Character Information
Gender Female
Age Less than 14
Status Alive
Partner Maron Nakagawa
Job Elementary School Student
Seiyū Japanese flag Aya Suzaki
Manga Debut Unpleasant Present
Anime Debut Magical Star Kanon 100%

Kozue (こずえ, Kozue) is a character from the spin off series of The World God Only Knows called "Magical Star Kanon 100%". She acts as a supporting character to Maron in the series.

Character Overview


Kozue has purple hair and ties the sides of her hair to two bushy tails with a yellow with a red stripe ribbon on each side. She has red eyes and has a range of clothing.

When she's at home, Kozue wore a one-piece dress and when she's in public or school, Kozue wore a dark slate blue jacket, a light steel blue dress with the edges of the dress to be white and brown shoes with slate gray socks. She also wore an orange tie and the collars are white with red edges.

Kozue also owned a two piece swimsuit with a ribbon on the front.


Kozue is soft-spoken, polite and nice to her friends. She has shown to be kind enough to arrange a sleepover with Maron and also went with Maron to the swimming pool together. She is also a huge fan of Kanon but she is unaware that Maron is Kanon herself.

Character History

Magical Star Kanon 100%

One day, when Kozue and Maron arranged a sleepover, the town was attacked by a stray runaway spirit. Kozue was also among the victims and the attack made her grew a male genitalia. Kozue was scared and confused and ran to Maron, saying that she can no longer be like Kanon anymore.

A little while later, Kozue turned back to normal and the next day, she asked Maron if she also got affected as Maron blushed and say that it's a secret.

Sometime later, Kozue and Maron were playing in Maijima swimming pool as the sky was suddenly darkened by Bell Mark Atsume. Kozue cannot handle the cold and she fell into the pool trembling. Later, Kanon managed to save the day and Kozue and Maron had ice cream together.

A little while later, Kozue and Maron were discussing on what they should had for dinner.

Sometime later, Bell made everyone unable to lie and Kozue asked Kanon if the rumors of her having a lover she made out with were a lie.

Sometime later, a large stray spirit attacked. Bell, now a friend, warned that he was responsible for making Kanon small, is the boss of the stray spirits, and he steals "dreams". The spirit then attached a line to Kozue's head making her despair and say "I'm so useless... I'll never grow tall... I have so many likes and dislikes." During Kanon's battle with him, Kanon 'speaks' to her asking if she can hear her and to be strong. This caused Kozue to snap out of her depression. She and the rest of the city listened to Kanon defeat the stray spirit with her song Love Call.



  • "Kozue" means treetop.