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Gender Male
Status Alive
Job Chauffeur of Mio Aoyama
Seiyū Japanese flag.png Shōto Kashii

US flag.png Kalob Martinez

Manga Debut Chapter 3
Anime Debut Episode 2.5

Morita (森田, Morita) is Mio Aoyama's chauffeur and a 'loyal' servant of the Aoyama family, working for them and remaining by Mio's side despite the fact that the Aoyama family is no longer wealthy.

Character Overview


He appears to be incredibly loyal to the Aoyama family, as he continues to work for them even after the death of Mio's father and the loss of their fortune. Additionally, he endures the unreasonable behavior of Mio for an unknown amount of time (most likely quite a while) before finally snapping and striking out on his own for a while, demonstrating that despite his servile role, he is not bereft of his own morals and misgivings regarding their situation.

Morita is level-headed and knowledgeable about the world, and seems to want nothing more than the happiness of his employers.


Before becoming loyal to the Aoyama, Morita was a taxi driver, and returns to it after he leaves Mio's side.

Character History

Rich Girl Arc

After the death of Yuuri Aoyama the head of the Aoyama family, they were no longer wealthy. Despite this, Morita continued to help them. However, after the facade Mio was performing of trying to continue to be rich like they once were, her stubborn nature, along with the fact that she never even burnt incense for the father, Morita snaps and decides to leave. He proclaims that he can no longer help and puts a private on his transportation vehicle. He probably snapped after a while of enduring this as he is incredibly loyal to the Aoyama family and would take quite a bit to make him leave.

Old Conquest Arc

Due to Hell's slipshod modifications of capture targets' memories, in addition to Keima's improvised cover-up, Mio is currently under the impression that the one who danced with her at the 63rd Flower Garden Dance is Morita (or rather, Morita's head awkwardly super imposed over Keima's body). It is not known if Morita himself also thinks this.

Heart of Jupiter Arc

10 years ago in the past, he was taking a smoking break with the Goidō household's butler Okamoto as their respective bosses were talking with Shoutarou Shiratori. Yanagi comes up to them and asked if they have seen Urara. Okamoto suggested that she was just playing with Yui and Mio. Morita makes a comment that he's a chauffeur and doesn't intend to look after a child. Then he and Okamoto jokes on Yanagi being motherly and suggest that she should be Urara's mother for real to make her happy. As Yanagi leaves he comments that the presidents' conversation are not over yet. He later drives Mio and Yuuri Aoyama home.


  • He has been modeled after Shin Kishida a former Japanese actor.
  • In Episode 12 of Season 2, Morita made a cameo with Jun Nagase.