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Haqua du Lot Herminium

Haqua du Lot Herminium

Character Information
Kanji Name ハクア・ド・ロット・ヘルミニウム
Romaji Name Haqua Do Rotto Heruminiumu
  • District Chief of Area 32
  • Defender of the pride of New Hell (Self proclaimed)
Gender Female
Age 300+
Date of Birth 24 April
Partner Yukie Marui
Team Runaway Spirit Squad
Weapons Scythe of Testament
BWH 80-56-83
Blood Type Unknown (A-type character)
Height 162cm (5'4")
Weight 46 kg
Job Domestic Genius
Class 2-B (Temporary)
Aliases Hac-chan (by Yukie)
School Maijima Private High School (Temporary)
Seiyū Japanese flag.png Saori Hayami

US flag.png Jessica Boone

Novel Debut Volume 2 Chapter 2
Manga Debut Chapter 21
Anime Debut Episode 2 (Season 2)

Haqua du Lot Herminium (ハクア・ド・ロット・ヘルミニウム, Hakua Do Rotto Heruminiumu) is the tritagonist in the The World God Only Knows series. She is the role model and best friend of Elsie, though, in the beginning, she refuses the fact that she and Elsie are friends. She is the District Chief of Area 32 in Nagumo City. As the valedictorian of her entire grade level, she was considered as one of the most intelligent students, although, it has been shown that she is not among the best members of the Runaway Spirit Squad.

Character Overview


Haqua's most common attire

Haqua is practical, smart, graduated at the top of her class, and became a section manager; however, she is shown to be very harsh on herself and somewhat prideful, refusing to admit that she hadn't caught any Loose Souls and considering shaking her hand privilege for those below her rank. Haqua can be aggressive but has shown a softer side to her friends like Elsie.

Haqua grew up very independent. She tends to be reluctant to accept help from others. When in school, Haqua was very diligent, studying without stop. During this time, she was friends with Elsie and helped her with her own studies. After she received her Scythe of Testament, Haqua became overjoyed.

A significant point in Haqua's personality is her feeling of inferiority. Once hearing of Elsie's success, Haqua became very determined to hide the truth from her friend. Since Haqua was always the best at everything in school, when her status nearly crashed after graduating, Haqua became distressed. After being beaten in terms of soul capturing by Elsie, Haqua was covered in darkness, allowing her soul to be controlled by an evil spirit. After the darkness was cast away by Elsie, Haqua fought alongside Elsie and defeated the soul.

Haqua also seemed to see humans as below her. It was mentioned by Nora that she is too honest and is too willing to trust others. Haqua is also very determined and brave. At a section manager meeting, Haqua revealed rumours about the Weiss, though she knew that it could cause her trouble. After being fired, Haqua did not hesitate to attack other demons who were after Keima.

After her interaction with Keima Katsuragi, Haqua grew romantic feelings for him, though, no signs of reciprocation have been shown.


Haqua has blue-violet hair that runs freely all the way down to her waist. She is most commonly depicted in a reddish-brown dress with a thistle colored mini skirt. The dress and skirt were a one-piece in the manga, but appears to be two pieces in the anime. She wears matching stockings with high heels. At her neck is a choker with a large one-piece chain at the front. Like Elsie, she has a hagoromo that can transform into anything according to her will. Her characteristic scythe, known as the Scythe of Testament, distinguishes her as an exceptional student.

Haqua's new look

After being fired from the Runaway Spirit Squad, Haqua's attire changed drastically. Her hair seems to have grown a bit longer, covering a little more of her face. She wears hand-less evening gloves along with a one-piece dress similar to her previous dress, except much darker. She also seems to wear thigh-length heels along with a cloak and her Scythe of Testament.

When Haqua returned to the Squad, she was given back her former district chief position for her efforts in stopping Vintage. She also returns to wearing her old attire when she was in the Runaway Spirit Squad.



Haqua is very smart, being the valedictorian of her class and has done well enough in her school that she managed to receive the Scythe of Testament, historically, something that only noble devils could obtain. Haqua also has shown to be smart enough to handle human-level education, or at least Algebra, during her disguise as Elsie. However, she often has trouble applying theory practically.

Hagoromo/Capturing skills

Haqua's burning scythe

Initially, Haqua's abilities of capturing spirits were rather poor. In her first appearance, she met Keima and Elsie while trying to capture a loose soul that she had previously failed to capture. However, after being assigned a buddy, Haqua was able to capture four spirits within a week because of her partner's method of capturing, making her in the top tier. She has a very unique battle style, with her body movement and the usage of her scythe. Haqua can use more spells than Elsie, as shown by her ability to burn her enemies or anyone she dislikes.

She is shown to be very book-smart. Haqua has even shown to be able to make her scythe emit azure flames. This power seems to stem from the scythe itself as even after Haqua got fired, she is still able to use this skill. Her power over her scythe is skillful enough that she is able to control the flames to be used as a mid-range projectile. The flames are also hot enough to melt and destroy a Vintage communicator in seconds.

In terms of her hagoromo skills, Haqua, like Elsie, is able to fly, create dolls, and change the appearances of objects. Haqua can also do video playbacks of the past, averaging at most a few days to gather any information when needed. This skill is apparently unique only to her.

Haqua is also skillful with spells she learned during her school days as even after being fired from the Runaway Spirit Squad and no longer having the hagoromo, Haqua is still able to fly at high velocity by managing 20 different types of spells at the same time.

Domestic Abilities

Although Haqua is unable to clean as well as Elsie, she has shown to be a far better cook in Earthly terms, creating edible meals unlike Elsie.


"I'm always the best!"

Haqua receiving the scythe.

In her time in Hell, Haqua was always a perfect student even at a young age. Because of her constant success, Haqua began to feel superior to others. When in school, Haqua always studied. She graduated at the top of her class and was awarded the Scythe of Testament, something that was previously only given to those of noble families.

Character History

Haqua Arc

Elsie hugs Haqua

Haqua appears after the conquest of Kusunoki Kasuga. She accidentally captures Elsie with the detention bottle after Elsie's detector goes off. Elsie, happy to see one of her friends again, hugs her and introduces Haqua to Keima, but Keima is too focused playing games to even care.

While they were chatting, Haqua asks Elsie her number of captured souls. Elsie convinces her to give her own number first, to which she replies that she has gotten ten souls - a lie. When Elsie says that she has captured five spirits, Haqua is initially shocked but then she starts laughing, telling Elsie that she shouldn't lie, telling her that no one would care if she admitted to not having captured a soul.

Later, an annoyed Dokuro Skull orders Elsie to take care of a spirit that "another idiotic district chief" failed to capture.

Elsie asks Haqua for help, but Haqua proudly declines. Keima declines to help as well because he was too busy with another 2D heroine, so Elsie leaves alone. Haqua goes on to search for the spirit by herself, but soon realizes that she is lost in the school. Keima appears before Haqua and offers to help her, but Elsie interrupts by crash-landing on Keima. Haqua then chases Elsie away by telling her to search somewhere else and to report back to herself if she finds something unusual.

Elsie and Haqua try to capture the spirit

Keima deduces that Haqua was the one responsible for letting the spirit escape. Haqua proceeds to explain everything about Demons, Spirits, and Hell in one of the classrooms. While searching for the spirit, Keima and Haqua eventually end up in the theater.

Haqua and Keima are in the middle of arguing when Elsie reports that she has detected the spirit. Haqua rushes to Elsie and sees the loose soul. She asks Elsie to hold the students back as she tries to capture the loose soul but due to Elsie being typical airheaded personality, assistance was very minimal. The loose soul escapes, and Haqua gets mad at Elsie so she goes to capture the spirit on her own. Keima said that he and Elsie were going to help Haqua, but Elsie refuses and draws a fire truck on the floor of the theater instead.

As Keima brings Elsie outside, they are shocked to find that Haqua has been taken over by the loose spirits as well. Keima is captured by Haqua, leaving Elsie to fend for herself. Elsie shows extreme reluctance to fight Haqua, but is told by Keima that she must fill the gap in Haqua's heart. 

Elsie eventually fills the gap in Haqua's heart by comforting her, and the two of them work together to capture the loose soul. While they were in the middle of the capture, Haqua reveals to Elsie that she hasn't captured any spirits yet. After capturing the loose soul, Elsie says that Haqua deserves it, since she is the one who forced it out in the first place. Haqua then says goodbye to Keima and Elsie, telling them to meet again some other time but mere minutes later, the two find Haqua near the outer food stand of the school as the latter asks them to buy a yakisoba bread for her.

Mai-High Festival Arc

At a meeting, Haqua announces that rumours of Vintage infiltrating the loose souls team. After, she is arrested and then visited by Nora. She explains to Nora that she thought if she revealed about Vintage infront of everyone they would be more careful. When Nora suggests that the chief may be affiliated with Vinatge, Haqua is shocked. As Nora leaves, Haqua asks her if she was a part of Vintage. Nora doesn't give a direct reply and leaves.

Haqua prepares to fight

Later, Haqua is broken out of jail by the chief and she is returned to Earth.

Haqua defeats Vintage

Haqua appears at the Mai-High Festival as Chihiro Kosaka and Ayumi Takahara are about to be captured with Keima Katsuragi by Vintage members Gira with two others. When asked by Gira if she was a part of the Runaway Spirits Squad, she denies it, calling herself a "Defender of the Pride of New Hell". Gira and the two other Vintage members attempt to restrain Haqua, but she escapes with her flying ability. When asked how she flies without aid of a hagoromo, Haqua replies that it takes twenty different spells to achieve her flight. Haqua defeats Gira comrades and in a final attempt, Gira tries to hit Haqua, but fails. Later, Haqua it is revealed that Haqua defeated Gira.

Haqua then apologizes for being late as Keima thanked her for saving them. When Ayumi and Chihiro asked Keima to leave since it's dangerous, Keima quickly lies, saying that Haqa's from the "Special Effects club" and wants Haqua to play along, to which the latter complied and breathed a sigh of relieve saying how Keima never changed.

Ayumi and Chihiro then became furious as Haqua said that they did go overboard and pushed the blame to Keima saying that it was Keima's idea. The fallen Vintage members was then gone as Haqua explained to the girls that they are a part of an "evil organization".

Haqua then asked Keima to check the goddesses since Lune managed to hack her hagoromo as Keima tries to call for Shiori, Yui and Tsukiyo with no results. Keima then asked if every goddess have been attacked as she told Keima that it is worse. Since Vintage has no idea which one of Keima's conquest targets are the hosts, they may have captured every one of the conquests.

As Keima decided to check the hosts one by one but Haqua warned him not to let Ayumi and Chihiro be left alone since Vintage is all around.

Haqua then tried to bring her back but Keima pulled her saying that it would beneficial the conquest as Haqua angrily said that he can forget about the conquest and she cannot defend Ayumi since Keima will also be in danger. Just then, Nora came, saying that she'll do it. Keima agrees.

As Keima suddenly dragged Chihiro to his house, Haqua follows.

At the Katsuragi household, Keima sits at the sofa that Apollo lied and angrily said that all of the goddess hosts except Ayumi have been captured. Just then, Diana appears. After knowing that Keima's safe, Haqua confirms that Vintage only know of Keima's conquests since Tenri's one was officially Nora's as she pulled Diana away. And after knowing that Elsie is alright too, Haqua tells Keima and Diana that Vintage is planning to revive Old Hell on Maijima and if this happens, the human world is doomed.

Keima then asked if Vintage is going to revive the Weiss in the human world but Haqua said that the Weiss in the human world is only a small fraction and that the rock off the Maijima coast is a gateway that links the rest of the Weiss.

And that place is East Fortress Greda, the final battleground of Almagemachina. Haqua then said that some of the powers form the goddesses' seal still lingers, causing many of the Weiss unable to escape and that Vintage is planning to completely break the seal, causing the Weiss to come out from the heavily uninhabitable Old Hell to Earth, effectively creating a Hell at Earth.

When asked by Keima when they will begin the plan, Haqua said that it might be tomorrow. Haqua then said that since most of the goddesses were stopped, Vintage has become quite powerful and even if the powers of the goddess have been restored, they may not be able to stop them.

Diana then said that she will go alone but Haqua said that if the winged goddesses were stopped, how can she and also said that there might even be level 4 Weiss all over the place. Diana said that the fate of humanity is at stake and Haqua pledged herself to go since this is hell's war.

Keima then silenced both of them and said that this is still not a war. If it escalates to one, no one will be able to stop it Keima then said that he will conquer Ayumi and that the goddesses are probably still alive since Vintage will kill them like with Kanon if they were a liability. Haqua then said that it's just his guess while Keima said that it's still better than their suicide mission. Keima then tries to get to Chihiro.

As Chihiro continues to listen to Keima's conversation, Ayumi called her and her cell phone rings. Keima then pushes the door and hits Chihiro on the floor. She then asked what is Keima going to do with Ayumi as Keima wastes no time picking up Chihiro's phone and tells Ayumi that he'll be confessing to her. He then told Diana to stay at Tenri's house and Haqua to escort them. Keima then grabs Chihiro with him to Ayumi's home, much to her anger.

Haqua strikes down a Vintage member

At the Takahara household, Haqua comments on that despite walking, they have not been found out by Vintage. Chihiro then complains as Nora told them that all is safe and brought the "goods" to Keima. Haqua then tells Keima that if he does not conquer Ayumi by morning, it'll be too late. Keima then said that Ayumi is already conquered. Haqua then gets lectured by Keima that Ayumi has already enough love points as he says that he'll conquer her no matter what. Chihiro then asked what does Keima meant by "conquer" to which Haqua silenced her saying that Keima is concentrating.

After getting thrown out by Ayumi, Haqua asked if he's just making Ayumi angry to which Keima replied that his failure was deliberate to make her lower her guard as Haqua comments on the false flag.

At the Kozue River, Keima asked if Ayumi has left her house to which she replied no and Nora is still looking after her. Chihiro then asked what are they going to do and she'll never forgive her and Keima if they tried anything weird. Haqua said that Keima is doing his best to defend them all. Keima then questions himself if he should use the panties and began to fence with them as Chihiro seemed doubtful.

After explaining some of the events, Chihiro still do not understand the concept. Haqua said that she feels sorry for Ayumi. Chihiro then screams to Haqua saying that they're crazy and what will happen if Ayumi gets serious while Haqua said that they'll be in trouble if Ayumi doesn't. They are silenced by Keima, saying that they are noisy.

When Ayumi came, Haqua asked Chihiro to keep quiet but quickly said that Keima has some skills being a pervert. As the Keima and Ayumi were conversing, Haqua received a message from Nora, saying that Vintage is coming. Haqua quickly informed Keima about this.

After Keima goes to somewhere else, Haqua wanted Chihiro to follow her too. At the playground, Haqua noticed a Vintage member and quickly warns Keima. Haqua then quickly strikes down the Vintage member in front of Chihiro. Haqua then tells Keima that she's taken care of the Vintage member (trapped in a detention bottle) but the place is still too dangerous.

As Keima and Ayumi moved yet again, Chihiro asked what will happen if Keima failed to which she replied that failure is not an option. Later, When Haqua saw Lune approaching the couple, she instantly recognizes the Vintage executive. Haqua immediately ordered Keima to escape and asked Chihiro to stay back. After breathing a sigh of relieve when Nora helped, Haqua told Keima that they need to lay low for now.

Keima, however, said that he needs to go to the Maijima shrine and anywhere else would be an insult to his gamer pride. Haqua then angrily asked why Keima was so fussy as the town is filled with Vintage members and there is almost no where they can go. Chihiro said that she had an idea, to bring them to Miyako's house.

Later, Keima asked Haqua if she has any suggestions to which Haqua said that there is a park with a pond that's a minute's walk from Miyako's home. Keima then returned back as Haqua still stay on guard.

Later, Haqua saw Ayumi running off and calls Nora immediately to guard her as Keima asked her not to expose the setup. Soon, Ayumi and Chihiro go to the Takahara household as Haqua complained to Chihiro about her actions. Chihiro said that she knew Ayumi could not let go of her relationship with her and thus, used this method to force Ayumi to accept Keima.

Chihiro then asked why Keima would date her if he knew she was not a goddess candidate and made Haqua reluctant to answer but Ayumi then arrived. However, what happened next greatly shocked Haqua as she saw Keima, on a white stallion, and tries to woo Ayumi.

Haqua then comments on how Keima seems to always go and stick to gaming methods even until the end as she heard about Ayumi saying things like marriage, she got flustered. Upon hearing Keima's "Confessions", she merely gave a sigh and watches from behind the scenes with Chihiro. Later, Haqua accurately observed that Keima is using Ayumi's plans to pick a fight and setting the pace but she felt a great tremor. Haqua realized that this level isn't that of an Earthquakes' and wonders if Vintage is behind this as she watches on.

Lune trying to stab Haqua again.

Later, Haqua saw Keima and Ayumi atop of the Takahara house and wonders what is Keima talking to Ayumi about. Ayumi then runs away and as Haqua was about to chase, she quickly detected Vintage and tries to call Nora to no avail. Haqua then fears that Nora may have been taken out as Nora's allies, Cresta and Camry, came here and told her that they have made many hagoromo duplicates to fool Vintage and that the real Nora is currently guarding Ayumi and even gave Haqua, Keima and Chihiro some pieces of their hagoromo to hide themselves.

As the trio was about to go, Keima noticed Lune as the latter asks where are they going. Haqua then said that she'll stay behind and handle Lune. As Haqua readies herself, Lune

Haqua and Lune fighting

gave a smirk as they prepare to go for battle. As the battle starts, Haqua demands to know why Lune would try to start a new conflict again as her opponent kept silent and tries to catch her with the aid of her hagoromo.

Haqua easily slipped away and slashes Lune. To her horror, instead of screaming in agony, Lune seems to be enjoy being wounded and moans in ecstasy and quickly flies up to Haqua and injuries her collar-bone. Losing her focus and balance, Haqua falls on top of a building as Lune quickly follows and tries to stab Haqua again as she desperately tries to fend Lune off while the enemy just kept on laughing and laughing. The fight soon extends to mid-air as Haqua and Lune are still brawling about.

However, Lune proved too powerful and pushed a worn-out Haqua who by now, cannot even stand up properly. Lune then noticed that the direction of the wind changed and retreated saying that she had a good feeling about Haqua after all and she'll let her live for now as Haqua looks on hopelessly.

Later, Haqua managed to go to her previous buddy, Yukie's house.

Hunting Break Arc 4

"So this is what you guys were doing..."

The next day, Haqua appears again and says that she must write a report and send it to hell. Haqua recreates the school scene in a pyramid shaped device that also has replicas of the characters produced by a special type of doll.

Elsie had fun with it, while Keima finally breaks down and decides to play around with the dolls as well. After "finishing" the report, Keima tells Haqua that her report should be more thorough and begins to recall their time at the theater.

Keima and Haqua begin to fight about who clung to the other person and after showing some censored images, Elsie gets the wrong idea and throws the tea on the model, breaking it, and causing the dolls to run amok. Keima, Elsie and Haqua search for the dolls, and it is evening before the report is finally finished. Saying farewell to Elsie and Keima, Haqua tells Elsie that she is no longer a failure.

She also offers Keima a handshake as a sign of thanks, but Keima instead offers his hand for her to shake and tells her to write her own reports. She slaps Keima's hand away, and says she can write her own reports. She calls Keima an idiot before finally departing.

Yukie Marui Arc

When Haqua returned yet again, she challenged Keima to fight her in a New Hell game. Keima then made it so that the loser will do anything the winner says and soon, Haqua was shown to have lost horribly. Haqua then becomes extremely afraid while thinking about what Keima would do to her. However, even after Haqua's subsequent losses, Keima kept asking only for information about Elsie or the Runaway Spirit Squad.

Haqua then became mad and screamed at Keima if he does not care about her too. Keima then asked who her partner was as Haqua said that she doesn't have one. Just then, a middle aged woman named Yukie came and dragged "Hac-chan" back home with her after claiming that she was Haqua's buddy, greatly shocking Keima.

At Yukie's home, Keima managed to track there and even stayed there for a long time, much to Haqua's chagrin. Ultimately, Haqua told Keima that Yukie is useless in catching runaway spirits and hence, she caused the escaped spirit to run to Mai-High days ago.

In the end, Keima dispelled Haqua's perception of Yukie's methods of capturing runaway spirits.

Hunting Break Arc 8

After Tenri's capture, Haqua returns to the Katsuragi household and presumably goes to the bathroom as Keima drives Elsie away. Just as Keima was about to take a toilet break, he stumbles to Haqua, which she proceeds to attack him. As Tenri enters the house, Diana appears and decided to rid Keima of his "female perversions". Soon, Diana tells Haqua not to leak this information about the goddess. As Haqua was about to leave, Nora appears. In the end, Haqua and Nora have a fight and both left while Diana thanked her about keeping the secret.

Hunting Break Arc 12

One day, Haqua decides to go to Keima's house to play with Elsie. Upon arriving, she sees Tenri enter Keima's house. After Tenri leaves, Keima notices Haqua crouching beside his house. He then asks Haqua to come and meet him in Dezeni Sea. Under the impression that it will be a date, Haqua says that she may not go but ultimately meets Keima there. She sees Tenri and Keima together.

Haqua angrily grabs Keima and asks why there is another person involved. Diana emerged and pulls Keima's ear saying that her plan is ruined. Keima then shakes both of them off, saying that because Diana wanted to discuss more about the goddesses they need someone like Haqua who knows a lot about Hell. In the end, Diana refuses to come out and the three sat on a bench nearby.

Tenri then asks Keima to buy some drinks as she tries to convince Diana to come out. After Keima leaves, Haqua asks Tenri if she really is Keima's fiance. Tenri denies the statement, saying that Diana said it on a whim. As Haqua was about to leave, she quickly beckons Tenri to come to her when she saw Keima playing a game. Overhearing Keima complain how she and Diana were being egoistic, Haqua and Diana became enraged.

Diana then tells Haqua about a plan to deal with the 'insensitive man'. The two then proceeded to hold onto Keima's arms, which confuses Keima. Diana tells him that she and Haqua have decided to talk, but before they do, Keima must go on a date with them. Keima attempts to flee but was restrained by Haqua's hagoromo.

After a series of rides and attractions, Keima finally manages to escape from them and tells them that he will search for the goddesses himself. Haqua and Diana (Tenri?) were then plunged into the water, soaking them completely.

Old Conquest Arc

"Say it more clearly, that I'm needed!"

After Kanon was stabbed by Fiore from Vintage, Elsie warned Haqua immediately and told her about the situation.

Later at Keima's house, Haqua explained that there is a very dark magic surrounding the dagger that was used to stab Kanon. Diana failed to remove the dagger and said that it could not be removed unless Keima finds another goddess.

It is believed that Vintage is hunting for the goddesses in revenge for what they had done to Old Hell. Keima then declares his plan: Elsie will be disguised as Kanon to avoid trouble caused by a missing Kanon while he searches for the goddesses. Haqua then uses her hagoromo to disguise Elsie. Afterwards, Keima states the second part of his plan: for Haqua to be his buddy for the following week. Haqua blushes, saying that she has her own work to do, but Keima's insistence (more like her feelings for him) ultimately convinces her and accepts their temporary partnership.

She was, however, concerned about the difficulty of finding the goddesses in time. Keima -in no time at all- confesses to Ayumi and later to Chihiro (Haqua notices that Keima is using the exact same lines of confession for both girls). Later, she manages to make Chihiro stay away from Keima while he was confessing to Tsukiyo. Furthermore, as Keima was being seduced by Yui, Haqua appears and saves him from the awkward situation.

That night, she started making fun of him because of what happened with Yui. As they have dinner, Haqua confesses that Yukie taught her how to cook in order for her to become a good housewife. However, Keima never got the hint that Haqua was practicing to try to be his wife due to her romantic feelings towards Keima. Later on, during Yui's re-capture, Haqua masquerades as an agent of Vintage, while Keima puts himself in the role of a damsel-in-distress for Yui and Mars to rescue.

After some time, Haqua is forced to go to a district chief meeting. After briefing about the current status, the meeting was ended. Sometime later, Haqua reports something about Vintage to Dokuro Skull. A few hours after the report, she was locked up by the Public Safety Department, only to be greeted by Nora. It is there that she told Haqua her suspicion of Dokuro in Vintage and said that she will also join Vintage.

Later during interrogation, the Public Safety Department asked Haqua about why her hagoromo data is removed. When Haqua refused to leak any information about the Goddesses and claims that she's slacking, the department doesn't buy it. When Haqua demanded to get released, the interrogator of the Public Safety Department released a miasma-like substance that knocks Haqua out and said that she will be sacked for treason.

In a secret chamber, Haqua is strapped to a wall, wearing only her undergarments and being tortured by some living creature meant for torture purpose. One Hell official asks what Haqua has done to her hagoromo, as it has been tampered with. While being electrocuted, Haqua replied that she only hid the part of the time she's been slacking. But the officials are suspicious as one week's worth is too long to be considered as slacking.

Haqua then questioned what the officials were thinking, as the type of torture Haqua is facing right now is illegal. The officials only said that it is more comfortable to use this method than interrogating. Haqua finally asks if this is what New Hell is truly, while also voicing that she won't forgive this. The official responds with a question, asking whether Haqua is in the position to be saying such lines. The official finally told Haqua that she has been fired from the Runaway Spirit Squad for treason.

Later, Haqua was informed that Dokuro was responsible for signing the official notice of this dismissal without hesitation. As Haqua prepares to meet her fate of having her memories erased, however, the "official" who was going to erase Haqua's memories is shown to be an advanced Hagoromo doll. It is shown that while Dokuro is a member of Vintage, she is not loyal to them. Dokuro then takes Haqua to Old Hell so that she could return to the human realm and stop Vintage, and calls her the future of New Hell.

Heart of Jupiter Arc

Nora conversing with Haqua

Later, due to her contributions to stop Vintage, Haqua was re-hired back to the runaway spirit squad. Visiting Elsie again, and knowing Keima has gone back to normal, Haqua smiled and said Keima was just as dumb as usual. Elsie then asked Haqua if she really was fired as Haqua said that a lot has happened.

Haqua then complained that Nora was too unreasonable since she was even credited for the Public Safety Department's unjust treatment when she herself was really the victim. Elsie tried to console Haqua by saying that they no longer have any work now since the goddesses will be helping out to stop the Weiss.

Haqua then told Elsie that she's taking things too lightly as Elsie wanted to see her on TV as Kanon. Haqua then reminded Elsie that it's time for school. Elsie then realized that Keima wasn't there as Haqua told Elsie that perhaps Keima went to school, causing Elsie to tearfully leave, saying that she wanted to go with Keima.

Haqua then said to herself that she should return to Yukie as well but suddenly, her sensor reacted. The sensor wants Haqua to identify herself since confidential information are being given. Upon being identified, Haqua read the contents and was shocked to see what it was written.

Nora then arrived and boasts to Haqua about her new armband and asked Haqua if she has read the notice. Haqua said that she did and asked Nora what it means. The contents of the message is saying that Dokuro Skull, was fired for high treason against New Hell and her position will be revoked immediately and will be succeeded by Needles Moura Rami.

Haqua asked what happened as Nora said that she too was shocked to hear the truth which was that Dokuro Skull was actually the true leader of Vintage as Haqua was shocked. Nora said that she knew Vintage was a pawn to some mastermind but to think that Dokuro was behind this is really unimaginable.

Haqua tried to reason that Dokuro could not be the mastermind but Nora said it is a fact that Dokuro made contact with Vintage which was why she was able to save Haqua. Haqua then begins to think why Dokuro was part of Vintage in the first place as Nora said that things are already being done and Dokuro will shoulder the blame of every single crime Vintage has committed and peace will return to New Hell.

Haqua then said that she's going back to save Dokuro as Nora said that she can't. That's because Dokuro resisted arrest and hence, was disposed of as Haqua cannot believe it. Nora then said that Vintage, which was planning to resurrect Old Hell was crushed and the chief of the Runaway Spirit Squad has been replaced and the cast of the antagonists are being replaced as New Hell begin to show its true nature.

The school surrounded by large amounts of Miasma

Nora then told Haqua that this isn't even over and tells Haqua that Vintage is gone, Dokuro is dead, and there are still "leftovers" as Haqua realized that the next targets are the goddesses. Haqua then also realized that the Runaway Spirit Squad's objective in the first place was to restore the goddesses.

Nora then said she's leaving as Haqua asked why. Nora told her that she also came here to find Keima to give him a memento from Dokuro. Haqua and Nora then decided to go to Maijima High School and they saw that the school is literally infested with miasma.

Haqua then asked what the memento was as Nora reveals it, showing an orb and saying that it is the "Key" to saving the world. Both Haqua and Nora then heard Keima screaming at the horrors of the 3D and his desire to return to the 2D world.

Later, Haqua wondered where is Keima as Nora said that the school has too many people. Haqua and Nora eventually located Keima and upon seeing the spell, she asked what the meaning of this is. Nora and Haqua can only see the barrier as Haqua wondered who the caster was.

Elsie then came to Haqua as Tenri came out too. Later as the orb flies away, large amounts of energy are released greatly shocking Haqua and Nora. After being notified of the circumstances Nora wants to go to Haqua's home to tell her some things from Dokuro Skull.

Upon entering the house, Yukie Marui, Haqua's buddy introduced herself as Haqua tried to make Yukie to leave her and Nora alone. Yukie then tried to tell Haqua that she's got some of Haqua's favorite foods and tell her to use chopsticks properly to which the latter tells her that she is practicing.

Dokuro issuing her final order

At Haqua's place, Nora showed Haqua Dokuro Skull's message. The letter then showed that it was actually the Public Safety Department that was running Vintage and the Runaway Spirit Squad all this time and Vintage was merely used as a pawn to draw out the goddesses.

Dokuro Skull then told the girls that the runaway spirit squad is planning to use the goddesses as weapons of war to fight the "ghosts of old hell". Dokuro Skull then told them to not to let the goddesses engage their pursuers and to do nothing but to hide and flee. Dokuro Skull then said that the enemy are even stronger than Vintage and if they fight, neither the human world nor the goddesses will be safe from harm.

Dokuro Skull then told that the only way to save the world is to find a particular devil that is just like her younger self and tells them to fetch the devil. Dokuro Skull then said that this obstacle has to be stopped for New Hell to be truly free of the Old ways.

Nora then said that the method for traveling and finding the devil was not told and said that she suspects that someone else was helping them before deciding to dispose of the letter at last....

Later as Haqua ate diner, with Nora as an unwanted guest, Yukie tells her that there was a phone call for her. When Haqua answered a woman's voice tells her that she was Dokuro. Haqua didn't believe her at first since the chief was suppose to be dead. The woman tells her that it is true that the her in Hell was dead and was relieved that she was. Haqua notices that the call has a spell casted on it and wonders if it is to protect it from being traced; Nora then came to listen as well.

The woman continues, telling her that she didn't have time to prove that she was Dokuro since the situation was already unfolding. She requested Haqua to return to New Hell immediately. She then adds that Haqua must get there discreetly and to use the secret passage she, as Dokuro Skull, showed her before. She tells Haqua that she will learn what to do once she passes through there. She then instructs her that no matter what is happening in the Human Relm, she is to ignore it. The woman then asked Haqua if she understood what she has been told which Haqua affirmed. When the woman who called herself Dokuro hanged up, Haqua looks to Nora.


Keima Katsuragi

Aren't you even a tiny bit interested in me!?

Keima and Haqua did not get along well in the beginning, but Keima later earns Haqua's respect through his spirit capturing skills as Elsie's buddy. It is strongly implied that Haqua developed romantic feelings for Keima, to the point where she gets jealous of any girl he flirts with, even for the sake of conquest. Her romantic feelings are most explicitly shown in the manga. After Keima does not use several chances to ask about herself and make her do whatever he pleases, she explicitly asks, '"Aren't you even a tiny bit interested in me?!'" On the other hand, she even asked Keima to shout out loud that she is needed by him.

Elucia de Lute Ima

Elsie and Haqua were classmates in Hell's Academy, but, while Elsie was a complete fluke, Haqua was a valedictorian and an overachiever. Haqua sees Elsie as an incompetent idiot at first, but is still happy to see her again. Elsie greatly respects Haqua and sees her as her role model and her best friend.

Dokuro Skull

Dokuro Skull frequently called Haqua an idiot due to her role in the spirit escape. The relationship between the two is not quite normal. Later in the Old Conquest Arc, she talks to Dokuro about Vintage, and its relation to the spirit squad. During this conversation, Dokuro praises her, and Haqua reciprocates with how she respects and somewhat idolizes Dokuro. This respect is gone when Haqua finds out that Dokuro could be a member of Vintage.

Her respect for Dokuro returns after she entrust the future of New Hell to her.

Nora Floriann Leoria

Haqua does not like Nora, mainly because of Nora's snobby and arrogant attitude. Although Nora is 10 years older than Haqua and Elsie, Haqua denies calling Nora as her senior. Nora is also prone to pointing out Haqua's tiny breast size during their bickering.

Fiore Loderia Lavigneri

Fiore was a classmate of Haqua and Elsie back when they went to school in hell. Fiore was a rival of Haqua on competing for the number one spot. At first, Haqua managed to achieve number one, but soon Fiore always achieved higher scores than Haqua, thus she became the number one student. This was until the final thesis, where Fiore made an error. Haqua came out as first and graduated as the top honor student, even though in general, Fiore is smarter.


Initially Diana and Haqua, despite being somewhat similar, were in conflict. Both had feelings for Keima and that they were unwilling to admit. Their initial encounter began with both of them trying to get him away from the other. The two seemed to bond when they forced Keima to a have date with both them at the same time. When motivated, they seem to work well together.

Yukie Marui

Yukie sees Haqua as her best friend and her daughter while Haqua denies as she is in fact much older than Yukie. Haqua complains a lot about having Yukie as her partner. Haqua feels ashamed to have Yukie as her partner. Yukie seems to accept Haqua's harshness and talks normally with her. Haqua does not like Yukie's house, though she lives with Yukie. However, Haqua does seem to care for Yukie.

Shalya Frey Amon

Shari complements Haqua

Sharia and Haqua appear to be on good terms. Haqua was congratulated by her on her five captured souls.


  • She was born in the western hemisphere, most likely in Europe.
  • In a promotional trailer for the two anime seasons, Haqua is seen with a blueish-violet hair.
  • Her given name comes from Cretaceous which translates into Haqua (白亜, Hakua).
    • Her name could also be derived from Haque which means "truth" in Arabic.
  • She likes English, the Number 1 and things that are according to the plan.
  • She hates Kanji, being Number 2 and things that are not according to the plan.
  • On a web poll on Wakaki's blog, Haqua ended up as second place.
  • A fandom shorthand of her name is "89"
  • She is also jokingly referred to as "Haqua du Lot of Deathflags" because of the numerous, rather dangerous mistakes she has made.
  • Recent troubles: She got too many plans for her return in first place.
  • In an omake, it is stated that Haqua has no sense of direction. It was also shown that Haqua is still working on her clay report.
  • According to Chapter 125 Haqua does not know how to use a cellphone.
  • A running gag in the series is that Keima always gets to see Haqua naked, to the point where she started wearing her celestial robe as a bathing suit of sorts when taking a bath.
  • The scythe Haqua has seems to be based on the scythe Elsie has in the one-shot version of TWGOK.


  • (To Elsie) "We are members of the public demon office can't you act more professionally?" [1]
  • (To Keima) ""The Runaway Spirits"..."About Elsie"...What is this...You...You...! Aren't you even a tiny bit interested in me!?" [2]
  • (To a sleeping Keima) "I also think you're amazing..." [3]
  • (To Gira) "I am the Defender of the pride of New Hell!"[4]
  • (To Keima) "I'm sorry...For coming back so late." [5]


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