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Old Conquest Arc

Old Conquest Arc

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Manga Chapters 114-168
Anime Episodes 28.0-36.0
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The Old Conquest Arc is the 20th Arc of The World God Only Knows. It contains the search for the Goddesses and Vintage's master plan.



Old Hell plan

According to Diana and Haqua, Old Hell's function from the beginning is the place to purify the human soul so that Heaven can put the soul back into a human body. But then, the Old Hell began to be corrupted, they made use of the evil within the soul by feeding those souls (dead and living) with wicked feelings in order to fatten the soul. The Old Hell then released the evil energy to pierce through Heaven and enacted a dreadful plan that destroy Heaven and turn Earth into a soul farm.

New Hell Intervention and the Civil War

When the loyalists of the Old Hell begun their wicked plan, there were some of devils that didn't share those ideas. They formed a new group and begun to intervene Old Hell's plan which eventually lead to a civil war. But the New Hell themselves couldn't gained advantage against their wicked and powerful opponent and the War between them has reached a new extreme. Seeing that, the Heaven decided to co-operate in silence with the New Devils, in order to do that, Heaven sent 6 Jupiter Goddesses to begin their counter-attack.

Almage Machina battle

The battleground where Docrow gained the title "Hero of Almage Machina". It was also the place where the violence of the Civil War had became uncontrollable. In order to put an end to the unending struggle, the Jupiter Goddesses decided to perform a ritual to seal Old Hell's loyalists at East Fortress Greda. The goddesses sacrifice succeed to seal Old Hell's loyalists but it also costs the New Hell a high price:

  • The Hell's surface was no longer livable, so all the structure of the New Hell have to float above.
  • Some of the New Hell veterans lost their bodies in the War.
  • The New Hell faces with the power shortage problem.

New Hell's Crisis and the Rise of Vintage

After the War, New Hell was founded, but their government began to face the new problems: Vintage - a new group that wants to revert Hell back to the original. The New Hell has fought and crushed Vintage several times and eventually Vintage decided to go underground.

But 10 years before the main story line began, a massive amount of Weiss had escaped and threatened all New Hell. To counter the new threat, New Hell mobilized the Runaway Spirit Squad to re-capture the Weiss. But while New Hell was busy dealing with Old Hell's Weiss, Vintage had begun their move by infiltrating deeply to New Hell's government. So far, it appeared that Vintage had overtook a lot of High Ranking Offices in New Hell and have their eyes and ears in the Runaway Spirit Squad. Using their new advantage, Vintage has gained more allies (Horned Devils) and they plan to threaten, and suppress all who is a threat to their plan.

The Arc

Apollo - The Descendant of the God of Arts and Music

Return of the Star Idol and the Debut of the Idiot Goddess

Kanon Nakagawa, who had just finished her live concert, speaks of two secrets. After the show, Kanon and her manager, Okada, went to the dressing room so that Kanon can get ready for her next performance. But Kanon wants to study for her upcoming exams, which Okada forgot, so she reschedules some performances while Kanon studies inside the dressing room.

First Appearance of the Idiot Goddess

But she fell asleep right away because of fatigue, suddenly her reflection inside the mirror woke her up and reminded her to began her study - thus reveals Kanon's first secret. Kanon at first believed she was hallucinating, but then Apollo - the mirror reflection - explained all she knew so far to Kanon. Kanon was a little disappointed at the fact that Apollo knew little about the situation, but when Kanon wanted to ask more, her manager steps in and reminded Kanon about the tight schedule which startled Kanon.

The next day at school, when everyone began to prepare for the test, Kanon looked at Keima and reveals her second secret. She actually remembers all the time she has been with Keima before. After the test, Kanon went to the rest room while a mysterious girl was looking at her.

At the rest room, Apollo reappeared and Kanon then asked Apollo if she could invited someone else to help them which Apollo refused since she didn't want humans to get involved. Apollo then teased Kanon about her secret love with Keima but before Kanon could convince Apollo to change her mind, Kanon's fans interrupted them.

The next morning, Kanon began to recover her memories about the time when Keima and her being together before, suddenly she stated that she has finally remembered everything. But she also declared that Keima has nothing to do with her anymore. Back to the outside of the studio, the same girl who has followed Kanon at school looking at Kanon's poster with an evil smile.

Suspicion and Fear of Evil

The next day, Keima and Elsie coincidentally met Diana at school. Diana then told them that she felt a presence of another goddess. While the three of them were having a conversation, Kanon watched them from a distance. Apollo then began to feel a strange presence of someone watching them (Kanon). She then asked Kanon if she saw anyone suspicious. Kanon looks behind in alarm, only to see her fans wishing her a good luck on her test.

In the restroom, Kanon and Apollo were having an argument about the presence that Apollo felt. Kanon said that Apollo was worrying too much. Apollo denied it, and quickly replied that the person was not just simply looking at her, but had killing intent as well.

Suddenly, Apollo felt the presence again, and withdrew into Kanon instantly, which frightened her. She then left the restroom to get ready for the next exam, when Kanon heard some footsteps. Terrified, she began to run away, before bumping into Fiore at the door and passing her. Fiore's goddess detector reacted to Kanon, and she says that there really was a goddess inside Kanon. In the classroom, Kanon is still worrying, because Apollo was scared and hiding herself.

On the way back to her apartment Kanon was shocked when she saw a window suddenly crack beside her. Thinking that someone was trying to kill her, Kanon runs home and hid in her room. She then tried to contact her manager through her phone, but failed. She then pretended the event never happened and told herself that she was imagining things.

Kanon shocking the whole class

The next day at school, Kanon was still uncomfortable and began to have thoughts of contacting the police. She then decided to contact her manager instead during her test, but was scolded by Kodama for using her phone. Noticing the sound of some footsteps, she looked outside the classroom and saw a dark figure.

As the figure draw closer, Kanon panicked, screamed, and threw herself at Keima. Shocking the entire class, Kanon embraced Keima tightly. She told Keima that she did not have anyone she could rely on besides him, that she had not forgotten about Keima and that she remembered everything.

Confession, then the Assassination of the Goddess Hostess of Music

Kanon confesses to Keima right in front of the class that she still loves him. The students go up into an uproar over this confession, while Keima brings Kanon away to a safer spot. When they arrive, Apollo suddenly switches place with Kanon and takes over.

She is glad that she has regain more of her power now, but does not wish to let Keima get involved any further. Apollo then runs off before Keima could talk to her. Near the theater, while Apollo is looking for a hiding spot, Fiore captures her with hagoromo from behind.

Fiore stabs Apollo

Fiore then takes out a knife that seems to be enchanted with some spell, and declares that she's a part of Vintage. After saying that the organization hates the existence of the goddesses, she uses the knife to stab Apollo. Though Fiore succeeded in stabbing the goddess, Apollo sends a warning message into the sky to all other goddesses before "dying". Not knowing what the message says, Fiore runs away, but dropping her skull sensor.

After Fiore has escaped, somewhere nearby, Akari and Nikaido stands behind a structure and were watching the whole thing. Nikaido then asks Akari why they are not going to capture the Vintage member which Akari replies that Fiore is only a grunt, therefore she won't be much of use.

Though the two wish to intervene, they let Keima take care of the goddess situation. Keima and Elsie arrives near the theater, only to see a dying Kanon. As Elsie panics, Keima tries to remove the dagger, but he is unable to hold it. Elsie notices that the dagger is enchanted with magic from Hell.

She contacts Haqua for help, while Keima feels guilty that he did not notice that Kanon had a goddess. They then plan to take Kanon to Keima's house before the other Vintage members could arrived.

Plans to Revive the Cursed Goddess

Keima and Elsie took Kanon (Apollo) to their house while they called Tenri (Diana) to come over. Elsie was crying and screamed that Kanon is dead while Haqua said that she's still alive. Diana tried to talk to Apollo since they finally met, but did not get a response.

Haqua tried to pull out the dagger, but failed. The girls tried to pull the dagger again, but failed. When Diana tried to pull the dagger, the sensor the Elsie brought had a reaction and Diana was attacked by the dagger.

Diana said that it was impossible since the dagger is enchanted with magic from Old Hell. Diana knew the magic since it was used for assassination by the Weiss. Haqua told them that magic from Old Hell was forbidden.

Magic from Old Hell

Haqua saw the dagger's mark and told them that the mark of the dagger was from Vintage. Diana asked what is Vintage as Haqua told her that it is an illegal organization aimed to restore Old Hell. She also said that those people might use magic from Old Hell, but her main concern was that how did the dagger made it into the human world.

Elsie was confused at what she said as Haqua told them that only the Runaway Spirit Squad can only come to the human world. Haqua said that there must be a traitor from the squad, because the main objective of the Runaway Spirit Squad was to capture the Weiss.

Diana was saddened because even though she has finally met Apollo, her condition was in critical shape.

As the group was in silence for awhile, Keima suddenly said to not stop there. He asked how much time does Kanon have left. As Keima told them that they have had already a fair share of drama, he wants to proceed by exchanging information.

He said that it's too early to talk about death or becoming an undead. Elsie asked to Keima to try to help Kanon because Kanon loves him, but Keima said that helping her also depends on the conditions.

He then said that they must gather all available information.

Haqua screamed at Keima as she told him that a persons life is on the line and that this was not a game. Keima answered that this really isn't a game, and that if Kanon dies, she will never be coming back, and that is the reason why they have to save her no matter what.

Diana said that Kanon should be fine for 2-3 days. Haqua said it was correct, and that the rate of miasma was spreading, she said that Kanon might have a week to live.

Haqua said that after the miasma engulfs her body, she will die along with the goddess. Keima then told them that New Devils were useless against the magic from Old Hell and that the power of the goddess can only give them a chance to save Kanon.

Diana then said that he saw her trying to pull the dagger and failed, but Keima asked what would happen if she had help from another goddess. She answered that they can do almost anything if they find another goddess.

Keima told them that he will find a goddess within a week. Elsie doubted Keima since he said that so easily. Elsie asked how was he planning to do it.

Keima said that 'there's always a chance of success, and that there isn't, he'll just have to make one'. Keima said that Kanon ended up being in critical condition because he wasn't paying attention. He lastly said that he won't fail again.

Potential Hosts for the Goddesses

Collection of Data and Cover-Up of the Scene

The girls asked how would Keima find the goddess, since they haven't found any goddess. Keima showed them a special sensor. Haqua asked what was that as Keima answered that Elsie found it lying on the ground, not far from Kanon.

Elsie said that it looks like a runaway sensor, but Haqua told her that it had horns on it. The sensor beeps, in front of Diana. Diana noticed this as Keima said that it reacted to Diana. Keima told them that the white dot indicated her location, and that the sensor was used for detecting goddesses.

Keima told them about them talking about Vintage earlier, as he said that they were the ones who stabbed Kanon and that they were trying to revive Old Hell. Keima said that considering the circumstances now, the sensor belonged to Vintage.

He said that they used the sensor to hunt the goddesses and kill them. Elsie was shocked at this as Keima told them that Vintage must be preventing the resealing of the runaway spirits. He also said that the range of the sensor was poor.

Elsie asked if the goddess sensor has the same abilities of a runaway spirit sensor, as Haqua told her that it was a modified version of a runaway spirit sensor and that devils from the Runaway Spirit Squad were helping them.

Keima told them that if Vintage was walking around with the goddess sensor, the other goddesses lives will be in danger. Diana reassured Keima that they will be fine since a warning had been issued and that the goddesses won't show themselves easily.

Keima asked about warning Diana speaks of. As Diana told them to look up in the sky, there was a weird symbol there. Keima asked what was that, as Diana told him that it is the writing of Old Heaven and it says that Hell has betrayed them and said not to trust anyone.

Keima heard what Diana said, as he thought of something. Diana told them that Apollo is a medium, the "last so-called oracle". Diana said that her sisters will cautious to anyone who comes near them. Diana also said that it will be also hard for them to reach the goddesses.

Haqua asked how will they find the goddesses. Diana also told them that the other goddesses would not trust her, since her appearance has changed. Keima told them that sensor was not needed since the beginning, and told them that it's great they are hiding.

Diana told Keima that she thinks that Keima had already thought of something, and that she will go into hiding for the time being.

The Jupiter Sisters

Diana lastly told Keima to call her if he really needs her power. Keima asked something before she leaves, asking how many sisters does she have. Diana told him that they are six of them: Vulcan, Apollo, Diana, Minerva, Mars and Mercury. Diana said that they are called the "Jupiter Sisters".

Diana told Keima that she is counting on him as she let Tenri take control of Tenri's body again. Keima told Tenri to go home (as he says that there was no reaction with the sensor) and said if she needed to talk to Diana, go outside in a brightly lit area with no one around, and that only switch with her in an extreme situation.

Before Tenri left, Keima told her to contact him if she has something to talk about as Tenri accepted this. Keima told them their biggest problem, time. He told them that Kanon has one week at most and that there are 4 more goddesses.

Elsie asked what should they do, as Keima told them to train an idol. Keima showed them Kanon's cellphone, and there were 5 missed calls already. He told them that they're probably from Kanon's work since the tests ended today.

Keima said that they needed to protect Kanon's position as an idol, as they can't have her miss her work. Elsie asked what should they do as Keima said they will send a double.

Elsie told Keima that there was no one can take Kanon's place, as Keima agreed it would be normally impossible, but Keima had a person in mind. He told them a person that can shapeshift, remembered all of Kanon's songs and choreography, and always thinks of fire trucks than work.

Elsie was shocked since Keima was thinking about her. Keima told Haqua to get her ready as Elsie tried to resist them. After a while, Elsie (posing as Kanon) appeared in front of the studio, telling Kanon's manager that she's sorry for being late.

Elsie told her that she was Kanon, as Kanon's manager scolded Elsie(Kanon) for being late as Elsie told her she's sorry.

Haqua and Keima was shown talking outside, as Haqua said that she fabricated Elsie's hairstyle and casted an optical illusion, telling Keima that it seems to be working. Keima told her that it's good enough if the manager doesn't see a difference.

Keima told her that Kanon is hidden and that the sensor won't detect her. He also faked-called his mother, saying that her husband is on his deathbed.

For now, Keima said that he can only focus on finding a goddess. Haqua told Keima that he was totally ruthless. Keima said to Haqua to become his partner. Keima said that they will search for the goddesses.

Haqua was embarrassed about this. Keima told her that he can't handle it by himself, and that Diana and Elsie can't make a move.

He said that she was the only one he can trust. Haqua said that she has her own work, but Keima said that he can't accept anything but a "Yes". Keima told her that what they're going to do wasn't just for Kanon, but for all of the other goddesses lives and the fate of Hell was on the line right now.

Keima was in front of Haqua, saying that she becomes his buddy for only the week. Haqua agreed.

After Effects of the Confession by the Idol

As the goddess hunt starts, Haqua and Keima was walking to the Maijima High School. Haqua was wearing the Maijima uniform as she asked Keima why did she had to wear the uniform. Keima told her that her usual clothes would attract attention, and that she will play the role of a student as of today.

She told Keima to be grateful for her help. Keima told Haqua it is for the sake of finding the goddesses within a week, as he told Haqua that it is better to stick together. Keima told her that Kanon and Apollo's lives are on the line, and that they must to their best to save them.

Haqua asked Keima on how are they going to search for the goddesses, since they don't have a single lead on finding them. Keima said that they weren't going to search for the goddesses, as he said the all of the goddesses are nearby.

Keima even told Haqua that all of the goddesses are within the girls he had conquered. Haqua was shocked at this, and asked how can he be sure about it. Keima said that Diana and Apollo are inside the girls he has conquered, and he concluded that the third one is within the girls he has conquered.

Haqua told him that it was too simple, and said that because getting two goddesses in his conquered girls doesn't mean the third will follow too. Keima told that two is enough, and that if she looks at the history, and there is plenty of evidence for that in games.

Haqua thinks that Keima is the guy that only comes up with those lines. Haqua said that if the goddesses are drawn to each other and gathering, then she could understand. Keima told her that they won't gather, as they were gathered from the very beginning. Haqua asked why does he think like that.

Keima said that he has a reason, but it is still just a hypothesis. He said that he has no time to prove it, and said the all goddesses are nearby.

Keima told Haqua that he can only rely on his hunch, and that Kanon's parting gift should provide them with an answer. Haqua asked what this 'parting gift' was as they walked towards the school. There, Keima and Haqua was walking to their school, as people were talking about Keima.

People started talking about Kanon's lover, and were shocked to hear that Kanon's lover is Keima. People were talking about the rumors as Haqua said that people were looking at them.

Keima told her that it was expected since Kanon and Keima showed them a love scene in class. Haqua was surprised about the love scene, and Keima told her that the people were now spreading the story.

Suddenly, a can was thrown at Keima. Ryou and the rest of the Mai-High Delinquents apologized (in a mocking tone) and said that it doesn't matter since it won't ruin Keima's happiness.

Suddenly, Haqua hit Ryou with her scythe and started doing it to others, saying to stop their actions and said that they're trash. Keima told himself that he told Haqua not to draw attention.

Chihiro is mad

Keima told Haqua to leave them alone. He whispered that it's fine if the rumor even spreads out as far as the whole Maijima. Suddenly, someone poured coffee on Keima. Keima was hurt by this, as the person said sorry. The person was revealed to be Chihiro.

Chihiro said sorry to Keima since her hand slipped, as Keima was surprised by this. Chihiro then poured coffee on Keima again as Keima said that she didn't slip at all. Haqua asked if Chihiro is also one of Kanon's fans and noticed that Chihiro seemed angry.

Keima stands up, and said that they have found one. Keima said that there's a goddess within Chihiro, as Haqua was confused at this. Later at the classroom, Miyako greeted Haqua (who sees Haqua as Elsie) and noticed a change in her hairstyle.

Miyako then said that Keima has instantly became famous and asked how long they (Keima and Kanon) have been going out. Haqua was silent and couldn't answer as Keima put down his backpack. They went out of the classroom as Haqua asked how does Elsie behave in class.

Keima said it is okay if Haqua stayed nervous and flustered since Elsie is like that in class. Haqua asked what does Keima mean a while ago and asked if Chihiro really has a goddess within her. Keima said that Chihiro is a candidate and told Haqua that Chihiro is one of the girls he has conquered.

He said that a girl with goddess inside will remember some memories about their conquest. Keima said that just like Kanon, they wouldn't have a clear memory of the story but they would still be in love with him.

Haqua asked why would they would still be in love with Keima as Keima told her that it is a fact that he conquered them. Keima then said that now, there's a rumor about Kanon and said that if they absolutely have no memory of the conquest, it would be mere gossip.

Keima said that if did remember about him, it wouldn't be just mere gossip. Keima said that they would be concerned about him and Kanon and that it will not be a pleasant feeling for them. Keima told Haqua that they will begin look for people who are angry at him.

Haqua thought of the angry for a second and said that girls who remembered Keima will think of him as the worst kind of two-timer. Haqua said that they will be thinking him as trash, as Keima told her that the lesson are about to begin.

Suddenly, a girl bumped into Keima. The girl said to sorry at Keima, as it was revealed to be Ayumi. Keima was surprised to see Ayumi. Ayumi said 'good morning' to "Katsuragi-kun", as Keima was shocked to hear Ayumi adding a '-kun' to his name

Ayumi is mad too

Ayumi said she can't go inside if Keima's blocking the way. Keima didn't move, leaving Ayumi to kick him, saying to get out of the way. People at the classroom were thinking if a missile just crashed. Ayumi went inside the classroom, blushing and embarrassed.

Keima said in his mind that Ayumi is angry and she can be as angry as she wants to. Keima said that under pressure, he can see many things clearly.

Keima said that there were changes in Ayumi and Chihiro like he assumed and he wonders how many people will also show changes. He said that there are definitely goddesses within the girls he has captured. He said that he will not bother with the rules of the real and that he will play by his own rules.

Keima finally said that this is the beginning of the conquest of the goddess.

Search for Goddess I: The Wrestling Teacher and Swimming Girl

At lunch, Haqua and Keima went to the Narusawa University of Education. There, Haqua asked Keima if they were really searching for the goddesses since they went to a neighboring town.

Keima asked Haqua if she was still casting a spell that makes her look like Elsie, as Haqua answered that she wasn't casting anything and told Keima that they should go back to school since it's their precious lunch break. Haqua then noticed that Keima was doing something, and asked what was he doing.

Keima told Haqua that he wrote the names of the girls he has conquered. Haqua was shocked by the number of conquered targets of Keima, as Keima answered that all of that are about sixteen. Haqua said that up until recently, there were only five and said that Keima really did a lot of conquering.

Haqua then asked to herself what do these girls like about Keima and said that they're all stupid. Keima said that it's true that sixteen is just too many and that they've only managed to check out a few girls. Keima said that they don't really have time, and he wants to use the time efficiently, so he is looking for a boundary line.

Haqua asked about this boundary line, as Keima noticed something. Haqua noticed that Keima was looking at something, and Haqua followed Keima's eyes. They then saw Jun Nagase walking by with her friends. Keima then looked at her seriously, then suddenly called her which shocked Haqua.

Jun was shocked by someone calling her "sensei", but suddenly recognized Keima. Jun asked what was Keima doing here as her friends ask who Keima is. Jun explained that Keima was a student in the class that she was a student teacher for, and said that Keima was really a troublesome child while laughing with Keima.

Jun's friends told Keima that he's really cute and asked if he was really a troublesome child. Keima told them that something was wrong with him back then, and that he has graduated from gaming.

He told them that now, he has a girlfriend. Keima whispered to Haqua that the rumor about Kanon hasn't reached yet here, and that she should bear it for a little while. Jun was surprised at Keima having a girlfriend, and said that it's great that he has now a girlfriend.

Keima was happily smiling while Haqua was still silent. Keima then told her that for their date, he is thinking of going to a wrestling match since he enjoyed watching Nona's match at Narurin Hall.

Jun was happy to hear this and asked if Keima really went to that event since the event was really exciting. Keima said in his mind that she's drawn to stories about the match that day, but didn't mention anything about the double-booking.

Keima lastly said in his mind that if Jun was trying to hide it, she wouldn't mention about wrestling at all. Jun's friends told Jun that they should be going now since there's no end to her stories and said goodbye to Jun's former student. Jun suddenly went back to Keima and called him.

Jun told Keima that she hasn't forgotten him. She told him that she's glad that he's okay, and thanked him for visiting her.

When they went back to school, Keima told Haqua that she had forgotten and that she has no goddess. Keima then said that only five candidates remain. Haqua was surprised by this, as Keima told that they have to check one more person to confirm this since he wants to see if his hypothesis is correct.

At the middle school, Minami and her friends were talking about the upcoming Mai-High Festival. After talking about that, they asked if they have heard about the rumor about Kanon. Minami asked this rumor, as her friends told her that Kanon has a boyfriend.

When they were about to tell the name, Keima suddenly appeared. The room fell silent. Minami's friends started whispering to each other, as Keima approached Minami, telling her that it's been awhile. Minami then asked who he was, as Keima asked if she didn't really remember him.

Minami was scared, and told Keima that she doesn't really know him. Keima then acted stupid, telling her that he might have mistaken her for someone else. Before Keima left, he asked Minami if she was still swimming. Minami replied with a "Yes".

Back in the rooftop, Keima told Haqua that Minami has fully forgotten him. Haqua said that she might be hiding, but Keima told her that she can't hide it, since she was really scared of him. Haqua asked if he was depressed by this, as Keima told her that he isn't really depressed.

Keima told her that in this way, she won't be involved and this. Lastly, Keima told Haqua that they will take a break for awhile.

Search for Goddess II: Limiting the Boundaries

Haqua (who was posing as Elsie) was exceptionally performing well at class, which made some people impressed and asked what happened. After class, Haqua said that they don't have much and that they should not be attending class. Keima told her that the girls are also in their respective classes and that they should go to Akari.

Keima told her the backstory of Akari and went to 3-A. The people who answered them said they haven't seen Akari for awhile since she had been absent for some time. Keima and Haqua then went on to the Technology Club, and there was no one there.

Back in the classroom, Haqua asked if they should still search for Akari, which Keima said "no" since they don't have enough time. Keima said that he will cross out Akari. Haqua asked how did he knew she has no goddess. Keima then showed her the list from lunch.

Keima told her that he arranged it by how close the girls are to him, and that his assumption is that within those girls, he could find a goddess. Haqua then told him that he was playing too many games when he said that. Keima told her that this is the most fitting scenario.

Keima explained that Haqua told him before that he was the only one who used love, and that Goddesses use love as their powers. Keima continued, saying that girls who are harder to meet have less chances of having a goddess and that it leaves them only with five candidates.

Keima told Haqua that within these five candidates, there are four goddesses. Haqua was surprised, and Keima said that it is based on the assumption that it's easy for them to him to meet the goddesses. Keima again said that if they accept this assumption, they should have met already the goddesses.

While Nikaido was listening outside, Haqua couldn't understand all what Keima was saying. Haqua then asked his actions today, as Keima answered that he will go home. Keima said that they will have to think of a plan to bring the goddesses out.

At night, they were watching Elsie (who was posing as Kanon) in a T.V show. Haqua told Keima that she will return home today since they're done for today. Keima told her top sleep at her house. Keima explained that it will be inconvenient if they don't stick together.

Haqua told him that she still has work as Keima gave her the toiletries and told her that she can change with her mother's clothes. Haqua told him that they can't be alone, as Keima replied that they're not alone since Kanon is upstairs.

They went to Kanon's room, and saw that there hasn't been any change since yesterday. Keima then walked outside the room after hearing these. While Haqua tried to talk to Keima, Keima only said that he'll see her tomorrow and bid a goodnight.

Haqua was taking a bath right now, and said to herself that she never saw Keima look so serious. While at Keima's side, Keima was then thinking of what do after he will meet the goddesses, since the problem for now is how will he make the goddesses appear.

When Haqua was about to enter the bath tub, Keima entered the bathroom. Haqua was surprised, but Keima ignored her since he was still thinking. When Haqua screamed, Keima noticed her and was surprised to see Haqua. Haqua then told him to get out.

From God to Demon

When Keima was about to leave, he slipped and slid onto Haqua. Haqua was embarrassed, and pulled her scythe to throw Keima away. While Haqua was cursing Keima, Keima told himself that he only has "this ability" and that he has decided that he will stop being a God.

Keima told her that he will become a Demon of the Gaming World. While Keima was murmuring to himself, Haqua told her that he should apologize first for what happened earlier. At Tenri's house, Tenri was wondering what happened outside.

Search for Goddess III: Initiated Plan of False Confessions - The Running Maiden

In morning, Keima was talking to Elsie by cellphone. Elsie told him about her work fatigue, and apologized for not coming home last night. Keima told her it is normal for her to be tired. He followed by saying that he might even record her shows. This made Elsie happy, but she realized that this isn't the time to be happy.

Keima told her not to worry since they're not experiencing any problems, and that she should just do her best. Haqua questioned this, and told him that he should die since he was a peeping criminal. Keima told her that he already apologized, and that she even saw him naked, so that makes them even.

Keima explained that he was thinking of his plans, so he doesn't have any memories of that scene. Haqua was then cursing Keima and was filled with rage. Keima noticed that people are still talking about him. Keima told Haqua that thanks to the incident last night, he has now made up his mind and that he will now draw out the Goddesses.

Haqua told him that he has already made up his mind, and explained that he has already marked those five girls (Ayumi, Chihiro, Yui, Shiori and Tsukiyo) as candidates. Haqua told him that they should draw out the goddesses now, but Keima told her that there is something more important than that.

Keima then left an apple and a note at Ayumi's table. When Ayumi went to the rooftop to see who left the note, she was surprised to see Keima. Ayumi tried to make an excuse, but Keima suddenly apologized for what had happened with Kanon. Keima told her that she was angry about that rumor.

While Haqua was observing them, Ayumi told him that she isn't angry about that, but Keima told her that the reason for her violence is that rumor. Keima told her that all of that is a misunderstanding, as Ayumi told him that she isn't misunderstanding anything since she saw everything that had happened.

Ayumi told him that she had read that Keima and Kanon are going out, as Keima asked where did she read this. Ayumi answered that she has read this in the Maijima School Newspaper. Keima then told her that what people think doesn't really matter, and that he only wants to clear the misunderstanding between them.

Ayumi was suddenly embarrassed, as Keima continued. Keima said that what he is about to say isn't coming out like in the games. Keima tried to say "I love you" to Ayumi, but before he could finish, Ayumi kicked him. Keima went crashing, as Ayumi asked what was he saying and that he is crazy.

When Ayumi was walking out while saying that Keima is an idiot, Keima was left damaged in the floor. Haqua then went to Keima, and stepped on him. Haqua asked about his actions, and that he should be talking about the goddesses first. Haqua told him that the atmosphere looked like a love confession.

Keima told her that it didn't looked like a confession, it was a confession. After Keima looked at his plans, Keima told Haqua that Chihiro should be returning from the convenience store right now and they should go. Keima told her that he may have to make five girls fall in love with him.

While Chihiro was walking in school, she saw Keima. Chihiro tried to avoid Keima, but Keima blocked her way. Chihiro asked his problem, and told him to move. Keima then suddenly apologized to Chihiro. While Chihiro was still silent, Keima asked her if she was still angry about the Kanon rumor.

Chihiro then walked away from Keima, as Keima tried to tell that all is a misunderstanding. Haqua was again observing the actions of Keima. At a flashback, Haqua was carrying Keima. Haqua asked Keima why does he need confess since he doesn't have do such a thing.

Keima told her that there's no point in drawing out the goddesses since it won't draw out their power as explained by Diana. Keima was then dropped by Haqua, who was surprised. Keima told her not to forget that since Vintage is just lurking nearby.

Keima then continued, saying that what happened to Kanon might happen again, so he has to restore their powers so that the Goddesses can protect themselves. Keima finished by saying that he will draw the power of the goddesses by showing love again to the girls who have goddesses.

Keima lastly told her that it is easy to create events with the flow today, and that the objective is another kiss. Back in the event at this moment, Chihiro told Keima that he was being annoying. Keima then told her that he doesn't want her to misunderstand all of this. Haqua then looked at the plan Keima made.

Haqua noticed that all of Keima's lines are there. While Keima was confessing to Chihiro, Haqua noticed that he's using love with the same lines again and that he should use different lines.

Search for Goddess IV: Failed Plan of False Confessions - The Lady of the Moon

While Keima was confessing to Chihiro, Haqua was surprised that all of Keima's lines were closely following the script. In Keima's side, Keima was thinking that the time is not right to confess yet, and that he should wait for Chihiro's reaction.

When Chihiro laughed at Keima for his seriousness, Keima looked closely at Chihiro with a serious face. Chihiro then told him not to get close and called him a cockroach man. After Chihiro ran away, Haqua went to Keima and asked if he was successful.

Keima told her that what happened isn't too bad. Haqua then asked Keima's plans, and asked if he is planning to confess to the other girls. Keima told her that he will which made Haqua mad. Keima told her that they only have a week and that they won't make it in time if they don't tackle them all at once.

While walking, Haqua questioned Keima for planning to kiss all of them. Keima told her that the goddesses power will overflow if he kisses them again. Keima told her that if he would kiss them now, there would only be a confusion and that if he kisses them after the confusion, there would be a huge difference.

Keima then said that this event is common among dating sims and that event is surely to have a true ending. Keima also said that goddesses will surely revive when true love is attained. Haqua then told him that it won't happen if they found out about his 5-timing, as Keima told her that someone has to restore their power to save all from the Weiss, and that has to be done fast.

After school, Haqua invited Chihiro to look at instruments as instructed by Keima. Chihiro agreed to come with Haqua (who was posing as Elsie). While talking with Chihiro, Haqua was thinking that Keima always makes the lowest and most wicked plan. Haqua was mad that she was involved in this kind of plan.

Keima was then in front of the Astronomy Club, and was thinking of his theory about the goddess. He thought that there was no evidence against it, but there was also no proof about it and that the problem starts from what he is now doing. When he was about to open the door, the door suddenly slid.

Keima saw Luna and was shocked. There, Tsukiyo appeared from inside the room. Keima and Tsukiyo then looked at each other. Keima was thinking that Tsukiyo is small as always, and thought of his plans after this. Keima started apologizing for the rumor about Kanon, but Tsukiyo said "Who are you?".

Keima was left silent as Tsukiyo walked away from Keima. Keima was following Tsukiyo, while thinking if this was the same as Minami. Tsukiyo then asked why Keima was still following her, as Keima said that all the rumors about Kanon was a misunderstanding.

Tsukiyo said that she doesn't know what he was talking about, and asked about Kanon. Keima was left silent again, since he couldn't think of a counter-response. When Keima was about to assume that Tsukiyo has forgotten everything, he noticed that Tsukiyo had her carpet back.

Keima then asked again if she was really angry, which surprised Tsukiyo. Tsukiyo then told him to get off the chair, as Keima told her that she is again using the carpet. Tsukiyo explained the meaning of her carpet, but Keima didn't care.

Keima asked if she has again returned to her private world, as Tsukiyo told him not to come near. When Keima was approaching her, he got hit by her telescope. Keima then heard the door of the rooftop slid, and saw Ayumi. Keima was shocked to see Ayumi and told Tsukiyo to hide.

Keima explained to Tsukiyo about the events, and told her the consequences if they got seen by Ayumi. Tsukiyo then slapped Keima, telling him that he is a beast and that she doesn't want him to see her again. Ayumi noticed Tsukiyo walking away, and went to where the carpet was.

When Ayumi went to the carpet, Keima (who had the carpet in his face) scared Ayumi and went to the stairs. Ayumi was scared and surprised from that. At the entrance by the stairs, Keima said that Tsukiyo is in the grey area for now.

Keima then hurriedly put away the carpet since he still has two more to check. Keima lastly said that he has to hurry, since the next one is also a troublesome target.

Search for Goddess V: The Silent Bookworm

Keima arrived at the library, to check on someone since he now knows that Tsukiyo may have a goddess. When he arrived, he noticed that Shiori wasn't in the reception. Keima told himself that he must quickly find her. Keima thinks that three people are already angry at him, and that there are four goddesses remaining.

Keima thinks that if the plan follows his hypothesis, it is almost certain that three girls would have goddesses. But if all five are in the grey area, one girl would get angry. Suddenly, Keima heard someone asking for a certain book. Shiori then pointed the shelf containing the books the person was asking for.

When the person said thank you to Shiori, Shiori pointed other places for the book he was looking for. The person told him that the one near him would be fine. When Shiori pulled the best book, she saw Keima. There was some silence, but when Shiori was reminded of the book by the student, she remembered and instantly gave it to him.

Shiori walked away as Keima looked at Shiori while someone saw Keima. Keima went to the reception, and noticed that Shiori became able to speak clearly by a little. People then approached her for books, and she answered them. But when Keima approached her, she would ignore him.

When Keima borrowed a book, Shiori was only silent. Keima tried to approach her, but she would move away. The chairwoman of the library then called Shiori to read the documents she was about to give and asked for the information about her novel since the deadline was coming up.

While they were talking, Keima looked at the reception desk and saw a magazine with a picture of Kanon on the cover. After Shiori and Fujiidera finished talking, Shiori looked at her sides, but saw that Keima was already gone.

At the coach in the library, Keima thinks of how much does Shiori remember. Keima then concluded that Shiori will always be in a place with books, and that he can create numerous events. Suddenly, Yui greeted Keima. Yui knew Keima, since he was always in band practice.

Yui introduced herself to Keima, and wanted to shake hands with him. Keima thought of Yui's actions, since she approached him suddenly. Keima then finished by thinking that she has completely forgotten him. When Keima was about to walk out, Yui pulled him back.

Yui then broke Keima's hypothesis, and told him not to go since she has something she wants to discuss with him. This shocked Keima, and made him embarrassed and was heavily blushing. Keima then remembered his conquest with Yui.

Keima tried to make an excuse to escape, but Yui again pulled him back. Yui told him that she has been storing courage to speak with him. Yui told Keima that she wants him to know her feelings. Yui told him not to be afraid, since she only wants to talk with him and that she wants to know more about him.

Keima noticed that he's being seduced by Yui.

Search for Goddess VI: The Ambitious Prince-ss and the Call from the Normal Girl

As Yui continued to talk to Keima, Keima felt fuzzy in his head and thought that this might the after-effect from Yui's conquest. Meanwhile at the back, Shiori was trying to comprehend to situation between the two. Haqua then arrived and saw what was happening.

Suddenly, Yui grabbed Keima's hand and told him that she loves him. Keima, Shiori and Haqua was shocked to hear this. Yui told Keima that ever since she met him, she knew that he is a special person. Keima tried to use the rumor to escape, but it failed.

Before Yui could proceed, Keima was suddenly kicked by Haqua. Haqua asked what was happening, but Keima was so happy that Haqua saved him. Yui (who thought Haqua was Elsie) asked if they have band practice since Chihiro and Ayumi skipped practice.

Yui then left them, bidding goodbye to Keima. Haqua then noticed that Yui is a girl, but was wondering why was she dressed in boy's clothes. Haqua then asked what was happening to Keima, but Shiori interrupted them saying that they need to be white (with + quiet) on the library.

After those events, Haqua and Keima were watching Elsie perform on T.V. Haqua was teasing Keima during dinner since he acted like a girl awhile ago. Keima told her not tease him anymore, but Haqua continued. Keima then told her that Yui had a nicer body than Haqua which made Haqua pierce a fork on Keima.

They then started talking about Yui and Shiori. Haqua asked if Yui is still a goddess candidate, as Keima answered that as long as she confessed her love, she is still a candidate. Haqua then summarized that all of the candidates have been found.

Haqua then asked if they should now proceed to conquer them, as Keima again corrected her, saying that there's no point in conquering them now. Keima then asked for Elsie's cellphone. After Haqua handed it over, Keima called someone and turned it off immediately. Keima then told Haqua that they should eat now.

While Keima was eating, he noticed that the food looks normal and that Elsie should cook like this more often. Haqua corrected him saying that she made all of this, telling him that Yukie taught her this. Keima and Haqua then continued to talk to each other.

After a few minutes, Chihiro was calling Elsie's phone. Keima answered, which surprised Chihiro. Chihiro asked where was Elsie, as Keima told her that she was 'taking a huge crap that won't stop', which pissed Haqua. Keima whispered that this is revenge for what she did.

Keima then told Chihiro that that Elsie left a message, saying that she wants to go home with her tomorrow. Chihiro didn't fully understand Keima, but agreed to him. Keima then apologized to Chihiro before putting down the phone.

Haqua asked what is the meaning of what he did, as Keima told her that this is for the simultaneous afterschool events tomorrow.

Search for Goddess VII: Simultaneous After-School Events

The next day, Keima noticed that it was raining after class. At the other side, Haqua (still posing and acting like Elsie) invited Ayumi and Chihiro to band practice. The two members of 2-B Pencils and Haqua then agreed as there was a flashback yesterday.

Haqua was asking about the afterschool events, but Keima was busy doing the schedule. Keima explained that he has to deepen the candidates relationship now, as Haqua asked if what he was doing is important. Keima explained that routes in afterschool events, but Haqua didn't listen.

Haqua asked if he's gonna tackle all five, as Keima said they he will tackle them now. Keima then showed the schedule, and told Haqua that he will increase his relationship with the candidates by 5 points. After the flashback, Keima was waiting outside for someone.

There, Tsukiyo appeared and said that she hates the rain. Tsukiyo noticed Keima as Keima told her that he waited for her so that they could walk together. Tsukiyo ignored him, and went to the bus. Keima then followed her inside the bus.

Tsukiyo screamed Keima that he is a pervert, but Keima tried to explain the situation which Tsukiyo couldn't understand. Tsukiyo was embarrassed and sit behind as Keima followed. Keima explained the method he will use, which is the three F's in the love triangle.

The first F was follow, as Keima was continuously following Tsukiyo. Keima tried to talk to Tsukiyo again, but was ignored. Tsukiyo explained that she only wants to talk with perfect beings, as Keima said that he will be one someday. Suddenly, Keima fell due to a sudden break.

This was planned by Keima because this the second F "Foolish". Keima noticed blood in his forehead, as Tsukiyo told him that what happened is stupid. Finally, Keima finished the last F "Fukanzenna Ketsumatsu". He made an incomplete closure to maintain the relationship.

When Keima was thinking about time, Tsukiyo gave Keima a bandage. Before the bus could leave, Keima asked if Tsukiyo will be in the Astronomy Club, which Tsukiyo said that she will if it will be a clear night. Keima was celebrating for Tsukiyo's approval while Haqua at the school was thinking that Keima is taking his time.

Her band-mates noticed that she was playing well, and that they don't need to practice anymore. Haqua then alerted Keima that band practice was finished. Keima ran as fast as he could as Haqua tried to stall the girls. They then discussed the call from Keima last night.

A complication

Keima arrived at school, being very tired. But as he arrived, Yui was already leaving. Keima tried to stop the car, but hit a pole. While Keima was ranting about what was happening, Ayumi asked about Keima's actions. Keima then said to himself that he will just adjust to the situation.

Keima told Ayumi that he was waiting for her, to go home together. Suddenly, Miyako asked what was Keima doing, as Keima was shocked to see Miyako.

Search for Goddess VIII: Twin Booking of the Best of Friends

Keima was angered that Miyako appeared in the conquest. While Keima was still angry at the situation, Miyako asked if Keima's house was the other direction, as Ayumi asked why was he walking with them. Keima then thought that what was happening was never planned.

Keima said that an afterschool event should only be with two people. Keima then said that there's no point in blaming in reality, and that he should just proceed to increase Ayumi's love points. As Keima started the conquest and ignoring Miyako, Miyako suddenly asked if Kanon would be angry since he's walking with them.

Keima was shocked to hear this, and tried to change the subject, but Miyako again asked a question to Keima about Kanon. Ayumi then agreed with Miyako. Keima gave up trying to counter Miyako, and thought of just denying everything. Before he could finish what he was about to say, he saw Haqua and Chihiro.

Haqua was surprised to see Keima, as Keima quickly pushed Miyako and Ayumi to the mall. But Keima was still shocked, since Haqua and Chihiro came to the mall. Before Chihiro could see Keima, and Ayumi and Miyako see Chihiro, Haqua and Keima tried to distract them.

Keima, along with Ayumi and Miyako, went to a Taiyaki shop. Miyako offered Keima with some taiyaki, as Keima was left silent for a moment. Keima then told Miyako that it's too late being nice, and that he won't save her even if she get's a runaway spirit as Miyako was left clueless.

Keima then went up, saying to the two that he will be going to the bathroom. He then met up with Haqua. Haqua told him she couldn't hold Chihiro for an hour, as Keima told her that everyone is doing as they please. Keima asked if Haqua still knew the importance of the conquest, as Haqua said that she knows.

Keima then heard Ayumi calling, as Keima covered Haqua's mouth. Keima noticed Ayumi staring at him. Ayumi asked if he was talking to someone, as he told that he was not. Haqua was secretly hiding at the back. Ayumi then asked Keima to stop getting close to her.

Ayumi told him that she knew that he was waiting for her at the gates, and said that she doesn't have the time to be with him. Ayumi lastly told him not to talk with her anymore, but Keima said "no". Keima held Ayumi and said that he will be her shadow forever.

Ayumi was shocked to hear this, as Keima apologized, saying that he will not stop no matter what she says. Keima then went out, and gave Haqua the hand signal to switch. Haqua then went up to Ayumi, which surprised her, and then they talked for a bit.

Playing for Keima

Chihiro noticed Keima looking at some strings, and asked what was he doing. Keima told her that Elsie said to buy some strings. They then started talking. Later, Chihiro noticed a brand new guitar, and asked the store manager if she should try it. Chihiro then started playing it in front of Keima.

After she finished, Keima asked whose song she just played. Chihiro told her that it is her original. Keima then told Chihiro that it had a nice tune to it. Chihiro told him that can't tell a good song from just the intro. Chihiro then noticed that he was talking to Keima, and that she feels sick about it.

Keima then knew that he has made progress with Chihiro and Ayumi, and that his next destination is the library.

Search for Goddess IX: Notebook of the Space-Bookworm

After 3 after-school events, Keima went to Shiori for her after-school event, along with Haqua. Haqua asked Keima's plans for Yui, but Keima told her not to think about that now. Since the library is closed, Keima said that they'll be using the "same method" as before to enter.

Haqua then drilled the top part of the building as Keima entered. Keima signaled Haqua to go up as he saw Shiori in the desk. Haqua made some sounds, as Shiori went to check it. Keima then went to her desk, and started reading Shiori's novel.

Before Keima started reading, he apologized for looking at the novel. When Keima saw the novel, he was shaken to what he has saw. The story was almost about Shiori's conquest with a Sci-fi Genre in the future. Shiori was different person in the novel, named as Simone, as Keima noticed.

When the novel explained Casiraghi, Keima noticed that it was almost the same as Shiori's conquest. After some events, when the kiss was about to happen, the followings pages were blank. Near the last page, Casiraghi died. Keima was surprised the Casiraghi died without doing anything.

Keima then connected what was happening, and thought that this might be like the rumor between him and Kanon. Shiori arrived at her desk, which made her shocked that Keima was reading her novel. Keima couldn't explain the situation as Shiori was left silent.

Shiori instantly took her novel, and tried to say something, but was too embarrassed. Keima knew that Shiori doesn't like she'll be becoming like Simone, the main character of the novel. Keima then apologized to her, and said that he added a few lines in the end.

Shiori started reading the end of the story. Keima wrote that Simone gave Casiraghi a space funeral, but Casiraghi returned to life. Casiraghi said to Simone that they can now spend time together. Shiori then went to her desk, and erased that part and wrote a new event.

Shiori then gave the novel to Keima so that he could read the new part. Keima then started reading it. In the story, Simone told Casiraghi that he shouldn't come back to life like that, and invent something like a space bullet-proof vest. Simone also said that he also ruined the setting.

After reading that, Keima wrote again in the novel and gave it to Shiori. Shiori read it. The story continues when Casiraghi told Simone that he just wants to her. Shiori then wrote that Casiraghi got eaten by a Wild Rembatos Beast and died, but Keima wrote that Casiraghi managed to escape through the poop.

Shiori then was writing that Simone didn't want to see Casiraghi again, but before she could finish, Keima interrupted her and wrote Casiraghi's line:

"Don't be angry, Simone"

Casiraghi told Simone that he wants to be with her for a little longer and asked if he could come with her to collect date for the Nebula Ramen. Back to real life, Shiori was embarrassed to see what Keima wrote and she wrote that the story would continue. Shiori then went away from Keima, seeing that she was heavily blushing.

Keima said that this should be enough for today, and that he could still continue the story.

Suddenly, Shiori appeared and corrected him, saying that it's "Nebula 'Synthetic' Scallion", and went away

The Spy

Search for Goddess X: Persistent Prince-ss and the Arrival of a New NPC

Search for Goddess XI: Trap for the Spy from Vintage

Search for Goddess XII: Counter-measures against the Spy, the Bookworm's New Story, and the Mysterious Doll

Vulcan - The Goddess who adores Love and Justice

Search for Goddess XIII: Goddess within the Doll

Search for Goddess XIV: Aggressive yet Careful Attack of the Goddess Vulcan

Search for Goddess XV: Escape of the Accused, Embrace of the Victim

Search for Goddess XVI: Annexation by the Spy, Hardships through the Goddesses Testament and the Wings of Destiny

Search for Goddess XVII: Planned Capture of the Hero and the Provoked Wrath of Vulcan

Search for Goddess XVIII: Re-Capture of the Persistent and the Reunion of the Heavenly Sisters

Search for Goddess XIX: Release from the Dark Spell, Submergence into a Aquatic Slumber

Search for Goddess XX: Advance by Diana, After-Care of the Two Goddesses

Mars - Goddess of War and Punisher of Evil

Search for Goddess XXI: Who's the Manly Hero? Who's the Fine Lady?

Search for Goddess XXII: The Cross-Dressed Prince and the Princely Lady

Search for Goddess XXIII: Date at an Amusement Park and the Entrance of the War-bound Goddess?

Search for Goddess XXIV: Endangering the Princess brings out the Heavenly Being

Search for Goddess XXV: Let Everyone Rest, even the Princely Princess and the Godly Prince

Minerva - Goddess of Wisdom and Literature

Search for Goddess XXVI: Aim to Clear the Misunderstandings

Search for Goddess XXVII: Attempt to Comprehend the Misinterpretations of Reality

Search for Goddess XXVIII: Failure in Portraying One's Thoughts