchase the usual games he would buy. But as he heads home, Elsie suggests that they go to a cafe for once. Even though Keima says there is no point in going to another cafe since Cafe Grandpa itself is a cafe, Elsie persists, saying that they should try going to new ones once in a while. Upon entering, Keima can see few customers in the cafe. He comments that the place should be redone, as it won't be a good place to put up flags in the game. After sitting down, Elsie suddenly asks Keima, as a "basic question", what is so fun about games. He answers in a fiery manner that the real is imperfect, and the games are perfect. In games, one can reach the perfect ending with the heroine, while in the real, such things do not occur.

Because of his fiery spirit, Elsie feels hot-really hot. In truth, it is truly hot, as the shop is for some reason on fire. Keima, Elsie and all the customers escape from the burning cafe, but Keima goes back in, as he has forgotten his game-soft in the store. Elsie says she has it, but he says she only has what he bought today. Even though he enters and finds what he was looking for, he starts to lose balance and his sight blurs from all the heat and smoke. As he sees that it is his end, he falls, and lightly smiles, thinking, "I wish I could have cleared this game..."

But then, he hears somebody asking him whether he is fine or not. Keima opens his eyes, only to see that the flames have been extinguished, while an angel hovers over him. She's wearing a white costume, a white miniskirt and sandals. Her long hair flies nicely and her eyes sparkle mysteriously. And on her back, there are wings... she is indeed an angel who came at the right time.

The next day, Keima is resting in a bed at a hospital. The doctor says that two or three days should be enough for him to be released from the hospital, which makes Elsie relieved. Later in the day, both Keima and Elsie go to the rooftop to get a breath of fresh air. Elsie goes back in to call Keima's mother. Keima stays outside for a bit longer, until he hears "Hello, my prince, who has such beautiful eyes." Keima is bit confused as to who is saying this, but when he looks up towards where the voice came from, he sees the girl he saw the day before his hospitalization. He asks her if she is the girl who saved him and she answers with a yes. She tells him that she was nearby, looking for something. Keima asks what she's searching for, and she answers that she's searching for the Stars for her quest.

Keima is confused, but they continue to talk for a bit. Keima notices that the angel continues to call him "my prince". He asks her to stop calling him that, but she persists, as she says that he has pretty eyes, like those of a prince. Realizing that this girl is the type of girl he fears, the day-dreamer type, he follows with a line from the games, saying "Thank you for saving me". They exchange their names, and it is now known her name is Tooru Amami. She starts to sing, until Elsie returns. Upon her return, Elsie's skull sensor rings out, showing that Tooru has an escape spirit. Keima is not happy with this, and Elsie asks why. As Keima noted earlier, Tooru is a day-dreamer type of girl, and this is the type of girl he is annoyed by.

Three days later, Keima meets Tooru again. Normal men would think "She's cute," but to Keima, there is no effect. She is continuing her search for the Stars as she wanders around the stores along the street. Keima offers his help, while he calls Tooru "princess" in order to gain an upper-hand against this day-dreamer type girl. They go out and search, and Keima sees something, asking if it's the Star she's looking for. Tooru shouts out in happiness, seeing that her "prince" knows what she is looking for. She then shouts out, "Let's continue to search for the 'Eternal Plus', together!" Keima follows, asking what shape this "Eternal Plus" takes. She answers that she herself does not know yet, but she will know when she finds it. She then goes off to where she feels is the most likely to have the Star she's looking for.

Keima, Tooru and Elsie approach an amusement park called "Dean Land", where Tooru finds a large star at its front gate. Keima at first doesn't want to enter, but for the sake of Tooru's capture, he enters. But he is again upset when he is asked to cosplay with the girls. He agrees once more for the sake of the capture, and changes into a butler's suit. Tooru is the princess and Elsie is a maid, which makes a nice atmosphere. While cosplaying, the three goes to many attractions in the park, such as bowling, karaoke, and the roller coaster. In the arcades, all the games Keima plays, he beats with perfect scores, surprising Tooru. She states that he is truly her prince, but wonders why games he is perfect at. Elsie tries to say something, and states that he is a god. Tooru laughs at this, and talks about what they are like: Keima a god, Tooru an angel and Elsie the cute devil. "Together, we make God and the Devil and an Angel."

As the three are arriving at the top event floor, Elsie comments on how Tooru feels like a mysterious person. In the background, Keima could see Tooru at the drink bar. He then points out that it is not that she feels like a mysterious person, but that she is one. Elsie further asks if all Day-dreamers are all-mysterious.  Keima nods in agreement that it may be like so, but he explains that there are two types of Day-dreamers: the "Genuine Recipient" type (真性受信タイプ, shinsei-jushin taipu) and the "Flower Field" type (お花畑タイプ, ohanabatake taipu). While both can vary in outward appearance, the Genuine Recipient kind usually have light-blue clothes along with an expressionless face. Their hair is most of the time short, even "very short". As for the Flower Field kind, they wear very girlish clothes, with their hair long or semi-long 8 or 9 times out of ten. "Many of times," Keima explains, "The Genuine Recipient kind has their heart stained with darkness. Blurting out strange things randomly, they also act strangely. Just as their name says, these kinds of people are speaking and acting eccentrically as if they had 'received some kind of negative signal'. In the end, they are known for being dangerous...even I have been involved in some carnage because of them." He says that these kinds of Day-dreamers only cause trouble.

In the case of Tooru, Keima explains, "Well, Tooru Amami is the latter, the one called the Flower-Field type. Completely the opposite from the Genuine Recipient type, first of all, they don't take the eccentric approach. They live with an unique perspective of the world, ruled with unique laws. They are the types who are harmless to everyone. They are often mistaken for being 'natural airheads.'" He points out that the two are completely different form one another, but Elsie asks how. Keima uses ice cream and sherbert as an example. Both may be made from ice, but their composure are different. Natural Airheads do not make stories. From time to time, they make a discord that is acknowledged by reality, yet they are still part of reality. You can only identify a Natural Airhead when the gap between reality and the movements of the Airhead are genuine. As for the Flower Field type, they don't fit into reality from the start.

Keima continues his explanation until he stumbles upon what Tooru's "story" is. Everything she says does not have a clear path to what is her objective. This gives him a feeling that Tooru is only acting as if she's a Day-Dreamer. He looks around to see where she is , but she's no where to be found. Somewhere far away, Tooru is looking at Keima and Elsie, saying that it is her time to go. She says her silent goodbye and thank you to the two who had played with her during the day. She leaves the dance area without letting them know.

Keima is upset, saying that he truly does not like Day-Dreamers. He now needs to encounter Tooru again in order to continue their conquest...

Chapter Two: "The Head and Tail of a Coin"

The following day after Keima and Elsie lost Amami in Dean Land.

Keima is shown to be listless and tired after he and Elsie had looked for Amami all day long immediately after school. Elsie said that Amami had escaped outside her sensor's detection range. Keima assures Elsie as he said that "One characteristic of a ‘Denpakei’ is that it’s rare to meet them.” and that they don't even know Amami's residence, background or real name. Keima then said that this is why he don't like Denpakeis.

Then, the sensor rings as Keima and Elsie quickly looked to the direction only to find out that the person, wasn’t Amami Tooru. In fact, it was a completely different girl than Amami! Elsie then panics as Keima calmed her down saying that its just another spirit host but then, Elsie's sensor rings again and it located to Amami.

To make things worse, both girls are walking in opposite directions ask Keima couldn’t help but bemoan. While both girls aren't aware of the situation. Keima has no choice but to let Elsie hold Amami back as he goes for the new conquest since Elsie knew Amami and thus, would be able to hold her while Keima gets to work on the new conquest target. When Keima manages to catch up to the girl, he realized that she is Yoshino Asami, a fellow classmate of his.

Keima remembers personal particulars of Asami:

  • Member of the Tea Ceremony Club
  • Sits at the back row of the classroom
  • Would often read books alone
  • Extremely quiet.

Keima sighs as he knows that Asami is too ordinary. She asks Keima (with what Keima believes to be too ordinary) if he's going home too.  Keima replies that he has some things to do while beginning to observe with a perplexed look since despite having a nice face and figure, there is nothing that gives Asami the ‘beauty’ impression like Amami Tooru. It wasn’t like ‘cute’ or ‘active’, but even so, she did have a mouth, and she’s not expressionless furthermore, Keima was not called "Otamegane" by her but he did not see that it is a sign of affection and everything about Asami is just too plain.

Asami asked Keima if they should walk together for a while as the latter complied, thinking that this is too normal as well.

Asami isn’t a sports-girl, and he never heard that she is rich either. She looks like she enjoys reading books, but it’s not like this literature girl didn’t have a mouth. She isn’t a fighter, and yet not an idol. She didn’t avoid Keima, but isn’t especially close to him, she is just plain.

Up till now, the experiences Keima had, showed that those with a runaway spirit would have obvious traits, either good or bad. For example, being very eccentric or being very aggressive. Then, he would take on these traits, find a gap and tackle them. But Asami is too "normal", a shocking contrast to Amami.

Keima and Asami talk on and on as Keima is disturbed that Asami's actions are way too ordinary to find a trait he could tackle. They soon arrived at the Yoshino household as Asami waved good-bye to Keima. As Keima made the decision to meet up Elsie and was about to step forward, Keima suddenly realized something:

  1. Elsie’s spirit detector doesn’t have any response to Asami during school, which means that she got possessed after school. (Keima will check with Elsie later)
  2. There is a small old bookstore beside Asami's house that was selling books that looked like they are about to move his heart like " Bishoujo Game Guides" and " From Tsundere to Yandere~ a certain game developers own words~ ".

Keima then moved to the shop and browsed them to make sure that they are quality products and after checking them for around 10 minutes, "Yoshino Asami" came out of the house with a cheerful expression. After noticing Keima, "Asami" sees his behaviour and confirms that it is Keima. Keima asks "Asami" if she really was her though the girl is stunned for a short while before saying , "Ahahaha, really! I'm Yoshino!" and shows a mischievous smile.

Before he even knew it, Keima was sitting down at a nearby sweets shop and having tea with "Yoshino Asami". The first floor was of a wooden open deck, and there was a blue umbrella covering them from above. The table and chairs are of the more delicate kind, and it is a cafeteria with quite the sense. As Yoshino continued to say things, Keima concluded that she has dual characters, this trait of hers would have a direct relation to her problem. When "Asami" realized that Keima wasn't listening, she wanted him to pay for the drinks (jokingly). Keima then agrees, making the latter blush. "Asami" then said that she's joking and said Keima's quite handsome and continued on about Keima's personal life. Keima then think that he'll see "Asami" in her school life tomorrow.

Just then a sentence came out from Keima's back, "Are you....prince ?" On hearing these words, Keima knew many things, firstly, Amami shouldn't be here, second, Elsie has failed again, thirdly , if he ended up losing the trust of both parties, it would be a direct Bad Ending. Lastly, It was an event which required very delicate decision making.

"Asami" make a very angry noise which was further aggravated by Amami's calling Keima, "prince". "Amami" then writes out her email and leaves, telling Keima to mail her.

As Keima tries to stop "Asami", Amami turned around making Keima confuses to who he should talk to . "Asami" then left the sweets shop and tells Keima to treat her in which by this time, Amami have also, left.

At this moment, Keima didn’t have any clue then Elsie appears on the verge of tears, saying that she lost track of Amami while Keima, in response to Elsie’s mistake, couldn’t help but hug his head and scream out, "YOU IDIOT !! SHE WAS JUST HERE A WHILE AGO !!!".

Chapter Three: "Double Bind"

That very night, Keima ignored Elsie completely when they returned home. Mari had some errands to do so Elsie made a crawling food (which looked like a skeleton’s hand). However, Keima did not complain as he usually do and wordlessly put the food into his mouth and continued to play his PFP. Elsie couldn’t help but break out a little cold sweat, but Keima remained silent. Elsie dare not try to tell Keima off as Keima went to the sofa after having his meal , Elsie then do the dishes as she suggested trying to peel some fruits for Keima but the latter remained silent. Just when Elsie decided to apologize , Keima went to the bath.

It was shown that Keima wasn't angry at all but was thinking about the conquests as he felt repulsed. Keima felt that he seemed to lack something important about both of them.Actually, Keima didn’t feel that the meetings with the two girls are tough. He was spinning his head at full speed to set a guideline. He nodded his head, and just when he was about to get out of the bathtub, Elsie came in and wants to wash his back. This greatly shocked Keima as he quickly devised ways to push her out of the bathroom.

Keima changed and returned back to the living room while looking like he was enduring a headache as Elsie apologizes for her mistakes and was rubbing her face as she shed tears. Keima then finally noticed that Elsie was depressed over her mistake just now and quickly dismissed that to Elsie. Keima explained to Elsie that if he made the conquest target(s) angry, he can find hints to conquest them successfully Keima then said that "Minus points can sometimes be linked to Plus points". Keima's actions and reassurance made Elsie blushed as Keima , not being aware of this, asked Elsie if she's listening. Elsie slowly recovered and hurriedly answers. As Keima said he still wants her to aim for Amami.

Keima said that the efficiency will be higher once they separate after school. He’ll interact with Asami inside and outside of school, and if possible, conquer her. During this time, Elsie will look around on the streets and find Amami Tooru, and try to squeeze out every bit of information about Amami.

And then, he blushed as his finger scratched his face. He said softly to Elsie, "I shall find you reliable and trust worthy.....somewhat." this made Elsie stood up teary and hugged Keima., thanking him much to the annoyance of the latter.Elsie then asked why not conquer them one by one while Keima said that he won't be scared by taking two conquests.

The next day, Keima used Elsie to find out more about Asami via witnesses:

Witness account number 1:

A girl who provided the first information, called A.K

“Ee-chan, why are you so mindful about Yoshino-san…well, it doesn’t really matter. Yoshino-san, eh…well, I’m not really clear about that person at all. It’s not that she’s being bullied or hated or anything, but well, it seems like she couldn’t get along well. We went to play darts together. Yeah, it was like a class outing. At that time…arre, it’s a little too much to say it to you like that, Ee-chan, but the one who was far away from everyone and didn’t take part at all was your brother. Ee-chan, your brother Keima-kun always give that vibe, often…are, what’s that? Game? Anyway, it seemed like he was always playing games, and Yoshino-san went back home because she said she had a cold. Thus, our relationship’s still not very close now.”

Witness account number 2:

A boy who sits beside Yoshino Asami, called E.K. “Me? Un? Soccer club~ I’m the ace and the forward, and also 16 years old. Trying hard to gather girlfriends…eh? You want me to tell you about Yoshino-san instead of this? Ah, hahaha, okay, okay. I got it, Elsie-chan. Eh, Yoshino-san who sits beside me, un…actually, as far as I know, that girl looks a little frail. I once invited her out before. You see, Yoshino-san’s pretty good looking too, right? I like those ‘ordinary-looking’ girls. And then, we went out to sing karaoke with other guys and girls. Then, she didn’t seem to be feeling well then and kept resting outside…more than that, Elsie-chan. How about we go for karaoke next time? Eh? What? ...Ah, hahaha. So you need your brother’s permission? Is-is that so?”

Witness account number 3:

A girl who’s also from the tea ceremony club, called T.Y.

“What nya? You’re talking about Asa-chin? Asa-chin…well, I don’t really know Asa-chin~. She’s really ‘ordinary’~. H, but I do know about this, you know? Asa-chin looks like she’s easily sick~last time, everyone went to the theme park, and she didn’t seem to feel well after taking that spinning thing. She tried her best, but ended up resting on the bench~ but, Asa-chin will never say anything bad about others, and she would sweep and clear the rubbish quietly. I think she’s a good person hya~n.”

Elsie then said that the third person also said that Asami may have a crush on Keima, greatly shocking the latter. But they quickly dismissed the fact. While thinking about Asami, Keima completely ignored one of his teacher's question again.

Later, after school, Elsie went off to get information on Amami while Keima. After her club activities, Asami went off and was about to go when Keima greets her again and she blushed before saying "Un, sure".

Keima deliberately chose not to get close to Asami as he deliberately created the same scene from yesterday.

He chose a scene when both of them are walking together.

There are two reasons:

The first was to use the same action as yesterday to gauge Yoshino Asami’s reaction better, to observe if there are any changes. Thus, the road back home, their distances between each other and the arrangements are all the same as yesterday.The only thing different was that as there was the tea ceremony activity today (which Keima had investigated through beforehand), Yoshino Asami was a lot later getting home.There was another reason, a somewhat rare instinct for the rational Keima. It felt that even when both of them are together, they should avoid doing so in school.

When Asami went to her house, Keima's confusion was compounded after that. After taking a few steps away from Asami’s house and intended to meet with Elsie, "Asami" (in normal clothing) was running towards Keima ans trying to get his attention. After that, as according to Yoshino Asami’s proposal, they went to a fast-food restaurant to order something to eat. During this time, Keima tried to probe into her real nature, but what was shocking was that, amongst all the conquests up till now, nobody had shown that much interest in Keima himself compare to "Asami".

"Asami" then asked about that girl (Amami) and wonders if she's Keima's girlfriend but Keima said that Amami is just an ordinary friend as "Asami" heaved a sigh of relief. Despite normally having the feel that Asami wanted to have a serious relationship with Keima, Keima doesn't feel right as once again, Keima and Elsie did not have any clues.

But on a certain rest day, there was a huge break. Keima and Elsie was searching for Amami while it was raining and just as Elsie was about to give up, her sensor quickly activates and they saw something that will shock them.

There was a large black limo parked there. A man dressed in black suit, most likely the chauffeur, opened the back door of the car in a respectable manner, and a rich-looking over passed through the street and walked there.But Elsie’s spirit detector wasn’t responding to the skinny middle-aged woman in brand clothes and glamorous jewels all over her it was a girl that followed the middle-aged lady as they walked out of the building in front of them, Amami Tooru. At first, Keima and Elsie couldn’t recognize her as Amami Tooru as she was completely different. First, her clothing was different.

It wasn’t those casual and loose clothing Keima saw those few times, but a proper-looking jacket. The blond hair was properly tied up, and her shoes are shiny black leather. She was undoubtedly an ojou of the upper levels of society.

The only thing that was the same was the cross-chained necklace that was hanging on the neck, and to be honest, if it wasn’t for the response of the spirit detector and that cross, Keima and Elsie wouldn’t be able to tell that the girl who walked out of the building was Amami Tooru.The difference in impression was this big. What changed wasn’t just the clothes, but also her expression. It wasn’t the expression of the Amami Tooru Keima and company knew. That fantasy story-like energetic pretty girl was already gone, and she just looked like a girl with a mask on in front of Keima, looked all proper and like she got something on her mind. The eyes that once boasted ‘I’m looking for my guiding star’ are now showing a blank black.

Keima concluded that the black mist was probably caused by the spirit possessing Amami and he said that it is normal since he had met an idol who would disappear when they don’t meet, or a female martial artist who would split into two people, so Keima came to this conclusion quickly. Later, the middle aged woman tells Amami of her daily activities and they get into the limo.

Keima still remained there, not moving at all. His eyes are staring at a certain point in the sky. Elsie sighed, saying that she doesn't feel like the Amami they knew and at this moment, Keima moved. His voice had a little hot air in it. Though it was little, he was really trembling. He had an inspiration from what Elsie said, but Elsie herself didn’t realize it at all.

Keima's thoughts: "They’re the same person, but why does it feel like they are completely different people? On the other hand~Yoshino Asami’s ‘ordinary’~, the possibility of having feelings~ frail~why is she so different? After school and during school? And Elsie’s existence~ I saw a ‘Denpaki’~searching for the reason~Amami Tooru’s reason to look for something~why did she disappear after saving me~Yoshino Asami~Amami Tooru~ Yoshino Asami~Amami Tooru~Yoshino~Amami. After connecting the similarities and differences between these two...."

Keima’s thinking ability suddenly kicked into active gear. He chuckled. He used his fingers to push his glasses and said, his iconic sentence, "Elsie, I can see the ending !"

Elsie stared blankly at Keima.

Chapter Four Part 1: "The World of Minus" (Asami's Conquest)

The chapter begins with Keima dragging "Asami" towards a shrine, quite distant from a main road. "Asami" said that she won't let Keima do anything bold or indecent and they have to "go in order". Keima gave a stiff expression, making "Asami" look around helplessly. Then, Elsie came, and shook her head, confirming to Keima that the "Asami" with them does not have an escaped spirit, hence she's not the one they are looking for.

Keima then sighed as he called himself naive and said that he got tricked and mislead by "low-level trick".

"Asami" then calms herself and asked Keima what does he want while Keima said that it was his line and wants her to confess that she's not Asami. As "Asami" widened her eyes, Keima pointed at her and said she's Yoshino Ikumi, her twin sister. Having her facade broken, Ikumi was stunned, she didn’t get angry due to embarrassment, and neither did she laugh at Keima. She was just panicking honestly. And asked Keima how knew her name.

Keima sighed yet again and said that he merely asked Asami after school if she had a twin sister and do not tell Ikumi once she got home, Asami answers both questions with a yes. Keima then said that since Asami never talked of her in school, so naturally, he wouldn't know of her existence and that's why Ikumi posed as Asami to better know Keima.

Ikumi was now stunned and asked Keima when did he realized it and Keima, almost as if self-mocking and said,

“No, that was a coincidence…one that you won’t understand even if I tell you. A girl would look so different, then maybe the opposite can hold true. In other words, two girls may look like one person under set conditions. I just thought of that.”

Keima then glanced at Elsie, as Elsie was shown to be very happy since she provided the crucial point and Keima stared back at her with a somewhat kind look. After a moment of silence, Ikumi laughed and said that she can even trick her own mother if she was serious and complimented Keima but the latter swiftly said that she wasn't acting serious, greatly embarrassing her. Keima pushed his glasses and said with a heavy tone that if Ikumi was serious, she would easily replicate her sister's personality but she did not. Keima said that her aim was to simply understand him, thus there isn't a need for Ikumi to pretend to be her sister.

Ikumi was now showing fear in her eyes. Because Katsuragi Keima, the good looking boy in front of her was practically saying the truth. Keima then said that Twin switching should be the basics of basics and clicked his tongue . Keima then looked at Ikumi and said that since he solved it, the outcome's pretty satisfactory too.

Ikumi then screamed to Keima and demanded that how much Keima knows about her and Keima confidentially waved his hand as his declared that he knows everything about her while Elsie nodded her head too without hesitation as she folded her arms.

Ikumi could not believe that (although she is rather scared) and said that Keima is not god. But Keima said that he is the god of conquests and is also said that she is the second person to call him "Kami-sama"(God) . Elsie then agrees with Keima as Keima gave an expression that was overwhelming and wouldn’t allow for any objections, and it can even be called pressurizing as Ikumi was speechless. It’s like a certain part in her brain short-circuited, and that she felt numb. (Actually, this was really Keima’s aim, to use a forceful tone to show his confidence to her.)

Then suddenly, Ikumi screamed in laughter as like she had a loose screw. Elsie was shocked, but Keima merely cocked his eyebrows and asked coldly if it is strange for him to call himself a god. Ikumi denied and said happily that she now completely trusts Keima to help solve Asami's problems. Keima then said "Understood."

Keima and Ikumi are then sitting together as Ikumi described Asami, saying that she hates humans while Keima remained unmoved, (much to Ikumi's delight) and said him the reason for Asami to hate humans. Elsie was now dosing off since she knows that she won't understand the whole conversation. Ikumi then began to talk about Asami and her background,

“Ever since we were young, we were often told that ‘you sisters really aren’t like each other.' Ah, of course we’re not talking about our appearances. About that, we’ll occasionally feel that we’re facing the mirror. I feel that twins are more similar to each other. But, she’s completely different inside...Katsuragi-kun, what about me ? I guess you can tell from the time you were with me, but I like humans! I like being with humans! I have lots of friends, I like school, and I’m really happy to talk with Katsuragi-kun now. But, Onee-chan’s the opposite, she’s the complete opposite of me. She hates humans, hates gatherings, hates being with people, and a school with lots of people is something that depressed her. Interacting with people and being with them would cause her to feel like she’s suffering.”

Keima then knows why Asami doesn't feel comfortable in the karaoke bar, the theme park or at the bowling alley. Ikumi then said,

“As for Onee-chan, she said that she really liked to read books alone, play games, watch movies. That’s her dream.  When we were young, both of us had a dream. Mine was to be a kindergarten teacher. Guess what Onee-chan’s wish was? To hide in a nunnery deep inside a forest, and that was during elementary school, you know? What kind of student is that!? A lot of people would have thought. But, (by now, Ikumi was depressed) the biggest problem is that Onee-chan hates this aspect of herself the most. Onee-chan, she said that she always envied me, seeing that I’m on so good relations with others, envied me for laughing together with everyone else. That’s what she said. We’re sisters. Is it because we’re twins? No, that’s not it. Onee-chan herself would have exceptions when it comes to hating people. Family members are basically alright, so at home, onee-chan would often…no, would always talk to me, and then (Ikumi smiled) It was the first time, really the first time. Onee-chan started talking about all sorts of things that happened in school. More accurately…She started talking to me all about this guy called Katsuragi Keima."

Keima then prompted Ikumi to continue as Ikumi was surprised that he had not flinched at all and Ikumi then said how Asami has always called him incredible while Keima said that to test this out, she disguised as her sister to check up on him. Ikumi complied. Ikumi also said that Keima really looked like a rich hikkikomori as she said (while Keima became uncertain as to what he should respond)

By now, Elsie was sleeping soundly as Ikumi said that she wants to see how Keima would react to a different "her" and said that she actually wanted to tell Keima that she was about to say her true identity but, it was because of Tooru Amami (as said by Keima). Ikumi agreed and said that she wanted to see if Keima was just a flirt. Keima then said that Amami was just a friend and he's not popular with girls at all in his school. Keima then asked if Asami has a huge change on her view for life after a few days meeting him, to which Ikumi nodded and tells Keima that she thinks that it is a way to get to a good relationship with him. Keima then said that Asami always wanted to correct herself which is why she joined the tea ceremony club, a place that needs communication with others.

Ikumi then grabbed Keima's hand and asked how can they cure Asami's problem. Keima then asked Ikumi how does Asami acts like in her home as Ikumi said that other than speaking more frequently, Asami doesn't really change much.Keima was silent and asked Ikumi to help him to which she complied. (Elsie was just standing blankly)

That night, Ikumi wanted Asami to join her and her friends to Dean land, Asami initially rejected it at first but after hearing that Keima will be there, joins in in the end.The next day was a bright sunny day. Yoshino Asami’s heart was beating hard as she reached the entrance of the Dean Land. Over there, there’s the bronze statue of the founder of Dean Land, Ikegoma Gakkan. This was the gathering place. For some reason, her little sister Ikumi, said that she's got something on and will be late and seeing her little sister give such a bright smile, she couldn't say anything as she was heavily reliant on her twin sister. It is also revealed that when she had reached the age of youth, and she couldn’t fawn around with her parents like when she was young (even though this was the case, there wasn’t really much of a family issue, just a little feeling of isolation, especially to the father). Her sister was basically the only person she would talk to.

Even though she would also have her own troubles or talk about school, whenever the little sister complained about youth things that ‘studying for tests is so hard~’ or ‘there’s a handsome guy in class…’ (Even though they look the same physically, in this aspect, Asami would be a late bloomer, so she was rather restrained in front of guys, often being very shy) she would listen attentively. Asami hated herself for her anti-social behaviour. Most of the situations couldn’t work. She couldn’t smile too much when she was playing with others (she didn’t feel like she was smiling), she was worried about whether she irritated them, whether she made them unhappy, got really anxious until she felt uncomfortable. Then, she would be more cautious about the people around her and would feel even more embarrassed. She would always inadvertently compare herself with her sister and would feel dejected because of it.

After she got off the bus and walked down a gradual downhill slope, she looked around and found the meeting place. There was a stern-looking male bronze statue beside the entrance, and 2 people are already standing there. Keima and Ikumi had not seemed to arrive yet. Thinking about this, Asami wanted to turn to the opposite direction to look for him, and found him there. Keima was still playing his handheld games. Asami was troubled as she wondered if she should talk to him. After hesitating for a moment, she summoned her courage to call out but Keima suddenly spread his arms wide and kicked his right leg like he was using to the handheld console in his hands to catch something that’s falling from the sky. Asami was taken aback as she backed away.She found her senses and put on her usual ‘ordinary’ mask and tried to talk to Keima but Keima said,

“Un, I like buns, but I’ll take anything you make for me.”


Yoshino Asami was bothered and she couldn't help but ask back.

“So you don’t have to depreciate your own cooking.”



Unable to establish a conversation, Keima then said to the handheld game,


Asami was speechless. “We, well, Katsuragi-kun ?” The moment she asked this question, Keima said,


No matter how she looked at it, there’s only one dangerous weirdo. Yoshino Asami finally realized that Katsuragi Keima was talking to an in-game character. The proof was,“Un…NO! I’M NOT TALKING ABOUT THE COLOR OF UNDERWEAR I LIKE, REALLY!” Asami frowned.

“Un…it’s nice to download this morning breakfast event, but the voice recognition device still can’t work. This will be bad for conquest. Got to let the manufacturer correct it. Hm?”

At this moment, Keima finally noticed that Yoshino Asami was staring at him blankly. After glancing at her, the first thing Keima said was, “Hey, you’re here ?” Yoshino Asami was stunned Asami was skeptical that she feel for Keima .

Keima then brings Asami in Dean land and Asami's "ordinary mask" was shattered instantly as she was then asking about her sister while Keima said that Ikumi and Elsie will be an hour late as Asami was rooted for a moment, but hurriedly goes in to the theme park. Halfway, Keima was called by the theme park officials to be their costume consultant and soon, an hour passed.

Later, Elsie and Ikumi came and soon, they suggested that they should go to the haunted house water park. Asami was forced to go in anyways due to her sister. Elsie is wearing a bikini-top with a towel, while Asami and Ikumi are wearing one-piece stripped designs. Every time, there's a drop of water or a zombie appearing, Asami will cling onto Keima and after the ride, Asami's heart was beating fast.

They ate their slightly late lunch at a restaurant in the theme park. At that moment, Asami just felt like she let go of everything as she would talk and joke with Keima and criticize Keima with Ikumi, and even to Elsie, whom she never really talked to…even though there are some restraints, she could still talk normally and was happy to just talk normally to anyone other than her sister.

It turns out that Keima had instructed Ikumi to expose Asami to him, then Elsie and her and then more friends to slowly overcome her problem. Thus, by afternoon, the people gathered one by one to that the total group consisted of 7 people. Ironically, as everyone was happily enjoying themselves, Keima was the only one who playing his PFP.

After that, they had dinner, and everyone head towards the dance hall level. There, one person changed for some reason, Asami noticed that Keima was not with her since at the event place, he was called out by the workers to head out through the back door. It seemed that they are asking for suggestions for the sudden ‘gal-game clothing consultant’ that suddenly appeared, and she couldn’t help but wanted to keep him with her but was too shy and swallowed her words, and she felt nauseous again.

As Asami thought that she will apologize to Keima, Ikumi and Elsie rushed out of the hall but turned back after she found a certain boy who passed by her; Keima holding the PFP tightly. Keima then said why must she made friends and Asami was stunned. Keima continued to walk down the stairs and say,

“I had been observing you, trying to know you. You’ve been forcing yourself, right? Is it really that important to talk and joke around with others? Was there a need to chat happily with others? Do you have to worry about being left out in a friendly group? Ha! That’s stupid! Watch a person’s mood? Why do you have to observe a person’s mood? Atmosphere? Just let it be messy if it’s messed up! What’s so bad about being haughty? Just being alone! If that suited you, be proud of your own solitude! Don’t be lost, Yoshino Asami!”

Asami immediately understood that she was seen through.

Keima then said that he had always been like the way he is and Asami understands that she admired Keima because of his courage , and had feelings for him but, realized that she couldn’t be like Keima.

Her tears flowed out, and her body couldn’t help but tremble. She covered her mouth with her hand and cried out,


Words naturally flew out of her.


Whenever she saw that her sister was getting along well with others, she felt the unspeakable loneliness, anxiety, and that her sister was about to leave her. So that’s why she always followed it. Her split personality.

Keima smiled kindly and said that she don't hate humans and that she afraid of being hated by people, just a little more afraid than ordinary people Keima then said with a sincere and caring look and said that her sister will always be there for her, even if the world ends.

And Keima also said that he will be there too, and his lips gently closed in as Asami closed her eyes. That was the first conquest for the day. Elsie, who was waiting at the stairs above, “It’s time!” and immediately reclaimed the runaway spirit. Keima opened his eyes and sighed in his heart.

He seemed to feel a weird stare.

Chapter Four Part 2 : "Minus World" (Amami's Conquest)

Immediately after kissing Asami, Keima’s eyes met with the girl who was looking up at the two of them in a surprised manner. The possibility of meeting was unexpectedly high but he managed to trigger an encounter. The ‘Denpaki’ girl, Amami Tooru was standing there. After that, the chaotic series of events happened. Amami was clearly shocked as she widened her eyes and turned around before fleeing.

Elsie was extremely happy. Asami was still leaning on the wall in a dazed manner, and she shall lose all her memories of this conquest. At this moment, the workers from Dean Land came rushing over and Keima was forcefully brought back to the event hall and pushed up the stage as he was given the support from everyone as he was lifted up.

“Hey, wait a sec! I'm busy! Let go of me!”

Even after Keima said that, the crowd is just cheering loudly. They must be thinking that it's some form of entertainment. Keima was seen kissing a girl directly, and having bore such a negative impression that would be hard to take back, he started his final conquest towards Amami

The story then explains the background of Amami:

She stayed in a very luxurious mansion

Her father was a big boss.

He ran a few famous enterprises.

Her mother was a famous aristocrat.

Her entire family was extremely rich.

Ever since young, she had nothing to worry about. She had full-time maids and butlers, which would be unbelievably rare in modern Japan, a chauffeur, bodyguards and specialized chefs. Also, there were Japanese and western food.

Ever since young, she had 4 outstanding home tutors taking turns to teach her. Her garden's really bad, and German Shepherds would be released at night.

There was also a large lake.

A few white birds were swimming on the lake, and their wings were clipped—to prevent them from flying away.

It sounded like a joke, but there was even a personal golf course in the garden. It was an interest of her stout father.

Her father was one with such great wealth.

No matter how sumptuous they lived, they had such wealth that there seemed to be no problems.

It was so great that it probably wouldn't be shaken even if the next three generations continued to spend. Her life was that envious.

When she wakes up, her maids would be waiting for her at a corner of the rest.

She would walk to her personal bathroom, and someone would hand her a hot towel, wipe her face and choose her clothing.

For breakfast, the emphasis is on the ultimate harmony of healthy and delicious food.

Her parents belief were that,

Everyone must be present for meals. That would then be a happy breakfast befitting that of a prestigious family.

And so, all 3 members of the family must be present. After having breakfast, she would go to school, and there would be a black limo sending her there. Normally, this kind of sending would be extremely exaggerated, but the school was one where extremely rich kids would be studying at, which made it quite a common thing there.

There were princes of large enterprise companies, daughters of politicians, girls of foreign royal blood and sons of famous international pianists. Everyone was obviously outstanding, not worrying about the things in the world. Each one of them were obviously rich, and each one of them were served by others and accepted them accordingly.

There was a world that was completely different though.

They definitely won't know.

In school, she would use the 'keigo' tone that nobility would use as girls were always like this.

So thus, she was like this too.

That's the kind of education she had.

And she did it.

If she didn’t do so…

She was the only daughter, a girl who was to inherit the vast fortune of her father and the highly prestigious bloodline of her aristocratic mother. She was always given lots of expectations and love.

While she was rather healthy, she once fell ill when she was young.

While it wasn’t an exaggeration, all the staff of an entire hospital was summoned to the house, and her parents felt that this should be the case.

However, she still felt somewhat guilty.

Of course, she was bathed in the highest class of love, and she had the most advanced care, and even the highest level of education was often prepared for her.

As a child of a respectable family.

Education was something that was necessary.

Flower arrangement.

English conversation.

Violin, piano and even riding were taught to her.

And she even learned table etiquette before she learned how to talk.

Standing posture, mannerisms or even verbal gestures; all these minor details were checked by her father,


And the specialized home tutor. She would be told off if she broke the rules slightly.

‘Minus check’.

This seemed like it was implemented from her mother’s family, from the time of her maternal grandmother.

Once she showed any signs that didn’t fit that of a daughter of a respectable family,

“Minus check.”

She would be told off. As her mother,

“That’s our love for you! That’s why we have to harden our hearts and show our scowls!”

She teared up as she said that. At a certain level, she would receive a penalty.

Like for example, being unable to go out.

Like for example, not allowed to have her meals.

Like for example, being smacked lightly on the hand.

“When my mom did this to me back when I was young, I really hated for it, but now, I’m really grateful to her for training me to be such a refined lady.”

Her mother would emphasize this in a teary manner.

And she,


Answered dryly with a dull expression and accepted it.

She accepted it.

To become a highly refined girl, she had to try her best not to disappoint her parents. Her father would only,

“Un un, mama’s right.”

He would often agree with her mother, and then, to his own daughter,

“Minus Check.”

And he wouldn’t hesitate about it. That’s because it’s his love to his daughter.

It’s all for his daughter’s sake.

So she,

Would have the voices ringing inside her head.

“Minus Check! Minus Check!”

And it would never become positive.

It was always negative.

Under the education as points continued to be subtracted off instead of being added.

She grew up under such an environment.

Amami has always followed these blindly, and kept books that were meant for Children. As that's her only shelter during a storm of "Minus Checks" It seemed that the "Minus Checks" will never leave. One day, Amami looked outside the window listlessly, bathed under the bright moonlight, and thought that she would always be a plus.

She had to become a character that’s far different from herself.

To find an ‘eternal plus’. That would change her heart. So let’s try it. She wanted to search for it in the real world. From that day on, her preparations were all set. She skilfully arranged the time such that she had enough remaining time for herself after school, extra-curricular activities and as she moves to and from home.

Though there were only 1 or 2 times at school. It wasn’t impossible at all. She was smarter than what her parents thought as she used the internet to buy clothes, download the maps, and had already planned her journey one time after another.

She tried it that day. She was always cautious as she went home. There was a large 5-sided star painted on the building, and she sneak in as her parents went out. As that building had restaurants, manga cafés, and billiards shops, nobody could stop her once she entered. As she completed her cosplay as an angel, she looked up the emergency staircase, and thought that it didn’t matter even if she was seen. Because she was an angel now. She had become an angel.

When Amami was walking down on the stairs, a male smoker bangs into her She looked serious as she asked, "…I’m an angel. I’m looking for an ‘eternal plus’. Do you know what it is ?" The man then ran away.

On a certain day, just when she was dressed as an angel like usual and looking for her ‘eternal plus’, “Fire!” There was a fire, and she was shocked about such bad luck. Anyway, she decided to get to safety first. However, as she was the only one at the rooftop, so it was slightly too late the moment she heard the alarm. As she reacted, the surroundings were already covered with smoke, making her really scared.

However, she used her handkerchief to prevent herself from breathing in smoke and successfully managed to head down the emergency staircase. At this moment, she managed to get an encounter. A boy collapsed onto the floor while hugging a brightly colored bag to his chest.

As a kind person by nature, Amami helped him and rescued him successfully, but had to leave the scene to avoid her parents' notification. The boy was sent to the hospital.

After barely managing to squeeze some time out, she decided to take a look at him. Thus, she checked on the boy, who he was and what hospital he was staying at.

To her, who’s good at collecting information, money and contacts, this wasn’t something hard to her.

On a certain day, she went to the hospital and met with the boy. It was really a coincidence that they met on the rooftop, and after seeing that the boy was really healthy, she wanted to head back, but as the weather was too good, she couldn’t help but enjoy the scenery as she looked out from the roof.

After that, the boy followed her, Amami jumped down and talked to him. She felt that his eyes were really beautiful. As she talked to him casually and saved him, she was an angel. Thus, she continued to disguise herself as an ‘angel’. She saw that he was really puzzled, and deep within her heart, (Well, we won’t be meeting for a second time already.) That was what she thought, Bye bye. She waved her hand and left that place. It was supposed to end there. However, the boy appeared there for the third time.

It was a break day, and she found an alibi, left the house and walked around on the streets. As she was looking around for the star-shaped building, the boy again talked to her. He said,

“Shall I help you find something ?”

The girl was shocked. She was really happy to see him safe, but she had never even thought that they would meet each other again. While talking, she found that the boy continued to stick to her.

Amami then thought that the boy wanted to go on a date with her. In fact, she was already used to being talked up by young guys on the road. She knew of such animals. She had already learned that guys are animals who would want to attract the attention of girls. She also knew that she was rather attractive to guys. She really felt like playing tricks on him.

Thus, she continued to act an angel. She felt that the boy was trying to make a good impression, and that if she continued to talk about things from her own imaginary world, he would run away eventually. The other guys were like this without expression.

Like for expression, if other guys would say to her,

“Hey hey, do you have time now ? Let’s go out to play.”

At this moment, she’ll just say,

“Sorry, I’m looking for my guidance star!”


“I’m looking for treasure! I’m a runaway princess! You’re wearing such shiny costume. Are you a soldier?”

As long as she smiled and said this, the other party would definitely reveal an ambiguous expression and say ‘ah, it’s alright, never mind, sorry’ before running away. Thus, she thought that this boy would be the same too, and would quickly surrender before retreating. However, this boy was different. He never took a step back as he continued to follow her until the end. No matter what nonsense she did by bringing him to the entertainment center that he was always interested in, No matter how she tried to make him cosplay. No matter how she dragged him selfishly along for a roller-coaster ride. He always tried his best to respect her view on the world, which shocked her. Up till now, nobody would do this for her.

Her parents denied her inner world without exception. The rest viewed her as a strange creature from her imaginary stories. However, the boy, still believed with those beautiful eyes. Her actions, her world, her worlds, her behavior. The boy accepted all of that while he was with her, and embraced this with her. No matter how others viewed her with strange looks, he never backed down. He did that proudly. Not flattering her at all. He just continued to look at her. She never had this feeling before.

This person. “What was going on ?” she thought. However, happy times would fly so fast. There was contact on her cellphone, and it seemed that her mother started to doubt her excuse. She had to go back. As she would be lonely, she never said goodbye. Maybe she acted until the end. And like a lost angel, she disappeared.

The fourth encounter was too disastrous. She met him while walking on the street at an open terrace café.

After walking by happily, she found a cute girl with him, and the shock she had was so huge that it was far more than what she expected. So, that’s how it was, she thought. As expected, she was just a guy who really liked girls.

Maybe it was just out of interest that he went out with her, and she really couldn’t take it as she hurriedly left. That day, for the entire day, she was really restless. Then, the worst thing happened that day. Her parents,

Found out that she was walking on the streets. The reason seemed to be, the check carried out by her home tutor.

Perhaps it was the one positive amongst all the mishaps as the reason why she did so was undetected. Her parents just thought that she made up the schedule to play on the streets. She took numerous ‘Minus Checks’ and endless punishments. She was forbidden from going out except with her parents, and got scolded over and over again.

“That’s not what a refined lady should be doing!”

“We had such high expectations for you!”

“You betrayed out trust!”

She heard those words until her mind was all blurred, and while she cried unhappily at first, it didn’t matter in the end. Perhaps her mind was breaking.

Every time there was a Minus Check, her body would have black fog around her, and looking at it, it was a ‘-‘ sign after another. The ‘-‘ sign continued to cover her like garbage and dust, taking her vision away. But her parents didn’t seem to realize it. The girl was imprisoned by the ‘-‘. Her dreams vanished. Her imaginations wilted.

What swallowed her was the corrosion of reality.

This was her final resistance. Her greatest wish. She tried hard to search through her happy memories and arrived back at the Dean Land where she had fun with that boy. The time was really tight, and she felt that she could see those clear eyes of the boy clearly. And then, they met,

The boy was kissing another girl. Nothing else really matter then. The girl already, Gave up on thinking. The girl’s name was

Amami Tooru.

That day, Amami had a lot of Minus Checks, and was brooding over the minus storm, after seeing Keima kissing Asami, the storm had caused considerable strain on her and as she opened her door, she met him for the sixth time.

"Hello, princess-sama."

Amami is stunned. What was most unbelievable was the fact that he was there. The security in this house is extremely tight, and it couldn’t be imagined how he would break in through the front door, escape the guards, prevent the German Shepherds from barking and remain undetected by the security sensors.

Amami looks up and sees that her room has a huge hole that is shining the moonlight on Keima, like a prince. Keima respectfully places his hand in front of his chest and said, "I’m a prince, so I’m here to save the imprisoned princess."

Amami then said that she really want to know how and said that its no time for games.Unknowingly, their positions are reversed, Amami begins to reject Keima's fantasy. Keima said that he's a god and has borrowed the powers from a demon. Amami then angrily asks Keima why does he came here and Keima responds that he likes her.

Amami gets angry again and said that he's already kissed another girl and Keima said that he had to do it because it is to save her from a demon. Amami then gets scared as the black fog around her thickens. Keima then said that he's a prince that has comes to save her from the minus mark. Amami meekly nods her head, shocked that Keima is able to see her "minus" (Black fog) that no one can see.

Amami then cries out,


She hugs her head.

And starts shouting out in an almost maniacal manner,


Keima closes in on Amami Tooru with a pained expression, and at a distance where they almost touch.

“…I like your story. I like the you that’s narrating the story. I like this you right now. Even if you change, I’ll definitely-”


Amami then disagrees with all of her previous story and said that there's no "eternal plus" at all. Keima then said that in all minuses, there will be a plus

The cross lets out a glow. The minus signs are blown away, and the light shines like a storm as the chains of minus gradually break, the negative thoughts that bind her words breaks. In the midst of this light, Keima smiles, steps forward and kisses her. Amami Tooru never tries to avoid Keima, she takes the initiative and accepts Keima.

Having heard the explosion, the parents rush into Amami Tooru’s room. They were stunned. First, it is the large hole in the ceiling. Then, the furniture that is all over the place. And a seemingly restless Amami. Her face looks flushed like she is drunk.

“It feels…like there was a prince here.”

Then, she turns around, and smiles.

That smile, isn’t an expression of a princess that relies on her parents’ expectations to survive. But one that realizes something important.

An energetic girl’s smile.

After that, Elsie happily exclaims that its finally done while Keima seems tired but satisfied.

Epilogue: "Nothing to Complain about"

One day, Elsie asks Keima that she is wondering if Keima had planned the incident of Amami seeing Asami kissing with him Keima answers half-heartedly.  Elsie also said Asami looks much more energetic and Amami is now more confident and praises Keima.

Keima still didn’t lift his head.

Today, Keima is playing his game at home as he sits on the sofa with his arms on the handles and crossing his leg. He would occasionally reach out for the porcelain teacup and sip the red tea from it. He would then look at the screen again. Making an elegant pose that’s one step away from being sloppy. Black pants, white shirt, showing a little collar, such a casual appearance makes him look more like a bishounen than usual. What shines in through the window is clear sunlight. Keima is just like a painter as he plays his game.

Elsie continues to stare at Keima happily while waiting for her cookies to be done. Soon, Keima becomes frustrated with Elsie's stares and shouts at her. However, Elsie did not stop, and kept on looking at Keima, smiling.  Keima moves his finger, "Don’t just look at other people like that! If you have something to say, just say it!" He wanted to shout that, but as Elsie is staring at him in such a pure and innocent manner, Keima stiffened his face and continues to play his game as unhappy look as he abruptly sat on the sofa in an even sloppy manner like he is about to lie on it.

However, if Keima really felt unhappy about Elsie, there would be no reason for him to be there. He could have left the living room and return to his own room. However, Keima never did so. He just, continues to play his game with an unhappy look.

At this moment. Elsie stands up and said to Keima with a clear and lively tone,“Kami-sama! Do you want some cookies?"


That’s all. Elsie interprets it as a ‘yes’ and giggles as she walks towards the kitchen before stopping halfway and turning around, she looks at Keima, who is sitting on the sofa in an unnatural pose as he plays his game. This time, he didn’t notice Elsie staring at him.

Elsie continues to stare at Keima happily as she thinks that Keima really is a god in her eyes.



  • In one of the given illustrations, one that depicts the time Keima, Elsie and Amami spends at the amusement park, Keima is dressed up as No Face, Elsee as Totoro and Amami as Nausicaa.
    • In the background, there are also tree spirits and karaoke machines with the song "Sanpo" from My Neighbor Totoro. All of this is an allusion to works by Hayao Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli.
  • According to Keima recollection of events, the Arcs with this novel happened sometime after Kusunoki's capture.
    • Ayumi, Mio, Kanon, Shiori and Kusunoki all have been subtly mentioned.
    • One of Keima's line's to Amami Tooru hints at the loose souls being demons, which could indicate that Haqua's arc is supposed to have already happened.
  • In the Light Novel, it appears that Elsie's and Keima's relationship is much more intimate. *
  • The scene where Keima descended to Amami's room via Elsie's hagoromo may be an allusion to how Keima entered the Library in Shiori's Arc.