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Detention Bottle

Detention Bottle

Kanji Name 閉じ込めボトル
Romaji Name Tojikome botoru
Novel Debut Volume 1
Manga Debut Chapter 1
Anime Debut Episode 1

The Detention Bottle (Special Grade A Confinement Bottle B55S), also known as the confinement bottle, is one of the main equipments of the runaway spirit squad personnel. It is a powerful new product from H&L, the 150 year old European Company. It is designed to catch the runaway spirits with ease. The bottle also has the capability to work on other "living" things, such as demons and humans.

The detention Bottle used by Akari and Nikaido

Its lid has been imbued with magic and no devil can escape due to the original marble lock system (But the bottle can be broken if the spirit is too powerful). It is re-chargeable; one can reuse it up to 10000 times. It is an environmentally friendly product even in places like hell. It is best advised not to store or preserve food in the bottle.

There also seems to be two different types of bottles; the standard and the superior version. The bottle possessed by Nikaido and Akari seems to be much stronger than standard ones, being able to capture level 4 escaped spirits with ease.

The bottle is also very resilient from the outside, as seen in Chapter 157, for even a hammer cannot leave a scratch on the bottle.