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Owner Demons from Hell
Novel Debut Volume 1
Manga Debut Chapter 1
Anime Debut Episode 1

The Sensor is a very important device used by the demons to track down loose spirits from hell. It only activates when it comes close to the target. Another function for the sensor is for communication between other devils be it in the human realm (Haqua and Elsie) or hell (Docrow ). The sensor, also, makes a "Doro, Doro" sound when the target is near. The sensor also includes features such as mapping and an intermittent tracking system. The sensor is also impervious to water, magnetism, and magic.

Vintage Sensors

Sensor used by Vintage

Sensors used by Vintage agents look and have different abilities. Vintage sensors have two small horns (reflecting the old devils).

Instead of locating runaway spirits, these sensors reacts to the presence of a goddess. Also, unlike the normal sensor, this sensor does not generate any noise of indication (possibly to make the user more undetectable) but instead a small light will move towards the direction of the goddess presence. However, as compared to the normal sensor, Vintage sensor's range is severely limited.

Lastly, Vintage sensors can also locate and do roll calls to other Vintage members in the vicinity.


  • The sensor's product name is "Magical Energy Detector, Type GTS".
  • The sensor has a 10 years warranty.
  • In the anime, Elsie and Haqua have different ringing sounds. Also, Elsie's sensor blinks red while Haqua's blinks blue.
  • Strangely, the sensors bear a resemblance to Docrow.