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Childhood Friend Arc

Childhood Friend Arc

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Manga Chapters 57-65
Anime Episodes 26.0-27.0
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The Childhood Arc is the 13th Arc of The World God Only Knows. It introduces the heroine Tenri Ayukawa.

The Arc

"Re"-Introducing the Ayukawa Family

It was night time in Maijima City. Nora was shown to be flying around, looking for the first spirit that she found since she got back from New Hell. Nora is very determined to capture it by any means necessary.

During day-time, after celebrating the end of term ceremony, Keima happily embraced the Summer Vacation. He declares that he'll finish all homework in half a day and use the remaining 40 days (1000 hours) to play galges. Keima is also very content with the fact that Elsie has been "missing" for the past 2 days.

Almost immediately, Keima begins to prepare for the 1000 hours. He bought up to 50 new games and provisions (that consists of Gyodon packs and Instant Yakisoba along with some huge bottles of drinks). Keima got home, declare that he'll "disappear" for 40 days and tells Mari, his mother, not to worry about him.

Just when Keima said that he'll be seeing Mari by the end of August, Mari grabbed him and wants him to at least say hello to their new guests. (While Keima was shown throwing a small tantrum) Mari re-introduced Keima to Mrs. Ayukawa that used to live next door. Keima bows and says "Hi" ,then rushed off to his room. Mari grabbed Keima again, gave Keima a "lecture" and placed (an injured) Keima to the sofa and wants Keima to re-introduce himself.

Mrs. Ayukawa then comments on how Keima had grown so much and asked if he stills remembered her (Keima is shown to mumble the word, "game"). Mrs.Ayukawa then said that her daughter, Tenri was in the same age as him and wants Tenri to introduce herself. Mari also said that Tenri was Keima's classmate in elementary school. Tenri was shown to be silent, playing with a bubble wrap as Keima looked at her.

Mari then whispers to Keima if he remembered Tenri to which Keima placed his hand on his chin and said, "Not really...." Tenri remained silent and glanced at Keima for a while before her mother pushed her to speak. Tenri then muttered, "who...was it..." before being dead silent again. As both mothers tries to apologize on behalf of their children, Keima quickly used this opportunity to go back to gaming.

Just then, Elsie quickly came home and said she's sorry for being gone for 2 days as Keima screamed that the people around him should at least grant him the privilege to play one galge. Elsie then gave Keima a Marimo (Algae Lake-ball) from New Hell and Keima runs away when the Marimo began to chase him as Elsie introduced herself to the Ayukawas while Mrs. Ayukawa wonders when did Mari have a daughter.

When Elsie looked at Tenri, her sensor instantly reacts but then stopped as she wonders what happened. Meanwhile, Mrs. Ayukawa became quite amazed with Elsie's "toy Marimo". After the Ayukawa family left, Mari asks Keima if he really doesn't remember about Tenri as Keima (Now still being beaten by the Marimo), mumbles "game". Mari then shows a class photo of Tenri and Keima (although both are only half visible). To which the latter replied that he remembers Tenri, yet he doesn't. Keima then said that he did remember all the games he played when he was 7 though as Mari said that even if he didn't, he should have still lied and says he remembered out of courtesy since Tenri is his childhood friend after all.

Keima suddenly bursts out in laughter and said that a relationship of that accuracy is not worthy to be labeled as a "Childhood Friend". Upon Elsie's confusion, Keima decides to teach her, "TOYOTA"

T: The House Next Door

  • The basics of all basics, Childhood Friends have to be neighbors.

O: Onii-chan/Ototou

  • The guy having a relationship that is closer to a sibling to the girl.

Y: Yakusoku (Promise)

  • A promise both childhood friends made with each other. (A "spice" to the ending)

O: Old Memories

  • This is the important part whereby all of the previous adventures made during childhood merely became old memories.

TA: TAchiba (Positions)

  • Having met one's childhood friend again even after having their positions bring completely changed. (Example: The girl becoming the school idol while the guy did not become of any significance)

Elsie then said that there is no human that can meet all of the criteria to which Keima said that this is just one of the many reasons why the real can never be more than real and explains that in galges, a childhood friend is considered a future mate and demands Elsie and Mari not to assume any kind of relationship as a "Childhood Friend". Mari argues that Tenri used to live next door to which Keima counters that since the Ayukawa Family used lived diagonally across their home, it doesn't really count. Mari then said that Keima is so annoying that she can't believe that Keima is her son and started to pull his face wondering if she raised him wrongly. Concurrently, Elsie begins to think about the sensor's reaction to Tenri a few moments ago.

The scene returns to Nora, still patrolling the town as she comments on how she will get the spirit and says that she will not let Elsie take it away, recalling how Elsie "embarrassed" her during the time they were in New Hell. Meanwhile, Tenri seems to have changed as her eyes became sharper and she looks more alert.

Dangers of the Childhood Friend!?

The next day, While Elsie was busy explaining the complexities of the escaped spirit situation to Keima, the latter was shown to be coming out of his room and said that he has already cleared 18 hours worth of games already, and yet, there's still 39 more days left for him as Elsie was almost crying to get Keima's attention. Keima then entered his private library and said that Tenri is not his childhood friend nor did he heard the sensor as Elsie jumps around while Keima angrily said that she should stop jumping.

Suddenly, the entire house begins to shake violently and Elsie quickly said that its not her fault as Keima realized that this is a small earthquake. The door bursts open and Keima is shown to be crushed by his mountain of games. The following day, Keima went off to buy some more games to replace them despite having completed them in the first place. Suddenly, Tenri rushed in and pushes Keima towards the road as Keima narrowly avoided a truck. Just as Keima was about to talk to Tenri, she walked away and Keima, as if nothing has happened, goes on to buys games while Elsie was shocked by the event.

At Inazumart, Keima picked his galge of choice and orders Elsie to guard it while he withdraw some cash. After getting enough money, Keima was at the escalator when Tenri, now holding two cups of Starbox Coffee but turns around, and incidentally slaps Keima with one of the coffee, drenching him and ruining his 10000 yen dollar note. Keima then rushed towards Tenri demanding an apology and questions her motives. Suddenly, Tenri turns around, as if she's not in the wrong and tells Keima the same question. Keima then points at Tenri asking if it really is her.

Meanwhile, at the store, Elsie's sensor suddenly picks up a spirit. At the same time, Tenri tells Keima that it is really hard for her to go to his house despite her flawed social skills and saying how Keima doesn't recall her hurt her feelings very badly. Keima then begins to think if that's really Tenri as the latter said that she doesn't intend to be saved by him, confusing the latter. Tenri then points out the bandage on Keima's head and asked if its another earthquake accident as Keima only gets more confused.

Just then, Elsie runs towards Keima and showed him the sensor while Tenri said that what does that sensor actually do before falling down from the shopping complex (at the third floor). Keima then panics and looked down, only to see Tenri fine, and walking away. Elsie then notes that the sensor went off again. As Keima begins to wonder what is happening to the situation, he looked at Elsie and thinks if its another runaway spirit.

As Tenri is leaving Inazumart, Nora appears, and comments on how she finally found her target as her buddy said that it's quite scary to go against her. Nora then proudly exclaimed that she has already registered the spirit and said that she's not going to let her get away again. Her buddy then said that it's the perfect opportunity for their turn.

Back at Inazumart, Keima was shown to be in tears and on the floor as he scolded Elsie as to why did she left since the game he picked had been bought.

Hunt by the Buxom Devil and her Dog

The narration now switches to Tenri, she thinks to herself that how Maijima had changed so much that she can't recognize anyone at the street but she guessed that it is to be expected after leaving here 10 years ago. As she walked towards Maijima High School, her reflection states that the school has changed the most.

The reflection (with Tenri's sharp eyes), states to Tenri that now that she's a high school student, she should stop playing with the bubble wraps and said that she worries about her future. Tenri then grumbles that her reflection is noisy and how that reflection just used to be another voice in her head that soon manifested into mirrors, shadows and now can even wrestle control over her body.

It was then revealed that Tenri's reflection was the one who caused all of her antics towards Keima earlier but the reflection argued that because of her bashfulness, they became eccentric and irregular. The reflection then said that Keima is the embodiment of callousness and doesn't rust him. Tenri then laments on that she thought Keima will help her for sure.

At the train, Elsie confirms to Keima that Tenri has a runaway spirit while Keima just complains that he had to go all the way to Narusawa City to get his games now. Elsie then said that she'll assign Tenri to her, much to Keima's anger. However, Keima began to think about Tenri's split personality of transforming her true wishes but thinks if the wishes are dangerous.

As Keima enters Narusawa City, Elsie said that Nora has already been assigned to Tenri's 'runaway spirit' as Keima became happy.

At Maijima seaside park, Tenri was at the boat attraction and declares to her reflection that she's going home. Her reflection asks if its fine for her to go without talking to Keima and she said that there's nothing she could do if Keima doesn't remember her. Just then, Nora's buddy appears, and tries to explain to Tenri that despite all of her attempts to dispel her negative feelings, the "gap" will remain there. Nora's buddy, Ryō, said that human beings are very sinful and avaricious creatures and that's why they are constantly being hunted by demons.

Ryō then said that he can fill her gap before standing tall and widening his arms, asking Tenri to come at him. Tenri quickly tries to move to the opposite direction but was stopped by Nora, telling her to at least listen to Ryō. Tenri, now apparently scared, asks who is Nora, to which Nora said that she is sort of like a doctor and ordered Ryō to keep going. Ryō reads his script again and tells Tenri that the Runaway Spirit Squad will be there to help Tenri. Ryō tells Tenri that there is a bad creature called a runaway spirit and if they did not get it out in time, it'll be problematic. Ryō then said that Nora and him are the best and they can help her while Tenri understands what her reflection had sensed earlier.

Ryō then said that he and Nora will help her in a spectacular way by drowning the spirit using her own desires. Ryō said that they'll give a million yen to those who wanted ten thousand, a woman with no lover, they'll give the F4 and will even give a terrifying revenge on bullies (Basically saying that they'll grant Tenri any wish she wants and more).

Nora then used her hagoromo to display Tenri's thoughts (without her permission) and it showed a picture of Keima. Nora and Ryō both concluded that Tenri either hates Keima or loved him and Nora asked Tenri. When Nora asked if Terni liked Keima, she shook her head shyly and when she asks if she hates Keima, Tenri shook her head vigorously. Nora then somehow concluded that Tenri hates Keima and said that she will give Keima hell, to which Tenri tried to prevent, but due to her social inability, it did not work as well.

Ryō asked Nora that Tenri shook her head to both and that may be bad as Nora explains that love is complex and that if they consider everyone of them as hate, they'll be right most of the time since hate is more prevalent. Ryō then said that Nora just like to hurt people, to which he got kicked by Nora telling him to stop relying on cheat sheets.

The story returns to Keima and Elsie where Elsie explains that despite her success, Nora had rumors of bad failures where the negative emotions and gaps are actually strengthened and made the spirit stronger. Keima then said that at least this has nothing to do with him but Tenri rushes to him and pushed him down. After realizing that the games are damaged again, Keima cries and said that what does she have against him and called her a meanie. Tenri then says that he's in danger.


After Tenri's revelation, Keima asked how is he in danger and Tenri said that there is a duo but before she could finish, Keima got grabbed by Nora's hagoromo as Tenri tried to call Keima while Ryō gave her a letter reading :

A notice for public execution :

We shall fill your heart's gap, may you come to Mijima seaside park, Signed, Nora and Bald.

As Tenri reads, out "Bald", to which Ryō became angry and scolded Tenri after Tenri showed him the letter, Ryō changed the Kanji form 'Bald' (禿 hage) to (亮 Ryō). After that, Elsie and Tenri rushed away while Ryō somehow falls down. At Maijima seaside park, Keima was show to be tied to the ship's mast as Nora comments on how good she is.

As Tenri and Elsie arrives, Nora said that she will put Keima through hell. Elsie said that Keima is her buddy. Nora then said that she will not kill Keima, but she will do far worse. Nora used her hagoromo and it displays Keima's deepest desires.

The screen then showed Keima and Yokkyun happily living in their wonderland which greatly shocks Nora and Ryō even thinks that Keima's the one with the gap. Nevertheless, Nora crushes Keima's reality, greatly causing psychological damage to Keima. Keima, out of anger, grabbed Nora and demands her to fix it, causing Nora to apologize and the duo escaped.

As Elsie was pulling Keima up, Tenri apologized for her conducts and said that she'll be going home now. Just then, her reflection took over, and said that Keima has driven the duo quite remarkably and wants Keima and Elsie to protect them.

Meanwhile, Nora was shown to be angry at Keima and threw her rage at a vending machine when the hot drink won't come out as Ryō wonders if she even remembered about the capture....

Protecting the Other Persona

Nora and Ryō were busy trying to go and capture Keima but Nora wanted to choose the most lethal weapon, saying that it's not worth letting him live. Ryō then said that if Keima gets killed, Elsie will get too but Nora just shrugs it off.

At the school, Keima wonders why he should protect Tenri. Tenri's reflection then states that there are conditions and one of them includes Keima proving his strength while Keima angrily states if she's looking down at him. Tenri's reflection then said that they came here just to visit him since she thinks that Keima would.

Keima said that he would not befriend a runaway spirit but Elsie said that if they don't, Nora will really kill her as one of Elsie's hagoromo doubles got destroyed by Nora (who complains about this). Elsie then said that even if they report this to Hell, the government won't make it in time while Tenri's reflection tells Tenri that Keima and Elsie are surprisingly calm.

After some more thinking, Keima asked if Elsie had Minami's spirit and if they could let Nora have it instead. However, Elsie states that she had already submitted Minami's spirit. After having another clone taken out, Keima ordered Elsie to go to Haqua's place to see if she had another one. Keima then sat down, and said to himself that is he had known about this, he would've gotten more batteries as he felt a sense of déjà vu. At the same time, Tenri's reflection tries to make Tenri talk to Keima as the latter wanted both to keep their act together. Keima also said that she should not rely on her reflection as her reflection asks why not as Keima said that she is the biggest problem.

Keima then asked why him as Tenri said that she never had forgotten about Keima. Just then, the remaining hagoromo clones got destroyed and Nora just barges straight on top of them (with a huge spiked-mace). Nora said that she'll get even with Keima for making her wet but Keima said that Nora ruined his moment with Yokkyun and is just an ordinary demon found in any old video game. Enraged and shocked that Keima does not fear her, Nora raised her mace at Keima.

Tenri's reflection took over and managed to stop Nora from attacking Keima, now even more pissed, Nora threw Tenri's reflection away as Keima rushed over to see if Tenri's alright. Tenri quickly grabbed Keima and ran off while Nora commands Ryō whose munching away potato chips to follow after them.

After running for some time, Tenri decides to let Keima head to the Old Theater as Keima said that it leads to a dead end. Tenri said that they can go to the basement but going there, Keima said that there is nothing and not being a student, she would not know. Tenri, however, says otherwise and opened a small section of the floor, revealing a small entrance to a cave and said that she and Keima had came here before as Keima peeked down.

Keima then recalls having said the same thing about batteries back then as the last panel reveals two silhouettes that resembles both Tenri and Keima.

Nostalgic Memories of the First Meeting

As both Keima and Tenri descends down the cave, he begins to recall some of the memories that Tenri told him.....

~10 years ago~

Keima is at Maijima seaside park artificial beach outing with Maijima East Elementary School during the Summer holidays. Keima, being 7, was already holding onto a game console and stood motionless playing a game as his homeroom teacher tries to hand him a hermit crab to entice him to play with his peers. Keima merely states that he can stay clean and dry if he stood still, making his homeroom hit him since there won't be any point in coming to the beach.

After that, Keima decides to go to the boat attraction and covers himself with a leisure sheet to block the sunlight and continue playing his game. However the boat suddenly shook violently but Keima assures himself that this is only a rating 3 earthquake but somehow he got stranded in the boat and begins to wonder if the tide came in.

Now that Keima thinks about it, there is another person, and that person is ... Ayukawa Tenri. Tenri explained that she was on the ship since she had no friends. In the present, Keima then comments that he had forgotten about that and got slapped by Tenri's reflection, saying how he can forget this important information. Keima then asked Tenri to control her "fierce side". Tenri then said that she considers Keima to be really cool.

Back to the past, Keima tried to go down and Tenri asked what is he thinking to which Keima said that he's trying to get back since it has been an hour and no one has come to rescue them yet. After surveying the surroundings, Keima conclude that swimming across will get the games wet but noticed a hole in the ship that leads to a cave.

Keima goes down and asked Tenri to stay outside but Tenri still follows him nevertheless. Sometime later, Keima asked Tenri if she had a light source and Tenri holds out his game console much to Keima's chagrin. Tenri then said that one console is not enough to which Keima said he's got 8 more.

As the two continued to navigate inside the cave, the surroundings became more spacious and even found a lake. Keima then said that he heard that the tide can make landmasses disappear and can create caves, so it is highly possible that the cave is connected to the land as Tenri says how Keima is so knowledgeable while Keima said that he sees this a lot in games. As they continue to go around, Keima plays more games and Tenri comments on how Keima plays a lot.

In the present, Keima said that Tenri has a good memory as he wondered how did he get out of this predicament 10 years ago anyways.

Back to the past, Keima complains that if he had known this, he would've bought more games. However, Tenri begins to cry and Keima tells her not to. Tenri then said that it's dark and scary as her stomach growled. Keima asked where are her belongings to which Tenri replied that she left them along with the rest. Keima then gave her his bento, some sweets and said that he can go on even without food so long as he has his games.

After having her meal, Tenri asked why is Keima so strong even in class but Keima said that he's never been to a fight while Tenri said that she is always scared even when someone talks to her. Keima asked if Tenri is scared now as she blushed and said that she's fine.

All of a sudden, Everything goes pitch black even when Keima just changed the batteries. Then yet another earthquake started and Keima grabbed Tenri and was about to run before being hit by a large rock, instantly knocking him out.

From a far side of the cave entrance, a large group of runaway spirits were there as Tenri along with an unconscious Keima looked on !

"We won't get caught.....We won't get caught" was all that the runaway spirits were muttering as Tenri tried to whisper to Keima to escape. Sensing Tenri, the spirits rushed towards the little girl, trying to find a gap in her heart and take over her. Tenri was then being heavily engulfed in spirits.

At the current time, Keima shouted that he cannot believe that apparitions would attack them ... is what he would say but under the circumstances of Elsie and the Runaway Spirit Squad, this may not be all too impossible. Keima then asked what happened after to which Tenri remained silent.

Tenri's other self then took over and tries to explain what happened. Keima said not to worry since he had already understood what will probably start next : She meeting Tenri.

Back to the past, Tenri was desperately trying to drive those spirits away from her and calling for help. Just then, someone tells her to escape, to run away from them. There it is, a spirit of a woman with long flowing hair. She tells Tenri to escape and regrets not being able to help her. The kind lady-spirit said that if only she can cooperate with Tenri together, maybe they can.

Tenri wastes no time into accepting it. Even if it means Keima is the only one to escape. The lady-spirit then goes into Tenri, and as if by miracle, instantly repels the spirits and flies all the way out of what is now know as the old theater in Maijima High School. However, with that revelation, the other escaped spirits managed to run free.

In the present, Keima got confused. He asked why would a runaway spirit like her ask Tenri for permission to posses and show mercy. Tenri's reflection then gets confused and asked what is a "runaway spirit". After some explaining by Keima, the person said that she is not a runaway spirit and that in her time, they are called Weiss. But rather, she is one of those most hated by them, since she is one of the people who sealed them off.

Just as Keima was about to speak, Nora plunged in with her mace declaring that she's finally found him as Ryō said that he and Nora cannot afford anyone to escape Tenri's reflection said that Nora is really annoying for interrupting as Keima angrily tells Nora to read the mood. In blind fury, Nora spins her mace trying to stop them as Ryō jumps down, hurting Nora while Tenri's reflection places a huge boulder at them.

As Keima and Tenri's reflection runs, Keima said that unless they have a runaway spirit, they'll just have to escape. The duo ultimately exits to Maijima seaside park. Tenri's reflection then hands Keima a very weak, and small Weiss and asks if that is the one. After Keima confirms this, the reflection says that she'll go into Tenri and the rest is up to Keima.

Tenri then reawakens and Keima ordered her to follow him to the boat attraction as Keima said to himself that he will hear the full story after the ending !

The Blessed Kiss

At the ship, Keima stated that just showing Nora the Weiss won't suffice since Nora knows all too well about the fact that runaway spirits doesn't come out easily and Keima needs an impression. Just then, Elsie appeared, teary eyed and apologized as she had not gotten any spirits even when she asked her friends. Keima then wastes no time telling Elsie to use her hagoromo to make the runaway spirit look healthy.

In a distance, Tenri begins to admire Keima. Keima then calls out to her and asked if that one in her body is a runaway spirit or not. Tenri then said that Diana, the "reflection" is her special friend and Keima sighed and said that he'll protect Diana in order to do that, he and Tenri will be lovers.

Before Tenri can even answer, she was already being held by Keima and was raised to one of the ship's flag pole. Nora quickly catches them and said that she hates it when things go too long. Ryō then jumps up saying that things usually goes faster when he helped out but goes on saying that if Nora's breasts weren't so big, he wouldn't have followed her though (This results getting kicked down by Nora).

Nora then says that she will force them to hand over the runaway spirit. Keima then said that he won't do that cause he doesn't want to get hurt over that and said that there is no such thing a hate between Tenri and him since they are lovers ! This made Tenri froze and is unable to reply.

When Keima asked her to comply for friends' sake, Tenri pushed Keima away saying why should she do that. Nora then said that Love, the emotion which Keima relies on is dull and is the darkest emotion, and something like that cannot close the gap of the heart. Keima then mocked Nora's knowledge of love and this made her even more mad.

Tenri then said that she's had enough and that she has not hated Keima even for a single second. Keima then agreed and kissed Tenri. Elsie, then released the runaway spirit and Nora quickly ignored the duo and proceeded to grab the spirit.

Keima then said that with this, it is over and Tenri fainted. After that, Diana took over Tenri's unconscious body and Keima apologized for his behavior. Diana smiled and said that Tenri had fainted from extreme happiness. Keima then quickly asked what happened about the story where she sealed the Weiss and demands to know everything.

Diana said that they'll talk about it someday ...... which was rather soon as Tenri, now with her bangs cut, moved in and became Keima's next door neighbor! Meanwhile, Nora comments on how small the runaway spirit is.

Unexpected New Next-Door Neighbor

Shocked about what happened, Keima demands from his mother what is with the unexpected development. Mari then reminded Keima that due to unforeseen circumstances, their old neighbors moved out and since the Ayukawa family is looking for a house, Mari just suggested there. Mari then tells Keima to help out in which Keima goes to his home and said that the games are piling up.

Meanwhile, Tenri, at the new house, turned and looked at a huge box wrapped in bubble wrap. She goes there, and plays with it. Then, Keima was shown to be kicked all the way towards Tenri, being screamed by Mari to "GO HELP HER ALREADY !" as Keima weakly asks if he can be of any help.

As they were carrying the box, Keima comments that everything seems to be done as Tenri replied that she simply wanted to carry this box herself. Keima then noticed that Tenri cut her bangs as they continued to walk and saw Mrs. Ayukawa patting Elsie's head for her good job at cleaning before commenting on how good she is at fitting in. Tenri then asks if she can know what happened to Keima after the Earthquake.

Keima replied that it was really noisy once he woke up, the teachers were mad at him and a bandage was wrapped around he's head. When he returned home, his previous house was already devastated by the earthquake and many of his games were destroyed. Since Keima's family do not have a house anymore, they decided to move to Keima's grandfather's old house, and Mari soon converted it to a cafe, and named it Cafe Grandpa.

Tenri then says that how its such a coincidence that two friends will meet each other after a ten-year separation as Keima said that this may be more than simply a coincidence. Then, Diana said that as expected, he had not forgotten about Tenri and wants the two to do something since they have already kissed before. Tenri then gets flustered as Diana said that since they have kissed, both Tenri and Keima are supposed to be lovers. The mirror was then thrown away by Tenri as Diana mentions that it was her first kiss (The mirror also happens to hit Elsie).

Tenri then tells Keima that she knew it was just acting and Keima recalls that she's not one of the usual heroines he's conquered. Tenri then changes the topic and showed him her special skill: Magic tricks.

And so, Tenri places herself in the box and "teleported" a few distances away. As Tenri wants Keima to perform the next trick, the previous one made Elsie curious and wonder in amazement. Tenri then had Keima stab her with the swords and said that this trick is Diana's favorite.

Keima then asked Diana if she is a new devil, Diana replied that she is a goddess and the Weiss are powerful enemies and hence, they cooperated with the New Devils at the battle of Almagemachina. Diana also said that as a last resort, she and the goddesses used a spell to seal them away. Elsie then said that they were not taught of this information and Keima said that Haqua mentions something similar too.

Diana then said that New Hell is most likely to be engulfed in disaster and for that, Keima needs to marry Tenri (With Keima going "what the heck"). Diana then explains that being a goddess, she gains more power through love from Tenri. Keima said that isn't she embarrassed about this but Diana said that this is the truth and she regained her halo through the kiss.

Diana then said that if Keima and Tenri get married, Tenri will be even more happy and she may even gain back all of her powers. Keima said that he won't marry just for that since they haven't done anything but act. Diana then said that isn't that good enough since kissing is something that only lovers do and then grabbed Keima, saying that she will make him take responsibility.

Tenri then took over and lunges herself to the bed, telling Keima to forget about the incident and Diana was speaking for herself. At night, Elsie said that she will teleport too and stuffs herself in a box as Keima begins to think that this has gone too far. Keima then thinks that there is still no solid evidence that Diana is not a Weiss and sees that the new devils seems to be rather weak (Evidenced when he taped the box, trapping Elsie). And tells himself that until the next event comes, he'll have to put up with this.....