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Heart of Jupiter Arc

Heart of Jupiter Arc

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Manga Chapters 190 - 268
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Mai-High Festival Arc
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The Heart of Jupiter is the 22nd and final Arc of The World God Only Knows. It contains Keima going into the past and the heroines Urara, Kaori and Dokuro.

The Arc


It is November 12th, five days have passed since finding all the Goddesses and everyone from Vintage has been captured. Mari has returned from South America but Keima has been recluse since then. Elsie, worried about her brother checked on him and asked what he was doing. After a brief pause, Keima startled her when he yells that he doesn't know and then went on a rant on what game would be better. Before he could finish, his mother picked him up and kicks him out of his room while telling him to go outside.

Elsie relates this to Haqua who has returned to the Runaway Spirit Squad. Haqua then relates to Elsie that Nora was recognized for her part for exterminating Vintage and was promoted to Head District Chief. She then complains that the complaint of the Public Safety Department's unjust interrogation was also credited to Nora even though she was the victim. Elsie surmises that now the Runaway Spirit Squad won't have any work to do anymore since the goddesses who sealed the Weiss have resurrected they can now capture the runaway spirits that fled to the human world. Haqua wonders if it could be that easy but Elsie just insist that it is since the goddesses are strong. Elsie then asked Haqua to watch the recordings of her performing as Kanon unaware that Keima has left for school already.

As Keima was on his way to school he notices Tenri by a light post eating a riceball. Tenri then nervously greeted Keima; she was unprepared since she thought he wasn't coming out that day as well. She then asked Keima if he was going to school but her stomach growled which then Keima tells her to finish eating first. After eating, Tenri tells him that she was glad he came out of his house; Keima doesn't respond. She continues and tells him that she thinks that no one would be mad at him since he was trying to protect everyone; Keima interrupts her, saying that he was fine. He explains that since all the goddesses are out, the hunt for the runaway spirits is now over and he can finally return to the world of games.

Tenri says nothing and continues to follow Keima. After a while Keima asks her how long she would continue to follow him since she goes to a different school. He then asked her how she got out Diana's wings since he didn't do anything. Tenri tells him that she told Diana what comes next.

Tenri's voice cuts out and Keima looks back only to see that Tenri (or anybody for that matter) was no longer there. The school mysterious glowed and Keima notices a girl holding an orb at the base of the central tree.

Tenri taps Keima on the back, snapping him out of his trance, and asked him what was wrong since he was acting strange. Keima wondered what had happened and then tells Tenri to go to her school. Meanwhile back at Cafe Grandpa, Elsie just noticed that Keima wasn't at home. Haqua guessed that he might have gone to school already which made Elsie rush out to school complaining that she wanted to go with Keima.

Haqua watches how energetic Elsie was and decides to go back to her home but then the Sensor beeps with a transmission from the higher ups. After confirming her identity she read the Notification but couldn't believe it. Nora then appeared at the door and bragged about her armband but then put it aside and asked Haqua if she read the note. She answered that she did but still did not believe it.

The note says that Dokuro Skull committed treason and will be discharged as punishment immediately. It also says that her position will now be filled by the constitutional ministry's deputy director, Needles Moura Rami.

Nora then tells Haqua that Dokuro's discharge was different from Haqua's since it was direct orders from the directors. She then remarks on the treason that Dokuro was accused of even shocked her; Dokuro was the leader of Vintage. This information shock Haqua speechless, Nora then continues to say her own thoughts that Vintage was a pawn and had a mastermind behind it but never thought Dokuro would be it's boss. Haqua refuses to believe it to be true but Nora reminds her that Dokuro did make a contract with Vintage and that is how she saved her. This made Haqua wonder why Dokuro was involved with Vintage, Nora tells her that she doesn't know why but since Dokuro was convicted, peace should return to New Hell.

Back at Maijima Private High School, Keima walks to the classroom (not noticing that Mobuko and Miyako was staring at him) wondering that since the goddesses have been found that he should return to his normal life. When he opens the door he bumps into Ayumi. He wonders what he should say to her.

Ayumi preempts him by asking who he is. Keima was shocked and asked what she means: was it because she was angry or that the goddesses wiped her memory. Ayumi then tells him that the school is an all-girls school confusing Keima. Then the girls in the school exclaimed that there was a boy in the school and to call a teacher. Keima tried to explain himself but Ayumi smacked him before he could say anything and told him to get out. Keima runs away while girls accuse him for a pervert. Running down the stairs, Keima wonders how it became an all-girls school. The stairs then crumble under his feet along with the rest of the school. As he fell, Keima sees the girl with the orb again.

Keima lands on the ground face down. He then hears Elsie call for him and lifts himself up. Elsie asked him what he was doing on the ground and then complains to him that he left her behind. Staring at the school he notes that a strange occurrence happens again whenever he tries to enter the school and concludes that something is going on. Meanwhile, Diana was nearby and sees the miasma enveloping the school and quickly decides to tell the other goddesses.

Back at Cafe Grandpa, Haqua tells Nora that she is going back to Hell to save Chief Dokuro but Nora informs her that it was too late, the chief was already disposed of for apparently resisting, shocking Haqua. Nora summarizes that the ferocious true nature of New Hell is starting to surface. Meanwhile back at school Keima was busy testing in triggering the event again while Elsie just stares wondering what he was doing.

As Keima tries to walk to the school again, he notes strange things are happening whenever he gets near the school. Elsie guesses that maybe he was tired which Keima wonders if he is hallucinating like during days after playing too much games which made Elsie wonders if there are days he doesn't play too much.

Ayumi then came up to greet Keima, warmly calling him 'darling' which confused him. Ayumi then gives him a bento which made him ask why. Ayumi tells him that she wanted to do it because she is his wife shocking everyone in earshot. Suddenly Yui came in on a rickshaw pulled by Okamoto interrupting them. She came to give Keima her own bento calling herself his wife. Ayumi complains to her saying that she is his wife but Yui just tells her that she would just marry Keima also shocking Ayumi. Yui then list why she would be the best wife such as: she can sew, cook and play the koto. Yui then takes out a wedding dress for Keima to wear which made him complain. Suddenly Tsukiyo landed on Keima and tells him to come to the rooftop to have tea. Meanwhile Shiori was in the library looking through books on food and how to be a good wife. Back outside, an airship with Kanon on it advertising chocolate to give "to the one you love". Elsie states that the situation is like something from one of Keima's game but Keima was not amused as he was being hugged by Ayumi and Yui.

Meanwhile back at Cafe Grandpa, Haqua was defending Chief Dokuro to Nora saying that there is no way that Dokuro was part of Vintage since she was the hero who sealed the Weiss. Nora guess that they were just looking for an excuse since the chief was executed with no formal procedures. Haqua then hypothesizes that they planed to kill the chief since the beginning. Nora continues to say that it isn't over since there are "leftovers". She runs down what has happened: Vintage was a pawn and the chief was erased, and removing the Runaway Spirit Squad and the Weiss from the equation she asked Haqua who was left. Haqua quickly figures out that the goddesses are the next target. Nora then tells Haqua that she is leaving since she didn't come to talk to her but needed to see Keima prompting Haqua to ask why. Nora tells her that she is there to give him a memento from Chief Dokuro and shows a bag to Haqua.

Back with Keima who stirs awake in his room by his mother. He then notices that she and everything is in 2D 8-bits. He left for school and meets with Yokkyun and walks with her. When he entered the school everything wipes away.

Keima, asleep on his desk, was wakened by Kodama-sensei. Keima then notices that he is back to being 3D and tantrum wanting to go back. Elsie then calls to him asking what is wrong. Keima then notices her in a boys uniform and inquire her about it. She then tells him it was because they are in an all-boys school. The news surprised Keima but Elsie tells him that it has been that way. Keima thinks it over and rationalizes that he has been going through alternate worlds and the school grounds is the key and has to leave the school. He tries to leave the classroom but Elsie stops him. She then tells him to first catch some runaway spirits and save every boy using love. That statement shocked Keima and he refuses to do it wanted to reconfirm that the runaway spirits should be in girls. Elsie then tells him that they have been that way ever since which made Keima to state that he hates the setting.

Outside the school, Haqua and Nora arrived and sees the school shrouded in miasma. Nora complains they have to search for Keima in the place. Haqua then asked Nora what is it that Dokuro gave to Nora to give to Keima. Nora shows her an orb and tells her that Dokuro told her that it was the key to save the world. They then heard Keima yelling from within the miasma engulfed school.

Back in the school, Elsie is encouraging Keima to fill the gaps in the heart of boys with love but Keima is refusing to do so while running away. Keima is angry that he can't escape from the alternate worlds. He tries to think things through, rationalizing that it is a dream but when he reaches the bottom of the steps he comes to the courtyard and is now surrounded by the school in ruins. He wonders if he could escape the dream but then hears a voice telling him that it isn't a dream. Keima tries to look to where the voice is coming from. The voice continues to talk about dreams, the infinite amount of choices, and dreams crumbling. The voice then tells Keima that where they are is the future on the world. Keima inquires the voice on the meaning. He then thinks the voice sounded familiar. He then sees the girl with the orb again at the base of the tree.

Meanwhile, Vulcan and Mars wonder who was responsible for the miasma and Mars concludes that it is a spell of a Weiss. Meanwhile at the library Minerva also concludes the same thing and notices that it is coming from nearby the theater.

Back with Keima and the girl, he states that he recognize her as the one he keeps seeing in the parallel world he goes through. He then asked her who she is.She tells him that she doesn't know and questions why she is there. She then states that she didn't want to be born anymore. Keima just brushoff what she said to the side and asked her how to exit. The girl said nothing but Keima sees her regress in age till she is a baby.

Meanwhile, Haqua and Nora are looking for Keima but are having a hard time with all the students in school. At the same time, Minerva brings her sisters Mercury, Mars and Vulcan to where the miasma is coming from. There they meet up with a worried Elsie who tells them that Keima was acting weird and that he suddenly disappeared from the front gate. She looked and found him on the ground leaking out miasma.

Tenri then came from behind a tree and told the goddesses that she is glad that they came. She assured Elsie that Keima will be fine and that he is dreaming of the future of the world. They questioned her if she knows something. Tenri just states that Keima has finally came to the place. She then tells the goddesses that Keima needs to go on a journey and asked for their assistance. Vulcan asked where he would journeying to. Tenri tells them that he is going to Maijima ten years in the past.

Later, as Keima was still laid down unconscious, Tenri was explaining things to the goddesses. Apollo came by as well and with all the goddesses gathered, they made a magic circle to prepare Keima to travel back. Later Keima finally awoke and groggily wondered if he returned to the real world this time. He then notices that he was in the middle of a circle and wonders what is it. The goddesses were busy within the barrier prepping it while Elsie was outside wondering what they are doing. Tenri then came up to Keima and after finding her words tells him, to his confusion, that he will be traveling back in time and that he has something that he needs to do when he gets there. Meanwhile as Apollo complains to hurry up since Kanon has a busy schedule, Vulcan wonders if everything that happened up to now was all part of some grand scheme.

Keima, thinking that he is still dreaming, feigns falling back asleep hoping to escape the parallel world; Tenri tickles him and tells him to listen. Keima then complains to her on what she means by back in time; Mercury then announces that they are ready and asked where to send him. As Haqua and Nora arrived at the barrier they meet up with Elsie. Nora was confused at the spell since it is not from Hell yet the aura of the Weiss fills the sky. Tenri then came out of the barrier, going up to Nora she asked her if she brought the "key" but Nora didn't know what she was talking about. Tenri then describes it as an orb which Nora then takes out and shows it. Tenri was relieved that it was there and notes that with it Keima can return to the past.

Vulcan then noticed that the key had arrived and tells the other Goddesses to begin. As they empowered the spell, their wings grew with power and the orb flew out of Nora's hand into the barrier above the circle. Keima asked Tenri what is happening as she brings Elsie in the barrier telling her that she needs to go with Keima.

Keima then asked Tenri again what she meant by the past and why he needs to go. Tenri just tells him that he would find out when he gets there. Keima then rants that she is taking traveling to the past lightly. Tenri apologizes but tells Keima that it is only something that he can do; he needs to save a girl and that he probably already met her. Keima then thinks of the girl he kept running into as he went through parallel worlds. Tenri continues and says that if he could save her, everyone's futures could be affected before switching with Diana to power the spell.

Parallel Adventures


It is nighttime, Keima and Elsie arrived in a flash and crash. Elsie wonders why it was nighttime and where they are. Keima groans in pain and Elsie rushes to his side. Keima complains on what Tenri said and turns to Elsie and announces that he is going home; Elsie stares at him since he now a child.

Elsie asked Keima if he was him. She then exclaimed to him that he is now a child. Keima didn't pay attention and just notices that it was night now and wonders if the game stores are still open. Losing patience, Elsie makes a mirror with her Hagoromo and shows Keima that he now looks like a child. Keima wonders if he is still in a parallel world but then notices that he is in front of his old house where he used to live; the house that was destroyed in the earthquake ten years ago. He then hears a voice calling out for him.

Turning to the voice, he sees his mother but she was younger. Mari then tells Keima that he shouldn't come out at night since demons will appear and makes a "scary" position to emphasize. After a while of staring, Keima comments that his mom is young which makes her happily hug him thinking it was a compliment. Tenri's mom then stepped out of the old Katsuragi house to leave for home. Mari thanked her for the vegetables and tells her to say hello to Tenri as she left. Keima then realized that he didn't turn into a child but gone back in time as he is escorted in the house by his mom; Elsie, who had been hiding since Mari exited the house, remembered that Tenri did tell them that they would be returning to the past.

Inside, Mari tells Keima that it is time to sleep and to clean up his mess. Keima, not paying attention to his mom, checked the calender and saw that it was July from ten years ago and wonders why he was sent there. He then was distracted by nostalgia when he saw his original game chair and the third game he conquered. Elsie, who was still outside, call out to him and snapped him out. After steeling himself that they really went back in time, he asked Elsie why things ended up like that but she doesn't give helpful input. The orb then dropped down and Elsie recognized it as the orb that Haqua and Nora had.

Mari then called out to Keima to come to her. Keima gives the orb to Elsie and tells her to hide from mom because she doesn't know her yet and might cause problems. Keima then went to the bathroom where his mom was calling him from but was shocked when she told him to take a bath with her. He tried to resist but his embarrassment just made his mom happy; she was worried because she never got a reaction from him before and thought there was something wrong. Meanwhile outside, as Mari teases Keima with affection in the bathroom, Elsie was checking if she brought anything useful but to no avail.

Back inside, as Mari was washing Keima, he tries to think of why he was sent to the past. He continues to wonder why is he is a 7-year-old and why only his 17-year-old mind traveled; he also wondered what happened to his 7-year-old self. He then pretended to be sleepy to get out of the bath. Later at his parents' bedroom, he waited for his mom to fall asleep so he could sneak out. Meanwhile Elsie was on the roof waiting for Keima, the orb then glowed and shown a light beam to somewhere.

Keima soon joins Elsie and they flew to where the beam goes, the Akanemaru; on the way Elsie notices the orb now has four stripes on it. Elsie then dropped the orb making the duo come aboard to search for it. They soon found it inside the wheelhouse but when Keima reached for it, it sank into the floor. The floor then gave way and revealed a stairway. They then went down they stairs and into a hidden room with a table like device. Keima notices that the table had two holes for orbs but they only had one. Keima concluded that they need to find another orb and tries to remember what Tenri said for a hint.

They soon heard a sound from outside and went to investigate. They soon see someone on the mast of the ship. Keima then recognized her as the girl who he met earlier from traveling through parallel worlds, he also remembered what Tenri said before he arrived. The girl then suddenly jumped off the mast and onto the deck of the ship; Keima and Elsie were unable to do anything but watch.

The two then went down to check on the girl. Elsie wanted to call for an ambulance but then Keima saw a black orb next to the girl. Elsie's Sensor then went off and the girl picked herself up surprising the two and herself that she was still alive. Keima concluded that the girl was the same one Tenri told him about. Elsie wonders if there is a runaway spirit in the girl which made Keima wonders if he has to conquer her.

The girl then started to walk away but Keima went after her. Trying to make a connection, he calls her attention to the orb in his hand to compare with her's and then asked her what they are. The girl tried to think but got anxious when she didn't know. Keima's orb then glowed; the girl then collapsed and started to regress in age just like what Keima saw previously. Keima's orb then looses one of the four stripes on it and then everything went blank.

Back to start

Keima's consciousness returns when he hears Elsie exclaim that he has turned into a child. Keima then notices that he is back in front of his old house when they were just on the Akanemaru. He then heard his mom calling him, and he watches as things unfold like last time which he notices. He guessed that he returned to the moment he arrived in the past but he then notices that the orb had three stripes now and concluded that he was returned.

He then made progress to skip the bath and right to bed so he could leave earlier. He tells himself to not get distracted with the past setting and the special item since Tenri told him to "save a girl" and all he had to do was to capture the runaway spirit like always. He reviews what he thinks he has learned from his first arrival in his head.

  1. The girl has a runaway spirit in her.
  2. When the girl turns into a baby he is returned to the beginning of when he is transport to the past; like starting over in a game when reaching a game over.
  3. He guesses that if doesn't conquer the girl he would continue to return to the starting point forever but the theory is not confirmed.

Once he got outside Keima straddled on Elsie's shoulders and tells her to quickly go to the Akanemaru. On the way he mentally curses his situation and vows to definitely save the girl this time.

As the two were on their way to the ship, Keima fills Elsie in that they are in Maijima 10 year ago. Elsie questions why did he turned into a child but he tells her to not mind it since the orb would shine soon to her confusion. Soon after, the orb did shined a beam toward the Akanemaru to Elsie's amazement. The action confirmed that events are repeating and that only he is aware of it; he concludes that if he doesn't conquer her they won't be able to progress and return to the starting point. Thinking of the orb and the device in the Akanemaru, he wonders if he would be able to return to the present.

Thinking back to the girl who tries to commit suicide and turning into a baby if she fails, Keima guesses that she must be sick of living. He then said aloud, to Elsie's confusion, that she is conceited even though he is the on who is most sick of the real world is living. Elsie's sensor then rang once they reached the Akanemaru. The two saw the girl on the docks as she walked to the ship to Keima's relief. He then tells Elsie to do what he says and that he will explain things her later.

On the dock, Keima appears before the girl playing with Elsie's fire truck toys she brought and asked the girl to play with him hoping that the innocence of his child form can deter her from suicide. The girl just walked by him and continued on her way to the ship. Later on the mast, Keima climbed on it to try talk her down by mentioning that she would die falling from the height onto the spikes, which Keima had Elsie made, on the deck. Undeterred, the girl jumps but Keima, tethered with Elsie's hagoromo, jumped and grabbed her. As he tries to dissuade her, he looks into her eyes and sees that she seem to be at the lowest point of despair.

The girl then tells Keima to not interfere and struck him causing both to plummet down. The result of the fall, the girl was alright but Keima seems to have been impaled on a spike. Seeing this scene she freaks out, as she remembers things she mumbles that she doesn't want to die and she doesn't want to kill. Keima's orb then shined and the girl starts to regress. Keima, who was faking being impaled, notes that she finally responded and that she had a serious trauma. He then declares that he would save her but she had to wait for the next time. Before she fully regressed into a baby, Keima asked for her name. She tells him that she was Dokuro. Keima's orb then loses one of its stripes and everything went blank.


Keima returns to the starting point of July 19th but is annoyed by the repetition as it unfolds before him. Keima remembers that the girl called herself Dokuro which is the same name of Elsie's superior. As his mother again warns him of demons appearing at night, he notices the orb now has two stripes on it. He concludes that they may represent how many tries he has left. As he wonders what would happen if he runs out of tries a new development happened.

A young Tenri came and said to her mother that her dad was waiting for her. Upon seeing her, Kiema hid behind his mother but then remembered he was a a child now and he didn't need to hide. Before the two families parted way, the mothers tried to get the two children to talk to each other. After a brief silence, Keima mentally wonders if its going to take long. Tenri then leaves with her mother following soon after. Keima was a bit relieved nothing happened but was still annoyed that Tenri won't at least greet him.

Inside, he tried to skip the bath but was forced to anyway delaying him. When he finally was able to sneak out, riding Elsie he tells her to quickly go to the Akanemaru. As they arrived at the ship, Keima tells Elsie to turn herself invisible. Keima then saved the girl as she was falling, crashing onto the railings of the deck. After recovering, Keima berates her, asking how many times he has to save her.

Keima then calls her Dokuro and to have her look at something. The girl showed no recognition to being called "Dokuro". He then showed the orb he has and that she has a similar orb as well. He adds that the orbs are a bond between them and if she dies he dies as well. As the girl remained quiet, Keima lament that there isn't enough time to properly have her overcome her despair and can only "shackle" her to prevent her from killing herself. When she asked him how he did know about her but Keima just tells her that he just does.

After a brief silence the girl responded that she doesn't know. When she realized that she was here, everything was pitch black and the darkness was calling to her. She then starts to regress again, Keima wonders what he should fill the gap in her heart with. He then does what he best knows and kisses her and then tells her that if she doesn't know then he'll decide for her. He continues and orders her to not die on her own and that he would do something about her despair. The girl then stopped regressing and returned to her normal. He wonders if he made some progress as his orb's pattern changed from two stripes to two triangles.

The next step

Thinking that he succeed in his mission Keima announces that it is time to head back. Elsie questions what he means, he tells her that they are returning to their own world. He surmised that since he saved the girl that Tenri told him about that it should be enough. Elsie wonders if it really counts as saving.

The girl, Dokuro, then came up from behind Keima and hugged his arm. Keima then showed Elsie Dokuro's orb and including his, they have two. He then brought them to the wheelhouse. Elsie, due to the time travel loops, wonder what they are doing there. The floor, reacting to Keima's orb, gave way and again showed the stairway to the hidden room to Elsie's amazement.

When Elsie asked what was in the middle of the room, Keima tells her what he guessed it is. He thinks the device is a time machine but Elsie was skeptical. He argues that if they put the two orbs in the machine, it will activate and they would return to the present. Elsie asked Keima if he heard it form somewhere but it was just his logical guess. She then worries what if he gets stuck as a child but he doesn't care either way as long as he can play games. As he was about to place the orbs, he notices that his orb changed patterns but shrugged it off and put his in and had Dokuro put in her's. Unfortunately for Keima, only his side glowed and even after tinkering with it, it still didn't activate.

Back on the deck, Keima vents out his frustration. He wonders about another way to return but they have no goddesses currently. Elsie interrupts him, telling him to properly conquer the girl since she has a runaway spirit. Keima argues that he can't do what he normally does since he has a child's body. He then asked her what was her Chief Dokuro was like, mentioning that the girl also called herself Dokuro. Elsie then drew a picture of her chief which Keima notes that either of the "Dokuros" don't look like each other.

Elsie wonders if their similar names are a coincidence but Keima didn't think so. Keima then called out to the Dokuro in front of them and noticed that she started to regress again. Not wanting to start over again, Keima tells Dokuro to think of something exciting because she was too gloomy. Dokuro tries to but couldn't think of anything and that her heart is pitch black. Keima then reprimands her since he heard her sad talk from the previous times. He tries to give her examples with his experience with games but Elsie didn't think they are good.

As Dokuro was regressing as she was despairing, Keima kissed her again and she returned to normal. Elsie wonders if a runaway spirit is causing her to become younger. After Keima thinks over how kissing Dokuro now opens up more options and it is now possible to conquer her, he tells Elsie that he is taking Dokuro home.

On they way, Kiema asked Elsie what was her Chief Dokuro like. She tells him that Chief Dokuro was the hero of New Hell, she had incredible magic called "Night Fog". During the Almagemachina War she fought fought the Weiss heroically and triumphed, she is like the symbol of New Hell. In the present Chief Dokuro is the head of the Runaway Spirit Squad and it was because of her that Elsie became a member.

Keima then asked how long the war lasted. Elsie tells him that it was a long time and Chief Dokuro lost her body except her bones. Keima then declared to Elsie that he suspected that the Dokuro with them was the Chief in the flesh. Elsie couldn't believe it since the Chief is in Hell but Keima argues that his conclusion would explain a lot. He then says that they'll find out soon enough if they don't fail.

As they arrived at the house, Keima tells Dokuro that they will be living together. She inquires on his statement which he tells her that it is to save her. Back at the Akanemaru, a hooded figure flies over the ship.

The Mature Elementary Schooler

The next morning of the 20th, Keima was playing games and Elsie still couldn't believe that the girl they saved was Chief Dokuro. They argue back and forth on the matter until Kiema tells her to trust his instincts. As they wonder what to do next they heard Mari waking up; Keima then pushed Elsie outside to hide her.

Mari enters the room, commenting that she overslept which Keima agrees. He then tells her to hurry so they can eat breakfast; Mari just stares at him. Keima plans to give Dokuro a "Home Drama" to fill her gap with a warm sense of security. Mari then checked Keima's temperature to see if he has a fever since he is acting different, using normal words instead of game lingo.

Keima changed the subject and directed his mom's attention to Dokuro by asking to feed her as well. He makes an excuse that he met her at the game store and that she lost her house keys. Mari accepts his explanation and then tells Keima that the store sent some Bon Festival gifts for shopping there so much.

At breakfast, Keima tells Dokuro that his mom's a good cook despite being a former delinquent. Mari retorts that delinquency doesn't have anything to do with cooking. Keima then compliments his mom that they could run a cafe soon, subtlety hinting at his future home back in the present. Mari then wonders what is up with Keima since yesterday but disregards it as something from a game.

Back at the table, Dokuro tries to eat food with her hands but burns herself. Keima then gave her chopstick but she also didn't know how to use them so Keima gave her a spoon and teaches her proper etiquette, all while Mari watched. Mari then took pictures as she comment that he is acting like a big brother. Dokuro then called Keima "big brother" to his embarrassment.

Dokuro then whispered to Keima that she needs to use the bathroom and he escorted her to there. Once there he then asked if she knew how to use it. She didn't and he tells her that she needs to sit on the toilet and take off her clothes and then close the door so he doesn't see. Keima then mulls over that Dokuro seems like a newborn, not knowing how to eat or use the toilet.

Keima then says aloud that being called a big brother has a nice feeling to it. Elsie then poutedly asked what was nice. She then tells him that she is angry that she is being left out since she is part of the family and he is getting another sister. He tries to reason with her that there are no more spots in the family. Elsie then disguised herself as a cat in a box hoping to be accepted but Keima just stuffed her in so that Mari didn't see her.

He then explains to Elsie that he is making preparations. Elsie questions what he meant. He explains that since trouble usually follows, he is strengthening his relationship with Dokuro just in case and that he was sent to the past for an objective. He wonders why he is in a child's body since if it is just to conquer Dokuro then his teen self would suffice. Mari then tells him that it is time for school and Keima asked what day it was which she tells him it was the 20th. Keima then remembers that the mass runaway spirit escape happens on the 22nd which was in two days.

When Dokuro was finished, she noticed that her orb wasn't on her and went looking for it. She finds it on the dining table. Keima asked her what she was doing. She then reminds him what he told her which he was glad that she paid attention. He then noticed that she wasn't wearing anything below her waist and yells at her to war something. After that, Keima went to school, with Dokuro and Elsie following, and wonders if he was sent back to stop the runaway spirit escape.

Keima arrives at school, with Tenri seeing him being followed. Keima then tells Dokuro and Elsie to wait outside until break time. As Keima walks through the yard, he was knocked down by other students and his game console went out of his hand. As he tried to reach for it, it was kicked away by a girl.

The girl complains that the school is no place for a lady because it was full of kids. A woman from the car that dropped her off tells the girl, Urara, to study hard. Urara tells the woman that she doesn't want to go to elementary school since she is an adult.

Around her, other students look at her with awe. Keima then came up to her and yelled at her, calling her a stupid kid. Keima berates Urara for kicking his game console, which he calls "his life", and tells her to apologize. Urara just notes that he still plays games and tells him to grow up before going inside the school. Keima starts to get angry that she didn't apologize and is being mocked instead. He calms down stating that being angry at a child is childish and goes inside.

Later in his the classroom, Keima tries to play his game but is swarmed by the other boys who were curious. As Tenri looks at him, Keima mentally regrets being sent back to 1st grade and wanted to be sent to 3rd grade at least. Keima then spots Urara siting next to him, putting on makeup while complaining how hot it was.

Some of the girls gathered around Urara and complimented her on being like an adult with her makeup kit. Urara tells them that it was natural and tells them to become adults themselves. Keima mentally comments that she was mature for her grade.

Urara then spots Keima and tells him to stop playing games since they were for kids. Keima wonders if he triggered a strange flag since she talked to him; he tries to ignore her. Urara then tells him that her grandfather told her that kids who play games stay kids forever and since she is an adult, she doesn't play games.

Keima then retorts that if she doesn't then don't, then called her an idiot and then went on a tirade. After the tirade, Urara asked him what he meant and Keima sarcastically apologizes, asking if it was too difficult for an elementary student to understand. He then tells her to continue putting on makeup and playing house, making Urara mad. Meanwhile outside, Elsie comments how hot it was and then followed Dokuro in the schoolyard.

Back inside, the teacher tells the class that their fist term was about to end. She then asked if they were used to elementary school and tells them that the closing ceremony is tomorrow. She then tells them that the day after that is their summer holiday and asked if they plan to play their hearts out. As she made her announcements, Keima wonders how long he was going to stay in this time period.

The teacher then announced that the school camp was canceled which caused Keima to pause. She tells them that there was some huge construction near the beach and that was the reason for the cancellation. Urara then said it was fortunate since going to camp was for kids.

Keima then looks toward Tenri which startled and confused her. Keima then thinks thoroughly how strange that the camping trip was canceled since in his memories, the camping trip was when he and Tenri got involved with the great runaway spirit escape. He then wonders what would happen if it was canceled.

Urara then called the teacher's attention and tells her that Keima was playing games in class. The teacher, who didn't like to warn Keima, asked him to put his games away. Keima tells her that he was trying to think and to hush up which she did. Urara then swiped the game console from Keima's hand, telling him that the teacher was telling him to stop. Keima tries to get it back, saying he didn't save yet. Urara tell him that he was being mean and she hates him. Keima argues that she started it.

Suddenly, Keima's orb in his backpack glowed. He takes it out and sees a beam of light towards Urara. Urara then throws his console to the ground causing parts to fly out. Keima then hits her causing her to cry, then he cried, until about everyone in class 1-A cried. Elsie and Dokuro peers in the room through a window and Elsie comments that Keima was fitting in.

Later during 3rd period at the school pool, as most of his classmates were partaking in swimming, Keima was playing his game console in the shade. Elsie, hiding behind the guard rails, comments on how the pool looks fun. Keima cynically denounces it and tells her that water was the enemy of games. Elsie tells him that what he said wasn't childlike. Keima then asked why she and Dokuro came in. She told him it was because it was boring outside.

Urara then came with a parasol and complained about the pool and that the sun was the enemy to all ladies before her eyes met with Keima's. Keima remembers that earlier, his orb shined to her which means the next step has something to do with Urara and wonders if he has to conquer her. He then notes that the sensor didn't react to her and he couldn't conquer a child.

Urara then sat next to Keima and announces that she is putting on sunscreen and questions Keima if he knew that adults put on sunscreen. Keima corrected her, adults don't use sunscreen in pools because they dissolve and they gunk up the filter mechanisms and break them. Urara was confused and Keima nonchalantly says that it was too difficult for her.

Urara then got angry again and threw Keima's game console into the pool. Keima then dives into the pool to retrieve it as Urara walked away. Once out, he yells at Urara which brought in the attention of their teacher who asked him what was wrong. After being told what happened, she scolded Urara as Keima was crying over his console stating that he hated kids.

As Dokuro watched the scene, she regressed to a girl about 7 years old. Elsie brings it to Keima's attention and he tells them to go somewhere they won't attract attention. Urara was pouting that she got scolded and blamed Keima. She then notice Keima sneaking off and meeting a girl, Dokuro, behind a tree. Urara then decided to call for the teacher but stopped when he saw Keima kissed the girl. She then turned away, not seeing that the girl age up, and wondered what is it that she saw. Meanwhile Elsie was amazed that Dokuro really does return to normal with a kiss. Keima, after some thought, asked Elsie to take them to somewhere during lunch break.

Later at Maijima coast, Keima came upon the construction site and confirmed that it is happening. He goes over his memories again, that the camp wasn't cancelled and that there was no construction. He then wonders if it was alright for two different pasts to exist. He thinks over on the laws of cause and effect, that the future is shaped by the choices in the past. It was possible for two different futures to connect to the same past but it was impossible to go into a different past from the future unless going further in the past first. He then wonders if this past is even connected to the world he is from.

Keima then hears Urara and turns to where she was. He sees Urara talking to the same woman who drove her, Yanagi. Yanagi tells Urara to return to school but the latter wanted to talk to her grandfather.

The Sleepover

After switching the minds of the present 17-year-old Keima and the 7-year-old Keima, the Goddesses brought Keima's unconscious body to the Astronomy clubroom. Later they had a sleepover and snacks, Diana then interrupted them so they can discuss about Keima and what they are going to do from now on. Apollo guesses that it was about who would be his lover. Mars states that it is something that the ones involved should discuss and that she is just doing what Yui wants. Vulcan expresses her disbelief that all of their host are in-love with Keima. Apollo interjects that its too late to complain since Vulcan already knew for a long time. Diana tell them that it has been premeditated and that Keima was suppose to reveal everything when it was over.

They then badmouth about Keima for him thinking that he would be hated for six timing. Vulcan complains more about him and Apollo teasingly takes it as Vulcan taking her host Tsukiyo out of the running for Keima's affection which Vulcan denied. Apollo continues to state that it doesn't matter how they met but the outcome. Mars agreed adding that all it matters is that Yui wins Keima's heart. Apollo counters with Kanon being a superstar. They argued with each other until Minerva states that Shiori would also compete. Apollo then teases Minerva can't kidnap a man as she peaks under her skirt but Mars was more wary since she heard that some men are into this sort of thing. Minerva then repealed her two sister, knocking them down. Diana complains to the two to not teach Minerva depraved things.

Apollo and Mars calls out Diana's hypocrisy since she fell in love with Keima herself. They then concluded that it doesn't matter now and to let things run its course which Diana protests on the suggestion's irresponsibility while Vulcan suggest that they must first punish Keima. Mercury, who was asleep till now, suggested that they should wait till he returns from his journey. She then added that Keima was Ayumi's husband which caused the goddesses to argue again.

Sometime later, the goddesses sensed the disturbance in space time when Keima failed the first time and the "insurance" came into play. Mars wonders if it doesn't affect the world. Vulcan reassures her that it doesn't since it was the purpose of the orb. Apollo laments that they should have told Keima the rules since the mission was important since they were changing the past. Minerva expresses her worry since traveling back in time will break the laws of cause and effect. Vulcan assures her that they knew the dangers but it is something that must be done and that Diana's host assured them that it is better to not tell Keima everything. Meanwhile, Tenri was in the hallway assuring someone that Keima will definitely succeed. Apollo later leaves so that Kanon can work.

Meanwhile, as Haqua and Nora were walking, they talked about how amazing the goddesses were to be able to send someone back in time; Haqua then questions how they are going to get Keima back though. Haqua then asked Nora why she coming with her to her house. Nora tells her that she needed to talk to her in private as she barges in the front door. Yukie Marui then greats them as Nora asked Haqua where was her buddy. Yukie then introduced herself to Nora as Haqua's buddy to her surprise. Nora then watched as Haqua and Yukie talked to each other like a sitcom and mentally reminded herself to gossip about it later.

Later in Haqua's room, Nora shows Haqua a letter from Chief Dokuro addressed to them. Haqua wonders what was on it and Nora played it. A recording of Chief Dokuro appeared and greeted the two. She expresses her regret for not getting married. She tells them that they are the last two devils that she can trust and gives them their final orders. She informs them that the Public Safety Department and the Runaway Spirit Squad were ordered to secure the goddesses. Dokuro ordered them that they are not to hand over the goddesses over to the Public Safety Department and the Runaway Spirit Squad and to protect them with their lives. She informs them that Vintage was used to draw out the goddesses.

Meanwhile in East Fortress Greda, four chair devils were meeting. −[ ]− discuss on how their original plan to capture the goddesses at the same time they annihilated Vintage was thwarted by the Far East Division responding first. ∆ tells −[ ]− that it was fine since they can send in more troops under the pretense of "strengthening defense". ΙᶥΙ continues by saying that they already know where the goddesses are and that Dokuro was gone. Roudret Ruhm Lentrant orders to bring in the Jupiter Sisters immediately.

Back at Haqua's room, Dokuro's recording further tells Haqua and Nora that New Hell is planing to start a huge war and they want to use the goddesses as a weapon. Haqua wonder with whom they are raging war against.

Meanwhile at the shores of Maijima, two members of the Public Safety Division were waiting and three large Weiss came out of the sea and onto the land.

At the same time at the Astronomy clubroom, Mars tells her sisters that they can't keep Keima's body in the room and proposes a game to determine who gets to take him home. Vulcan, Diana and Minerva disagreed and mostly gave reasonable arguments why their hosts can do it themselves. Mars then tells them that everyone would have equal odds and so the goddesses did so. They also include Apollo who wasn't there which she won in the end.

Back at Haqua's room, Dokuro urges them to not let the goddesses fight their pursuers. That if they fought, the goddesses and the human world would not come out of it unscathed. She does reassure them that they have a powerful devil ally who is hidden away; Dokuro described her as her younger self. She then instructed them to send someone to retrieve her. She concludes with that it is something that must be done in order for New Hell to truly become a new Hell.

The recording ended and Haqua wondered if that was it. Nora states that the precise way to travel wasn't mentioned and when they caught up with the goddesses, they were already preparing to send Keima back in time. She concluded that Keima was the one sent to retrieve the devil. Haqua then disposed of the message. Nora then stays for diner much to Haqua's annoyance.

Time with Keima: Kanon

Kanon finds to her surprise that Keima is in her dressing room and asked Apollo why he was here. Apollo tells her that she won him in a lottery competition which Kanon questions. Then Keima awakens, startling Kanon. For a few moments the two stares at each other until Keima cries for games. As Kanon watched the frantic Keima, Apollo mentally notes that the 7-year-old Keima has finally awakened.

Apollo flashes back to her sister Vulcan explaining that they switched the places of the two Keima's and in the 17-year-old body is actually the 7-year-old Keima. Vulcan warns that if something happened to the 7-year-old Keima, it could affect the 17-year-old Keima. She further instructs that Keima should immediately be put to sleep if he awakes. Back in the present, Apollo disregards the warning and decides that it is fine.

Kanon went over to Keima and asked him what was wrong. Keima asked her who she was, confusing Kanon. Apollo then tells (lies to) Kanon that Keima has amnesia from being hit on his head. She then plead to Kanon to nurse him. Unbeknownst to Kanon, Apollo plans to make the 7-year-old Keima be attached to Kanon so that the latter have a better chance with the former.

Keima then spies a gamecase with Kanon on it and asked her what it was. When she explains it was a game, he asked her if he could play with it and what console it uses. After looking at Keima's smiling face, Kanon went to retrieve a PFP for him in her bag. Keima was amazed at it and says that it is the first time seeing something like it. That statement convinces Kanon that he did have amnesia since the Keima she knew always have one on him. Kanon notes that she was shocked since she never saw Keima smiled before. Keima then asked her where they sell the console. Kanon decides to sneak out with Keima to a game store hoping it would jog his memories.

Once there, Keima gushes over the games he had never seen before and sequels of games he had played. Kanon, covered in clothes to obscure herself, then asked him if he remembered anything. Keima tells her that he remembers the girl from the previous game, how hard it was to get her to appear and it bugged. Kanon then clarified that she meant about herself but Keima wasn't paying attention, he instead was depressed that he didn't have enough money. Kanon then suggested that she would pay for it which made him happy. At the counter she purchases the game but was identified by someone in line and ran out of the store with Keima in hand.