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A Story Arc is a term used to classify episodes and chapters that have the same central themes. New allies or enemies may appear during an arc, while important events may also occur in others.

The arcs of The World God Only Knows are classified by captures, except for the Hunting Break Arc.

Manga and Anime Arc

Hunting Break Arc + First Capture Arc
Ayumi Takahara

Volume 1, Volume 2, Volume 3, Volume 4, Volume 6, Volume 7, Volume 8, Volume 9, Volume 11
FLAG1 1-2, 6, 11-12, 17, 33-35, 42, 54-56, 65, 73-75, 80, 102-108
Show-cases Ayumi as the very first heroine, and the everyday life of Keima and Elsie.
Rich Girl Arc
Mio Aoyama

Volume 1
FLAG2 3-5
Rich girl Mio bosses around her surroundings with her wealth. But, is she really what she seems to be?
Idol Arc
Kanon Nakagawa

Volume 2
FLAG3 7-10
Nationwide popular idol Kanon Nakagawa attends the same school as Keima. But what is troubling her?
Library Arc
Shiori Shiomiya

Volume 2
FLAG4 13-16
A quiet librarian tries to get her opinion through by locking herself in the school library, surrounded by books.
Kusunoki Kasuga Arc
Kusunoki Kasuga

Volume 3
FLAG5 18-21
A girl who idealizes strength and manliness. However, she cannot stop her love of cute and girly things.
Haqua Arc
Haqua du Lot Herminium

Volume 3, Volume 4
FLAG6 22-27
The highly prideful Haqua, who was a classmate of Elsie, appears. But what secrets is this honor student hiding?
Chihiro Kosaka Arc
Chihiro Kosaka

Volume 4
FLAG7 28-32
Grades, normal. Looks, average. Hobbies, none in particular. Chihiro is the embodiment of normality. What might be the cause of the gap in her heart?
Teacher Trainee Arc
Jun Nagase

Volume 4, Volume 5
FLAG8 36-41
A wrestling maniac and a devoted teacher-in-training. But sometimes, she is a bit too devoted.
Childhood Friend Arc
Tenri Ayukawa

Volume 7
FLAG12 57-65
Keima's childhood friend comes back, but is she really possessed by a runaway spirit?
Old Conquest Arc

Volume 12, Volume 13, Volume 14, Volume 15, Volume 16, Volume 17, Volume 18
FLAG19 114-168
To save the lives of Kanon and Apollo, Keima starts searching for the remaining goddesses.
Mai-High Festival Arc

Volume 18, Volume 19
FLAG20 169-189
The Mai-High Festival has finally come! Will Keima find Mercury in time before Vintage strikes?

Manga Arc Only

Tsukiyo Kujyō Arc
Tsukiyo Kujyō

Volume 5
FLAG9 43-46
A girl who only idealizes beauty and rejects reality. Will there be a place for Keima to reside in?
Yukie Marui Arc
Yukie Marui; Asari - minor role

Volume 6
FLAG10 47-49
How can an old Japanese lady fill the gaps in the hearts of her clients?
Minami Ikoma Arc
Minami Ikoma

Volume 6
FLAG11 50-53
Entirely devoted to swimming, what will she do once she learns that she was not selected for the competition?
Family Reunion Arc
Rieko Hinaga

Volume 7, Volume 8
FLAG13 66-68
Visiting his family in the countryside, will there ever be a peaceful day for Keima after a ghost appears?
Ramen Girl Arc
Sumire Uemoto

Volume 8
FLAG14 69-72
Helping around the shop by day and researching about new ramen by night, can this ramen maniac create a new kind of ramen?
Shogi Girl Arc
Nanaka Haibara

Volume 8, Volume 9
FLAG15 76-79
A girl, who only accepts winning at shogi, aims to regain her honor after the loss against an unimaginable opponent...
Body Switch Arc
Yui Goidō

Volume 9, Volume 10
FLAG16 81-89
Coming from a wealthy family, this caged bird longs for freedom.
Godzilla Sister Arc
Hinoki Kasuga

Volume 10, Volume 11
FLAG17 90-101
To meet the expectations of her little sister, Hinoki is always moving forward.
Mad Scientist Arc
Akari Kurakawa

Volume 12
FLAG18 109-113
How can one create the perfect human being?
Heart of Jupiter Arc
Urara, Kaori

Volume 20, Volume 21, Volume 22, Volume 23, Volume 24, Volume 25
FLAG21 191-268
Keima is sent back to the past to save the present from a foreboding enemy. But can he successfully pull this big mission off?

Light Novel Arc Only

Tooru Amami Arc
Tooru Amami

Light Novel Volume 1
FLAG1 Volume 1
An angel descends from the sky, searching for the "Eternal Plus". What could this treasure be to her?
Asami Yoshino Arc
Asami Yoshino

Light Novel Volume 1
FLAG2 Volume 1
A girl from Keima's school seems to have a split personality and approaches him in awkward ways. Is there more to her than what meets the eyes?
The Accursed Game Arc
Shino Akuragawa

Light Novel Volume 2
FLAG3 Volume 2
Keima just bought a new game, but he finds out it is cursed. Will he finish the game before it kills him? What connection does a shrine maiden have with it?
Haqua's Rest Day Arc
Haqua du Lot Herminium

Light Novel Volume 2
FLAG4 Volume 2
Haqua goes to "Dean Land" with Keima. Will things go well?
Rainy Blue Story Arc
Aoba Fuse

Light Novel Volume 2
FLAG5 Volume 2
A genius girl who has no interest in anything at all. What can Keima fill the gap of her heart with?

Spin Off

Magical Star Kanon 100% Arc
Kanon Nakagawa

God Only Knows

8 chapters

Kanon's magical adventure, defeating evil spirits with her song.