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Ace of Pace Ace of Pace 18 May 2016

Good news for The world god only knows fans.....

Hi there all the World god only knows fans......

There have been many talks about making of more seasons for twgok.....people are demanding for it as the end of season 3 felt very incomplete and it didn't answered many questions.... The same goes for me too....... So after I watched all the 3 seasons.......I readed the manga till the volume 26 chapter 268 and so from there it is obvious that keima's true love is is a great relief for me as it was one of the most doubted question from the fans...... The manga will be fully completed and will be online in 2 months at maximum...... So,there is a great probability that they will make 2 more anime seasons of it........ Many people regarding me have signe…
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Swordbirth18 Swordbirth18 21 September 2015

Wishing for season 4

Apparently I am already finish reading the very last chapter of the world god only knows, and it was good but something is missing and that was the conveying of feelings through words with bgm and have additional scenes which is not completed in the end of the manga....... Also, it was for the anime only lovers to experience the real ending of this series since they're finish watching season 3....

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GreenMoriyama GreenMoriyama 24 August 2014

A Really Long Reference...

This blog is dedicated to a page not necessary to remain on as a wiki article but enough as "fan material" for a blog. In no means or way was this originally posted/placed on the wiki by me, Green Moriyama; originally posted by JapanYoshi.

A Really Long Reference to The World God Only Knows is a one-shot Abridged Series of the anime made by YouTube user Nina Sakura. According to the description, this was a side-project that the abridger made while abridging another anime.

The description says PandoraHerself voiced Elsie and Ayumi, while Scourgemaster93 voiced "Everyone Else".

  • Keima laces in a fake product placement line for the PFP.
    • "You expect me to do you a favor after breaking my PFP available for only $150 at your local game retail store, an…

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Jt.asian1998 Jt.asian1998 14 May 2014

Why does Keima have to go to the past to prepare the goddess hosts?

I havent't read kami nomi in awhile >.<

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Caledor92-fduser Caledor92-fduser 13 May 2014

Character names

 -> My Suggestion (In bold info from official sources)
 -> Keiichi Katsuragi

   -> Ryo Asama
  -> Ichiro Kodama

 -> Katsuhiro Goido
  -> Yuri Aoyama
-> Shotaro Shiratori

  -> Elysia de Lute Ima
 -> Haqua d'rot Herminium

  -> Nora Floriann Leoria (Nola?)

       -> Rimyuel
   -> Shalya Frey Amon
 -> Fiore Loderia Lavigneri
    -> Cresta / Camry
     -> Dokuro Skull
       -> Lune (Rune?)

   -> Yui Goido

  -> Yuri Nikaido
  -> Tsukiyo Kujyo
   -> Fujiidera
 -> No idea, but the current one is most likely wrong
   -> Toru Amami
-> ??? (I need kanji writing)
   -> Yu Hatori
-> Kaori Yuzaki

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Caledor92-fduser Caledor92-fduser 1 May 2014

Discussion regarding my to do list

Please discuss here about anything regarding the things written in my to do list.

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Peter fil Peter fil 19 March 2014

Ending of the world god only knows manga

There was an announcement in a site that the 26 valume of the manga TWGOK will be the last that true or we don't have an official announcement from the author? 

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GreenMoriyama GreenMoriyama 8 March 2014

Old vs New

No, this is not about the new and old devils. Definitely not!

This blog is about the evolved art style of Wakaki-san's TWGOK. One nice example would be Keima, but one probably better is the "support-to-important" charact Nikaido from this to now this (this was probably one of my favorite changes, else than those for Ayumi, but still!).

Else than just art, the character portrayals and other elements have changed since the begining, due to the plot stirring in a new way since its comedic entry.

Will add more to blog later...lost the original draft which got lost when the net crashed once x.x

-Green Moriyama

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Hunter89 Hunter89 6 March 2014

The World God only Knows season 4?

I wanted to ask about your opinions in the last episode

Was the Last episode a "cliffhanger"? 

It was an END that you  wanted or not and why?

Do you believe that  TWGOK will get a season 4 and why?

It deserves it or not?

Any answer is much appreciated! 

My Opinion: After finishing the anime this month i have to say it was a wonderfull experience. As a maniac with anime-manga etc. i did my usual search on the web (after finishing the anime) about a next season-comments on the ending - continuation - OVA's etc. The immpresion i got from the last episode was that the quest of Keima isn't over yet (collar still on his head and that's a BIG deal) - they haven't captured yet all the louse souls. In overall as i see Manga is still on going and the anim…

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DarksLight21 DarksLight21 9 February 2014

Opening/Ending Infobox

When I look through OP/ED articles, i noticed that the some of the infobox is different than the other, what's the reason for the difference? 

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Don'tHateOnFate Don'tHateOnFate 8 February 2014

Writing style

I've read through some character articles and they all have a unprofessional writing style.

Mainly in the Character History sections where in almost every paragraph it says,"Keima then said this, Keima then did that."

All those 'thens' are completely unneeded since you guys are already writing in past tense form.

This should be something to consider.

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Peter fil Peter fil 7 February 2014

the last arc(ending arc) of twgok manga?

whats the ending arc of twgok?

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Themaster30 Themaster30 8 December 2013

Guidebook Scan

Hey since we can't understand Japnese, Nor can we really buy the Guied book, is there any way to get Scans of the Guied book? I really wanna see them but if you can't well I'll just sob in a corner sad...Come on demise let's see what we can do

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Demise101 Demise101 29 October 2013

PSA Uploads may be disabled for a short time in the future

As of the October 29th update, Wikia will be storing its images in a new location. While it updates, you may notice that uploading has been disabled for a short period of time. The time for this period is not known.

See here:

"Later this week, Wikia will begin transferring images to a new file storage system. This will be done on a wiki-by-wiki basis, with the smaller, older wikis getting updated first. When the script is transferring the images on your wiki, uploads on your wiki will be disabled. This process will be done quietly on the backend and there will be no major disruption to your wiki other than the disabled uploading. Uploads will be disabled for a small period of time, usually less than an hour."

Just a short message in case you'…

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Demise101 Demise101 11 October 2013

PSA Read More Feature disabled

Hello everyone! Just a public announcement to say that the Read More section of the wiki (usually at the bottom of each article) has been disabled after I chased up staff about it. If you disagree with this change, please mention it in the comments below and we'll discuss the benefits of the feature.

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Jialee Jialee 20 September 2013


Hello~ Everyone~ I am from Malaysia and I like to watch The World God Only Knows and I have kept on repeating watching. Now my life cannot without The World God Only Knows~ ><

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Charanvir Kemia Charanvir Kemia 9 July 2013

It's Not that they Skipped Arcs, It's the way they Handled it

Now if your reading this you already know that TWGOK is awesome. However season 3 episode one was awesome but also... had MANY FAULTS!! Now this could be the "set everything up" episode but the pacing looks bad. I read a couple of reviews saying season one and two where paced too slow. This one is going way too fast. Now it's only episode one I know but the fact still remains, people are wet, confused and mad (minus that wet part). It's gonna be hard to do 76 chapters in 12 episodes. Season one and two only did 47. However a lot of arcs where skipped. Now I'm not mad about that as much I'm mad how they handled it. (spoilers in this following sentence: spoilers start and end with ELSIE!!! in all caps)

ELSIE!!! What I would of done is cut out…

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Demise101 Demise101 2 July 2013

Anonymous Editing Disabled

Hi there Kaminomi Wiki users! Little PSA here.

As per This article, it is now official that Anonymous editing has been disabled on this wiki. This was not implemented by choice: I did not ask for the editing to be disabled, nor do I have any control over it. I'm sorry for any inconvenience this has caused you.

What does this mean for you? Basically, it means you need to make an account. Trying to edit as an anonymous editor will redirect you to a log in screen. Registered editors will not be affected.

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Charanvir Kemia Charanvir Kemia 27 June 2013

Hype Season three!!! Preview Video!!

Just...Just watch!! There doing the Yui and Tsukyo arcs confrimed...I think. Also new song confromed "Secert of the Goddess"  As one of my heores would scream:

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Charanvir Kemia Charanvir Kemia 22 May 2013

There Skipping Arcs

I've seen some recent news on season 3 and there skipping the arcs. A LOT of arcs. Straight to the Goddess arc. No one past the teacher arc. There skipping a lot of the manga. Still excited though.

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Quilafa Quilafa 18 May 2013

Next chapter release

Next chapter: June 5, Wednesday.

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WikierJenna WikierJenna 16 May 2013



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Primus de Pedos Primus de Pedos 7 December 2012

Season 3 Announced


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Ma Boss Shiyu Ma Boss Shiyu 1 September 2012

Keima Katsuragi Page is finally Up-to-date !

Well...this is kinda a celebration to the compeletion of the Keima Katsuragi article. As most of you guys know, Keima's article is one of the first articles in the wikia. However, the page was very very bad and it was serverly out-dated with not much updates. (See here )

The page's Character History (Then called Plot Overviews) was in a bad condition as many arcs were skipped and the page was out-dated for more than 180 chapters then.

Hence, After some careful consideration, I aksed admin Green Moriyama to be given permission to edit the page. Green then decided to give a sandbox page and told me to edit there which will be eventually converted.

It took the efforts of many contributors, and many come and many go but one year later, the page h…

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J2 dless J2 dless 25 August 2012

The identity of the mysterious girl of the Heart of Jupiter arc

A new chapter was released and the girl in the end of the chapter told Keima that she is Dokuro before reverting herself into a baby once again. There are a lot of questions in my mind which be only answer on the next following chapters. However I just want to have a discussion with the TWGOK community in order to suffice my mind temporarily. I would really appreciate any reply. I would like myself to be clear that this is just a mere conversational opinion and should not be put in the TWGOK articles.

So these are my questions:

If she is indeed Dokuro, does that mean that by saving her means saving the present Dokuro from disposal?

In the first place, did Dokuro really died knowing the fact that she is master of puppet manipulation (maybe the…

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BlueExorcistForever BlueExorcistForever 17 August 2012

TWGOK Chapter 198 Youtube review

Check out my review of the latest chapter!

Voice is very hard to hear at times. This really annoyed me after listening to it as it was my 4th go at the review :/. Sorry. I will make sure it can be heard much clearer next week.

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BlueExorcistForever BlueExorcistForever 14 August 2012

Youtube Reviews of TWGOK latest chapters!!!

Hey people!

You won't see me around here often but i'm an avid reader ( and watcher ) of TWGOK.

I review manga on youtube. I barely just started.

My question to you is whether you may support me if i reviewed TWGOK's latest chapters on youtube weekly. I ask for your support as i have few subscribers and it is not in the big 3 manga's that i have been reviewing ( which gets views easier ) but has a different unique flavour that attracts me to the series.

Basically, i love this series and want to support it in my own way but i understandbly don't want to get 0 views either. It would get me no-where.

That's all :) !

Thank you for reading !

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Ma Boss Shiyu Ma Boss Shiyu 9 August 2012

The new revamped revamped Badge System !!

Hello wiki editors and contributors ! For a breif period of time, you may have noticed that our badges sytems seems to lack some color to them. So I proposed to Bharat and Green (in the past) to revamp it. It worked. BUt recently, a bug in the wikia had caused the badges to go a little hay-wire so Bharat had asked help to fix them and after having them fixed, I have yet again, renewed the badges yet agian, but this time, some of the badges have been chnaged to look (hopefully) better !

So here are a preview of some of the badges you can get :

This is A Goddess Badge featuring Vulcan. You can get this badge for 500 edits on every "Goddess" article.

This is a Wiki Love Badge. To get Tenri, you have to be in the wiki for 200 days.

To get a Dokuro…

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Bharatram1 Bharatram1 7 August 2012

Stepping down as administrator

Hey Guys,

It has been close to 2 years since I joined The World God Only Knows Wiki, and right now there are three other admins who are working hard to make this wiki the best place for information on The World God Only Knows Series other than the source. When i joined this wiki was in its infancy and my goal was not to make 10,000 edits or to create the brilliant visuals that you see today. My goal was to make the wiki a good community with editors who love to work on articles and help new editors with their problems.

During my stay here I had the oppurtunity to work with some of the best editors and people I have ever known, KidProdigy is a good friend and the person who gave me the oppurtunity to work as an admin and help the wiki. GreenM…

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Fairycaptors Fairycaptors 16 July 2012

Order of Events (Warning:Spoilers)

Hello guys! (Beware: Spoilers)

As you have now noticed, we are now at the Heart of Jupiter Arc.

I want to talk about the Order of Events (for goddesses or maybe applicable for all) happening starting Chapter 191 - 194.

My reason for posting this is because some pages are saying like "After the slumber party, the school was filled with miasma" or "Keima went to the past before being confronted by the mysterious girl". This will confuse readers about this events.

I do think that the Heart of Jupiter Arc followed a flashback order (until they will send Keima to the past) since the slumber party (Chapter 190) couldn't had happen before Keima was confronted by the mysterious girl or Tenri telling the goddesses to help Keima go back to the past sinc…

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Ma Boss Shiyu Ma Boss Shiyu 14 July 2012

TWGOK Tenri Arc OVA Announced

According to Anime News Network (Never liked the reviews they gave) Our beloved TWGOK will also be having ANOTHER OVA featuring Tenri and Diana in all their glory !

So yeah, it will be bundled on Volume 19 obviously featuring Ayumi and Mercury !!

Yes people, this is the signal of TWGOk...the signal that season 3 will come !!!

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Fairycaptors Fairycaptors 24 June 2012

Old Conquest Arc(page)


I am writing this hoping to ask if someone was working on the Old Conquest Arc since I was thinking on working this page.

The page I think is outdated (Last subheading was at Chapter 116) I do hope that I could work on this, since I am tackling the Story Arcs. (If someone could help, the better.)

I ask for some comments about this since it would be a hard project.

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GreenMoriyama GreenMoriyama 19 June 2012

Voting Polls....

I'm sort of amazed, and also not amazed, as to how popular Elsie is in the feature polls. She usually gets the higher her characteristics really that popular!? I find her good, and yes lovable, but this goes beyond my expectations......

May I here everyone's opinion on this matter, and also an answer or two as to why this is. I see the reason, but I don't think I comprehend how it would go this far...

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Fairycaptors Fairycaptors 15 June 2012


I am new to the wikia so I will introduce myself as Fairycaptors.

I mostly edit pages with grammar and typo errors.

I would like to reconfirm this as I keep on getting lost when editing.

Is the manual of style for tenses:

  • Chapter Pages are in the Past Tense? I do see some Chapter Pages in the Present Tense. (does the Chapter Pages include the Story Arc Category?)
  • Character Pages - Present Tense and story arcs in these pages are in the Past Tense. No mistakes found yet in this category.

And I may want to ask what tense to use for Story Arcs. I do see some Story Arcs in past and present tense while a few arcs have words that are in the neutral form. As my first major edit in the Story Arc (Yui Goidō Arc), I used the Past Tense as I was not sure wh…

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NuklearDrag0n NuklearDrag0n 15 June 2012

Animated Tsukiyo kiss scene

While I was searching across YouTube, I saw something that I thought I already saw: The Flag 00 OVA/PV/Trailer/Whatever you want to call it. But the certain video I watched was different because the beginning had all of the kiss scenes from Season 1 & 2, and also a kiss scene between Keima and Tsukiyo, which I have never seen animated before (I was very very surprised to see something that I haven't seen before).

Is this something new to you guys or has this been already known for some time? Do you think that this could also mean that there is a higher possibility that a third season is being worked on (Despite all of the news that the team broke up and Wakaki isn't making a new season)? I think there is one reference to the video on the …
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Ma Boss Shiyu Ma Boss Shiyu 7 June 2012

Facebook :Kaminomi wiki discussion Group Initiation

Dear (prospective) wiki editors, did you guys what to be part of this secret group in Facebook ? This is the "spam lounge" of sorts for you young whimper snapers to just "chillax" or something. So anyways, here are the requirements on your help in the wiki to be part of the secret group (with reasons too !)

  • You need to have a good number of edits. Note that the wiki admins will see your contribution no matter how many edit counts you make since you can write an essay or a word and they can be both worth one edit count. On the other hand, wiki users with more than 100 points in the leaderboard is also accepted.

Reason : The Wiki team is looking for editors, we are not looking for people who just "chill" in facebook. If you did not make anymor…

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Primus de Pedos Primus de Pedos 1 June 2012

The Heart of Jupiter Future Predictions

So, as of recently, the new chapter 190 is out and boy, is that a shock ! I really want to know what kind of prediction you guys will have. For me,

After MH fest, Keima will have some harem time with le goddesses (IYKWIM) and then, he realized that there's more to him than he know and boom ! we come to this.

Basically, I think that this chapter is a teaser for the next arc and less of an actual chapter.

On the other hand, I've spent some time making a post about it :

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Bharatram1 Bharatram1 24 May 2012

How to prolong the story of the world god only knows

Well I thought it would be jog rest if the Tory went in a direction where Vintage gets another human being from Japan or some other country with similar talents as to what Keira has. A vegeta to Keima's Goku.

The story could move in the direction where Keima and his rivals compete for the love of the goddess to anything else that would be appropriate. Either way I think this would a good Diretion for the story to move.

Another idea that come to mind is a girl gamer with keima's skill levels, someone obsessed with winning games and the get defeated by Keima to form a hole in that heart.

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NuklearDrag0n NuklearDrag0n 20 May 2012

Season 3 opening

I think that the Season 3 opening song (if there is a season 3) will be "A Brand New World God Only Knows "because it is the only english song that hasn't been in the anime. What do you guys think the next season's song will be? (again, if there is a new season)

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Bharatram1 Bharatram1 18 May 2012

"I Can See The Ending!"

Well the latest Chapter (Chapter 188) if you have not read it then I suggest you do before looking at this blog post, This is a Spoiler Warning, You have been warned.

Kanon is back and Healthy, The Goddesses even in their weakend state are still strong enough to take down Vintage, With the Help Runaway Spirit Squad, The Psycotic Vintage member escapes, Haqua is embarassed. So is the the end of TWGOK, I dont know, the next chapter pretty much concludes the story but there seems to be some loose ends that need to be taken care of, but the Ending that Keima wants so badly is within the horizon. The series will probably end in another 30 to 50 chapters.

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Primus de Pedos Primus de Pedos 28 April 2012

Spam Paradise

Just say whatever off-topic things you want or if you want to interview anyone, please come here.

As long as it is within this Wiki's and Wikia's Policies

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Viciou Viciou 25 April 2012

Future Heroine(?) - Haqua!!!

This is just, another blogpost, yeah. The question is, do you think Haqua must be a heroine, but after she's conquered she still completely remembers anything?

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XavierPanama XavierPanama 21 April 2012

When does the world god only knows season 3 come out?

We'll probably wait a good long time before the 3rd season... the manga definitely has more girls than the anime so if they wanted to really finish the anime they would have to show the storyline for all the girls. At the end of the 2nd season it does show all of the other girls and Elsie warns Keima about the loose souls. Also, if you watched until the end, you would hear Keima narrating the Episode Preview as usual and Elsie says To be Continued! which probably almost guarantees a 3rd season. I still think that it will take a long time for season 3 to be publicly announced... it will probably be longer than it took for the 2nd.

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Viciou Viciou 15 April 2012


Okay, so this blog's topic is for YOU! Yes, for YOU! Imagine how Kaminomi will end(Good ending or bad). It's your imagination. Please share with me your ideas!

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Demise101 Demise101 29 February 2012

Project List

Hi there, this is Demise101. This page is dedicated to the Project List!

  • 1 What is a Project List?
  • 2 What do I need to know?
  • 3 New Projects!
  • 4 Tasks
    • 4.1 Easy Projects
    • 4.2 Medium Projects
    • 4.3 Hard Projects
  • 5 In-Progress Projects!
    • 5.1 Easy Projects
    • 5.2 Medium Projects
    • 5.3 Hard Projects
  • 6 Finished Projects
  • 7 Projects of the month

A project list is, basically, a list of things that you can do around the Wiki. Anybody is allowed to sign up for the project list! If you are an anonymous Contributor, and wish to sign up, creating an account is highly recommended (Editing while anonymous is quite slow, for many reasons). To sign up, just make a comment below saying which project you want to participate in, and I will put your details up on the page! Note that you can also rem…

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Bharatram1 Bharatram1 21 February 2012

Need an Artist for another Wiki

I am looking for an artist for another wiki I am a part of, the gig is very simple all you have to do is make a collage image of the week's Chapter and upload it to the wiki. Anyone interested ?

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Ma Boss Shiyu Ma Boss Shiyu 19 February 2012

What will happen next ?

After seeing the latest chapter, we all know that Vintage will unleash all of the Weiss to the world (Or at least Japan...oaky at least Maijima). Completely ignoring the simple fact that the World Governments can just nuke the sh**t out of Vintage..along with Japan, What will happen next ?

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Bharatram1 Bharatram1 21 January 2012

WTF ?! So Vintage is going to attack every one of the Captures ?

Well I honestly did not expect this, but if this does come to pass who is going to help out Keima ? I mean Elsie(No matter how much we love her,) is not battle ready. Haqua is only God knows where, the Goddesses are no way powerful enough to take on the forces of Vintage, and Heaven has forsaken them. The Goddess Demeter(If she is real)should be the only active and powerful one who can take on Vintage of remove the other girls(Goddess or not) out of play, atleast for the timebeing. Keima is well, Useless in the Battlefield, unless he is a brilliant tactacian but that is about all he is useful for. Nikadio and Akakri is pretty much the two other players who again I do not have too much confidence in. And the psycopath Lune(Brilliant Charact…

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GreenMoriyama GreenMoriyama 18 January 2012


Hello to all. I'm not sure how many of you wiki contributors are Americans, but for those who are, this is something I'm sure you would like to hear.

A bill called SOPA by the house and another called PIPA by the Senate are both bills that endangers wikia and possibly any manga-related sites such as Redhawk or Mangafox. Invite your friends also if they too are American(you don't need to be an actual user; you can be an anonymous user for this). For more details, check here:

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NuklearDrag0n NuklearDrag0n 10 January 2012

Possible Outcome

New Hell has been in a battle with Vintage and the thing that took and kept the conquered girls memories has been broken. Suddenly, the girls memories comes back and Keima is in a bind.

Would you guys think it would be a good or bad plot twist if something like this happened?

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