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Keima Katsuragi/Relationships

Keima Katsuragi/Relationships

Katsuragi Keima
Character Information
Title The Capturing God
Gender Male
Age 17
Status Alive
Date of Birth June 6, 11:29:35
Team Capturing Spirit Squad
Equipments PFP
Blood Type B
Height 174cm
Weight 54kg
  • Student
  • Capturing God
  • Buddy - Spirit Capturing
Class 2-B
  • Kami-Nii Sama
  • Kami-Sama
  • Otoshigami (Self-titled)
  • Otamegane
School Maijima Private High School
Seiyū Japanese flag.png Hiro Shimono

US flag.png Chris Patton

Novel Debut Chapter 1
Manga Debut Chapter 1
Anime Debut Episode 1


Though Keima initially only interacted with characters from his games, after becoming Elsie's buddy, Keima began to interact and become involved with more people. Here is a list of such people.


Mari Katsuragi

Mari tells her children that she will take care of them

Keima's relationship with his mother is as normal as possible. Despite the turmoil that Elsie has apparently wreaked in the family's stability, Mari seems to consider him a good child deep down, though she is concerned with his obsessive gaming habits and constantly wonders whether she brought him up correctly or not.

When Elsie questions her with regards to Keima, she reveals that she is in fact deeply worried about his future and sometimes dreams of him being a normal, doting child.

Even though she is past expecting such behavior from Keima, Keima still demonstrates that he cares for and loves his mother when he attempts to secretly buy her a birthday present, as instructed by his father. Mari has also stated that Keima and her used to kiss regularly, implying that Mari was very affectionate towards Keima in the past. This is proven true when Keima travels back in time and reverts to a child.

Keiichi Katsuragi

Keiichi is Keima's father. It seems that he is away on a trip, with the estimated return time unknown. It is also unknown whether he approves Keima's current status of being a gamer or not. Keima and his father don't seem to be on bad terms, as Keima got angry at Elsie when she said she was his father's illegitimate daughter, causing unnecessary trouble for Keiichi and possibly ruining his marriage with Mari. Keima also teams up with his father (who is still overseas), to buy a birthday gift for his mother.

Denma Katsuragi

Being Keima's grandfather, Denma really loves him. Each time Keima has visited, he has given him some sort of gift related to game girls, even though this doesn't impress Keima. Keima takes care of his gifts, out of respect for Denma's feelings, seemingly caring about him.

Runaway Spirit Squad (Devils)

Elucia de Lute Ima

Elsie and Keima.

Initially, Keima saw Elsie as a useless annoyance he'd been unjustly saddled with. She has caused him many troubles - ranging from seemingly severely damaging his parents' marriage by claiming she was the illegitimate daughter of his father, attempting to feed him recipes from hell (which were usually alive and sometimes attempted to attack him), and including, of course, the fact that she had now landed him with a contract that he had to carry out, or else risk death.

However, he seems to have come to accept her as a regular fixture in his life, despite her comedic incompetence, and has on some occasions even demonstrated concern for her well-being, such as when she entered a period of semi-depression after failing to capture a Level 4 escaped spirit, though it is unknown whether he did this because he was concerned for Elsie or because he was worried about the impact her depression would have on her ability to capture spirits.

Even though Elsie was not initially actually his sister, he seems to come to have accepted her as one. Although he continues to subject Elsie to some light abuse every now and then. There are some hints that Elsie's feelings for Keima may be slightly beyond platonic, however, as she blushes because of his actions from time to time, and even shows a hint of jealousy when she sees what the Keima and Haqua dolls were doing in Haqua's theater model.

Over time, she becomes more affectionate towards Keima in a sisterly manner. During her time posing as Kanon, she often misses Keima and hugs him whenever they get the chance to meet. Keima does not seem to mind this any more, either, showing that he has definitely acknowledged her.

In the manga, it can also be seen in later chapters that she has been referring to Keima more as "Nii-sama" and less as "Kami-sama".

The more Keima spent time in the past, the more Elsie became jealous for not being able to spend time with Keima and Mari as a family. When Keima points out that she was never actually family, Elsie strongly wishes that she wanted them to be. After the events of the past, Elsie presents a dinner for Keima, reveals her role, but also proclaims her love for humans and Keima's family. Keima accepts her wish to become his sister, and Elsie is able to make this happen literally, joining the family as Eri Katsuragi.

Haqua du Lot Herminium

A common occurrence

Keima treats Haqua just like how he treats most, if not all, 'real' girls his age: coldly, indifferently, and/or an annoyance. However, Keima does rely on Haqua about the current affairs in New Hell and the Runaway Spirit Squad.

During their first encounter, Haqua treats Keima like a normal human (weak, useless) but quickly changes her attitude towards him after realizing that the latter has a rather sharp wit, being able to figure out that the one who let the loose soul escape was her.

Sometime after Haqua's Arc is finished, Haqua develops somewhat romantic feelings for Keima and will often come and visit Keima under the pretense of playing with Elsie. Haqua tends to get jealous/angry whenever Keima shows (or pretends to show) more interest in girls other than her which often results with Haqua pummeling him with her scythe. Physical punishment also befalls Keima whenever he sees an indecently attired Haqua (nude, in her underwear, etc.).

Currently, it is unknown whether Keima is aware of Haqua's feelings for him or not as Keima's opinion of Haqua has not changed all that much.

Nora Floriann Leoria

Keima asking Nora to help him

Keima's first encounter with Nora was not a happy one. She tried to kill him and even went as far as murdering Yokkyun (in his mind) in order to break him. After Tenri's arc, she has occasionally shown up at Keima's house to be a slight bother to Elsie and to an extent, Keima. Keima once refers to her as "poison flag woman".

At one point, Keima gropes Nora's breast to get rid of her because he wanted to spend the whole day playing games.

Nora also helps Keima during the Old Conquest and Mai-High Festival Arc because Keima promised her that she can take all of the credit when New Hell is saved.

Overall, Nora's and Keima's relationship is a mutually platonic one.

Akari Kurakawa/Rimyuel

Akari assuring Keima

Keima was very interested in Akari's view of the world simply because the Akari shared some things in common with him. Both had great distaste to the real world and both think that the real needs to be changed. However, Keima was angered when he realized that Akari thinks that he is one of the worst of the real world.

When Akari reappears in the Mai-High Festival Arc, Keima was shocked to see Akari returning again after the Akari disappeared from him. Although Akari had viewed Keima in a higher regard, it is unknown how Keima really feels about her romantically.

Cresta and Camry

Keima did not have much interaction with Nora's henchmen. Nevertheless, he did express gratitude to them when they helped him and Chihiro.

Runaway Spirit Squad (Buddies)

Yukie Marui

Keima and Yukie talking

Keima was initially shocked to see that Haqua has a partner like Yukie. Keima then decided to befriend her to get more information about the Runaway Spirit Squad (to which he did).

After seeing Yukie's methods of capturing runaway spirits, Keima assured Haqua that everything is all right since Yukie's methods works out despite being old.

Nevertheless, Keima respects Yukie as a fellow runaway spirit hunter.

Ryō Asama

Keima first met Ryō during Tenri's reunion with him and despite to Nora's comments on Ryō being useless, Keima never really did interact much with him. However, during the Old Conquest Arc, Keima did saw Ryō being more useful as Ryō managed to aid in getting both Ayumi and Chihiro to see him (although there are some times when Ryō did become incompetent) along with saving Keima from Lune with Nora's directions.

It is unknown how Keima views Ryō currently but it is safe to assume that Keima and Ryō are considered as acquaintances.

Yuri Nikaido

Nikaido's Look at Keima

Keima seems to have a very rocky relationship with Nikaido mainly because Keima once said that his games are better than her lessons. Hence, Nikaido began to hurt him and confiscate his PFPs. However, it was shown that Nikaido respects Keima as a fellow runaway spirit hunter although Keima is unaware of it. Nevertheless, Keima had a loathing respect for Niakaido due to the latter's treatment to him.

After all the events, and Nikaido reveals her true self to Keima, she also admits that the real reason she confiscated Keima's PFPs was because she saw how well Keima was getting along in real life. It can be seen that even after 10 years of limited interaction, she still cares deeply for Keima in a sisterly sense.

Conquest Targets

Ayumi Takahara

Ayumi kisses Keima

Keima deems Ayumi as a candidate for the host of the last goddess, Mercury, due to the emotional responses she had displayed to him, the most notable ones being after Kanon's love confession. Although she has, on multiple occasions, displayed signs of attraction to Keima even before Kanon's confession, hinting at the possibility that she remembers her conquest.

Though Keima has yet to show any signs of attraction to Ayumi, or any girl for that matter, the two do seem to at least be on somewhat good terms and sometimes converse, seeing as Ayumi is one of Elsie's best friends. Keima went to both her and Chihiro for advice when he was seeking to cheer Elsie up, and was even willing to help Ayumi study when the 2-B Pencils came to him in an attempt to score a perfect score on their next English test.

Ayumi, like the rest of the "possible goddess hosts", displayed hostility towards Keima after Kanon confessed to him. The day after the confession, she violently kicks him through the door of their classroom. Keima then tries to make her forgive him and deepen their relationship, for the sake of making a goddess appear.

Ayumi grows tired of this and tells him to leave her alone, but he refuses, saying that he will be her shadow and never leave her side, causing Ayumi to blush violently. With the threats of Vintage destroying the world, Keima picks up the pace of Ayumi's re-conquest.

Having observed Keima's past actions, especially those with Chihiro during the second night of the festival, Ayumi distrusts his words, but ultimately challenges him by seeing if he is serious enough to even go as far as marrying her. Keima pushes forward, and proves that he would go along with marriage. He could not, however, prove to Ayumi that he "loves" her for real, but eventually he somewhat explains the reason for his actions. After some digging and comes to realize that he does not truly love her.He also mentions that he only aims for the best ending and that THAT was the true love of a gamer. He then tells her that he adores her and with a little push from Chihiro, they go through with their "wedding" of sorts, ending with Ayumi confessing her love for Keima and a "wedding" kiss shared by the two (which Ayumi initiates).

Mio Aoyama

Keima and Mio

Keima, recognizing Mio as tsundere stereotype and believing she was rich, thought that conquering her will be easy. However, after discovering she is actually poor, he decides make a bond by hiding her secret and giving her elaborate bike rides to school.

Seeing that she isn't falling for him, Keima understands that she is pretending to be rich because of her deceased father. He takes her to a party she didn't want to go to and dances with her. He eventually confronts Mio about her father, and tells her that it is time for her to live her own life.

Mio decides to let go of the past and they kiss, expelling the spirit from her body. Although she has forgotten Keima, she still blushes around him. Later, while being in Yui's body, Keima sees Mio in a bakery. After confirming there is no goddess inside her he wishes her good luck, showing that he does care for her.

Kanon Nakagawa


Initially, he was uninterested in her because of she is a real-life idol, Keima becomes Kanon's source of support and advice - even when she gets violent. When Kanon runs away from her concert and asks him to always support her, Keima says that she should not depend on other people because she is already shining by herself. The conquest ends with a kiss, and Kanon performs flawlessly at the concert.

Without Keima's notice, Kanon contained the goddess of music, Apollo.

Apollo's appearance brings danger to Kanon when a Vintage member finds her. Remembering her past with Keima, she goes to Keima directly for protection, even going as far to confessing that she loves him, back then and even now. This declaration left Keima blushing and the spectators shocked at her words. After Apollo runs away in Kanon's body, not wishing to involve the "unrelated" Keima, she is stabbed with a magically enforced knife by the mysterious female member of Vintage - Fiore Loderia Lavigneri.

Upon seeing that Kanon was in a dire situation, Keima resolves to find all the other Goddesses in order to save her. The incident involving Kanon becomes a turning point in Keima's life as he makes the promise to search for the goddesses for Kanon's sake, showing that he feels responsible. Later, after removing the knife within Apollo/Kanon, Keima "entered" Apollo's mind through her spell and was able to see Kanon again. Kanon tells him that she believes in him and that she will be praying with Apollo while he is busy.

Shiori Shiomiya

Keima considered Shiori a candidate for a goddess host, due to her reaction of avoiding him after Kanon confessed to him. She is now confirmed as the host of the goddess Minerva, Goddess of Knowledge, revealed after Keima conquers her for a second time through the assistance of her novel.

She was once a reticent librarian who could not tolerate Keima's "rudeness". Ever since her conquest ended, she

Keima and Shiori

has learned to speak more often.

She returns to the storyline many chapters later, somewhat angry due to Kanon's love confession. Her memories and feelings for Keima partially return to her due to the shock of the confession. She tries (with difficulty) to avoid Keima, but he nevertheless approaches her. Keima realizes that she has been writing a novel based on the events of the library rebellion - her conquest - but has had difficulty advancing her story since she only has vague memories of the whole experience.

Can I see you every day?

With Keima's intervention, she is able to move on with her story, and in the end, creates a monologue. At the end of her written monologue, she wrote that she is in love with Keima, revealing her true feelings. Keima congratulates her with a kiss on the cheek. After, he asks if he can come to the library everyday and admits to wanting to see her. Shiori is unable to speak, but she blushes.

Kusunoki Kasuga

Keima first meets Kusunoki when he and Elsie were being bullied by the Mai-High Delinquents. When Kusunoki saves him, he thanks her but is rather angry that Kusunoki calls him weak. When Elsie says that Kusunoki has an escaped spirit, Keima becomes reluctant as he does not want to involve himself with such a powerful person. Nevertheless, he makes contact with her because he figured that he will have to do so eventually.

Kusunoki and Keima sharing a soft serve.

During her conquest, Keima manages to find out that Kusunoki still has some of her femininity intact, and uses this "weakness" to bring about her other self. In the end, Keima convinces Kusunoki that she can be strong and cute, which causes the runaway spirit inside her to reveal itself.

After her conquest, Keima seems to have forgotten about Kusunoki. She makes another appearance, however, in the Hinoki Arc, and takes on a support role. Keima learns about another reason why Kusunoki had a gap in her heart and also learns the history behind Kusunoki's relationship with her sister.

In an Omake, Kusunoki (under Hinoki's forcefulness) approaches Keima with flowers and tries to confess to him. It is unknown what Keima's response is.

Chihiro Kosaka

Before her conquest, Chihiro always treated Keima worse than other students did. She would always call him by his nickname, "Otamega", and would generally make fun of him. When it is discovered that Chihiro is the next capture target, Keima becomes horrified and wanted nothing to do with her, because she is his definition of a 'real' girl and has no personality. Even so, when Keima does decide to assist her, he learns that not only is she one of the most difficult conquests he has ever encountered, she is also the girl with the most personality so far.

During her conquest, Chihiro verbally retaliates against Keima's insults and calls him a cockroach. Her words pierce Keima to the point where Keima completely ignores reality and immerses himself in his games. Keima manages to get over it thanks to Ayumi and decides to help Chihiro fall in love with another guy to release her escaped spirit.

In the end, Keima gets enraged when he learns that Chihiro does not really like the boy they have been targeting. Chihiro then runs off as Keima finally realizes that he is the only one that can fill Chihiro's heart. He rushes to Chihiro's side, talks to her and eventually kisses her. He tells Chihiro that she can do anything and also promises her that he will always be there to help her when she needs it, which causes the runaway spirit inside Chihiro to be released.

Keima shedding tears for his actions against Chihiro

Sometime after Chihiro's conquest, Keima reluctantly tutors the 2-B Pencils (sans Miyako) in English By the time of the Mai-High Festival Arc, Keima's opinion of Chihiro does not seem to change much and when he eventually learns that Chihiro has been attracted to him since before her conquest. Keima, out of the interest to protect Chihiro from Vintage, is forced to coldly reject her. This makes a significant impact on him because he is confused as to why a girl like Chihiro likes him. His regret shows when he sheds a tear by the end of the Goddess Saga, apologizing to Chihiro for what he said "that time".

Chihiro kissng keima.png

Jun Nagase

Jun kissing Keima

Keima's first interaction with Jun can be considered significantly different than his interactions with the heroines prior to Jun. It is different because Jun makes the first move and decides to speak with Keima first.

Jun is extremely friendly towards everyone. According to Keima, this is because she is a teacher and teaching is an occupation to make friends with students. She takes a special interest in Keima because he basically ignores school regulations and chooses to play games all the time. When she sees Keima sitting alone in the classroom, she tells him playing games is fine, but he should at least talk to his friends. Keima replies with: "Friends?" with a cold and empty gaze, causing Jun to falter and run away.

During the conquest, the history of Jun's leadership within the basketball team during her time as a student is revealed. Keima comes to the conclusion that Jun's ideals are too strong for anybody to handle, so everyone turns away from her.

In the events of the wrestling match, Jun gets embarrassed for sitting next to her student and becomes even more flustered when she looks at Keima and realizes that their faces are within millimeters of each other. The moments between Jun and Keima during the wrestling match are most likely the first indications of Jun's romantic attraction to Keima.

Keima eventually fills the gap within Jun's heart by fully supporting her ideals. The conquest concludes with Keima telling Jun that she better come back, and with Jun giving him a kiss.

During the Old Conquests Arc Keima comes to the conclusion that Jun is not a goddess host because she neither remembers her conquest nor is she one of the people he encounters daily. Jun tells Keima that even after her time as a student teacher, she still worried about him, showing that at the very least and she still cares for him as a teacher.

Tsukiyo Kujyō

Initialy, Keima is rather angered by Tsukiyo's attitude towards him and Yokkyun, saying how Yokkyun is merely a "doodle" and how he is "imperfect". Because of this, Keima initially

Keima kissing Tsukiyo

wanted to let the runaway spirit to engulf Tsukiyo.

Nevertheless, Keima still puts up with Tsukiyo's antics when she shrinks. After the events leading up to Elsei's transformation of Tsukiyo's surroundings, Tsukiyo realizes that she has been tricked, and becomes infuriated and runs away. Keima seeks her out and ultimately manages to root out Tsukiyo's problems and manages to free Tsukiyo from the runaway spirit.

It is revealed that after the conquest that Tsukiyo has slowly been regaining her memories, due to the fact that is the host of a goddess, Vulcan - who was, at the time, using Luna as a medium. Coming upon this revelation, and given that he was being attacked by Vulcan at the time, he arrives at the conclusion that Tsukiyo must be extremely angry at him, considering the fact that Kanon confessed to him prior to their reunion, and that Vulcan witnessed him spending time with Shiori. Vulcan tells Keima that not only is Tsukiyo angry about the event with Kanon, but she is even angrier at the fact that Keima never once visited her after her conquest. However, as Keima continues to show that he still cares for Tsukiyo and wants to protect her she eventually stops Luna's assaults and asks Keima if she can trust him. Vulcan's last attack renders Keima unconscious, and Tsukiyo brings out Vulcan's wings by kissing Keima on the cheek.

It is currently unknown whether Keima sees Tsukiyo in some special way or not, considering that he asked her to love him back, if only for a little while.

Minami Ikoma

Minami's relationship with Keima is mostly about Minami's admiration for Keima. The interactions between the two

Keima and Minami kissing

are too few since Keima wants Minami to create a "perfect" image of him, utilizing his status both as a senior and as a 'problem child'. Apart from her short conquest, Minami has no other relation to Keima.

In the Old Conquest Arc, Keima shows that he cares for Minami's well-being as he is relieved that Minami has completely forgotten about him. During his last interaction with Minami, he asks her if she is still swimming. She replies with a yes, and he leaves, wishing her good luck.

Tenri Ayukawa

Technically speaking, Tenri is Keima's childhood friend and both also used to live close to one another. However,

Keima kisses Tenri

due to Tenri's natural bashfulness, Tenri and Keima did not really interact much. Nevertheless, it was known that Tenri had loved Keima ever since ten years ago.

When Keima met Tenri again, due to having his memories wiped out due to the boulder that had hit his head, Keima had no recognition of the events in the past except for his memories of gaming and that was made worse when the earthquake destroyed his old home, forcing him and his family to relocate.

Although Tenri loves and yearns for Keima's affections, and although Keima is fully aware of Tenri's love for him, Keima himself seems to be mutual with Tenri at best although there are times when Keima does show a little concern for Tenri.

It is also worth noting that Tenri seems to be able to know what Keima's state of emotion is as she can easily know if Keima was forcing a smile or not.

Rieko Hinaga

Rieko and Keima

Keima's relationship with Rieko is difficult to know. On one hand, he never really interacted with the real Rieko, a senior citizen and grandmother. On the other hand, Keima did interact with Rieko's "spirit" ; a manifestation of Rieko's memories and thoughts. When interacting with Rieko's spirit, Keima was shown to sympathize with Rieko and seemed to enjoy talking to her.

Sumire Uemoto

Sumire asking preparing her sweet ramen

Initially, Sumire did not like Keima very much since she was offended by Keima's ignorance of ramen. Nevertheless, Keima's opinion of Sumire is also not very much liked since it will be tiresome to curb Sumire, especially on tasting Sumire's sweet ramen.

In the end, Keima did manage to repair the relationship between Sumire and her father, and after successfully removing Sumire's gap, he was shown to have more appreciation towards ramen. When Sumire met him again, she like Minami, and was shown to have no recognition of Keima.

Nanaka Haibara

Keima being touched by Nanaka's backstory

Surprisingly, Keima actually has a nice impression of Nanaka since the latter's back-story and Kansai dialect is much more similar to those galge heroines he had played many times. As a result, Keima really likes to interact with Nanaka. Similar to Chihiro's conquest, Keima never needed to pretend to be another person to charm Nanaka like his other conquests and merely has to make Nanaka win and support her to fill up the gap in Nanaka's heart.

Sometimes, when Keima lost to Nanaka, he also had a minor sense of rivalry with her especially when Nanaka said that Shogi can have a similar pattern to games like Pac-man and she is not telling him. After the conquest, Keima's attitude to Nanaka is mutual at best.

Yui Goidō

Yui "charming" Keima

Keima first met Yui when the latter was playing with her drum-sticks and accidentally fell on Keima. After knowing Yui has a runaway spirit, Keima decided to get to Yui closer. However, due to Yui's mother, he was in quite a predicament.

When Keima and Yui swapped bodies, Keima decided to make Yui fell in love with him while trying to fight the inner feminism inside him. During the Old Conquest Arc, Keima had to re-kindle Yui's affection for him (which wasn't really hard) and managed to release the goddess inside Yui.

Later, when Keima needs to find out whether Ayumi or Chihiro is the host of Mercury, he used Yui's help to try (but Mercury was unresponsive) showing that he trusts Yui. Keima has also shown that he was concerned about Yui's safety since she and her goddess would tend to act harshly.

Due to the aftereffects of Yui's first conquests, he is unable to think straight whenever Yui approaches him aggressively like a male. Especially since they swapped bodies, Keima's feminine side is brought out whenever Yui is trying to be more masculine than she should actually be. Due to this influence, it unknown if Keima would think of Yui as a possible romantic partner. Due to her increasing masculinity, she wants him to increase his femininity so that the two will be on even terms. 

Hinoki Kasuga

Keima "nose-bleeding"

Keima initially did not want to capture hinoki at all since he knew that the latter is Kusunoki's elder sister and both are big and strong and emit an aura of violence. Soon after, Keima had to listen and agree with Hinoki and her actions along with acting as low as possible to prevent being hit.

Later, Keima slowly dropped his sucking up of Hinoki and after learning more about her from Kusunoki, Keima managed to find Hinoki'a fears and insecurities.

However, Keima had to use Kusunoki to fully free Hinoki from her curse. After the conquest, Hinoki is grateful for Keima's help and even kissed him. Nevertheless, like Kusunoki, Keima seems to have a mutual feeling for Hinoki.

Dokurou (Human girl)

Keima initially thought Dokurou was just someone from his dream world, however, when Keima did traveled back in

Keima kissing Dokurou

time he noticed that this "dream-girl" was in fact, very real. Keima then believed that the girl is really selfish since he also hated the real world but he won't commit suicide. Keima was also rather shocked to see that Dokurou was unable to think about happy feelings.

When Dokurou revealed her name, Keima believed that she is Elsie's superior despite the latter's claim that she is not. Nevertheless, Keima has eventually taken to that of an older brother role to better make Dokurou relieve her sadness before she regressed herself, much to Elsie's jealously.

Later on, Dokurou began to adapt mannerisms similar to an imouto (little sister) as she began to take into account and mimic Keima's mannerisms and lines. Additionally, Dokurou refers to Keima as "onii-chan" which is usually reserved only for siblings or osananajimis (childhood friends). Needless to say, Keima and Dokurou are on essentially good terms, as they are currently working together. In fact, their relationship resembled a sibling-like relationship so much that Elsie even took notice and voiced out jealousy. 

Urara Shiratori

Keima had a bad impression towards Urara when she kicked away his game console in class. His initial reaction was to ignore her, or make comebacks that were too mature for Urara to understand.

Urara wants to see Keima's naked body

After finding out that she is a descended of the Shiratori clan, Keima decided to befriend Urara so that he can get to see her grandfather, who is responsible for the construction of a "new theme park" that happens to be right under the place where all runaway spirits used to be sealed at. As Keima interacted more with Urara, Urara started becoming grateful to Keima when he promised that Urara would be able to see her grandfather. 

When the route reset itself, Keima chose to befriend Urara in a different way, disguising himself as an alien named Kei. Urara is grateful to Kei for turning her into an adult (although in reality, it was the work of a runaway spirit), and quickly becomes close to Kei when they entered her "ideal realm". However, any prior interaction of Urara with Keima in the previous route became void, and she does not recognise Keima as Kei in the present time.

Jupiter Sisters


Diana initially thought of Keima as a rude and cold man, so she acted the same towards him. However, after helping Tenri and Diana get rid of Nora - who was, at the time trying to capture Diana who she thought was a runaway spirit - Keima's disposition in Diana's mind gradually changes as she begins to know more and more about Keima through Tenri and Keima's associates (mostly Haqua).

Diana declaring that she loves Keima

Even though Keima has begun warming up to her, Diana still often gets angry and will hurt Keima should the latter forget or ignore anything concerning Tenri, or if he is doing anything she deems as perverted. It should also be noted that, in a way, she is similar to Haqua in that they both physically punish Keima if he ever shows any interest (genuine or otherwise) in other girls besides them (In Diana's case, she will also punish Keima if he ignores Tenri).

She goes to great lengths to bring Keima and Tenri together. An example would be her asking of Keima to meet her at the amusement park so that they could discuss the goddess situation, when in fact, she only wanted him to meet her there so that he and Tenri can go on a date. Her plan was ruined, however, by Keima's invitation of Haqua.

As the story progresses, Diana comes to the realization that she has also fallen in love with Keima. She feels guilty about it because she thinks that she is betraying Tenri, and she voices it as a concern on why she cannot release her wings. Keima himself, however, doesn't seem to care too much about it. He does acknowledge Diana, seeing as he asks for her help from time to time.

Diana's wings are released when Tenri reveals what would happen during the Heart of Jupiter Arc, implying that Diana was finally able to come to terms with her feelings for Keima.


The goddesses fighting for their respective hosts

At first, Apollo did not see Keima as anything special other than a source to let her gain her powers quickly. However, after being stabbed by Vintage and seeing Keima's actions, Apollo has a greater view of Keima than before. Keima himself seems to care Apollo to a certain degree since he felt guilty for letting Kanon and Apollo being stabbed and does his best to help Apollo. As with most characters in the series, Keima does not have any romantic feelings for Apollo.


Vulcan let Keima knew very early on that she will not hesitate to kill him. As a result, Keima seems to be always on the edge when Vulcan is nearby with Luna holding a pair of very sharp scissors. Keima's attitude to Vulcan overall seems to be platonic, if not he is quite careful around Vulcan.


Keima had little interaction with Mars. However, Keima does know how powerful and important Mars is. Mars, on the other hand, seems to have no problems trying to help Yui win Keima's affections.


Keima's first interaction with Minerva had some minor setbacks. However, as time passes by, Minerva became more comfortable with Keima.


Keima had the least interaction with Mercury, and it is unknown how he would approach her.


Miyako Terada

It's too late for you to act nice!

Miyako is one of the few people around Keima who is actually nicer to him. Nevertheless, Keima remained cold and distant to Miyako, and was angry with Miyako's "disturbances" to his plans to conquer Ayumi during the Old Conquest Arc.

During the Old Conquest Arc, Keima did recognize Miyako's nicer treatment to him but said that it's too late to act nice now and he will not help her even if she is possessed by a Weiss. Miyako is also one of the few who were never shown to call Keima by his nickname, "Otamega".

During the Mai-High Festival Arc, It seems that Miyako holds Keima in a much higher regard than most people since she wanted Keima to give a speech to the 2-B Pencils.

Nevertheless, like most characters, Miyako and Kema's relationship is mutual at best.


Mobuko doesn't like Keima at all and like most of her peers, she would call Keima "Otamega" and generally ignore him. This seems to stem from Keima refusing to pick up an eraser for her some time ago. However, at times, Mobuko does display her gratitude to Keima whenever he actually helped her out. Keima himself doesn't even seem to notice much about Mobuko.

Ichirō Kodama

Kodama yelling at Keima

Although it is little shock that Kodama disliked Keima to a huge degree, it is generally unknown how Keima thinks about his English teacher. It is safe to assume that Keima treats his teachers the same way by playing games in their classes and in return, still gets good grades for tests.

Kodama cannot accept that Keima is able to get perfect grades and play games and often tried to scold Keima for playing games. Kodama was shown to be delighted when Keima scored lower than usual ('lower' being 99%).

It is unknown how much Keima knew or even recognized Kodama's actions towards him.


Initially, Keima thought that Airi was the holder for the runaway spirit but after some time interacting with Airi and after seeing some photos, Keima realized that it is Reiko which had the gap. Nevertheless, Keima was shown to be disturbed by Airi's actions to him although he does seem to have forgotten about it now.

Yotsuba Sugimoto/"Yokkyun"

Despite being a fictional 2D game character, Keima holds Yokkyun in high esteem, much more than any living girl,

Keima and Yokkyun

due to her nature as an "ideal heroine". It is somewhat reasonable to assume that Yokkyun is one of the reasons why Keima appears to have no feelings for many of the girls attracted to him.It is also shown that this is what he loves the most.