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Ayumi Takahara

Ayumi Takahara

Takahara Ayumi
Character Information
Gender Female
Age 17
Status Alive
Date of Birth May 2
Team 2-B Pencils
BWH 88-60-85
Blood Type O
Height 158cm (5'2")
Weight 50kg
Job Track and Field Club Girl
Class 2-B
School Maijima Private High School
Seiyū Japanese flag.png Ayana Taketatsu

US flag.png Kaytha Coker
US flag.png Elizabeth Bunch (Season 2)

Manga Debut Chapter 1
Anime Debut Episode 1

Ayumi Takahara (高原歩美, Takahara Ayumi) is the classmate of Keima Katsuragi at Maijima Private High School who is the first capture target in the series and the host of the goddess Mercury.


Ayumi has short, dark-brown hair and wears a pink hair-band over her head.

She, like most of the girls in the series, is most commonly seen in her Mai-High school uniform. When she's not in school, she seems to either wear a sleeveless top and short pants or the school's track uniform. She also has her hair tied up when she's getting serious in the track.


Ayumi's defining character traits include general cheerfulness and athleticism. She is the track and field team's star runner at Maijima and quite possibly the fastest person in the school. In the anime and an omake, she is depicted as running recklessly to get anywhere, often running in her haste into walls or people. Although she initially succumbed to upper-classman pressure, along with her own insecurity of self-confidence, with the help of Keima, she quickly became an important member of the team. One of her habits is to tie her hair up whenever she is preparing to run seriously.

She claims to have excelled at academics in the past, but due to her devotion to running, it seems that she is not performing as well presently. She is a good friend to Elsie and has appeared multiple times in the manga, cementing her position as a character of some importance. Ayumi is also in Chihiro's light music band, the 2-B Pencils, where she plays the guitar.

At the beginning of the Old Conquest Arc, it has been hinted that she has a Goddess residing inside her heart. There have been indications that she might remember Keima's "conquest" and she gets visibly irritated and flustered by his efforts to expose this potential Goddess, to the point of kicking him violently through a doorway. Later, though, she has shown affection towards Keima, after his sick event.

Ayumi calls out his name

Ayumi also seems to get embarrassed easily, becoming flustered when one called her a "trend-setter" and becoming embarrassed when her classmates asked about her relationship with Keima. She even tried to switch her speaking pattern to call Keima "otamega" once more, though, she failed.

Ayumi is rather popular and was chosen to be a model for her class. In the omake chapter, she began to influence the school as people began to wear their hair the same way as her.

Character History

Track Girl Arc

Ayumi makes her very first appearance in the series as the premiere escaped spirit possessor after running over Keima in the hallway; something that he quickly identifies as evidence of the inferiority of real girls. Her emotional conflict lies primarily in the jealous peer pressure with a group of upper-classmen in the same Track and Field group as Ayumi.

Ayumi kisses Keima.

The upper-classman are shown to be exerting her, since she is to be representing the school in an upcoming meet. Eventually she bows to their demands by pretending to injure herself the day before the meet. However, Keima is able to see through this as she did not tie up her hair (indicating that she was not serious) and convinces her to run in the meet, aided by a fruits basket and a new pair of running shoes. She and Keima kissed and the Weiss in her heart was captured.

The following day, after the encouragement, she came in first place in the meet. After the conquest, she initially loses her memory of her experience with Keima, but blushed when Keima congratulated her.

Chihiro Arc

Ayumi stepped on Keima.

Ayumi appears for the second time in the Chihiro Arc, after Chihiro points out Keima's double standards, sending him into a state of (played for laughs) depression. She seeks him out when he is apparently dying of starvation in the hallway, whereupon she ends up feeding him with her secret stash, and starts asking him to make up with Chihiro, her friend.

"I have a bad feeling when Chihiro badmouths about you..."

She states that she had a bad feeling when Chihiro badmouthed Keima. She then inadvertently aids him by ditching him during cleaning duty, asking Chihiro to take her shift in an attempt for them to make up (showing her more crafty side.) During this interaction, it is additionally hinted that she still remembers what happened with Keima.

Hunting Break Arc 7

When Kodama agrees to give the 2B-pencils a clubroom if all of them got 100% for their English test, Keima agrees to tutor them as well as Kanon after some coercing from Elsie. When Elsie mentioned the word "kiss", Ayumi, as well as Chihiro and Kanon were shown to suddenly become very embarrassed, almost going into shock, hinting that they have not completely forgotten about what happened with Keima. Ayumi, Chihiro and Kanon all manage to get 100% after Keima's tutoring, whilst Elsie only scored 45%. Nevertheless, Kodama gave the 2B-pencils a clubroom as he was very happy for once, seeing as Keima did not get 100% and instead got 99%.

Old Conquest Arc

"Now and forever, I will be your shadow!"

After Kanon confesses publicly to Keima, Ayumi is one of the previous capture targets (the other being Chihiro) who is shown to be greatly affected by the news. She is angry enough to kick Keima forcibly through the doorway of their classroom, causing several classmates to wonder if a missile had just impacted nearby. Later, Keima attempts to make up with her (although in reality he is attempting to determine if there is a Goddess in her heart,) which only ends in him being kicked again. He again makes an attempt after bringing her to Inazumart, telling her that he will be her shadow, after she firmly asked him to stop going after her. This event causes great emotional affection within Ayumi's heart, as shown by her expression. It is because of this, she is currently labeled as "likely to have a Goddess" by Keima.

Later, when Keima becomes sick, he uses this chance to initiate an event involving the two remaining candidates for harboring a Goddess, Ayumi and Chihiro. After setting up the measures to prevent Chihiro from coming during Ayumi's event (which ultimately fails under the watchful eye of Ryō, Nora's buddy), Ayumi comes to visit Keima. Upon arrival, the truth of Keima's condition was apparent (with Keima unable to even fetch a glass of water) and Ayumi proceeded to nurse him.

This visit was interrupted when Chihiro unexpectedly turns up at Keima's house as well. Chihiro then enters Keima's room (after Ryō permitted her to enter), thus forcing him to hide Ayumi under his sheets, to great comedic effect and emotional tension. Keima, realizing how affected Ayumi was, seizes the chance to increase the "love points" of both girls, thereby saving the operation from total disaster. Soon, it becomes apparent that Chihiro's real reason for visiting was to have Keima listen to her tune that Chihiro played for the sake of testing a guitar, a tune which Chihiro had improved upon since then. Chihiro then leaves, and Ayumi confirms that there is nothing between Keima and Chihiro, proving again her feelings for Keima. But just as Keima was about to confess to Ayumi, Chihiro unexpectedly knocks on Keima's door, and confesses her feelings towards Keima, leaving Keima (and presumably Ayumi, considering her concern for the relationship between Chihiro and Keima) surprised.

Keima acts as if he did not hear Chihiro and asks Chihiro to say what she said again. Chihiro, embarrassed, leaves. Ayumi is about to ask him if he heard Chihiro, but he acts innocent, asking Ayumi if she heard Chihiro. Later, Ayumi, who is on the second floor of Keima's house, calls Chihiro and she is asking if the latter likes Keima. Hearing this sudden question, Chihiro is flustered and asks where this came from. In order to avoid suspicion, Ayumi says she heard this from the "whispers of the wind". Chihiro suddenly asks where Ayumi is, and she tries to end the call instead. Chihiro then admits that she suddenly confessed to Keima, but she feels it is just because of the many times she has asked so many guys out that she suddenly confessed to Keima also. But Ayumi says Chihiro's feelings are genuine and that she will root for Chihiro. Ayumi hangs up the phone, leaving Chihiro a bit puzzled.

"It can't be helped."

When Keima comes out to the front door, he sees that Ayumi is getting ready to leave. He wonders why Ayumi is leaving so suddenly, and in order to keep her from going, he tumbles, saying he's still sick. But Ayumi does not react accordingly and says that she will contact Chihiro to help Keima. He asks if she is angry, but she peacefully says that she isn't and that he should try to get along with Chihiro. Ayumi leaves, leaving Keima confused. Ayumi's wrath has died and there is a sudden push in Chihiro's route. He does not feel good about this. Outside, in the night sky, Chihiro travels along the seaside while Ayumi rides the bus. While on the bus, Ayumi says "It can't be helped".

The next day, on the eve of the Mai-High festival, Ayumi and her friends are conversing. She is blushing as she has been elected to enter Mai High's beauty contest, the Pre Pre Mai high. While Miyako, Chihiro and other friends tease Ayumi, she asks them to stop with an embarrassed expression. Sometime later, as Ayumi is complaining that her entrance into the Pre Pre Mai High cut her excitement for the festival in half, someone then stands beside her. It happens to be Keima, who explains to Ayumi that he is planning to dance with Chihiro at the camp-fire event. He wishes to get along with Chihiro, so he is asking Ayumi for her help in order to succeed their date.

Ayumi asks why she needs to help him. She tries to walk off, saying that he should do it alone. But he suddenly approaches telling her that she should take responsibility for saying "Get along with Chihiro". He starts to get all "anxious" and "scared" about how to interact with real girls, which soon enough makes Ayumi comply to help. Keima exclaims in happiness. Ayumi states that she is surprised that Keima and Chihiro are going on a date. She then shouts out that she will help Keima win Chihiro's heart. Chihiro enters the classroom that is connected to the veranda that Ayumi and Keima are on. Ayumi responds by pushing Keima to the floor. Chihiro asks if Ayumi is going to go to the midday band practice, which Ayumi responds with a yes. Before going off with Chihiro, Ayumi whispers to Keima that they will talk again in the afternoon.

In the light music clubroom, Miyako is surprised by Chihiro's sudden submission of a new musical piece. Chihiro says that they don't have to practice it, as she herself does not expect themselves to play it for the live. Ayumi looks at it and recognizes that it is the song from when Chihiro visited the sick Keima. The three are bothered by the fact that Elsie is taking too many breaks, but Chihiro says that she will definitely come the next day. They also notice that Yui is not present. After club activities, Ayumi is taking her leave. Chihiro is about to ask Ayumi a favor, but she responds that she is busy and can't help. Ayumi then mentions that Chihiro and Keima are going on a date during the festival and takes off, which leaves Chihiro wondering why Ayumi knows. Outside, Ayumi is trying to give her "love consultation" to Keima, but all of his replies only makes it difficult for Ayumi to find how to help him, which frustrates her. Keima mentions that Ayumi is with him for a different objective, but before she could reply to this, Ayumi sees that Chihiro is nearby. She hands Keima a bin of leaves and starts to tell him a story. After whispering the story into his ear, she suddenly kicks him, making him land in front of Chihiro.

Ayumi in her maid costume.

Seeing her plan as successful, Ayumi starts to state to Keima that he should listen to her in order to learn about the feelings of girls. Keima replies that he thinks that he doesn't understand other's feelings, therefore he plays games. He asks Ayumi if she won't be angry. While Ayumi is puzzled by his question, Keima mumbles the reasons why he made Ayumi his ally. One other reason other than separating Ayumi and Chihiro was to confirm Ayumi's reaction. He tells Ayumi directly that he will kiss Chihiro tonight. He tells her that it is now the right time for Ayumi to get angry, but all she replies to this statement is a smile and "Have a great time with Chihiro!".

Later, after the teachers' skit and the Boys' Pri Pri contest, Ayumi was present in the Girls' contest where many boys are cheering for her. Ayumi felt embarrassed about this event. The MC tries to flirt with her asking why she is in a maid outfit, while a clearly disgusted Ayumi said that her class is doing a maid café. Ayumi then saw Chihiro and Keima leaving the audience.

After the contest, Ayumi complains how embarrassing it is and that she's definitely not showing up for the finale.

Mercury consoling Ayumi

As Ayumi was complaining how she should take off her maid outfit, she finds Chihiro and Keima talking about going to the rooftop. Ayumi then said that those two are going along well. She accidentally bumped into Lune and apologized. Later, at the girl's waiting room, Ayumi is depressed as Mercury appears (confirming that Ayumi is the final goddess candidate,) and tells Ayumi not to cry. Ayumi then said she's not crying but a tear drops can be seen from the end of her eyes.

After this incident, Ayumi is seen on the rooftop, apparently having heard Keima rejecting Chihiro. This makes Ayumi stand there with shock as she questions what Keima is saying.

As Chihiro goes away from the scene while Keima is looking, Ayumi approaches Keima asking why he said those things. She then said that he went to a date with Chihiro, fully knowing about her feelings. Keima then replies that he has been lying to himself and that the person he truly cares is... Just as Keima is about to say this, Ayumi knees him on his side. As he lies motionless, Ayumi calls him the worst and leaves. Later in the girls' waiting room, Mercury asks Ayumi why did she go up even though she gave up her love for Chihiro's sake. As Mercury says how they both are so inefficient, Ayumi just sits there crying.

Mai-High Festival Arc

On the day of the actual Mai-High Festival, Ayumi comes to the club room of the 2-B Pencils feeling dejected as Chihiro tries to lift her spirits up as they prepare for a final rehearsal.

Ayumi meeting Keima again.

At the actual day of the festival, Ayumi came to the club room, asking Chihiro if she wants to go to the café. Chihiro said that she still has to practice the song and tune since it is a huge responsibility. Ayumi then praises Chihiro and said that she feels glad.

As Ayumi was about to tell Chihiro about Keima, she remembered Chihiro's events from last night and she hesitated. She then said that they will enjoy the festival as she left with a sad expression, feeling somewhat guilty since she's the one who posed Keima to date Chihiro. As Ayumi was walking in the festival, she met Keima.

As they stared at each other, Ayumi's turned to anger as Keima tries to talk to her, She quickly runs away. As Ayumi ran and ran away to a tree, she saw Keima pretending to be sick; she kicked Keima while the latter asked why. She angrily demanded Keima to apologize to Chihiro and said she doesn't want to see his face as she walked away.

Later, after putting up her maid uniform, Ayumi went to the class cafe where Mobuko and another classmate were waiting. Ayumi then praised Mobuko on how she's able to use the summer uniform and add up an apron to make it look like a maid outfit. Mobuko then calls the master of the cafe who, much to Ayumi's shock, is Keima who volunteer at the last minute and made some unbelievably good coffee that Mokubo and the other classmate loved. As Mobuko and her friend discuss how they're going to be rich due to Keima and Ayumi, Ayumi said to Keima that the more she saw him, the more she hates him. Keima then said that its better than being forgotten but Ayumi said she wants to do that. As Keima was tries to confess to Ayumi, she quickly pushes him away just as Miyako arrives and calls Chihiro. Chihiro compliments Ayumi before leaving, after seeing Chihiro, Ayumi tells Keima never to talk to her again.

The cafe was doing so well, that it ran out of cups. Ayumi was later seen runing back to the cafe with a huge bag of cups. She then pushes the bag to Keima and ignored what Keima does to catch her attention. After getting to fed up, she hits Keima as the latter squads down thinking on his "routes". Ayumi warned Keima not to ever come near her as the latter hurriedly left.

Ayumi then saw Chihiro as she hands her the apron for her shift. Chihiro asked what she and Keima are talking about as a classmate asks Chihiro to quickly take orders.

At the girls' lavatory Ayumi wants Mercury to stop doing her monologue as she was questioning her relationship with Keima and complaining that even her relationship may get weird now. Mercury makes the statement that it is possible that Keima may like her but Ayumi stubbornly refuses this possibility as Mercury states that the answer Ayumi is looking for is already revealed.

Chihiro then appears, (seemingly hearing Ayumi's conversation) and tells Ayumi that she got dumped by Keima. Chihiro apologizes that she "did not meet Ayumi's expectations". Chihiro then thanked her about everything she's done before leaving.

Ayumi then comes to the realization that she is the one who has changed (for the worse), not the others and that was now even more guilt-ridden knowing that she did not do anything significant to Chihiro when the latter was heart-broken as Mercury said that the answer has already been given and the rest is all up to her decision. Mercury disappears from the mirror surface in a strange fashion.

Mercury not appearing...

Later, Ayumi rejects Chihiro's calls and was thinking about past events and how she doesn't want to see Keima's face again. She then remembered Mercury's saying that Keima may like her but just as she was about to argue, she noticed that Mercury hasn't been around. She then sees that Mercury is just like Keima that disagrees with her as she walked. Wishing to return to yesterday.

By nightfall, Chihiro came to Ayumi on how to introduce the members of 2-B Pencils the next day as Ayumi dejectedly said that she's not going to be in the band any more. Chihiro asked why as Ayumi said that she cannot forgive herself for not cheering on Chihiro. Keima then pops out and asks Chihiro what she wants to talk about before Keima pushes the latter away. Chihiro punched Keima away and asked Ayumi again while the latter was shown to be even more reluctant on telling. Keima then says to both she and Chihiro about something but Keima's bracelet gives off. Suddenly, 3 Vintage members appears and caught them in a black sphere.

As one member, Gira tells Lune that they captured the trio and all seems lost, the trio was saved by Haqua. As Gira and her colleagues fight with Haqua, Ayumi and the others hide somewhere else. After the fight, Ayumi asked what is going on as Haqua talked with Keima. Ayumi then asked whats going on as Keima said to them that it was all a show for the "Special Effects club". Ayumi and Chihiro then got angry as Haqua blames it on Keima. Chihiro then asked what happened to the other actors (VIntage members) as Haqua said that they are part of an "evil organisation". As Keima and Haqua continued to talk about the goddesses, Ayumi then thinks that they should go home. After telling Chihiro that she'll call her later, Ayumi ran off, not knowing that Nora is following her.

After knowing that Keima had called her and said that he'll be confessing to her, Ayumi was taking a bath and thinking if Keima was serious. As Ayumi was relaxing, she heard a noise and begins to open her small window. She saw Keima on top of a lamp post and she called out to Keima, causing him to fall down in her yard.

Keima said that he told her that he'll come but Ayumi said that she thought he was joking, and then splashed water on his face. Keima said that he wants to say something and Ayumi said that she doesn't understand anything Keima does. Keima then said that he doesn't want to do with the real too but stopped. Ayumi peek out and realizes that Keima was holding her panties. This cause Keima to get shocked and Ayumi angrily opened the window, saying that it's hers. This however, causes Keima to look at her naked body. Ayumi calls him a criminal and throws her basin at him before going to her room.

As Ayumi was lying on her bed, Keima call her and apologized to her. Ayumi angrily said that he's annoying and Keima said that he's had his eyes on her the whole time. Keima then said that the one most precious to him has never changed. Ayumi's parent then calls her and Keima said that he'll be waiting at the turtle stone by the Kozue River....or else he'll do something to her panties. This caused Ayumi to be angry and she threw some stuff at him.

Later, Ayumi came and saw Keima throw a rock to the river. Ayumi called out to Keima and Keima acted surprised that she came. Ayumi then said that she just came to get back her belongings from a panty thief while Keima argued that he found it when it dropped.

Keima trying to defend himself.

Ayumi was shocked and tells Keima not to take it out while Keima pretends to fall down and got grabbed by Ayumi just in time. Keima then says that he's nothing but trouble and Ayumi agrees to that. And Ayumi also says that she is not used to it either since it's her "first time".

Keima held Ayumi's shoulders, saying that he would now become "trouble" for her more. But before anything happens, Keima received the message from Haqua and quickly pulls her away to a playground. Ayumi then asks why would he do that since she thought Keima is not much of a outside person. Keima replies by saying that he did came to to play games. Keima then said that he is glad that she came with him while Ayumi asks why.

Keima suddenly falls down (Since Haqua informs that a Vintage member is near) Ayumi then pulls up Keima to which Keima said that he was so focused, he forgot he was on the swing. Keima then grabbed Ayumi again to another place he wanted to show her. Halfway there, they begin to take a small break as Ayumi wonders where are they going while unbeknownst to them, Lune just so happen to be right beside them.

Haqua quickly warns Keima to escape from the Vintage executive and he brings Ayumi to somewhere. While walking, he and Ayumi pass by Miyako's house. Chihiro also comes here and ultimately, they go to Miyako's house for a small party. While the party is going on, Keima notices Ayumi giving glances at Chihiro.

After some karaoke, Ayumi realized Chihiro acted all happy and cheery, which made Ayumi wonder if she was "drunk". Chihiro then asked why she is going with Keima as Ayumi said that she wasn't really doing that. Later, Miyako asked if they would like to try out their band costumes to which both Ayumi and Chihiro agreed. (While Keima gets locked out of the room and gets pinned down by Miyako)

When they were marveling and trying out their costumes, Chihiro suddenly asked if Ayumi liked Keima to which Ayumi denied it. Chihiro then said that she wouldn't mind but suddenly changed her tone and attitude and tells Ayumi that Keima is a liar. Chihiro then took out her cellphone and plays a dialogue of Keima saying how he will "conquer" Ayumi and Chihiro tells Ayumi that this is all but just a game to Keima and demands Ayumi to open her eyes. Ayumi can only watch in silence.

Chihiro then said that she Keima seeing Ayumi in the bath was all planned as Ayumi was shocked to know that Chihiro knew as the latter says that she was there all along. Chihiro then tells Ayumi that she is merely being used by Keima like a real-life galge and that to Keima; she is merely a game to him.

Keima then finally managed to barge in and see the scene as Ayumi asks Keima to explain. While desperately trying to explain, Chihiro kept interrupting Keima and said that she and Ayumi are both foolish for believing Keima as Ayumi slapped Keima and ran off.

Keima, in a handsome suit, upon a white horse...

As Ayumi ran away (not knowing that Nora is protecting her), she soon began to reflect upon what was happening. She knew that Keima was strange for a long time and that Keima isn't a decent person yet she knew Keima isn't a bad person. Then, she heard Keima and saw something shocking. Keima was riding on a stallion, full of confidence and tells Ayumi that he belongs to the gaming world and that because he is not of the real, he will not apologize to Ayumi, he won't project a fake him to her and said that he will show his true self to her. Keima then gets down the stallion and falls but quickly tries to act cool.

"This is my true self! Ayumi, come with me!!"

Ayumi was lost for words, she looked down and tells Keima to marry her! Ayumi then tells Keima that if she really meant it, he could at least do this, believing that Keima is just talk and no action. Keima surprisingly agrees however, he have conditions. In games, marriage is an "ending among endings" and thus, the conditions are:

  1. Must be at least decided since Childhood
  2. A proposal in a dramatic situation
  3. A kiss in the church with the big bold words, "HAPPY END" to it.

Ayumi then said that this is impossible, as Keima said that Ayumi is just talk too and he is the one being serious about marriage instead of her. Angered being out-smarted by Keima, Ayumi drags him off his stallion and bring him all the way to her home, calls her parents and tells them that she's marrying Keima. (Much to the surprise to all three)

As Ayumi's father asks what the story is, Ayumi silently whispers to Keima if he's giving up. Keima then said that indeed, he should introduce himself properly to her "honorable" parents. Keima then humbles himself saying that he shouldn't be impolite as Ayumi's father said that coming at this hour is rather rude.

Ayumi's father also tries to explain how it is still too early for marriage as Keima said that he had already taken Ayumi's "first time" (First kiss) this caused Ayumi and her father to misunderstand as they proceed to beat him up. Keima then grabs Ayumi upstairs as her father with a baseball bat claims that he'll kill Keima for what he supposedly had done to his daughter.

Ayumi's father was scolding about how Keima was a scoundrel since Ayumi's just 17 and haven't even taken her coming of age ceremony or university induction yet as Ayumi's mother tries to tell her husband to listen to their story. But he shrugs the mother's request off as he is in pure anger. Suddenly, there's a huge tremor and a terrified Ayumi asked if Keima is alright after. Ayumi's parents settled down for a while, commenting on the frequent tremors and creepy sounds but the father quickly returned to his anger and tries to get at Keima.

Keima then brought Ayumi to the roof and tells Ayumi that he is sorry that he can only prepare this little as he shouted to Ayumi's parents' that he will propose to Ayumi now. Keima then brings out a wedding dress to Ayumi. Keima tells Ayumi that she is the first heroine and the final one as he tells her to marry him.

Ayumi then begins to say how Keima is incomprehensible and selfish, womanizing yet misogynistic, idiotic and foolish, smart yet sly cold, but kind, good yet cruel and a liar yet honest. But Ayumi said that she trusts him and asks Keima one last question to determine his trustworthiness.

"Do you love me?"

Ayumi's father got shocked by this and screams to her what is she thinking. Keima grabbed her and tells her

Ayumi, waiting for Keima.

that he loves her! Ayumi then said that it is no good and non-heartfelt. Keima then hugged her and tells Ayumi the same thing as she kicked him saying the contact is foul. Keima then says that he cannot just tell her the "love" and blurts out that the game dialog is different as Ayumi got angry knowing that he was acting.

Keima then kept on saying he loves her while Ayumi's parents decides to leave and continue sleeping, believing that this is getting ridiculous. Keima then angrily asked how long must he confess as Ayumi came up to him, tells him that she loves him and that what she said was a "true" confession. She then runs off saying that she will be near the Ocean and will be waiting for him Ayumi then stands at the place, waiting for Keima.

Ayumi eventually goes to Maijima Seaside park and on the ship's mast, wearing the wedding dress Keima gave her, stood there, waiting for Keima's honest feelings as she tells herself that there's no turning back for her now as Nora watches over her.

As Keima approaches Ayumi, she recollects what has happened during the scene with Chihiro exposing Keima. There, Chihiro tells Ayumi that Keima have his own reasons for doing things and that he is very frantic about that. Chihiro then advised Ayumi to ask Keima herself. Ayumi then thought as way would Keima do that and if Keima would really want to marry her.

Keima then declares that he give up. And that he will reveal everything to Ayumi but he has a condition : He can only answer one question and the others will be answered in due time and if she rejects it, he will leave Ayumi and never return.

Having no other choice, Ayumi asked Keima if he loved her and Keima gave his honest answer that he doesn't love her. Ayumi was sad and asked if everything was a lie as Keima as Keima said that he cannot answer another question. Ayumi then asked why did he chase her then and Keima repeated his answer. Angry, Ayumi kicked him, demanding to know the answer now. Ayumi then tells Keima that she would gladly help as Keima stood up, saying that he does not need any help.

Ayumi then angrily calls Keima selfish and that he cannot be liked if he keeps it up as Keima said that he doesn't do this to be liked and he's just aiming for the ending, he doesn't need any help or assurance and this is the love of a gamer. Keima then tells Ayumi that he adores her and he will take her to the ending.

Ayumi seemed skeptical but suddenly, an invisible force (Chihiro) pushed her towards Keima and she heard a voice saying, "Isn't it fine already ?" and turns but saw no one. Ayumi then says that she's not particularly interested but will be fine with the wedding ceremony as Keima tells her to use better lines and says what does she thinks the ending is for.

Ayumi kissed Keima.

This caused Ayumi to be angry and hits Keima, dragging him away Ayumi and said that she was using her best lines while Keima cries that this is not the type of ending he needs. Ayumi then approaches the ship's center and with all the decoration in place, Ayumi wore her tiara as both scolds each other to smile more.

Both then smiled as Keima tells Ayumi to gaze upon Maijima sea as Ayumi said that she too have no need for vows and glares at Keima, saying that she don't trust his words as keima calls her obnoxious. Ayumi then tells Keima that she however, trusts his feelings since she knew Keima was serious this time.

Keima then tells her that it is wrong and what she thought he set up various flags for and tries to explain a conquest but Ayumi attacked him again, telling him to shut up. Keima then said that love is heavier than the whole world in games and her having flippant feeling are not accepted as Ayumi screams to keima what did he took her for.

Ayumi said that she too has been thinking frantically and she will decide her own feelings and by her own choice, she has fallen in love with Keima. Ayumi then tells Keima that if he understands it, then he should marry her and lunges forward and kissed him.

Having filled up enough love points, Mercury finally awakens fully winged. Later, Mercury and her sisters destroyed the Vintage hideout and Ayumi along with Yui quickly rushed back to school to find Chihiro, who welcomes them back.

2-B pencils' big performance.

Chihiro then tells the public to wait for a while longer as Miyako pushed Yui and Elsie to change. Chihiro then asked if Ayumi is getting married upon seeing her get-up. Ayumi then said that she's not sure if (the marriage) was for the best as Chihiro assures her that if it's something she chose herself, she don't have to worry and pushes Ayumi to let her get changed.

Soon, when everyone's gathered, Chihiro re-introduced the band and after a short speech, the band began to perform. As Ayumi was performing with her band, wings began to sprout from her back.

Heart of Jupiter Arc

When Keima entered the school Ayumi did not recognize him at all and Keima became puzzled since she was the host of Mercury. Later, it was shown that Keima is trespassing on "Maijima Girls' School" and Ayumi calls Keima a pervert and along with the rest of the school, chased Keima.

However, Keima soon entered to another strange place and realized that the Ayumi he met was not the Ayumi he knew. Later, the real Ayumi saw Keima after five days and called up to Keima (by calling him "Darling") as a shocked Keima asked what happened.

Ayumi's love bento.

Ayumi then brought out a bento and gave her "hand-made calories" to Keima, saying that she wanted to do something for him as his wife to a dumbfounded Keima. Then, the students around them gathered when they know that "Otamega" and Ayumi are now a couple and along with Keima, was rendered speechless and Ayumi stood there, blushing.

Yui then came and approached Keima, saying that she'll make a better wife as Ayumi tried to defend Keima from her, Tsukiyo jumped on Keima, telling him to have tea with her as Kanon's blimp passed by. Elsie then comments that it is like those games Keima played as Ayumi and Yui hugged Keima even tighter.

Some time after Keima has travelled back ten years into the past, he discovers that his elementary school is shrouded by an alarming amount of miasma.  Within this school now affected by the miasma, it appears that all boys are taken captive, and the girls locked into a battle of popularity.  Popularity of the girls are represented through numbers upon every individual's hand, indicating the level of respect they have within the school from fellow peers. Ayumi Takahara is revealed to be ranked sixth in the school.

After Keima and Tenri's Romeo and Juliet performance, she was examined by Dokuro, since the latter wanted to examine the collar's signals. She was released shortly afterwards.

Back in the present, the present Ayumi went to the park to meet Keima, as she was told to do so by Mercury. She stumbles upon child Keima obsessing over his video games. She then scolds him for not seeing her after their "wedding" ceremony, but was dragged towards Shiori and Tsukiyo when Keima notices them playing a video game. The three girls then agree to go over to the library.


Ayumi can run very fast and she is so fast that she gets ahead of all the runners by a very large margin during the sports festival. People often call her "Mai High's Unguided Missile" for her speed. The only bad side to this is that she often runs into things, including walls and people. In terms of her studies, Ayumi is not doing well due to her sacrificing her study time for running.


Keima Katsuragi

During the conquest, she was shown to be justifiably angered and embarrassed by Keima's over-the-top antics, but ultimately came to fall in love with him. Despite having supposedly lost all her memories of the conquest, it has been repeatedly hinted that she has not completely forgotten, since she is often depicted as blushing around him for reasons that have not yet been completely revealed. She also has emotional impulses similar to jealousy and concern regarding Keima. When this is pointed out, Ayumi generally resorts to kick-based violence. The biggest evidence is when Keima was thought to be dating Kanon she was extremely mad and jealous enough to kick him through a classroom. Around the end of the anime she confesses her feelings to Keima but he does not feel the same.

Elucia de Lute Ima

She is shown to be one of Elsie's best friends, along with Chihiro Kosaka. Aside from often associating with each other as depicted in the manga, they are also both part of the light music club that Chihiro started, the 2-B Pencils.

Chihiro Kosaka

Ayumi shocked at what Keima said to Chihiro.

Ayumi is the best friend of Chihiro whom has known her ever since elementary school. She even attempts to aid Chihiro when she and Keima have a falling out, stating that she got a "bad feeling" from their argument. Additionally, she plays guitar for Chihiro's band. The depth of their friendship can be seen when Ayumi realizes that Chihiro wanted to go out with Keima. She still gave her blessings to them even when it had hurt her feelings.

During the festival, when Keima had hurt Chihiro's feelings, there was no forgiveness for him from Ayumi.

2-B Pencils & Others

Aside from Chihiro and Elsie, she is also shown to be good friends with Miyako Terada, who is another member of the 2-B Pencils and also a fellow member of the track team. Her other friend from the track team is a minor character named Izumi Ishikiri. Aside from that, she seems to have improved her relationship with the upper-classmen who attempted to bar her participation in the meet during her arc. Finally, she recently made friends with the final member of the 2-B Pencils, Yui Goidō, who she actually met when Yui was in Keima's body.

Recently, her popularity has also been going up among the school due to her amazing performance during the sports festival.


Mercury and Ayumi seem to be on good terms with each other by the time she is seen speaking to Ayumi. They appear to have a casual relationship at the moment. At this time it is unknown what Ayumi's first reaction to Mercury was or if she knows that Mercury is a goddess. Ayumi seems to be rather close with her and even calling her "Mel".

Tenri Ayukawa

Ayumi has just only met Tenri at the near end of the series recently. At that time she argue and bicker about why she must cooperate with the 4 goddess hosts and Tenri, and then has no desire on summoning the 17 year old Keima back to the present and then ran off in anger. Tenri went after her. Ayumi then said that Keima never explained everything on what's really going on recently she then stated that Tenri knew of something about what Keima's intent was or reason and motivations are. To her surprise Tenri reads out loud the letter that has info about her, and then read about how she then learn about a loose soul has possesed her and then exorcise it by courting her. Then reads more about the 4 goddess hosts details that they can struggle well in the world known as reality. Just then Tenri pulled away the letter when Auymi found out about Keima being courted is a lie that she to has fall in love with him. Tenri mentions that Keima is sad right now then said I waited ten whole years. I want to see him again. Also returned to the others to form a circle again to save the world and bring Keima back to the present and demands an explonation for this soon. So far theres not much interaction between the two knowing that they both have goddesses within them and have not been good friends with each other as of now yet to be said.


  • (To Keima Katsuragi) "Hey, Otamegane. It's our turn to do the cleaning, right? But unlike you, I'm very busy, so can you clean the rooftop today?" (Chapter 1, p.16)
  • (To Keima while strangling him) "I'm sorry that I made you clean the rooftop by yourself. So, this is your revenge? Do it again and I'll kill you!!" (Chapter 1, p. 41)
  • (To Keima) "Why can't I run faster...? I've been practicing so hard..." (Chapter 1, p.55)
  • (To Keima) "Stand up. If you sleep in a place like this, I'll run you over." (Chapter 29, p.17-18)
  • (To Keima) "When I heard Chihiro bad mouth you, I....I somehow got a bad feeling about it." (Chapter 30, p.6)
  • (At the end of Sport's fest) Keima: "Why did you go out of your way to come here and say something like that to me?" Ayumi: "Why? There's no harm in telling." (Chapter 108, p.17)
  • (Before the Mai Fest Eve event) Keima: "Tonight, I intend to kiss Chihiro...If you're going to get angry, now is the time." Ayumi: "Why would I be angry? Have a great time with Chihiro!!" (Chapter 163, p.18)
  • (To Keima) "Katsuragi...I really don't understand're incomprehensible, selfish, a womanizing playboy, misogynistic, idiotic and foolish, smart and sly, you're cold but kind, a good person yet cruel, a liar yet honest...but I trust you." (Chapter 183, p.17)
  • (To Keima) "If you need me, Katsuragi...I'm willing to lend you my strength." (Chapter 186, p.14)
  • (To Keima) "I'm the one who own feelings!! By-, By my own choice...I am in love with you, Katsuragi!!" (Chapter 187, p.7-8)


  • The name Ayumi means "walk" (歩) (ayu) and "beautiful" (美) (mi).
  • Ayumi's surname Takahara means "tall, high" (高) (taka) and "field, plain" (原) (hara).
    • Takahara comes from the Takanohara Station (高の原駅, Takanohara-eki).


  • Ayumi enjoys running, comedy television shows and eating.
  • Ayumi dislikes warming up, muscle training and spicy food.
  • Ayumi describes her recent troubles somewhat pragmatically and ironically, as having her breasts increase in size, which impedes her ability to run.
  • The cause of the crevice in Ayumi's heart was peer pressure from her seniors and her own lack of confidence.
  • Ayumi's personality may have been based on the Dōkyūsei heroine, Tanaka Misa.
    • Similarly, a character with similar looks and personality to Ayumi appeared in one of Wakaki-sensei's earlier work, Seikesshou Albatross, by the name Rika Midorikawa, even though her relation with the main hero is much more friendlier from the start in Albatross.
  • Ayumi fandom shorthand is "93".
  • Ayumi has had her first kiss with Keima Katsuragi and vice-versa.
    • During her re-conquest, Ayumi kissed Keima the same way she had kissed him in her first conquest, taking the initiative of the act.
  • Although Ayumi is the first capture target of the series, she is the last Goddess hostess to be revealed.
    • Therefore, Ayumi is also the first Goddess host shown in the series. Meanwhile, Tenri Ayukawa is the first Goddess host introduced to have one.
  • Ayumi's conquest is the shortest one of all other conquest targets, being only 1 chapter (although, the 1st chapter got a lot more pages compared to the other chapters). Meanwhile, her re-conquest is the longest conquest so far, measuring as long as 21 chapters, 38 chapters or even 69 chapters!
  • In her omake, Izumi Ishikiri stated that Ayumi's trend of tying up her hair was becoming popular. However, Ayumi's "trend" of faking an injury right before a track meet also seemed to spread.
  • It is revealed in the omake that Ayumi was having trouble calling Keima an "Otamegane" after her conquest. When she did try, she called him "Otamegi" instead, which is a conjunction of "Otamegane" and "Katsuragi".

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