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Shiori Shiomiya

Shiori Shiomiya

Shiomiya Shiori
Character Information
Gender Female
Age 16-17
Status Alive
Date of Birth December 26
BWH 78-54-80
Blood Type B
Height 157 cm
Weight 41 kg
Job Eloquent Library Committee Member
Class 2-C
School Maijima Private High School
Seiyū Japanese flag.png Kana Hanazawa
US flag.png Hilary Haag
Manga Debut Chapter 13
Anime Debut Episode 9

Shiori Shiomiya (汐宮栞, Shiomiya Shiori) is a very shy and reticent bibliophile from Maijima Private High School who is the fourth capture target in the series and the host of the goddess Minerva.


Shiori's casual clothing.

Shiori in her uniform

Shiori wears usually the Maijima High uniform. At home though, Shiori wears a white shirt with a sweater over it. She also wears a lower-thigh long skirt with knee-length tights under. She is always seen with small ribbons on the side of her head.

She has dark straight hair that goes to her shoulders with ribbons on the side. She has light tanned skin with light grey eyes with a darkish outline.

Shiori's height is that of a very petite person. She is, or course, shorter than Keima Katsuragi and a fair amount of other characters. 


Before Shiori's loose soul was captured, she had trouble speaking (as she can't compile her thoughts and speak what she thinks) and rarely did so. When trying to speak to another she tends to waste time thinking to herself and then become flustered and stumble upon her words.[1] Shiori longed to be able to express herself, but was too self-conscious to do so.

Shiori while reading

Shiori has an immense respect and interest for books. Though she has trouble speaking, Shiori defended her books when Keima Katsuragi insulted them.[2] Shiori's devotion to books is immense, to the point that she does not need any sort of library index to find books. Instead, she is able to find them as she had read and remembered every single book in the library. She appears to be very shy and easily embarrassed, contemplating her actions to such a degree that she often makes elementary speech mistakes. She has the utmost respect for books and considers them the highest form of art.[3]


Shiori hiding her story due to "slightly embarrassing scenes"

After her loose soul was captured, Shiori was able to speak and properly express her wishes. She also on several occasions mentioned greatly thinking that someone had been with her in the library. She seems to have based her story off of her time with Keima Katsuragi, although she lacks all of her memories and describes her book as "a modest story about the protagonist", though she does mention that the book contained some "slightly embarrassing scenes".[4]


Shiori in her childhood.

Since her childhood she was not able to speak properly. This means that she always over-thinking things and would say things which are irrelevant or on the previous topic. She takes too long to think and does not pay attention to the conversation at hand. When she broke a vase by accident, she was not able to tell the teacher the reason - due to her problem of communication - and her classmates were already blaming her. When she came late for their piano lesson, she worries about how she will enter the room and what she would do if the teacher got mad at her for interrupting. After over thinking things, even with the right opportunity, she still did not manage to gain enough courage to go in. Instead, she decides to wander around, and eventually found the library. When she entered, she soon discovering her love for books and becomes the bibliophile she is currently.

Character History

Library Arc

Shiori after reading a book.

Shiori first appears reading a novel at her desk in the library. Elsie approaches her and requests for more books centered around firetrucks, but must be asked several times before she notices Elsie. After hearing her request, Shiori asks Elsie to return after school. Elsie's sensor then begins to go off, making Shiori ask her to be quieter.

Elsie returns after school with Keima and Shiori appears with several books. In her thoughs, she explains that she gathered them by memory, as she had already read every single book in the library. She ponders whether to tell them this or not, but ultimately decides to not do so.

Shiori and Keima.

The next day, Shiori is seen taking books from a shelf. She bids the books farewell and is shown to be disappointed in the idea of several of books being culled. She then attempts to take a particularly heavy book, but falls, only to be caught by Keima.

Seeing as he had helped her, Shiori attempts to thank Keima, but finds it hard to speak. When she eventually gathers enough strength to thank him, because she stared at the book she was holding so long, she instead said "thankanomics", mixing the book title and her thanks. She hides behind her book and attempts to run away, but before she can leave, Keima expresses his thought that books were unneeded. After hearing Keima insult books, Shiori becomes angry and calls him "stupid". Hearing her own words, Shiori becomes even more embarrassed and leaves.

Later, she innerly scolds herself, asking why she couldn't say "thank you", but had no problems with the word "stupid". She recalls her past, how she was never able to express herself and was thought to be weird. She tells herself that she does not need to merge with people.

Shiori stands to protest

Sometime later, Shiori attends a meeting with Fujiidera, who announces a new audio booth in the library. Shiori stands and prepares to protest, but is unable to do so. After leaving the meeting, Shiori is shocked to find Keima scribbling in a book. She quickly snatches it. Keima tells her and Elsie that he was correcting mistakes in the authors work, pointing out the wrong info and dates in the book. Shiori calls Keima an idiot and then leaves.

Shiori after seeing Keima scribble

"My thoughts and words are opposite!"

The next day, Shiori sees Keima writing in a book once more. Telling herself she won't accept any excuses, she approaches him and takes the book. However, Keima tells her that he himself owns the book. Realizing this, she prepares to apologize, but instead tells him to leave. Realizing her thoughts and words were completely different, she flees.

However, the next day, Keima has returned. She sees and and mistakenly asks why he was here out loud. He comments on her speaking normally and compliments to serenity of the library and introduces himself. Shiori gives her own name as well, but then quickly leaves.

Shiori is later notified of more books to be disposed of. After reading the paper, Shiori tears it to pieces and storms away.

Shiori and Keima in the books

The next day, Shiori locks the library doors and hides herself amung her books. At the front of the door, she leaves a note saying "Audio-Visual Boothe Installation Opposition ~ Shiori Shiomiya". When Keima appears in the library, Shiori is shocked. When hearing that Keima supports her, she allows him to stay with her. She reads and he plays his game, while Shiori wonders if they should talk. When the power is cut, Shiori become frightened and clutches Keima, making them fall and become buried by books. Shiori expresses her will to stay in the library forever, but Keima tells her that it is a lie.

"I will give you the courage you need."

Keima goes on, telling Shiori she only wanted to protect her insecurities, also pointing out her fear of miscommunication. Shiori realizes that Keima's statement is true, but loses hope, convincing herself that she will never find the courage to speak and falls deeper into the books. However, Keima grabs Shiori out of the pile of books and offers her the courage that she desires and the two share a kiss, allowing Shiori's Loose Soul to be captured. Finally having the courage to speak her mind, Shiori voiced her objections to the committee's decision to throw away a large amount of books in favor of an audio-visual format as Fujiidera agreed. However, Shiori seemed to have recalled something she could not remember as Keima and Elsie lay down on the library rooftop.

Old Conquest Arc

Shiori avoids Keima.

During the Old Conquest Arc, Shiori returns on the second day of the goddess search. She is seen to be able to talk freely with the people, giving the locations of books in the library to the students and helping with borrowing books. Despite all of this, Shiori avoids interacting with Keima. Though he tries to find ways to do so, she pulls a book in front of her face as if she was reading it. Fujiidera appears and talks to Shiori about Shiori's light novel. As the two are talking, Keima realizes that Shiori knows about the rumor of Kanon and him after seeing a pile of magazines of Kanon behind the information desk. Keima leaves the scene without the two librarians noticing.

The third day of the goddess search. After Keima had finished his developments (with Ayumi, Tsukiyo and Chihiro), Keima heads to the library. Inside, Keima sees that Shiori is writing a story, but appears to be stuck. Keima asks Haqua to make a sound on the upper floors. When she does, Shiori decides to check on the sound. As Shiori is gone, Keima approaches the notebook she was writing in. When he reads it, he sees a story that is quite similar to the Shiori arc, except for the fact that Keima's role and Shiori's role are swapped and in a sci-fi setting. Towards the end of the story, it even shows the death of 'Keima'. Shiori returns while Keima is reading this section and she swipes the notebook from his hands. Keima tells Shiori that he had added a bit at the end. She takes a look, only to she that Keima had revived himself in the story. Shiori once again writes down that Keima dies from another incident, but he writes back that he revives. Shiori finally gets upset that Keima keeps reviving himself. Keima writes down that he wants to continue being with her. Embarrassed by this, Shiori cleans up and leaves.

Shiori hands over a piece of paper to Keima.

Day four arrived, and Keima once again visits the library. Shiori is there, showing signs that Keima can read the notebook. This time, however, the setting has changed to the medieval era, and Keima is now the antagonist. Seeing that it will be pointless to try and side with Shiori in the story, Keima wishes to chose the path to cooperate with her novel. Though he does not like the novel, he tells Shiori that the story is great. Hearing this, she hands him a piece of paper to him and leaves. Keima checks what is on the paper. What is written is "From now on, please read my stories."

Inside the library, in a story narration fashion, Shiori introduces herself as she sits in her usual seat. She then states that she is possessed by an absurdly great strangeness which she cannot understand, and one that stays with her without leaving for even a moment. Fujiidera calls out to her, and Shiori shakes in alertness, hitting her knee against the desk she is in. Fujiidera asks if Shiori is finished, but she responds that she is almost done. Not satisfied with "almost", Fujiidera tells Shiori that she only has till the day after tomorrow to finish, or else she cannot submit her work.

Fujiidera leaves, and Shiori's narration returns. She now says that she is beginning to understand what the strangeness could be. She thinks that it could be love. Yet again, she is interrupted by a student who wishes to borrow a book. As she takes care of the student's request, she goes to narrating, saying her assumption that the strangeness is love is only a "maybe". Throughout her whole life, she never took notice that love could take shape. Though she always read about it, the love she is experiencing right now is not the sweet and charming love she saw portrayed in books. Instead, the one she loves is of the very opposite.

She talks about how evil and horrible that "thing" - Keima - is. How that thing interfered with her novel. How that "thing" embraced another man. How that "thing" laughed gaudily while dressed in girl's clothes. Even with all of this, Shiori still recognizes that the same "thing" even with all of those factors, was the same person who saved her while she was confined in the library. She wonders what sort of person is like that. She is even amazed that her first encounter with a male was with a disgusting, perverted, cross-dressing man, while she is supposed be a bookworm with no confidence with interpersonal communication.

Shiori's goddess.

She goes to reading, and as she does, she starts to state in anger that Keima did not keep his promise. Even though he said he would return, Keima did not come the day before, to Shiori's disappointment. She then remembers that she shared a kiss with him, but nothing else recollects. She wonders why she forgot about such momentous occasions, such as her first kiss. Then Shiori hears some rustling sounds from a nearby bookshelf. There is a small girl with a halo, wearing the school uniform's shirt, holding a book. Shiori knows this little girl, for the girl seems to have been around on a few occasion before. Shiori goes to approach the girl, but as she goes to the bookshelf which the girl hid behind, the girl is gone.

Shiori is now in front of Keima's class, Class 2-B. She tries to come up with a reason why she wishes to meet Keima, when Mobuko appears and is about to enter the class. Shiori stops her, trying to ask her if Keima is in the room. Mobuko goes in to check, but comes later to say that he is not present. When she does, Shiori is no longer in front of the classroom. Shiori heads back to the library, thinking that she does not need to meet Keima. She feels that he had no interest in her from the start, thinking he only wished to make a simple pass at her because they talked a bit.

She realizes that if she tries to write the novel she was trying to write, or walk outside in the open, a library-person like her would only receive broken bones. She feels it is great progress to notice such things, for now she can return to her normal life. As she enters, at one of the tables, a still cross-dressed Keima is sitting. Shiori stares at him, feeling a strangeness that she does not comprehend.

Shiori finally encounters face-to-face with the cross-dressing person she does not wish to meet the most, Keima. She tries to escape from him, but is stopped when he calls out to her. He states that he has come to read Shiori's story further, as he did not do so the previous day. Before Shiori could answer, Fujiidera approaches her from behind. Through instinct, Shiori stands between Keima and the chairwoman to prevent the chairwoman from seeing him. Soon after talking with Shiori, the chairwoman walks away. Shiori turns around to find Keima now wearing the wig.

File:TWGOK14 04 RHS.png

Keima cross-dresses in front of Shiori.

At first, Shiori sees that Keima looks rather cute, but realizes that she should tell him to get out. She tries to, but her words changes into the question "Do you like cross-dressing?". She feels that she should be more open-minded and find out Keima's reason for cross-dressing. When she asks, Keima starts talk about absurdity and things that are beyond reason, saying a devil had employed him to do this. As he continues to talk, the conversation becomes less and less understandable for Shiori. Above the two, sitting on top of the bookshelves, is the same small girl from before, holding a book in her hand.

Finishing his explanation, Keima is about to leave when Shiori starts to talk about how many books are about the same subject he was talking about. Before she could continue any further, the bell chimes as it becomes 6pm, announcing the closing of the library. Shiori wants to talk more outside, to which Keima suggests they should go home together as they talk. Flustered by this response, Keima decides to take off his wig, thinking it would be better. Shiori quickly puts the wig back, saying the cross-dressed form is better.

Shiori wondering about Keima.

The two are walking in the town. Shiori is thinking where to go to, not knowing anywhere else than the bookstore. Out of desperation, Shiori asks Keima into a ramen shop. As they enter, they are greeted enthusiastically, which creeps the both of them out. Inside, Shiori wonders what she should do when she needs to order her meal. Keima then asks Shiori which meal ticket she wants, which proves that she does not need to speak at all. As they eat, Shiori wonders about the atmosphere she is in. Her first meal with a boy is ramen, which is disgraceful for a maiden by her standards. Along with this, she also thinks that it is a disgrace that a man is cross-dressing. Seeing 'this man' as a unique character that has never been seen in any of the books she has read, Shiori asks if she can write her story about Keima. He agrees, and she is thankful to hear this. Shiori tells Keima to meet her after school the next day, and then heads home.

As Keima leaves the ramen shop, Haqua appears, asking if this route is fine. Having already determined that his strange presence has once again given Shiori her self-confidence, Keima states that the novel will be completed barely before the Maijima Fest and her love points will be at the maximum. At long last, he can now see the ending, as it has been a while since he has.

The next day, Keima arrives at the library to meet Shiori. She is sitting at a seat, as usual with balls of crumpled paper around her. She asks Keima for a bit more time, but Keima wishes to see it. At first, Shiori keeps hold of the notebook, but Keima is able to get it out of her hands. As he looks inside it, he is astounded that it is all white. Nothing has been written at all. "Just a little longer!? It's blank! What are you going to do, Shiori-sensei!?" Keima shouted out to Shiori.

Shiori starts writing the novel.

While drinking tea and eating her sweets, Shiori is already busy, trying to finish writing her story. She is behind schedule, and she now realizes the true terror of being a writer. Fujiidera saw that Shiori would be able to make an amazing story, since Shiori is known for being Mai-High's legendary book lover, or bibliomaniac. Shiori was hurt by this, for she felt being called anything with "-maniac" is insulting. She felt that she could write better than an amateur writer because of the amount of books she read, but she still does not have anything written down, even though the story is due in two days. She continues to worry about the deadline, submitting to the use of the perverted-man Keima as the main idea, as this theme is quite intense and unique.

Shiori starts on the beginning, as all historical masterpieces are all interesting from the very beginning. She also thinks back on the words of someone that if the ending the ending is unclear, it is because of the beginning. At first, the intros that Shiori for the story are very simple, saying "There was a man. He said his name was Katsuragi." or "I am a cross-dressing man. The name's Katsuragi.". Feeling she needs to make it more original and interesting, she accidentally creates a sci-fi opening, creating galactic warfare in the plot.

She continues to create mistakes, until she creates one centered around the main character. "Katsuragi was a mysterious man. By any standards he was an oddball... had no honor ...and a mean look in his eyes...and to top it off, he was a cross-dresser!" To her surprise, this opening is to her liking, for only a few books followed this style. She wonders if she should have added more, but just by adding a simple pet cat, she brings in the same galactic warfare plot in. Shiori feels now that her grand knowledge of books may be bringing her down, as she always feels that someone else has already written the plot lines she is currently trying to write.

Rumors of Kanon on the web.

Looking back on this, she regrets the fact that she wanted to write a novel. Even though she wants to write about Keima, she only knows so little about him. She wants to call him, but she does not have his number nor the confidence. Then she thinks about using the phone to search through the net, just like any other kid might do. But when she looks through the net, rumors about Keima and Kanon is already flooding the pages. Seeing this, Shiori feels technology is not for her.

Again, she thinks about the "man" who approached Keima before. But when she thinks logically, Shiori feels that everything that has happened, such as Keima cross-dressing, him going out with the top idol and this other man trying to get close to Keima, could have all been a delusion. By doing this, she also feels that the kiss with Keima could have also been a delusion. Curious about this, she wonders if she should ask him directly, but feels that she might feel too embarrassed if she was in the wrong. She thought Keima could be one of her muses, but he is more of a 'messenger from Hell'.

Shiori feels like sleeping, but the time is now 2 am. She has no time and should be working on her novel. She thinks that studying books of the same subject may help, but she gets carried away and reads unrelated books for an hour and half. Seeing this, she tries to put the books away, but again she finds a book of interest and eats up another hour and a half. Feeling like an idiot, she wonders what she should do now that it is 5 am. The library opens in four hours and she is sure Keima will be there then. She wonders why it is getting more difficult to write the more she tries.

Shiori thinks if she is useless at the moment, why not just stop writing. Instead of writing useless works and showing them to Keima, she feels she should write a more compelling story and show him next time. She wants to tell Keima "I can't see you today." then again, she has no means of communication with him. But she thinks back again, thinking that now is the time to work. She has never felt this restlessness or nervousness before, the true essence of being a writer. This was what she was waiting for. She now calls upon the god of literature to help her.

The next day, she presents blank pages to Keima. She asks for one hour to complete the novel, but Keima lashes back on how short is her novel going to be if it only needs one hour. Keima notices that Shiori has indeed been working, for pages of the notebook have been ripped out. Keima calls out to Shiori, telling her that they will use the remaining time of the day to finish the story, because it is indeed a national holiday. He will stay with her in the library until she is done.

Shiori wonders why she even wanted to write a story. She feels that she wants to strangle her past self. The romantic man-and-woman atmosphere has now changed into that of a guard with a prisoner. Though she cannot see how it became like this, she has no choice but to write something that is not useless.

Keima excuses himself, leaving Shiori alone so he can meet Haqua elsewhere in the library, waiting. When they meet, Haqua asks if the plan to "hole up" would be effective, but he answers that it is indeed not an easy task. He sees that Shiori would not try writing unless she had a brilliant idea, which shows she indeed did. Even so, Keima predicts that Shiori might just wait until the time is up, or in other words, run away from this problem. This plan to "hole up" is Keima's way of preventing the escape. Though it may seem impossible to make a masterpiece for a debut novel, Keima see that this is the only solution to make Shiori write.

Haqua suggests that he should write the novel instead, and opens a window. Keima asks where she is heading off to. She replies that she has to go to a meeting to report as a district chief. Keima asks when will she return, to which Haqua asks playfully if he wants to be quick with it. But because of the recent matters, she believes the meeting will not be short. She warns Keima not to over do himself, but he answers unpleasantly that he is tired because the devils are making him work.

Keima returns to the seat nearby Shiori and starts reading a book. Shiori thinks about what she should do, worrying about this and that, until a voice tells her, "Stop thinking and write". Shiori looks up to see Kashiragi, but when she looks more carefully, she sees that Keima is asleep. Shiori sits down, confused, until she hears the same voice again, this time saying, "What an indecisive girl you are!" Again, it is Kashiragi, but this time, he continues to talk, stating that Shiori has not even started even though the story is due the next day. He continues to talk, which annoys Shiori, because she is indeed trying her best. She blames Kashiragi for not moving within her story, but he answers back that it is not his fault, but the writer's ability. Shiori was the one who wanted to write, and he holds no responsibility for it.

Keima wants a story about Shiori.

Looking back on the past, she sees that she has changed. She used to be a silent bookworm, but now people see that she is a cheerful, though silent person. Kashiragi asks why she started writing books, when she was already happy with reading them. He asks if it was for someone, but Shiori stumbles to answer this. She had this feeling inside that has been making her heart throb more and more. This feeling became so great, she had to do something. She started writing, thinking that this feeling would diminish if she tried using the power of writing she thought she had. But she was wrong...

Keima suddenly tells her the same thing Kashiragi told her earlier: "Stop thinking and write". He starts to say that she can write a more interesting story than anyone else, but Shiori knows it is easier said than done. But Keima continues to press on, saying that it is easy. He proposes to her that she should write a story about Shiori. He wants to read a story written by her, about a girl who loves books, who has always lived in the library. A girl who clumsy at socializing and once barricaded herself in the library. Hearing this, Shiori is flustered, saying that such a story is dull. She walks away into the depths of the library.

The child from before.

She looks back on the words Keima said. Shiori now remembers that it was Keima who was with her during that night. The night she barricaded the library to protect her books. She then hears footsteps and looks behind her, only to see the same child from before. The little child asks if Shiori can now write the story and then runs off. Shiori is confused by what just happened, but when she returns to where she was writing her story, she does not see Keima in sight.

Shiori looks around, but Keima is not in sight. She even calls out his name, but there is no answer. she sits down, somehow able to start writing. As she starts to write her story, tears falls from her eyes.

Shiori crying whilst writing her novel.

After a while, Shiori finally finished some parts of her novel. Her novel title is "About me", which from Shiori's point of view. At first, the titles of many books is shown, with comments about each, whether it was easy or difficult to read. Then she states how she loves to read books even sometimes the stories are disappointing. Onto the next subject, the story talks about the large house that is filled with these beloved books: the library. For her, it is the place where knowledge dwells, the time of people lives and their imagination compiled into an accessible format. There is no other place like this to her.

At this library, Shiori states that her comrades are also here. Fujiidera-san, the chairwoman, who nags, but is truly kind. Miwa-chan, an underclassman who loves music. Uwai-kun who is in love with Miwa, who should read more books. The library is not so bad, as it is the place where people's ideas and thoughts are conveyed. Books is like oxygen and they expand the world around Shiori to almost anywhere. At the end of her story, what is written is "And, I love Katsuragi-kun."

Keima is a bit intrigued by the story. Then, Shiori 'awakes' and lifts her head, but when she does so, she shines. She has turned into the same book holding girl, and it seems that Shiori has switched bodies with this goddess. As the goddess is in confusion, Keima asks if this girl is a goddess. The goddess is indeed startled by this, and covers her face. She states that she shouldn't talk to strangers as Apollo told her to. Keima tries to talk further, but the goddess drops her head onto the table, returning back to Shiori.

Shiori then wakes, but is surprised that Keima is in front of her. Keima states that Shiori's novel is complete. In confusion, Shiori says it's only a monologue, talking about the story within. He then states that he loves this story out of all her stories, making her blush. He continues to talk about how she is the only who could have written the story. Shiori realizes that Keima had read to the end. She jumps towards Keima, stating the last part, about her saying "I love Katsuragi-kun", is a lie. She only wrote that because she felt Keima would never return. But then, Keima kisses Shiori in the cheek, saying he will not go anywhere. "The story of of Shiori and me....isn't over yet! It must be...continued!!"

Kiss on cheek.

These words makes her puzzled, as it seems like a confession. As Keima states that school is about to start, Shiori questions in her mind if the rumors about Kanon and the boy she's dating was nothing related. He gives Shiori the same tag he gave Vulcan and Mars, making her feel it's a present. Saying it's only a bracelet, Keima asks her to put it on, which is obvious to Shiori. She wonders if the kiss she received was enough of an answer to her story. Before leaving, Keima asks if he can come to the library everyday, saying that he wants to see Shiori everyday. This makes Shiori blush and Keima then leaves. Seeing Keima leave, Shiori feels sad that she is silent. In her mind, she tells herself that the day may never come that she would express her feelings. As she goes to sit in a chair, she sees in front of her, on top the table, a little girl who states that her name is Minerva. Shiori ignores what the little goddess has to say and rest her head on the table. She feels that she won't be able to talk to anyone else in the current situation, but she may have finally found her voice. She tells herself that she needs to finish the novel.

Shiori grows wings.

At that moment, wings grow on her back, and Keima was still in the library in order to confirm this. He finally leaves.

Later, during the eve of the Mai-High festival, Shiori along with Fujidera are trying to help the Literature club due to the fact that she handed in her manuscript late. Shiori saw Keima looking at the a poster for the festival's campfire, before the latter retreats in a peculiar fashion that disturbs her.

Later, Shiori (while sleeping) is brought to Keima's house and back, without knowing anything about the commission of the Jupiter sisters. Later, during the eve of the Mai-High festival, Fujidera asks Shiori to hurry up, carrying some books, saying that the Literature club needs their help due to Shiori handing in her manuscript late.

Mai-High Festival Arc

During the actual Mai-High festival, Shiori was cleaning the library as Keima approached her. Keima wants some more information about the history of Mai-High. After a few books, Keima doesn't seem satisfied and asks her if she knew of any older books or documents. As both are looking through old documents and photographs, Keima noticed that the old theater is present and decided to go there.

As Shiori tried to ask Keima about where he's going, Keima apologies to Shiori and said that he'll come by more often to the library causing her to stand there and blush. Keima then warned her not to let Minerva out.

By nightfall, in the library, a table lamp was shown be be lit while books belonging to Shiori were left on the table. But she was nowhere to be found, while at the edge of the same table, a small portion of web-like spell that resembles Lune's one is left.

Later, due to the events and actions of Keima, Runaway Spirit Squad and the goddesses, she along with the other captured targets were freed.

Heart of Jupiter Arc

A week later in one alternate reality Keima goes to, Shiori was shown reading countless books on cooking when she heard that Keima had returned.

Hours later in the main reality, Minerva asked her to go where she wanted that day but Shiori was busy picking out books for a library project to pay attention causing Minerva to tantrum. When she tells Shiori that Keima will be there, Shiori paused and remembers how angry she is at him due to playing with her feelings and not appearing for a week.

Though she is still angry, she goes and wait in-front of an entrance of the Goidō's house. She berates herself of not wearing more warmer clothes, not thinking that she would wait long. She then wonders why she is here and flashes back to earlier. After reminiscing, she looks over to her right and wonders what the other girl is doing here. Shiori surmises that she is no normal person, carrying big doll in-front and a big nap sack on her back. She then thinks that both of them have nothing to do and guesses that they are here for the same reason but can't get herself to ask her.

Shiori then notice the other girl take out a telescope. Wanting her to start a conversation, Shiori takes out "An introduction to Celestial Bodies" and holds it in front of her face. After a few moments she inches closer to the other girl hoping she notices.

They then notice noise from the house before Keima's body fly out on to the street. Worried, she calls out to him but notices the other girl also did the same. After a brief awkward silence, one of them said hello to the other.


Shiori has excellent memory skills, demonstrated when she reads and remembers every single book in the library, to which enables her to help locate certain books for other students. Although Shiori is competent enough to write novels although when writing stories, she has a tendency to unconsciously incorporate sci-fi or war elements into them.

It is shown that Shiori is capable of talking to other people, but has yet to learn how to pause and take a breath when speaking. It is often long-winded, and so, she passes out when making speeches, especially in the committee. Despite these changes, she often seems unable to talk to Keima.


Keima Katsuragi

Shiori first met Keima at the library during her conquest. During that time, Shiori became constantly annoyed by Keima's presence and the actions he do to the books to the point where she faintly shouted at him out of retaliation. However, she later realizes that Keima is actually a caring and nice individual that is quite cautious of her own well-being. Hence, she fell in love with him but eventually forgot all her interactions with him after their kiss. After her conquest, her memories of Keima slowly restore. During the Old Conquest Arc, when Keima tried to approach Shiori, Shiori avoided him and feigned ignorance.

She later claimed to herself that the only thing she remembers about Keima was the time when Keima and her kissed. They've met sometimes during the Old Conquest Arc. After hearing rumors about Kanon's confession to Keima, Shiori became greatly frustrated towards Keima as shown when she wrote a story of him being dead. To add insult to injury, Shiori also despised and became disgusted towards Keima for being in a mutual understanding with Yui - whom Shiori mistook as a boy - and for cross-dressing. Nonetheless, Keima again returned to Shiori's aid in assisting her in finishing her novel. Likewise, Shiori's memories, along with her feelings for Keima were restored, and after writing her novel, Keima kissed Shiori on the cheek, much to Shiori's embarassment.

Later at the Mai-high festival, Shiori helped Keima in finding the history of Maijima.

Unbeknown to Shiori, the one thing Keima and her have in common is that they both try and avoid reality through their hobbies. In Shiori's case, reading and organizing books in their school's library.


The two first met at the library. Shiori thought the Minerva was a lost child which vanishes whenever she tries to approach her. After Keima kissed again Shiori in the cheek and left, Minerva appeared to her and introduced herself but Shiori didn't notice this and just lay down her head on the table. The two don't talk that much at all. However, due to their similarities (e.g. bookworms whom have a shy persona), the two see each other beneficially, as Shiori considered Minerva as her "voice".


She is the head of the library committee and often reprimanded Shiori for being too quiet. She cares for Shiori when it comes to work and easily forgives Shiori when she locked herself inside the library. Due to this, Shiori considered Fujidera as one of her friends.

Tsukiyo Kujyō

After met with Tsukiyo, they look close and friendly, they also often hang out together.


  • (To Elucia de Lute Ima) "How may I be of a service to you?" [5]
  • (To Keima Katsuragi) " The library is a... Wonderful place...It protects you from reality, with the fortress of paper." [6]
  • (To herself) "I'm not good with speaking to other people...but it's all right...if I have my books...if I'm's all right...I will live on...In this castle..." [7]
  • "Books...Don't make me rush...I feel safe...Inside a book I feel free...Knowing all kinds of words and being able to use them freely, the all mighty. As Bismalch said, people who learn from history are sages, while people who learn from experience are idiots. And a library the tower of human history. Even if people don't speak...I know everything." [8]
  • "I don't need to merge with other people. That's right. I will live in my world of books." [9]
  • (Thinking about Keima) "Unlike a mere disgusting, pervert, crossdressing man... there's no salvation for a disgusting, pervert, crossdressing man who doesn't keep his promise!!" [10]
  • (Thinking to Keima) "Don't call me Sh-Sh-Shiori! What are you, my father?" [11]


  • The name Shiori means "bookmark, guidebook" (栞).
  • Shiori's surname Shiomiya means "eventide, tide, salt water, opportunity" (汐) (shio) and "temple, shrine, palace" (宮) (miya).


  • In chapter 16B, an omake chapter, Shiori's page reveals the following:
    • She enjoys books (particularly detective stories), Japanese tea, and bookmarks.
    • She dislikes noise, especially loud noises, and being rushed. She especially dislike karaoke.
    • She describes her recent troubles as being unable to allocate time between reading and writing.
    • She rarely reads manga
  • In the same omake chapter, it is revealed that she enjoys music, but because it proceeds at its own pace instead of hers, she is only able to appreciate it by reading the lyrics.[12]
    • Despite that fact, she also admits that Bump of Chicken, a Japanese rock band who's mostly known for singing the opening of the game (2005/2006) and anime (2008) from the Tales of series, "Tales of the Abyss," is ‘not bad.’
  • As of Chapter 149, it has been shown that Shiori suffers from Pteromerhanophobia.
  • Shiori described her recent problems as difficulty allotting time to both reading and writing.
  • An omake reveals that Shiori began writing a story based upon her residual memories of her experience with Keima Katsuragi that contains somewhat embarrassing portions. Later on, this story is revealed to be a mirror of the Shiori arc, except for the fact that the roles of Keima and Shiori are switched, having Shiori be the one to capture Keima.
  • Shiori's arc was so popular at the time of its release that the author apologized to the readers for making them wait so long when she finally made an appearance again during the Old Conquest arc. Also, the author claimed it really boosted the manga's popularity.
  • In the official anime, Shiori's kiss was never fully shown as only the shadows of the kiss are viewed.
    • However, her kiss is fully shown in the PV.
  • In the series, after Shiori's run-away spirit was captured, she briefly remembers that she was with someone in the library during her opposition after she drank from the same bottle Keima drank from.
  • Shiori is in the same class with the light novel-only character, Aoba Fuse.


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