Eager Times

Chapter 39

Netchū jidai
Chapter Info
Chapter FLAG.39[1]
Volume Volume 5
Arc Teaching Trainee Arc
Adapted into Anime Episode 22.0
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Eager Times (熱中時代, Netchū jidai) is the 39th chapter of The World God Only Knows.


1a Nikaido norm

Angry Nikaido

Following the previous chapter, all the students of class 2-B got a call from Nagase. They are delighted and annoyed by this at the same time. Jun then greeted them when she came to class.

At the balcony, Elsie asked why Keima wanted to go after Nikaido, rather than Jun. Keima replied that because of the difficult relationship between teacher and student, he must create a relationship with Nikaido to equal out the balance of power. He noticed getting closer with Nikaido could be a problem. Elsie stated to Keima that he should be fine, since it's the teacher's job to be friendly with students.

Unfortunately, Nikaido did not comply to Elsie's prediction. Keima tried acting like a nice student, but Nikaido told him to get out. Just before Keima was about to leave, he noticed Jun and Kodama having a conversation. She then went outside and tred to convince some students not to litter, but they ignored her effort. Jun then wondered why she tried so hard but people kept ignoring her efforts. Keima, in order to know more about Jun, made a deal with Nikaido. Nikaido is then seen using Keima under her conditions, while Nagase continued to criticise her students. Her anger at their apathy came to the point she called them stupid. Jun was saddened, because she didn't know what she was doing wrong.


The Old Basket Ball team

At the courtyard, Keima complained about Nikaido's chores, while Elsie treated his wound. Keima was frustrated because he didn't get any information from Nikaido. While Keima was thinking about a strategy, he saw Jun's sad face pass by. Keima then asked Elsie what happened during his absence. Elsie replied that Jun had some conflict of interest with the class. Keima then convinced Nikaido once again to tell him about Jun.

At first, she refused. But then after Keima showed his concern to Jun, she finally gave Keima information. At the last panel, Keima saw an old picture that show Jun and Nikaido in their old basketball.


  • This chapter's title references 熱中時代 (Netchū jidai), a Japanese TV drama