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Sora Asuka

Sora Asuka

飛鳥 空
Asuka Sora
Gender Female
Age 17
Date of Birth 11 August
BWH 85-60-88
Blood Type B
Height 160 cm (5'3")
Weight 50 kg
Job Loop Art Club Member
Class Unknown
Seiyū Japanese flag.png Tomo Sakurai
US flag.png Melissa Davis
Manga Debut Chapter 17
Anime Debut Episode 4

Sora Asuka (飛鳥 空, Asuka Sora) is the main protagonist in the infamously buggy video game "Crayon", as well as a game character in The World God Only Knows.

Character Overview


Sora's personality is calm with no aggression at all, unlike many other heroines in galge games.

During the game, it is seen that she has a very wistful expression. Due to the atmosphere of the game (in which the heroine and hero seem to be the only visible people), she gives off an aura of loneliness.


Bugged Ending

Sora was known as the game "Crayon's" unbeatable heroine, for many galge gamers tried their skills to beat the game, but were beaten by the game instead. The reason for this is because there is a bug in the game that made a loop which kept her repeating the same question at a certain point in the game. When she asked if the player would like to see her painting, the players would be continuously returned to the question regardless of choice, causing them to have to reset and try again. In addition, on 2 out of 3 tries, the game won't even start up when you turn on the power, added by damaging the PFP when one tries to save the game. Keima is the only one who ever beat the bug, using a system which could be described as 'Take every possible route until something good happens' (But beating that bug only lead to another one where the text got too messed up to continue). The company that produced the game went broke the month before Keima carried out this task, so he could not send in a complaint about the game and ask for a patch.


Keima Katsuragi

Keima captures Sora

While playing the game, Keima builds up a relationship with Sora. Keima plays the game only to save Sora from the eternal-bug. Strangely, Sora dreams of Keima about the times that they've shared, and Keima responds by having his only goal to be to finish the game by passing through the bug. Keima is able to beat the game, but he has to go through another bug to completely end the game.


  • The name Sora means "sky" (空).
  • Sora's surname Asuka means "to fly" (飛) (asu) and "bird" (鳥) (ka).
    • Asuka is derived from Asuka Station (飛鳥駅, Asuka-eki).


  • Sora likes everything related to art and she is specialized in drawing people in perfect condition.