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Chihiro Kosaka

Chihiro Kosaka

Kosaka Chihiro
Character Information
Gender Female
Age 17
Date of Birth 3 December
Team 2-B Pencils
BWH 82-61-85
Blood Type O
Height 158 cm (5'2")
Weight 50 kg
Job Normal Person
Class 2-B
School Maijima Private High School
Seiyū Japanese flag.png Kana Asumi

US flag.png Serena Varghese (Season 1); Brittney Karbowski (Season 2); Cynthia Martinez (Season 3 and OVA)

Manga Debut Chapter 3
Anime Debut Episode 2

Chihiro Kosaka (小阪ちひろ, Kosaka Chihiro) is a classmate of Keima Katsuragi at Maijima Private High School and the sixth capture target in the series.


Chihiro has a short brown hair that is somewhat similar to Keima Katsuragi's hairstyle. She usually wears a pink or cream-colored hairpin on the left side of her head.

She doesn't change clothes much in the manga or in the anime. However, she prefers casual clothes over dressy clothes to fit in (apparently because of her somewhat boyish character). At the Mai-High Festival, on occasion of her date with Keima, and during her band's concert, Chihiro wore a flower hair clip instead of her usual hairpin.


Chihiro is an "acclaimed" normal girl, whose hobbies involve reading magazines and chasing after cute guys. Her attempts at chasing after cute guys is shown to be unsuccessful. However, she does not seem to be greatly affected by the rejections. She usually gets over them the next day. Overall, she is seen as a pretty nice girl through her relationship with her friends, while other times she can be very rude and harsh as shown through her caustic remarks toward Keima. She later reveals that she is insecure of herself, feeling that she is not very pretty, smart or athletic and wondered if she had any value. By attempting to date good looking boys, she thought that she would be chasing after a goal and become unique because of it. After her capture, she decided to start a band in order find her talent and uniqueness, possibly because in the capture keima told her she could be special in her own way if she puts her heart into it.


Daily Arcs

Chihiro has made several appearances in many different arcs. On several occasions, she has been seen to offer Elsie advice.

Normal Girl Arc

When Elsie goes back to school again and complains that there is another whole week of study in front of them, as it is a Monday, Chihiro tells her that she must not think about the day as a Monday but as a Wednesday. Later, Elsie was seen asking about help as Keima was depressed, but Chihiro refused to help her, stating 'what good would it do her' and 'that if she came into contact with Keima, she might get infected'. Keima then walks away.

Chihiro confessing.

It is later shown that he is affected by her words and starts showing a slight insecurity within himself. Chihiro accidentally bumps into him while looking for her new potential boyfriend. Elsie later senses Chihiro to be the next holder of a spirit. Afterwards, Keima and Elsie witnessed her confessing and being rejected by a boy, the captain of the soccer team. Elsie then sees Chihiro crying. Later the next day, Chihiro greeted Elsie normally and started telling her that what she saw yesterday was uncool, which causes Keima to then want to cheer her up until she starts going on about the next boy that she likes.

Chihiro being friendly towards Keima.

Eventually after that, Keima is seen to be reacting madly towards her and leading to the point where Chihiro later stomps on him out of anger, calling him a cockroach. After that Keima and Chihiro eventually end up coming back together to clean up the classroom with each other. Then later she starts talking to Keima about which boy she likes. Keima wants to help her, but she is then seen to be showing some interest in Keima. Later that day, it got to the point that she was so in love with Keima that she eventually refuses to confess to the other boy that she originally likes.

Keima kisses Chihiro.

This causes Keima to become mad because everything that he has done for her was for nothing. Later, Chihiro disappears and is eventually found hanging out at a ship nearby the school. She then talks with Keima, leading to the point of them kissing, causing the spirit inside her to be released and captured by Elsie.

Chihiro much happier (after conquest).

After all that, she becomes a lot happier with life to the point of starting her own band, known as the 2-B Pencils, and asks Elsie to join.

Hunting Break Arc 7

Ayumi and Chihiro getting 100%.

When Kodama agrees to give the 2-B Pencils a clubroom if all of them got 100% for their English test, Keima agrees to tutor them as well as Kanon after some coercing from Elsie. When Elsie mentioned the word "kiss", Chihiro, as well as Ayumi and Kanon were shown to suddenly become very embarrassed, almost going into shock, hinting that they haven't completely forgotten about what happened with Keima. Ayumi, Chihiro and Kanon all managed to get 100% after Keima's tutoring, while Elsie only got 45%. Nevertheless, Kodama gave the 2-B Pencils a clubroom as he was very happy that for once, Keima did not get 100% and instead got 99%.

Old Conquest Arc

After Kanon confesses to Keima, Chihiro, like other previous targets, is affected by the news. She is angry enough to pour steaming hot coffee on Keima. Keima then tries to reconcile to which she tries to ignore. She is now labeled as "likely to have a goddess".

When Keima was initiating an after school event with Ayumi, he was surprised when he saw Haqua (Elsie at the moment) and Chihiro also at Inazumart. While Chihiro was waiting for Elsie, she saw Keima looking for bass strings. While with Keima at the music shop, she decided to test a guitar and asked him not to leave her while playing for it embarrasses her. After playing the tune, Keima then asked Chihiro whose song she played and she said that it's her song. Keima complimented it had a nice ring to it. Chihiro then leaves Keima, saying that she felt sick talking to him.

"I like you."

Later, when Keima got sick, he uses this chance to initiate an event involving the two remaining goddess candidates, Ayumi and Chihiro. After Keima called Ayumi, Chihiro called at Elsie's phone, which Keima possesses, and was surprised when Keima answered.

Keima then tells her that Elsie isn't home because of the Buddhist memorial service and nobody will be home even if she comes, followed by a remark, "Stupid". Despite Keima saying this, Chihiro still came and is welcomed by Ryo. Keima then hid Ayumi under his blanket to prevent her and Chihiro from seeing each other. Even though Chihiro said that the reason she came is to give Elsie some score sheets, her real reason for visiting was that she wanted to play the tune that she played when she was with Keima at the music shop. After Keima complimented the tune, Chihiro then leaves the room and thanks him for letting her play the tune while he has a cold.

Before Keima was about to confess to Ayumi, Chihiro unexpectedly knocked on Keima's door and confesses her feeling to Keima from outside "his" room. When she is about to say more, Keima responds coldly, asking what she said, as if he did not hear anything. Giving the reason that he dozed off, Chihiro says that she said nothing and leaves.

Keima looks outside the window and sees Chihiro leaving. While in a music shop, Chihiro's phone rings. She answers and hears a familiar yet unexpected voice. It is Ayumi, who is on the second floor of Keima's house, and she is asking if Chihiro likes Keima. Ayumi asks Chihiro over the phone whether or not she likes Keima. Hearing this sudden question, Chihiro is flustered and asks where this came from. In order to avoid suspicion, Ayumi says she heard this from the "whispers of the wind". Meanwhile, Keima is impatiently waiting for Chihiro to answer his call.

Chihiro suddenly asks where Ayumi is, and she tries to end the call instead. Chihiro then admits that she suddenly confessed to Keima, but she feels it is just because of the many times she has asked so many guys out that she suddenly confessed to Keima also. But Ayumi says Chihiro's feelings are genuine and that she will root for Chihiro. Ayumi cuts the phone, leaving Chihiro a bit puzzled. Later, outside, in the night sky, Chihiro travels along the seaside while Ayumi rides the bus. Chihiro gazes up to the boat that she and Keima went on during her arc, wondering if Ayumi was at Keima's house.

Urashima Tarō's "Please stop."

During the eve of the Mai-High, festival, Chihiro and other friends teases Ayumi about the Pre-Pre Contest. Chihiro returns from buying steam buns, only to see many people crowd along a wall. It is the ballot for the Pre Pre Mai High, and photos of the candidates are being passed out. Chihiro walks past the crowd, but on the other end, sees Keima posting a photo of a 2D character. After gazing upon for the second, Keima is kicked by one of the ballot staff, who asks in anger what Keima is doing. Keima responds with pride that the Contest is only an amateur contest without 2D characters. The ballot staff members are angered and start kicking Keima more, while Chihiro in the background is asking them to stop.

After seeing Keima being beat up, Chihiro comments on how stupid of Keima it was to do such things. After he sits up, their eyes meet for a second, and they avert their gaze from each other. Before Chihiro is about to go off, Keima exclaims that his PFP is missing. Chihiro talks about how it is a curse on Keima for him not trying to couple with someone for the festival. He tries to lash back by asking if she has a partner, to which she replies that she is a performer, therefore no need of one. Abruptly, he thanks Chihiro for visiting him. Right when she says that she is glad Keima is now fine, she finds the PFP under one of the benches.

Hearing this he hurries over to get it, but Chihiro takes it away from him. She suddenly asks, seeing that Keima has no partner, if he wants her to be his partner. Keima is amazed by this development, as he planned to be the one to ask this question, using the posters as a reason why he asks. He first tries to offend her by saying that they will only bicker, but she continues to approach. Seeing the push, he replies with a yes. She returns the PFP and walks away.

After some while, Chihiro enters the classroom that is adjacent to the veranda where Ayumi and Keima are standing. After Ayumi pushes down Keima, Chihiro asks if Ayumi is going to go to the midday band practice, which Ayumi responds with a yes. In the light music clubroom, Miyako is surprised by Chihiro's sudden submission of a new musical piece. Chihiro says that they don't have to practice it, as she herself does not expect themselves to play it for the live. The three are bothered by the fact that Elsie is taking too many breaks, but Chihiro says that she will definitely come the next day. They also notice that Yui is not present.

Later Keima (being kicked by Ayumi) lands in front of Chihiro. Keima states that he is taking out the trash, while Chihiro also says she's also taking out the trash. the two goes to dispose of the trash, and after walks back together. Chihiro mentions how they also did the same thing before, referring to the time during her conquest. Keima starts to wonder how much Chihiro knows, but goes onto the conquest. He talks about a story he heard of, where "if two people bring the same item" to the camp-fire, good things will happen.

Keima shows disbelief, while Chihiro starts to dig into her pockets. She calls out to Keima and asks to take out his hand. He does, but instead of placing an item she is holding onto his hand, she shoves in into his shirt. Chihiro walks off, while Keima is trying to get the item out of his shirt.Later, Keima is holding the item that he received from Chihiro, which is an old guitar pick. Chihiro then goes away.

Chihiro with her flower hair clip.

Later, when Keima was waiting for her, and just as Nikaido walked away, Chihiro rushed towards Keima and apologies for being late. She was also wearing a flower hairclip. Chihiro explains that the band, had taken longer than anticipated. Keima then says that he's "fired-up" for the festival. As both were enjoying the festival, (Technically, Keima was thinking about the conquest and Vintage). Chihiro asks Keima that the stage seems to be larger this year and feels excited that the band will be performing the next day. Keima then gets out of his thoughts and asks Chihiro what she said, causing her to feel a little angry. As Keima asks if Ayumi is popular, Chihiro then said if they should go somewhere else and then pushes Keima to the camp-fire. At the camp-fire, Chihiro asks whether if Keima brought the guitar pick in which Keima affirms. Keima asks if it's really fine if he got it which Chihiro said it's fine since its used. Chihiro wonders if good things will happen if they bought the same objects. Chihiro said that she felt that good things will happen during the festival this year. Keima then asks if Chihiro want to go somewhere quiet (to kiss her). Chihiro said that the fire just started. Keima smartly argued that that's why it will be along time before the fire gets put out thus, they should go. Chihiro complied. At a dark corner, Chihiro doesn't want to go since she's "afraid" that Keima will "embrace her suddenly when no one's around". Just as Keima was about to kiss her, he found out that its a lovers' corner. Chihiro later said that it's alright to go to a dark corner now.

Chihiro and Keima kiss for the second time.

Keima said that why don't they go to the south building. Chihiro asks that isn't it closed. But Keima said that the rooftop (which he always uses can still be used). Chihiro agrees and holds Keima's hand. Later, Chihiro and Keima reached the entrance but she wonders if the room to the rooftop was opened as well. Keima stated that he knew the password to the door. At the rooftop,Chihiro comments how empty and cold it is and how the camp-fire looks like a speck. Keima then said how Chihiro is different than her normal self. Chihiro then said that how she usually wouldn't even talk to Keima but today, she wants to be with him forever. As she was talking how forever might be too much, Keima pounced on her and wanted to kiss her. Chihiro then asks Keima to be gentle, since this is her "first time". Unknown to Chihiro, Keima realized that she doesn't remember her conquest and thus, have no goddess in her.... However, even though Chihiro does not remember her conquest, she tells Keima that she loved him for a long time.

Chihiro after being rejected by Keima.

Keima becomes confused by these and questions how Chihiro could have feelings for him, to which Chihiro responds that she doesn't need a reason to like him and kisses him. Afterwards, when Chihiro asks if Keima likes her, he denies having any feeling for her saying "There's no way that I would like you" and faces away from Chihiro. Chihiro asks why would Keima do such a thing with the latter replying that this is a payback for making fun of him. Keima then said that this is enough and ordered Chihiro to stay away from him. Chihiro then runs away with her eyes covered by her hair.

During the actual Mai-High Festival, Chihiro entered the club room of her band and greets Elsie who's already there. As Elsie was about to introduce Keima, the latter is missing later, Yui and Miyako entered and finally, a dejected Ayumi enters while Chihiro tries to lift her spirit up.

Mai-High Festival Arc

At the actual day of the festival, Ayumi came to the club room, asking Chihiro if she wanted to go to the café. Chihiro said that she still have to practice the song and tune since it is a huge responsibility. Ayumi then praised Chihiro and said that she felt glad. As Ayumi was about to tell Chihiro about Keima, she remembered Chihiro's events from last night and she hesitated. Chihiro asked what's the thing and then said that they would enjoy the festival as she left. When Ayumi left, Chihiro was shown to look at her guitar with a sad expression.

Later, when Miyako and her went to the 2-B café, Chihiro saw Ayumi pushing Keima away, Chihiro complimented Ayumi and left.

Later, Chihiro comes to the café and switches with Ayumi but questions Ayumi what she was talking with Keima. But her fellow classmate said that more help is needed. Chihiro then proceeds to take an order of coffee with lots of sugar from Lune.

Chihiro later goes to the girls lavatory where Ayumi is. She confesses that she got dumped by Keima and even though she thought she was serious that wasn't the case and she failed to meet Ayumi's expectations. Chihiro told Ayumi not to talk about her to Keima and left, but not before thanking Ayumi unknowingly causing her friend to be even more guilt ridden than before.

Later, Ayumi was shown to be ignoring her calls. As Keima was trying to find Ayumi, he banged into Sumire, while helping her out with finding the lid of Sumire's pots, Chihiro found and gave it to her. Sumire thanked her but Keima asked Chihiro to team up with him. Chihiro is shocked as Keima calmly said that if the "obstacle"(Chihiro) helped him, the conquest(of Ayumi) will be much easier. However, Chihiro slapped him and said that how can Keima speak to her as if nothing has happened. But Keima said he has not. Keima then said that they must set aside petty differences as Chihiro kicked him and called him scum.

By nightfall, Chihiro went up to the roof and found Ayumi. She jokingly called her a ninja and asked her how do they introduce the members of the 2-B Pencils tomorrow as Ayumi said that she cannot be in the band any more, greatly shocking her. Chihiro then asked why as Ayumi says that she wanted to quit because she does not cheer for her during her Chihiro's re-conquest.

Keima then pops out and asked Chihiro what was it that she want to say and pushes Chihiro away. Keima then tells Chihiro that they need to pretend that they are talking as the latter punches Keima away. Ayumi was shown to be even more sad and unwilling to say and Keima then announced that he had something to say to both of them, Suddenly, three Vintage members appears and caught them in a black sphere.

As one member, Gira tells Lune that they captured the trio and all seems lost, the trio was saved by Haqua.

As The Vintage members fought with Haqua, Chihiro and the others hide nearby as she asked if she should call the police. Later, when the fight's over, Chihiro and Ayumi wanted to know what happened as Haqua and Keima tells them that its all an act by the "Special Effects club". Haqua then blamed it on Keima , much to Chihiro and Ayumi's chagrin. As Keima and haqua worries about the goddesses, Ayumi suggests that they go home.

After that, Ayumi ran off saying she'll call her. Keima then grabbed her, asking her to go home with her as Chihiro tries to fight back with little success. At the Katsuragi household, Chihiro wonders why is she here again and was about to leave since Elsie wasn't at home. Only to find out that Keima,(with Haqua's help) has locked her there.

Later, Chihiro managed to sneak up to Kanon's room and apparently heard about Haqua's words about Vintage as she wonders what are they talking about. Chihiro then wonders if it is about the "performance" with Haqua earlier. She decides to tell Keima that she'll be going home. As she is about to knock, she heard about the conversation about Hell.

Chihiro found out!

As Chihiro continues to listen to Keima's conversation, Ayumi called her and her cell phone rings. Keima then pushes the door and hits Chihiro on the floor, she then asks what is Keima going to do with Ayumi as Keima wastes no time picking up Chihiro's phone and tells Ayumi that he'll be confessing to her. He then tells Diana to stay at Tenri's house and Haqua to escort them. Keima then grabs Chihiro with him to Ayumi's home, much to her anger.

Chihiro then angrily wants to go home saying that she doesn't want to join Keima. Keima then said that her life will be endangered if she did not follow him to which she punches Keima saying that he is the biggest threat. As Keima was busy getting the "goods" Chihiro wonder what is happening. Chihiro then asked what does Keima meant by "conquer" to which Haqua silenced her saying that Keima is concentrating. Keima then begins to grumble as Chihiro thinks that Keima is weird.

At the Kozue river, Chihiro asked what are they going to do and Haqua said that they're helping Keima's confession to Ayumi. Chihiro then said that they're lies and she'll never forgive Haqua and Keima if they tried anything weird. Haqua said that Keima is doing his best to defend them all. Keima then questions himself if he should use the panties and begin to fench with them as Chihiro seemed doubtful.

After a brief introduction, Chihiro cannot believe what she hears and does not understand the concept of the goddesses. As Haqua says that she felt bad for Ayumi, Chihiro wonders if the cloaked individuals are the ones who Keima is trying to stop and begin to know why Keima is seducing Ayumi.

Chihiro then screams to Haqua saying that they're crazy and what will happen if Ayumi gets serious while Haqua says that they'll be in trouble if Ayumi doesn't. They are silenced by Keima saying that they are noisy. When Ayumi did come, Chihiro silently wishes the latter to return home since it's a trap while Haqua asks Chihiro to keep quiet.

As Haqua says how Keima is a pervert, Chihiro wonders what is all the drama about. Chihiro then heard about Ayumi having a first time and wonders what is it all about. While watching the "idiotic drama", Keima and Ayumi left while Haqua wanted Chihiro to follow her. Chihiro then thinks that if Keima and Ayumi were in a relationship before.

At the playground, Haqua spots a Vintage member and strikes down in front of Chihiro's eyes and quickly warns Keima. As Keima relocates yet again, Chihiro asks what will happen should Keima fail to which she was replied that failure is not an option.

After Haqua laments on how will Keima and Ayumi hide, Chihiro decided to help. She suggests another way, Chihiro lets Haqua take Keima and Ayumi all the way to Miyako's house and while Miyako was surprised to see Keima and Ayumi, Chihiro came up, lying that she's too excited about the live performance and uses the chance to go to Miyako's house to celebrate.

In Miyako's house, Keima asked her what is she planning to do. Chihiro tells Keima that this is rhetorical since Keima is looking for a place to hide. Keima then tells Chihiro that Ayumi's love points are already sufficient and just a few more minutes and an event will be enough for him to conquer her while Chihiro wants Keima to stop talking like a gamer.

Chihiro then said that she is sorry for being a burden to Keima since she is not a goddess host and went off to play before Keima says anything. After some singing and snacking, Chihiro asked Ayumi why was she with Keima. and quickly said that it doesn't matter to her anymore.

Later, Miyako suggested that they should try out the new uniforms as Chihiro, along with Ayumi marveled at the costumes (While Miyako pins down Keima at the other room). Chihiro then asked Ayumi if she liked Keima, to which Ayumi blushed and denied the statement. Chihiro then said that it's alright, and Ayumi don't need to worry about her. However, somehow, this made Chihiro recall the bad things Keima did to her in the past and with a sudden change of personality, Chihiro tells Ayumi that Keima is a liar.

Chihiro then wastes no time showing Ayumi a record of what Keima was saying to her a few moments ago as Chihiro demanded Ayumi to open her eyes from this game by Keima. Chihiro also said that Keima wouldn't have peeked at her in the bath if he did not plan it as Ayumi was shocked and Chihiro tells her that she was present too and all Ayumi's routes and time spent with Keima was fully planned and put into action by Keima.

Chihiro then tells Ayumi that she is just being made use of ant toyed by Keima, treating her just like that of a game. Keima then barged in and seeing the mood, asked Chihiro what has she done as she confidentially said that she has just destroyed Keima's plot. Keima tries to explain to Ayumi as Chihiro instantly rebuked his words while Keima angrily demanded what's her problem.

Chihiro then said that she and Ayumi are both idiots to be fooled by Keima. Angered by this, Ayumi slapped Keima and ran off. Keima angrily grabbed Chihiro and said that he'll catch her while Miyako wants Keima to clean up. When probed by Keima as to why Chihiro said that she wants Keima to be serious about this, fall in love with Ayumi for real as they leave, Miyako wants to know what is this about and Chihiro said that she'll explain later.

At the Takahara household, Haqua complains to Chihiro that because of her actions, Keima is forced to go back to square one as Chihiro said that she did this to make sure she disappeared from Ayumi's heart since she is fully aware of Ayumi's feelings and that it is all up to Ayumi and Keima. After knowing this, Chihiro also said that Keima seemed to realize this and said that once Ayumi likes something, it is hard for her to hate it and so long as Keima is honest.

Chihiro then asked Haqua as to why Keima would date her if he knew Ayumi was a goddess candidate while Haqua became reluctant to explain, she saw Ayumi coming back. However, what happened next is to the shock of them, Keima, riding a white stallion said that he is part of the ideal world and that he won't apologize to Ayumi, much to Chihiro's shock and anger.

Chihiro then tells to herself that Keima is such an idiot since his little drama was already smashed and yet he still goes for it. When Chihiro heard about Ayumi saying things like marriage, she gets shocked. After hearing Keima's response, she sighed and continues to watch from behind the scenes with Haqua. When seeing Keima getting beaten up, she asked Haqua where this is heading as Haqua says that Keima is using Ayumi's attempts against him to his advantage as Chihiro mentally tries to tell Ayumi not to play into Keima's hands.

Later, Chihiro and Haqua was at the Takahara household and saw Keima and Ayumi talking and she along with Haqua are uncertain what they are saying. Just then, Haqua quickly covers Chihiro up and orders her to hide. Haqua then wonders if Nora was taken out by Vintage as Nora's own allies, Cresta and Camry comes out and says that they have made hagoromo copies of them to prevent Vintage form getting to Ayumi and Keima. They then gave Keima, Chihiro, and Haqua some pieces of a hagoromo to render them invisible.

However, Lune found them and asks where they are going as Haqua decided to stay behind and fight Lune. As Keima and Chihiro were running, Chihiro asked him not to hold her hand tightly and tells Keima to say the word to Ayumi properly. While running, Chihiro asked Keima if he even knew where Ayumi went and Keima says that Nora will soon tell him. Later, Keima tells Chihiro that they'll go to Maijima seaside park but a random biker breaks their bonds and Chihiro, now "alone" and unable to see Keima became terrified she saw two Vintage members floating down, each next to her.

Chihiro and Keima saved for now...

Then, Chihiro felt Keima hugging her as Keima whispers to her not to speak at all. The Vintage agents then communicate with each other and flew away. Seeing this, both sat down, now being able to rest as Keima saw Chihiro still clinging on him. Chihiro then said that she's not really enduring anything. Chihiro then felt something in Keima's breast-pocket and takes it, making Keima feel very uncomfortable.

Keima then said that he did not enjoy clinging on her as Chihiro tells Keima to hurry up. While going, Chihiro tells Keima yet again to be honest with Ayumi to which Keima said that he cannot conquer Ayumi unless he's dishonest. Chihiro then says that Ayumi is waiting for Keima to be honest and suddenly bumps to Keima.

An emotionless Keima then said that this is just her strategy with Ayumi as Chihiro, despite being found out, tries to deny it. Keima then tells Chihiro that he'll be honest with Ayumi for real as Chihiro says its good and looks at her hand, revealing the guitar pick she gave Keima last time and she recalls telling Keima that if two people take the same things, good things happen.

Chihiro telling Keima that she has a performance to attend to.

Later, as Chihiro was onboard she was angry that Keima is still so stubborn and just will not declare his love for Ayumi. When Chihiro saw that Ayumi was reluctant to take a step forward, Chihiro pushed Ayumi, telling her that "Isn't it fine already?" and silently watches on. When Ayumi declared her love for Keima, Chihiro too agrees that she too has made her choice on her own will.

After seeing Akari, Chihiro asked if its over and Keima confirms that he has done all he can and asked what happened to Mercury as Keima tells her that Mercury has flown off as Chihiro said that she can't see anything and says that she has a live performance to attend and saw an explosion happening in mid-air.

Both ultimately headed back as Chihiro asked Keima if its fine for them to return so early as Keima said that they have done all that they can. Chihiro then wondered what's happening at the tall rock and Keima answered that with all six of the goddesses being awakened, it'll be troublesome if it's not resolved.

Keima then asked Chihiro why is she going to his house then as Chihiro answered that she left her guitar at his house and she needs it for the concert. Keima then went home to retrieve her guitar as Chihiro noticed that it's morning. After receiving the guitar, Chihiro waved Keima goodbye.

Keima then thanked her for what she did today as Chihiro gets shocked by Keima's words and asking him why would he say creepy things like this as the latter explained that without her, he may not be able to bring Mercury out of Ayumi.

Chihiro then blushed and said that she was trying to interfere as Keima said that she did keep secret about Hell and if it were to be exposed, it would be way more troublesome. Chihiro then said that she wasn't sure about the situation and apologized for being needed to be protected as an outsider while those people in black are hunting for Ayumi.

Chihiro then asked Keima why did he go on a date with her and said that Keima would not go on a date without a reason and asked if there was something within her as well. Keima then replied that there is no one inside of her as Chihiro gave a brief hint of sadness and quickly became relieved saying its a good thing after all.

Chihiro bidding Keima farewell.

Chihiro then tells Keima that it'll be awful if she was involved too and after this, she would not have to talk to Keima anymore. Keima agrees and tells her that despite this, he'll still be attending her performance. Chihiro then boldly declares that she'll put up a grand one. Chihiro then says another goodbye to Keima and left.

During the band battle, Miyako tells Chihiro that Elsie, Yui, and Ayumi haven't shown up yet as Chihiro said that they might be late and they'll start without them as Miyako asked what does she mean since this is a very important event.

Chihiro then went up the stage and greets everyone and introduced the 2-B pencils and said that due to extenuating circumstances, three of the members are not present and says that she and Miyako will be performing first. Chihiro then took out the guitar pick she took from Keima and looked at it for a moment.

Just as Chihiro was about to sing, she was interrupted and told to wait for a second. She turned around and saw Elsie, Ayumi (still in her wedding dress) and Yui (whose attire seems to be slightly worn-out). Chihiro gave a smile and welcomes back her bandmates.

The late-comers apologized for being late as Chihiro smiles and said that they're still early. Miyako pushed Elsie and Yui to change. Chihiro looked at Ayumi and pretended to not know anything and jokingly asked her if she's getting married as Ayumi wondered if her decision was really for the best.

2-B pencils' big performance.

Chihiro then asked if Ayumi has chosen this decision herself and upon hearing her friend's answer of "yes", said that there's nothing to worry about and pushes Ayumi to the changing room. After everyone gathered, Chihiro re-introduced her band and began to make her speech.

Chihiro then said that it's the final day of the festival and said wished that everyone had a good time and does a victory pose before telling the people that if they have someone they like, they should go ahead and confess and soon, she began to sing.

Halfway through, someone else sang Chihiro's song and when she turned around, she saw Kanon and was surprised (along with the rest of the school). Kanon then bowed to Chihiro and thanked her before saying that she wants to do a duet with her despite knowing that Chihiro wanted a competition with her. Chihiro gladly agreed and both continue to sing.

Later, as they continue to sing, Chihiro noticed feathers around her and looked around. There, she saw Ayumi, Kanon, and Yui having wings on their backs as others seemingly have not noticed it. Chihiro looked up and saw Vulcan, Minerva, and Diana on top of the stage lights too.

Chihiro crying.

Chihiro then showed a hint of sadness and continued with all her might to sing, her song, with the last stanza being "Those moments and feelings that never come twice, even if they disappear, in the heart they still remain pure, with the memory of my first love." True to the song, Chihiro's first love has finally ended.

Meanwhile, Keima was crying alone on the rooftop while apologizing to Chihiro about how he lied to her.

Chihiro then tried to hold back her tears (to no avail) as she finished the final sentence of her song, "The Memory of My First Love".

Heart of Jupiter Arc

Shortly after Keima's arrival back in the present, he stops by at Chihiro's house and makes a sudden confession of love to her. She tells him to go kill himself and shuts the door.

She later approaches Keima, who is carrying a heavy box of his PFPs, and asks him if he wants to go have some tea with her.


Chihiro is as normal as can be where she is average to the point that nothing about her stands out. Average looks, average grades, average physical ability all define Chihiro.


Elucia de Lute Ima

Elsie is one of Chihiro's best friends. It is often seen that Chihiro gives Elsie advice for help on her relationship with Keima. Later, she helps Chihiro make her band.

Keima Katsuragi

Like almost all the of students in class 2-B, she makes fun of Keima. After her capture, because her memories of the capture were erased, her attitude towards Keima stayed the same. However, she often blushes when she is close to him. She has also dropped the habit of calling him "Otamega" in favor of calling him "cockroach". It is later revealed that Chihiro had feelings for Keima predating her conquest, but she never told anyone (possibly out of fear that her friends would make fun of her). Her secret affection for Keima seems to be quite strong as when Keima rejects her, Chihiro was on the verge of tears.

At the end of the manga in chapter 267, In the Jupiter arc, Keima confesses his love for her. She rejects him at first, but later decides to give him a chance and invites him to go have some tea.

Ayumi Takahara

She is Chihiro's best friend and also, unknowingly, rivals in their love for Keima. Like Elsie, Ayumi helps Chihiro make her band.

2-B Pencils

Chihiro is the founder of the band where it consists of her close friends.


  • (To Keima Katsuragi) "Is it your job to talk about people,you low level cockroach guy!" (Chapter 29, p.11)
  • (To Ayumi Takahara) "I'm not bad right? Otamega started it!" (Chapter 29, p.15)
  • (To Keima) "I can't shine like everyone else... Even if I'm serious, nothing happens!" (Chapter 31, p.13)
  • (Elsie to Chihiro) Elsie: "But...I can't play any instruments..." Chihiro: "I suck at singing as well, but in my life, I'm always the vocalist! Even if I suck, I still have to sing!" (Chapter 32, p.16)
  • (To Keima) " Katsuragi! There's something I forgot to tell you. I... like you." (Chapter 155, p.17-18)
  • (To Keima) "By the time I realized it, I was already in love with you!!" (Chapter 166, p.12)
  • (To Keima) "You don't need a reason... To like someone!" (Chapter 166, p.10)
  • (To Mai-high students)"Umm everybody! Taking from the start again, we are the 2-B Pencils ☆ After all, today's the festival you know. The Mai-High Festival is about to end but did you guys have a great time? SInce it's a festival and all, lets make some good memories!! (Victory pose) If you have someone you like, go ahead and confess!! " (Chapter 189, p.3-5)


  • Chihiro's surname Kosaka means "small" (小) (ko) and "slope" (阪) (saka).
    • Kosaka comes from the Kawachi-Kosaka Station (河内小阪駅, Kawachi-Kosaka-eki).


Chihiro's season 1 appearance.

  • Chihiro likes heart-throbbing things such as handsome guys.
  • Chihiro dislikes serious things.
  • Chihiro is the only character to have been kissed more than once that isn't a demon, goddess host or Mari Katsuragi.
  • Chihiro's fandom shorthand is "26".
  • On Wakaki's blog, a poll was placed to vote for their favorite feminine character and Chihiro ended up in fifth place.
  • Chihiro's recent trouble is that the band members she chose are all flashier than herself.
  • In an omake, Chihiro gives a gift to Keima Katsuragi and the present was a girl school uniform asking if he wanted to join her band.
  • In season 2, Chihiro's pupils enlarge significantly than season one to show the difference between her being a mob character to a heroine.
  • The cause of the crevice in Chihiro's heart was her belief that she can never be special and will always be living the life of a "normal" person.
  • Chihiro seems to like to eat nikuman.
  • In the omake, it is revealed that Wakaki made her conquest arc earlier than he had planned, because of the enthusiasm of his editor towards Chihiro.
  • The guitar Chihiro plays is a Fender Mustang.
  • Chihiro is the only conquest girl who has appeared in an arc before her own conquest arc.
  • Chihiro is the only unpossessed civilian other than Keima who has seen the goddesses.
  • Apparently, Chihiro liked Keima before her first conquest.

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