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Ikumi Yoshino
Yoshino Ikumi
Gender Female
Age 17
Date of Birth June 6
Family Asami Yoshino (older twin sister)
Novel Debut Volume 1

Ikumi Yoshino (吉野 郁美, Yoshino Ikumi) is a character from the The World God Only Knows's novel series who first appeared in Volume One, but Ikumi was not a character of conquest but a side character that helped develop Asami Yoshino's story.

Character Overview


It is said that Ikumi is a splitting image of Asami Yoshino (Ikumi's older twin sister), but Ikumi's dress code is probably different compared to Asami, but she did have a one-piece swimsuit that is exactly like her sister's.


Unlike Asami Yoshino, Ikumi is the absolute opposite of Asami in terms of social skills. She has many friends and is always energetic. Ikumi is also very curious and adventurous, an example of which was her desire to find out more about Keima while disguised as Asami.


Ever since when Asami Yoshino and Ikumi were young, Asami already had trouble socializing with her peers and the adults would always say that she and her sister were different in terms of personality. In fact, Asami and Ikumi would occasionally feel like they were facing a mirror. Because of that, Asami was always wearing an "ordinary mask" which Ikumi knew that it was hurtful for Asami, who was not able to express herself confidently. Ikumi then resolved to help her sister as much as possible in order to make her a more sociable person.

Character History

Twins Arc

After noticing Asami Yoshino was happy that the "legendary Katsuragi Keima" was with her, Ikumi disguised herself as Asami to gather and know more about Keima Katsuragi. She ultimately brought him to a sweets shop and everything was going well even when Tooru Amami was present as well. After knowing that Keima was apparently associated with Amami, Ikumi left her email and left, thinking he might have been a playboy.

However, her disguise was ultimately uncovered by Keima and she confessed her actions. Ikumi then told him about Asami and how she would be grateful if he would make her sister more bold. Keima accepted her request.

Keima's plan was to simply make Asami more confident by slowly introducing more friends into the group at their trip to Deanland. After a chain of events, Keima kissed Asami and caused the spirit inside her to leave.

After the conquest, it is presumed that Ikumi's memories about Keima were erased.


  • (To Keima Katsuragi) “Ever since we were young, we were often told that ‘you sisters really aren’t like each other’. Ah, of course we’re not talking about our appearances. About that, we’ll occasionally feel that we’re facing the mirror. I feel that twins are more similar to each other.” (Volume 1 Light Novel, Chapter 2)
  • (To Keima and Asami Yoshino) “Eh~? No way! You two didn't go play!?” (Volume 1 Light Novel, Chapter 2)


  • The name Ikumi means "depression, gloom, melancholy" (郁) (iku) and "beautiful" (美) (mi), which literally means "melancholic/depressed beauty" altogether.
  • Ikumi's surname Yoshino means "lucky, good" (吉) (yoshi) and "field, wilderness" (野) (no).


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