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Gender Female
Status Alive
Team Library Committee
Job Head of the Library Committee
Class 3-D
School Maijima Private High School
Seiyū Ai Nonaka
Manga Debut Chapter 15
Anime Debut Episode 9

Fujiidera (藤井寺, Fujidera) is a student at Maijima Private High School and the head of the Library Committee.

Character Outline


Fujidera has only been seen in her Mai-High uniform, so it is unknown what she wears casually. Like Tenri Ayukawa, Fujidera ties her hair to two long braids but does not bundle them upwards. Fujidera also wears large, hexagon-shaped spectacles.


Fujidera is very strict and dislikes it when someone disagrees with her ideas. She can be very brutish to her fellow members in the library committee. She shows only a little feelings of friendship towards Shiori Shiomiya and gives her most of her important ideas or plans to her or sometimes reports important events.

Character History

Library Arc

Fujidera is first seen during the Library Committee meeting where she asks if anyone wanted to speak up about the library's new changes, Shiori Shiomiya stood up, only to be too bashful to speak her mind. Fujidera is also the one who gave Shiori the form about throwing away more library books.

Later, Fujidera finds that Shiori had locked herself in the library, making Fujidera angry. Despite her other members wanting to call a teacher, Fujidera uses her own ways to force Shiori out.

After the kiss with Keima Katsuragi, Shiori finally comes out of the library wanting justice for the books and is able to express her desire. After listening to Shiori's beliefs, Fujidera agrees to commprimise with her subordinate.

Old Conquest Arc

During the Old Conquest Arc, Fujidera is shown in Shiori Shiomiya flash-back calling her a bibliomaniac, whereby Shiori seems embarrassed. Fujidera later is shown in person telling Shiori to finish up her novel.

Later, during the eve of the Mai-High festival, Fujidera asks Shiori to hurry up, carrying some books, saying that the Literature club needs their help due to Shiori handing in her manuscript late.


  • The surname Fujiidera means "wisteria" (藤) (fuji), "well, mine shaft, pit" (井) (i) and "temple" (寺) (tera/dera).


  • Fujiidera's fandom shorthand is "22".